File Title
1 Black holes as particle detectors
2 Antitoxin strategy may help target other pathogens
3 Seeping Arctic methane has serious implications for Florida coastline: study
4 Researchers develop prototype automated pavement crack detection and sealing system
5 Mexican jumping beans may influence robot design (w/ Video)
6 High cholesterol diet found to help mice afflicted with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease
7 Measuring quantum dimensions
8 FlyNano electric sea plane takes first test flight
9 In nanotube growth, errors are not an option
10 Geoscientist claims to have found mystery volcano that caused mighty 13th century blast
11 Ancient warming greened Antarctica, research finds
12 Archaeologist finds oldest rock art in Australia
13 China astronauts enter space module for first time (Update)
14 Compact blue dwarf can't hide from Hubble
15 Sharper ultrasound images could improve diagnostics (w/ Video)
16 Lariats: How RNA splicing decisions are made
17 European Arctic forests expansion could result in carbon dioxide release: study
18 Control gene for 'conveyor belt' cells could help improve oral vaccines, treat intestinal disease
19 Data from Voyager 1 point to interstellar future
20 Neutrons escaping to a parallel world?
21 Got mass? Scientists observe electrons become both heavy and speedy
22 'Hallucinating' robots arrange objects for human use
23 Engineers unveil two-way wireless breakthrough
24 No evidence for 'knots' in space
25 Internet 'trolls' face being named under new bill
26 Bones in Bulgaria may be of John the Baptist: study
27 USU team's Personnel Vacuum Assisted Climber wins Air Force prize (w/ Video)
28 Woolly mammoth extinction has lessons for modern climate change
29 New model suggests ocean pH falling more rapidly
30 Engineers investigate why the cochlea is coiled
31 Solar nanowire array may increase percentage of sun's frequencies available for energy conversion
32 Study improves understanding of surface molecules in controlling size of gold nanoparticles
33 Thinner than a pencil trace
34 Electrified graphene a shutter for light
35 Newly-engineered nanoparticles promise to improve blood cancer treatment
36 Researchers use nanotechnology to harness power of fireflies
37 Stanford engineers perfecting carbon nanotubes for highly energy-efficient computing
38 Gone fishing: Researchers' imaging technique trolls in quiet cellular seas
39 Researchers switch magnetism of individual molecules
40 Atomic structure of nanoparticles brought under control
41 Ancient effect harnessed to produce electricity from waste heat
42 Textured surface may boost power output of thin silicon solar cells
43 Self-assembling nanocubes for next generation antennas and lenses
44 ORNL microscopy reveals workings behind promising inexpensive catalyst
45 New patterning technique produces faithful reproduction of grayscale images down to micrometer level
46 Team introduces breakthrough in understanding of high-temperature superconductivity
47 European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser tunnel construction completed
48 80 years since discovery of the neutron
49 Quantum bar magnets in a transparent salt
50 Shedding light on an interstellar gas: Researchers derive theoretical spectrum of H2-CO
51 Frequency comb helps evaluate novel biomedical decontamination method
52 Superhydrophobic surface helps researchers develop optical displays from water and air (w/ Video)
53 Laser beams shed light on natures extreme events
54 Driving membrane curvature
55 Relocating LEDs from silicon to copper enhances efficiency
56 Researchers 'heal' plasma-damaged semiconductor with treatment of hydrogen radicals
57 Seasonal algae plays critical role in North Pacific carbon uptake
58 Global research centre on ocean acid launched
59 New contract between science and society critical for ensuring sustainability
60 Countries should implement inclusive wealth accounting
61 Langmuir circulation inhibits near-surface water turbulence
62 Delving inside Earth from space
63 Astronomers pinpoint elusive galaxy--and find it is not alone
64 Why won't the supernova explode?
65 China in first automatic, manned space docking
66 Italian super-eruption larger than thought
67 First map of floating plastics to help save baby turtles
68 Corporations pledge sustainability at Rio+20
69 US regains top spot for fastest supercomputer
70 Robotics 101 with NASA's Chris McQuin + Jaret Matthews
71 First commercial hot-water-cooled supercomputer to consume 40% less energy
72 British researchers create robot that can learn simple words by conversing with humans (w/ Video)
73 Apple patent bid hints at changeable iPhone lens
74 First Apple computer fetches $374,000
75 Samsung rolls out NFC phone sticker innovation (w/ Video)
76 Insect-like flying robots self-recover after crash (w/ Video)
77 Uncanny Valley robots essay resurfaces 42 years later
78 Robot learns language through 'conversation' with people
79 Robotic assistants may adapt to humans in the factory, thanks to new algorithm
80 Japan to develop drones to monitor radiation
81 Fujitsu develops new solution for smooth datacenter migration to IPv6 networks
82 Apple introduces MacBook with sharper screen (Update)
83 Facebook pays $10 million to settle ad suit
84 Japanese researchers achieve world record cryptanalysis of next-generation cryptography
85 NXP releases smallest, toughest power MOSFETs
86 Carnegie Mellon spinoff receives funding to commercialize transit app
87 Russians design blockbuster video games in Siberia woods
88 New Samsung chief vows more focus on software
89 Politics prime target in take-down requests: Google
90 Study sheds light on prevention of heat stroke for outdoor workers
91 Cornell jigsaw solver uses shape-blind algorithm
92 China creates model for sustainable urban living
93 Google launches cultural map of Brazil's Amazon tribe
94 Revealing the ligand-hole localization behaviors in oxides with unusual high-valence Fe
95 Startup turns carbon dioxide into fuels
96 German team finds a way to link boron atoms with a triple bond
97 Ionic liquid improves speed and efficiency of hydrogen-producing catalyst
98 Scientists tie DNA repair to key cell signaling network
99 Fast and sensitive flu tracking
100 Enhancing the chemistry of zinc
101 Testing a 40-year old cell membrane theory
102 Catching some rays: Organic solar cells make a leap forward
103 Atomic-resolution view of a receptor reveals how stomach bacterium avoids acid
104 Tracking breast cancer cells on the move
105 New drug-screening method yields long-sought anti-HIV compounds
106 1960s-era anti-cancer drug points to treatments for Lou Gehrig's disease
107 Forensic science student uses new technique to flush out evidence of cocaine use in Lubbock's sewage water
108 Venomous snail key behind therapeutic molecules
109 Mobile MITEs jump to fame in gene regulation
110 Carbon is key for getting algae to pump out more oil
111 Predicting when plants face extinction threat
112 The most contaminated surfaces in hotel rooms
113 Newly aggressive dogs may be reacting to pain
114 Internal cellular sensors make Salmonella dangerous: study
115 Mystery solved: 3 wolves drowned in old mine shaft at Isle Royale National Park
116 New reclusive crab species found tucked away on Galician seabed
117 Research delivers near real-time water quality results
118 Studying genome of crocodile family in evolution research
119 Behavioral responses to a changing world
120 Chinese researchers find Bt cotton controls pests while also promoting good bugs
121 Hindcasting helps scientists improve forecasts for life on Earth
122 Predators have outsized influence over habitats, research says
123 Yankee fans keep enemy Red Sox closer, study shows
124 Chemistry you can dance to
125 How much does cybercrime cost?
126 Digital revolution bypassing UK education
127 Oldest natural pearl found in Arabia
128 CCSR literature review examines noncognitive factors in student performance
129 Cracking the code on the origins of a new European language
130 Ending refugees' exile
131 Pacific Island migrants go bush to avoid remittances
132 Researchers solve Roman Empire historical mystery
133 Research team finds knowledge of fractions and long division predicts long-term math success
134 Research universities essential for U.S. prosperity, security: report
135 Probing Question: What does 'corporate culture' mean?
136 Scientists discover mechanism that promotes lung cancer growth and survival
137 Identification of a novel target for glioblastoma treatment
138 Inexpensive approach to preventing type 2 diabetes shows promise in new study
139 Statistics show people more likely to die on their birthday
140 WHO's cancer agency: Diesel fumes cause cancer
141 Answer isn't always on the 'tip of the tongue' for older adults
142 Stem cells can be harvested long after death: study
143 Researchers find a strong association between alcohol dependence and chromosome 5q13.2
144 Hormones, Elvis, and human emotion: Shedding light on what makes people feel and act the way they do
145 Freud's theory of unconscious conflict linked to anxiety symptoms in new brain research
146 Tense film scenes trigger brain activity: New ways to predict how audiences will respond
147 Natural antioxidant can protect against cardiovascular disease: study
148 Cancer's next magic bullet may be magic shotgun
149 Testosterone therapy does not up prostate cancer incidence
150 Offspring of older fathers may live longer: study
151 Alzheimer's risk gene disrupts brain function in healthy older women, but not men
152 Child food allergy prevalence linked to urban/rural status
153 Persistence is learned from fathers, study shows
154 Musical brain patterns could help predict epileptic seizures
155 No evidence to support removing impacted wisdom teeth
156 First study of its kind finds rapid declines in worldwide physical activity
157 Genetic markers hope for new brain tumor treatments
158 Apramycin shows promise against drug-resistant TB and other 'superbugs,' without hearing loss
159 Breast milk kills HIV and blocks its oral transmission in humanized mouse
160 Unexpected discovery highlights new role for cell death regulator
161 Scientists decode DNA to find breast tumor signatures that predict treatment response