File Title
1 Parasite may aid cattle TB spread
2 Rewritable DNA memory shown off
3 NASA chief hails new era in space
4 TV remote control inventor Eugene Polley dies at 96
5 Nuclear waste store gains public backing
6 Redefine concept of drought, Environment Agency urges
7 Great white egrets nest in UK for first time
8 Energy bill avoids carbon pledge
9 Robotic fish to patrol for pollution in harbours
10 The end of drug discovery?
11 DNA to shed light on yeti claims
12 China fake parts 'used in US military equipment'
13 Secret Amman
14 'Barcode everyone at birth'
15 Russia: Ten jailed for Nevsky Express train bomb
16 Jets scrambled amid security scare on US Airways flight
17 Anger over 'Ronald Reagan blood' auction
18 Greek hospitals tighten payment rules
19 Cannes 2012: Reporter's Diary
20 Jacob Zuma painting vandalised in South Africa gallery
21 Pakistan's 'tough line' after Chicago
22 Facebook shares decline further
23 Olympic official 'willing to sell tickets to black market'
24 Shafilea Ahmed's parents abused her daily, sister tells court
25 Squeezing cash from China's billion phone app market
26 Virgin Media and BT in broadband subsidy row
27 Microsoft opens up search result sharing network
28 Olympics fans can check-in with Foursquare tie-up
29 ICANN's internet suffix expansion programme reopens
30 Web creator backs UK open data institute
31 Kodak suffers image preview patent ruling setback
32 Google completes purchase of Motorola Mobility
33 A farewell to ARM: Tudor Brown leaves the chip designer
34 Is air leaking from the Facebook bubble?
35 MPs call on the UK to commit more cash to Global Fund
36 Eugene Terreblanche murder: South African man guilty
37 Why are fountain pen sales rising?
38 Ex-England and Ipswich Town player Kevin Beattie admits fraud
39 High winds mar opening of Tokyo's Skytree tower
40 Servitude trial: 'Worker paid 80 pounds in 15 years'
41 Airbnb will insure up to $1 million in property damage
42 Eugene Polley, inventor of TV remote, dies at 96
43 Microsoft: 500 million will run Windows 8 in 2013
44 Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision to offer free Wi-Fi hotspots
45 Google closes on Motorola Mobility acquisition
46 iPhone-powered guitar shreds digitally
47 SpaceX cargo ship blasts off to International Space Station in NASA's first commercial flight
48 Webby Awards: Steve Jobs gets honored, full list of winners
49 Jersey shore not as dirty as thought, marine scientists say
50 Webby Awards to honor Bloomberg, Louis C.K., Instagram
51 Whale Wars star Paul Watson freed on bail from German jail
52 SETI astronomer Jill Tarter retiring after 35-year alien hunt
53 Leap Motion 3D motion-control device changes how we interact with computers
54 Police: Mich. woman shoots grandson 8 times
55 Dolan: White House is "strangling" Catholic church
56 Sierra LaMar Update: Antolin Garcia-Torres arrested in case of missing Calif. teen
57 Facebook shares continue slide
58 Cory Booker's real mistake
59 Obama team tries to quell Cory Booker controversy
60 Flight diverted to Maine after passenger note cites surgically implanted device
61 Man arrested for climbing Mount Rushmore
62 Mountain lion killed near Santa Monica mall
63 More discipline doled out in Dover mortuary case
64 Man survives 180-foot drop down Niagara Falls
65 Pit bulls no longer seen as "vicious" in Ohio
66 White House to become drone kill list decider
67 Texas airline exec convicted for child porn
68 Man arrested in case of missing Calif. teen
69 Supreme Court rules that twins conceived after dad's death won't get survivor benefits
70 7-year-old Wisconsin girl hit by arrow while walking down street
71 PSA debate: "Some people are going to get killed"
72 Miss. woman claims she was sold wrong house
73 Judge "sending message" with Ravi sentence
74 Google CEO: Facebook a possible search engine rival
75 Supreme Court silent on illegal music downloads
76 Sports-ageddon at L.A.'s Staples Center
77 Sierra LaMar Update: Antolin Garcia-Torres linked to missing Calif. teen through DNA, police say
78 Debrahlee Lorenzana (PICTURES) Fired for Being Too Sexy?
79 Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews (PICTURES): Porn Stars Charged with First-Degree Murder
80 Michaela "Mickey" Shunick, Louisiana college student, missing after bike ride
81 Amanda Logue, porn actress, pleads guilty to 2010 sex party slaying
82 'Black Madam' gave illegal butt injections, used Krazy Glue, say Pa. cops
83 Casey Anthony lawyer Cheney Mason accepts subpoena in civil defamation trial
84 Third teen gets prison time in Mich. cattle torture case
85 Two Canadian tourists stabbed to death in Atlantic City, suspect in custody
86 Mistie Atkinson, woman accused of having sex with estranged teenage son, strikes plea deal
87 Vernell Loggins, Mo. truck driver who chopped up his girlfriend, faces possible death sentence
88 Catholic dioceses, colleges sue over Obama mandate
89 Facebook stock: Morgan Stanley under fire
90 Facebook plunges 11%: Should you buy?
91 Losing mandate could double health care law costs
92 Why leaders must play politics
93 The new trophy wife
94 Conservative super PAC takes softer tone against Obama
95 Ryan Crocker, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, steps down as NATO cements pullout
96 Who will win the next fight over the debt limit?
97 Florida Family Massacre: Tonya Thomas shot her kids 18 times before killing herself, reports say
98 Best Time to Study the Cosmos Was More Than 13 Billion Years Ago
99 Rapid DNA Sequencing May Soon Be Routine Part of Each Patient's Medical Record
100 Archaeology: Spectacular Tomb Containing More Than 80 Individuals Discovered in Peru
101 Richer Parasite Diversity Helps Protect Frogs from Viruses That Cause Malformed Limbs
102 Severe Nuclear Reactor Accidents Likely Every 10 to 20 Years, European Study Suggests
103 GPS for the Brain: New Brain Map Developed
104 Modern Dog Breeds Genetically Disconnected from Ancient Ancestors
105 SpaceX Launches Falcon 9/Dragon On Historic Mission to Deliver Cargo to International Space Station
106 Today's Environment Influences Behavior Generations Later: Chemical Exposure Raises Descendants' Sensitivity to Stress
107 What Baboons Can Teach Us About Social Status
108 Totally RAD: Bioengineers Create Rewritable Digital Data Storage in DNA
109 Morphing Robots and Shape-Shifting Sculptures: Origami-Inspired Design Merges Engineering, Art
110 Discoveries Into Perception Via Popular Magic Tricks
111 Uproar Over Prostate-Cancer Screenings Explained
112 Home Damage After 9/11 Linked With Respiratory Illness
113 High Prevalence of Severe Asthma With Fungal Sensitization
114 Stem Cell Research Paves Way for Progress On Dealing With Fragile X
115 Civil Engineers Find Savings Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Stiffer Roads Reduce Fuel Consumption
116 How Nanotechnology Can Help Detect Disease Earlier
117 Zapping Deadly Bacteria Using Space Technology
118 Availability of Hydrogen Controls Chemical Structure of Graphene Oxide
119 Space Lawyer: Before Humans Step Into Commercial Spaceflight, Laws Need Giant Leap
120 Tracking Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Shows Migration Secrets
121 For Monogamous Sparrows, It Doesn't Pay to Stray (but They Do It Anyway)
122 How Twitter Is Used to Share Information After a Disaster
123 Does Polyploidy Play a Role in the Onset of the Italian Endemic Flora?
124 New Means of Safeguarding World Fish Stocks
125 Students Design a Better Pill Bottle for the Blind and Visually Impaired
126 Role of Fusion Gene in Prostate Cancer: Mutation Found in Half of All Prostate Cancers May Lead to Disease Development
127 How High Fat Foods Impact Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
128 New TB Test Promises to Be Cheap and Fast
129 Neuron-Nourishing Cells Appear to Retaliate in Alzheimer's
130 Growth Factor in Stem Cells May Spur Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis
131 First, Do No Harm: Danger in Standard Treatment for a Serious Lung Disease
132 Children Exposed to Smoking Face Long-Term Respiratory Risks
133 Treatment of Childhood OSA Reverses Brain Abnormalities
134 Wrongful Convictions Can Be Reduced Through Science, but Tradeoffs Exist
135 Marketing Is More Effective When Targeted to Personality Profiles
136 Timing Can Affect Whether Women and Minorities Face Discrimination
137 Folic Acid May Reduce Some Childhood Cancers
138 Stressed Men Are More Social
139 Healthy Marriage Interventions: A Boom or a Bust?
140 Food Fight or Romantic Dinner? Communication Between Couples Is Key to Improving Men's Diets
141 Training Our Brains to See Ourselves in a More Attractive Light
142 Unsafe at Any Speed: Even for Driving Pros, Distractions Increase Crash Risk
143 Educational Games to Train Middle Schoolers' Attention, Empathy
144 Tea Could Aid Olympic Cheating
145 New Approach to 'Spell Checking' Gene Sequences
146 Common Antibiotic Carries Heart Risk, Study Suggests
147 Plant Breeders Develop an Even Heart-Healthier Oat
148 Breast Cancer Effectively Treated With Chemical Found in Celery, Parsley, Mouse Study Suggests
149 Mercury in Dolphins Higher Downwind of Power Plants
150 Latest Southern Ocean Research Shows Continuing Deep Ocean Change
151 Dry Lands Getting Drier, Wet Getting Wetter: Earth's Water Cycle Intensifying With Atmospheric Warming
152 Toxic Mercury, Accumulating in the Arctic, Springs from a Hidden Source
153 DNA Barcoding Verified the Discovery of a Highly Disconnected Crane Fly Species
154 Gold-Plated Fossil Solution
155 Unique Gold Earring Found in Intriguing Collection of Ancient Jewelry in Israel
156 NASA's NuSTAR Gearing Up for Launch
157 Cassini Spots Tiny Moon, Begins to Tilt Orbit
158 Bright Future for Solar Power from Space
159 NASA Goddard Delivers Magnetometers for NASA's Next Mission to Mars
160 What Went Up Can Now Come Down With SpaceX Demo Flight
161 Proven Friction Stir Welding Technology Brings Together Reliability and Affordability for NASA's Space Launch System
162 Researchers Improve Fast-Moving Mobile Networks
163 Cloak of Invisibility: Engineers Use Plasmonics to Create an Invisible Photodetector
164 Deal Website Discretion: A Deal a Day Can Keep the Consumer Away
165 Indoor Navigation System for Blind
166 Cyber Partners Help You Go the Distance