File Title
1 Antibacterials in Personal-Care Products Linked to Allergy Risk in Children
2 Dating Evidence: Relics Could Be of John the Baptist
3 Robots Get a Feel for the World: Touch More Sensitve Than a Human's
4 Brothers in Arms: Commensal Bacteria Help Fight Viruses
5 May 2012 Global Temperatures Second Warmest On Record
6 'Facebook for Animals' Tested On Wild Great Tits
7 Particle Physics: BaBar Data Hint at Cracks in the Standard Model
8 Black Holes as Particle Detectors
9 Ancient Warming Greened Antarctica, Study Finds
10 Graduated Driving Laws Reduce Teen Drunk Driving
11 Quantum Computing? Quantum Bar Magnets in a Transparent Salt
12 Immune System May Protect Against Alzheimer's Changes in Humans
13 Fishing for Answers to Autism Puzzle
14 Too Much Salt May Damage Blood Vessels and Lead to High Blood Pressure
15 Sun Exposure and Sun-Sensitive Skin Type Decreased Risk for Pancreatic Cancer
16 Power of Playtime: Single Mothers Can Reduce Stress by Playing, Engaging With Children
17 Scientists Discover How Key Enzyme Involved in Aging, Cancer Assembles
18 Compact Blue Dwarf Can't Hide from Hubble
19 From Pomegranate Peel to Nanoparticles
20 Reflected Infrared Light Unveils Never-Before-Seen Details of Renaissance Paintings
21 Study Improves Understanding of Surface Molecules in Controlling Size of Gold Nanoparticles
22 Automated Pavement Crack Detection and Sealing Prototype System Developed
23 Schooling Fish: Wild Zebrafish Assess Risk Through Social Learning
24 Link Between Vitamin C and Twin Seedlings Can Increase Seed Production in Crops
25 Oxygen 'Sensor' May Shut Down DNA Transcription
26 Landsat Sets the Standard for Maps of World's Forests
27 Discovery Helps Mice Beat Urinary Tract Infections
28 Study Indicates Promise in Huntington's Treatment
29 Psoriasis Increases Risk of Diabetes, Study Shows
30 Belief in Hell, According to International Data, Is Associated With Reduced Crime
31 Is TV Becoming a Regular Babysitter for Busy Parents?
32 Chicago Woman Cured of Sickle Cell Disease
33 Fish Shed Light On Human Melanoma
34 Antioxidant Shown to Reduce Blindness Risk in Extremely Premature Babies
35 Secret Love Cheats Pose a Greater Infection Risk Than Those in Open Sexual Relationships
36 New Group of Proteins Identified in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients
37 Hormones, Elvis, and Human Emotion
38 Genetic Markers Hope for New Brain Tumor Treatments
39 More to Facial Perception Than Meets the Eye
40 Musical Brain Patterns Could Help Predict Epileptic Seizures
41 New Finding On Nerve Repair
42 Active Ingredient of Cannabis Has No Effect On the Progression of Multiple Sclerosis, Study Suggests
43 Olympic Broadcasting Inequality: Olympics Commentary Differs Based On Gender, Race and Nationality
44 Get the Most from Your Skin Care Products: Sequence in Which You Apply Skin Care Products Influences Their Effectiveness
45 Buying Life Experiences to Impress Others Removes Happiness Boost
46 Answer Isn't Always On the 'Tip of the Tongue' for Older Adults
47 Knowledge of Fractions and Long Division Predicts Long-Term Math Success
48 Scientists Tie DNA Repair to Key Cell Signaling Network
49 The Boys Are Bad: Older Male Ants Single out Younger Rivals for Death Squad
50 Sweet Minty Relief for Cough
51 Study Suggests Expanded Concept of 'Urban Watershed'
52 Normal Bacterial Makeup Has Huge Implications for Health
53 Pollution Levels in Some Kitchens Are Higher Than City-Center Hotspots
54 Detailed Look at Hybridogenic Reproduction Methods On a Community Scale Among Desert Ants
55 Arctic Getting Greener
56 Bugs Have Key Role in Farming Approach to Storing CO2 Emissions
57 Nanotechnology Used to Harness Power of Fireflies
58 Evaluation of Microscopy Techniques May Help Scientists to Better Understand Ancient Plants
59 Amazon Was Not All Manufactured Landscape, Scientist Says
60 Uranium-Series Dating Reveals Iberian Paintings Are Europe's Oldest Cave Art
61 Still Capable of Adapting: Genetic Diversity of 'Living Fossil' Coelacanths
62 Where Humans Split from Sharks: Common Ancestor Comes Into Focus
63 No Earth Impact in 2040: NASA Releases Workshop Data and Findings On Asteroid 2011 AG5
64 Data from NASA's Voyager 1 Point to Interstellar Future
65 Test of Spare Wheel Puts NASA's Mars Odysse Orbiter On Path to Recovery
66 Dawn Easing Into Its Final Science Orbit
67 First Flight Instrument Delivered for James Webb Space Telescope
68 New Gravitational Biology Lab Allows for Testing in Artificial Gravity
69 Where to Put Nuclear Waste: My Backyard?
70 Sustainability Index That Looks Beyond GDP Launched
71 Nanoparticles Hold Promise to Improve Blood Cancer Treatment
72 Engineers Love Triangles: Shaped Catalysts Spark Longer, Faster-Growing, Rule-Breaking Nanowires
73 Physicists Predict Success of Movies at the Box Office Based Solely On Advertising Costs
74 Scientists Define the Healthy Human Microbiome
75 Virtual Sailing Gives Competitors the Edge
76 Theory On Metastasis Goes Beyond Metaphor to Mathematics
77 Engineers Perfecting Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Energy-Efficient Computing
78 Simple Way to Boost Marital Happiness? Say 'Thank You'
79 NASA Voyager 1 Spacecraft Nears Interstellar Space
80 36% of Chinstrap Penguins Missing from Antarctic Island
81 US Attorney Demands Tyrannosaur Be Turned Over to Mongolia
82 China Successfully Docks Manned Space Capsule at Orbiting Module
83 Air Force Video Reveals Secret X-37B Space Plane's Robotic Landing
84 Are Echoes of the Big Bang Misinterpreted?
85 Octopus Hitches Ride on Dolphin's Genitals
86 China Launches 1st Female Astronaut and 2 Men to Space Lab
87 Baby Robot Learns First Words
88 Misbehaving Particles Poke Holes in Reigning Physics Theory
89 Oldest Natural Pearl Found in Arabia
90 Gorillas Rebuilding After Ebola Outbreak
91 Romanian Prime Minister Accused of Plagiarism
92 Eco and Love Among Most Desirable Domain Extensions
93 Missing Foxes Fuel Lyme Disease Spread
94 Hidden Sparkle Revealed in Renaissance Frescoes
95 NASA's Juno Mission to Probe Jupiter's Biggest Secrets
96 Gene Mutation Linked to Mysterious Brain Disease in Dogs
97 NASA Voyager 1 Spacecraft Nears Interstellar Space
98 Earth Safe From Big Asteroid 2011 AG5 in 2040, Scientists Say
99 What the Amazon Looked Like Before Columbus
100 Icy Antarctica Once Ringed With Carpet of Lush Flora
101 US Regains Supercomputing Crown as World's Fastest
102 Childhood Obesity & Bullying Top Health Concerns for Voters
103 Body Mass: The Heaviest (and Lightest) Nations
104 Humans Are 17 Million Tons Overweight
105 The Dirtiest Things in a Hotel Room Revealed
106 Doting Dads: 6 of History's Finest Fathers
107 Study suggests how to win over 'deniers'
108 Chinese crew prepare for space docking
109 Placebo reduces the urge to cough
110 Quakes 'undermine carbon storage strategy'
111 Evolution creates pop music
112 UK report backs open access publishing
113 European fisheries reform stumbles forward
114 Tropical lakes on Saturn moon could expand options for life
115 'Hippie chimp' genome sequenced
116 Antibody cocktail cures monkeys of Ebola
117 Italian scientists win battle to halt controversial research
118 Extended protection for Australian seas in 'world first' reserve network
119 Stressed grasshoppers slow plant decay
120 Spain claims top spot for world's oldest cave art
121 Boron finally gets a triple bond
122 Monsanto may lose GM soya royalties throughout Brazil
123 Biologists grow human-eye precursor from stem cells
124 Risk assessment of US agro-biosafety lab found wanting
125 Science in play as countries struggle over Rio accord
126 Budget cuts threaten Japanese scientists' pay
127 Romanian prime minister accused of plagiarism
128 Britain aims for broad open access
129 Nobel fight over African HIV centre
130 A workforce out of balance
131 Giant reef fish headbutt rivals to score with the opposite sex
132 Ecodesign: The bottom line
133 Metallic hydrogen: Hard pressed
134 Neuroscience: The mind reader