File Title
1 Samsung says lawyers didn't design new Galaxy S III smartphone
2 Google's $12.5B acquisition of Motorola Mobility now official
3 Apple adds Automatic Downloads alert to latest Mountain Lion beta
4 Parts show alleged next-gen iPhone cameras, 4.1" iPod touch front panel
5 ARM-based Windows RT seen confusing consumers, benefitting Apple
6 Apple update brings RAW support for 6 new cameras
7 Apple's mammoth size said to dictate tech investment strategies
8 Apple iPad drives 124% growth in global tablet shipments, study says
9 Apple expected to spend $27 billion on semiconductors in 2012
10 Dell feeling iPad pressure after soft notebook sales, earnings miss
11 Apple designer Jonathan Ive says current projects are his 'most important' work
12 IBM bans Apple's Siri from its internal networks for security
13 Samsung, Sony begin enforcing minimum prices on HDTVs to grow margins
14 Apple, Samsung fail to reach agreement in court-ordered talks
15 Rumor: Microsoft to launch Office for Apple's iOS in November
16 Seagate to acquire Mac storage provider LaCie for $186 million
17 Microsoft working on new native iOS apps for Outlook Web App, Lync
18 Jury finds Google Android didn't violate Oracle's patents
19 Apple gets go-ahead to build North Carolina fuel cell installation
20 Mountain Lion to bring offline mode to Safari Reading List
21 Apple says DoJ lawsuit 'fundamentally flawed,' could harm consumers
22 GameFly rental service announces plan to publish iOS, Android games
23 Actor John Malkovich amused by Siri in new iPhone 4S commercials
24 Rumor: Google, Asus to release joint 7-inch tablet in July
25 Apple shows interest in iOS stylus with optical sensor, haptic feedback
26 Apple CEO Tim Cook often sits with random employees at lunch
27 Foxconn's investment in Sharp yields new iPhone display plant
28 Apple's iOS grows to 23% of worldwide smartphone shipments
29 Head of Apple in Europe, Middle East & Africa resigns--report
30 Apple settles patent dispute, signs license deal with SimpleAir
31 Facebook launches Instagram-style camera app for iPhone
32 Aperture update brings minor fix to editing software
33 TSA looks to spend $3M on Macs, iDevices in pilot program
34 Apple CEO Tim Cook declines RSU dividends worth over $75M
35 Mac Pro petition gains traction as pro users seek information
36 Apple tweaks App Store with Editor's Choice picks, App of the Week promotions
37 Piper Jaffray details 10 Apple strengths for share price run up to $1000--report
38 N/A
39 Former Apple employee claims Steve Jobs would have 'lost his mind' over Siri
40 Apple expanding Israel R&D center with SoC engineer openings
41 Apple tops Goldman Sachs VIP list for hedge fund holdings
42 Apple to launch new iPad in Guam, Philippines on May 29
43 Absinthe 2.0 jailbreaks most iDevices running iOS 5.1.1
44 Rumor: Ex-Apple exec Tony Fadell's Nest thermostat to be sold in Apple Stores
45 Orange exec says developing markets can't sustain 'gas guzzlers' iOS, Android, Windows Phone
46 Led by iOS, mobile devices now account for 20% of all internet traffic in U.S., Canada
47 Briefly: Ahna O'Reilly cast in jOBS biopic, Sotheby's to auction Jobs Atari memo
48 Video offers rare glimpse inside Foxconn iPhone factory
49 Apple pushes out iOS 5.1.1 update revision for GSM iPhone 4
50 Cisco sounds death knell for Cius tablet, blames BYOD movement
51 Samsung argues 4G Galaxy Tab not in direct competition with Apple's 3G iPad 2
52 Human-like spine morphology found in aquatic eel fossil
53 Not a 1-way street: Evolution shapes environment of Connecticut lakes
54 Scientists discover a new sensory organ in the chin of baleen whales
55 Warm, dry El Nino weather puts baby sea turtle at risk
56 Octopuses focus on key features for successful camouflage
57 Top 10 new species list draws attention to diverse biosphere
58 A whale of a discovery: New sensory organ found in rorqual whales
59 Deterring signals: Tobacco plants advertise their defensive readiness to attacking leafhoppers
60 Seagrasses Can Store as Much Carbon as Forests
61 Beetle-infested pine trees contribute more to air pollution and haze in forests
62 Hazelnuts: New source of key fat for infant formula that's more like mother's milk
63 Hacking code of leaf vein architecture solves mysteries, allows predictions of past climate
64 El Nino Weather and Climate Change Threaten Survival of Baby Leatherback Sea Turtles
65 Argonne scientists uncover a photosynthetic puzzle
66 The secret to good tomato chemistry
67 DNA evidence shows that marine reserves help to sustain fisheries
68 Deep sea animals stowaway on submarines and reach new territory
69 Nuisance seaweed found to produce compounds with biomedical potential
70 Commonly used pesticide turns honey bees into 'picky eaters'
71 Beetle-infested Pine Trees Contribute to Air Pollution and Haze in Forests
72 Newly modified nanoparticle opens window on future gene editing technologies
73 Like curry? New biological role identified for compound used in ancient medicine
74 Hazelnuts improve infant formula
75 It's in the genes: Research pinpoints how plants know when to flower
76 Earth's water cycle intensifying with atmospheric warming
77 New approach to 'spell checking' gene sequences
78 Squid ink from Jurassic period identical to modern squid ink, U. Va. study shows
79 Modern dog breeds genetically disconnected from ancient ancestors
80 Unique Gold Earring Found in Intriguing Collection of Ancient Jewelry at Tel Megiddo
81 Study reveals trade patterns for crucial substance played key role in Maya collapse
82 Oldest Jewish archaeological evidence on the Iberian Peninsula
83 Socioeconomics may affect toddlers' exposure to flame retardants
84 Geological record shows air up there came from below
85 An introduced bird competitor tips the balance against Hawaiian species
86 From Green Rust in Indonesia to Historical Sulfide Concentrations in the Black Sea
87 Gourmet butterflies speed north
88 McMaster University researchers discover drug destroys human cancer stem cells but not healthy ones
89 New clues about cancer cell metabolism emerge
90 Male fertility genes discovered
91 Anti-psychotic drug pushes cancer stem cells over the edge
92 A boost in microRNA may protect against sepsis and other inflammatory diseases
93 The cells' petrol pump is finally identified
94 Discarded data may hold the key to a sharper view of molecules
95 No new neurons in the human olfactory bulb
96 Gene discovery points towards new type of male contraceptive
97 A new invading sea crab reaches the Ebro Delta
98 Picture Release: More than meets the eye
99 Copy of the genetic makeup travels in a protein suitcase
100 Cancer may require simpler genetic mutations than previously thought
101 UMass Amherst Wildlife Researcher Photographs Rare Sumatran Rabbit, Showing Urgent Need for Conservation
102 Math predicts size of clot-forming cells
103 CSHL researchers solve structure of human protein critical for silencing genes
104 Tongue Analysis Software Developed at MU Uses Ancient Chinese Medicine to Warn of Disease
105 Proteomic analysis of immunocamouflaged surfaces
106 Canada should significantly increase its funding of randomized clinical trials
107 US Earth observations, science and services are critical to society but are at risk
108 Intensivist Presence at Night Improves Patient Outcomes in ICUs with Limited Daytime Intensivist Staffing, say Pitt/UPMC Researchers
109 Bias found in mental health drug research presented at major psychiatric meeting
110 Social media and the Internet allowed young Arab women to play a central role in the Arab Spring
111 Internet politics, policies have rapidly become integral to the United States' international affairs, according to new Rice study
112 Study: Viewers' family background affects how they react to MTV shows '16 and Pregnant,' 'Teen Mom'
113 Dollars and sense: Why are some people morally against tax?
114 Half of Americans with individual health plans could gain better coverage under the ACA
115 TGen-Scottsdale Healthcare conduct whole genome sequencing of rare olfactory neuroblastoma
116 Economic power of self-employment felt countywide
117 Carnegie Mellon brain research shows visual perception system unconsciously affects our preferences
118 Robotic-Assisted Prostate Cancer Surgery Drives Up Costs, Despite Little Evidence of Better Outcomes for Patients, UPMC Study Finds
119 Wearing two different hats: moral decisions may depend on the situation
120 NIU sociologist Jeffrey Kidder leads new study that finds everyday tax talk is 'morally charged'
121 Internal Medicine Specialists Challenge Congress to Work with Physicians to Repeal SGR and Develop Better Payment Models
122 Docs slower to drop 'black box' drugs, adopt new therapies, when access to drug reps is restricted
123 Distress of child war and sex abuse victims halved by new trauma intervention
124 CWRU class earns Science magazine prize for innovation
125 Business students better equipped to evaluate peers
126 Most occupational injury and illness costs are paid by the government and private payers rather than workers' compensation insurance, UC Davis study shows
127 Thousands of invisibility cloaks trap a rainbow
128 First direct observation of oriented attachment in nanocrystal growth
129 Nanoparticles seen as artificial atoms
130 Feeling strong emotions makes peoples' brains 'tick together'
131 Food, water safety provide new challenges for today's sensors
132 Exotic particles, chilled and trapped, form giant matter wave
133 Key gene found responsible for chronic inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer
134 LiDAR Technology Reveals Faults Near Lake Tahoe
135 Sound increases the efficiency of boiling
136 Tiny Planet-Finding Mirrors Borrow from Webb Telescope Playbook
137 Scientists evaluate different antimicrobial metals for use in water filters
138 Asteroid Nudged by Sunlight: Most Precise Measurement of Yarkovsky Effect
139 OSIRIS-REx scientists measure Yarkovsky effect
140 Autopsy of an eruption: Linking crystal growth to volcano seismicity
141 High-speed method to aid search for solar energy storage catalysts
142 Graphene-control cutting using an atomic force microscope-based nanorobot
143 Taking solar technology up a notch
144 Forensics ferret out fire beetle secret
145 Researchers develop new genetic method to pinpoint individuals' geographic origin
146 Autopsy of a eruption: Linking crystal growth to volcano seismicity
147 Reversible doping: Hydrogen flips switch on vanadium oxide
148 Findings From Discipline-Based Education Research Could Improve Undergraduate Science and Engineering Teaching But Are Not Yet Widely Used
149 Type of viral infection of eye associated with disease causing blindness in the elderly
150 How ion bombardment reshapes metal surfaces
151 The Goldilocks effect: Babies learn from experiences that are 'just right'
152 Study shows how to keep a Mars tumbleweed rover moving on rocky terrain
153 Mystifying materials
154 Boundary stops molecule right where it needs to be
155 Low vitamin D in diet increases stroke risk in Japanese-Americans
156 Pivotal role for proteins--from helping turn carbs into energy to causing devastating disease
157 'Personality genes' may help account for longevity
158 Routine care for Crohn's disease in children should include measurement of bone age
159 Phone contact with nurses linked with better outcomes for women with gestational diabetes
160 First study to suggest that the immune system may protect against Alzheimer's changes in humans
161 70% of women use contraceptives during their first sexual encounter
162 Inherited DNA Change Explains Overactive Leukemia Gene
163 World Health Assembly endorses new plan to increase global access to vaccines
164 Early Treatment by a Physical Therapist Associated with Reduced Risk of Health Care Utilization and Reduced Overall Health Care Costs
165 Skp2 activates cancer-promoting, glucose-processing Akt
166 New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines Face a Tough Sell, Study Suggests
167 Days of 'one-size-fits-all' cloud contracts are numbered, report finds
168 Who Pays for Personalized Medicine? Supreme Court Decision Plays Out in Biomarker Era
169 London researcher calls for new approach to regulating probiotics
170 Stanford psychologists examine how race affects juvenile sentencing
171 IUDs, implants most effective birth control
172 Cardio fitness levels of breast cancer patients may affect survival
173 Resilient people more satisfied with life
174 Researchers identify protein necessary for behavioral flexibility
175 Gene study could pave way for non-hormonal male contraceptive
176 Relatively speaking: Researchers identify principles that shape kinship categories across languages
177 Exercise does not improve lipoprotein levels in obese patients with fatty liver disease
178 Max Planck Florida Institute Study Shows: Persistent Sensory Experience Is Good For The Aging Brain
179 Relationship Between Social Status and Wound-Healing in Wild Baboons
180 Positive words: The glue to social interaction
181 Cyber exercise partners help you go the distance
182 Sensing the infrared: Researchers improve IR detectors with single-walled carbon nanotubes
183 Organic carbon from Mars, but not biological
184 NTU and I2R scientists invent revolutionary chipset for high-speed wireless data transfer
185 University of Florida physicists set new record for graphene solar cell efficiency
186 'Metamaterials,' quantum dots show promise for new technologies
187 A nanoclutch for nanobots
188 Slip-and-slide power generators