File Title
1 Why are some people greener than others?
2 New report puts real numbers behind history of oyster reefs
3 Where we split from sharks: Common ancestor comes into focus
4 Pitcher plant uses rain drops to capture prey
5 Genetic discovery will help fight diarrhea outbreaks
6 Pitcher plant uses power of the rain to trap prey
7 Bacterium signals plant to open up and let friends in
8 NTU researchers study little mighty creature for scientific breakthrough
9 Big Uncertainties in the Global Water Budget
10 Good news on using recycled sewage treatment plant water for irrigating crops
11 Stanford researchers discover the African cichlid's noisy courtship ritual
12 Ptooey!
13 A sea of broken promises
14 New report: Unlikely alliances bringing back dead rivers, barren landscapes, and farm yields
15 Grasshoppers 'stressed' by spiders affect the productivity of our soil
16 Single-track sustainability 'solutions' threaten people and planet
17 For Future Prosperity, U.S. Should Strengthen Efforts To Maintain World-Class Research Universities
18 Green grabs: The dark side of the green economy
19 Environmental Factors Spread Obesity, CCNY-Led Team Reports
20 Study finds predators have outsized influence over habitats
21 Studying soil to predict the future of earth's atmosphere
22 Spanish Scientist Participate in the Most Comprehensive Study Ever Done on Ice
23 New Mercyhurst research delivers near real-time water quality results
24 Bugs have key role in farming approach to storing CO2 emissions
25 UI professor identifies largest known crocodile
26 Anthropologists discover earliest form of wall art
27 Sulphur and iron compounds common in old shipwrecks
28 Ancient tree-ring records from Southwest US suggest today's megafires are truly unusual
29 Earth's water cycle intensifying with atmospheric warming
30 New approach to 'spell checking' gene sequences
31 Squid ink from Jurassic period identical to modern squid ink, U. Va. study shows
32 Modern dog breeds genetically disconnected from ancient ancestors
33 Unique gold earring found in intriguing collection of ancient jewelry in Israel
34 Study reveals trade patterns for crucial substance played key role in Maya collapse
35 Oldest Jewish archaeological evidence on the Iberian Peninsula
36 Climate change led to collapse of ancient Indus civilization, study finds
37 Inequality dates back to the Stone Age
38 There's more star-stuff out there but it's not dark matter
39 The first prehistoric Iberian twins have been found
40 Fossil discovery sheds new light on evolutionary history of higher primates
41 Ancient Jugs Hold the Secret to Practical Mathematics in Biblical Times
42 UH research team uses airborne LiDAR to unveil Honduran archaeological ruins
43 Homo heidelbergensis was only slightly taller than the Neanderthal
44 New secrets from 'Bay of the Pirates' warship that sunk 2,300 years ago
45 Forgotten Annapolis Immigration Conflict Uncovered by UMD Archaeology
46 Study finds new evidence supporting theory of extraterrestrial impact
47 Inner ear may hold key to ancient primate behavior
48 Uranium-series dating reveals Iberian paintings are Europe's oldest cave art
49 Amazon was not all manufactured landscape, Smithsonian scientist says
50 Ancient story of Dartmoor tors has an ice-cold twist
51 The hidden impact of sea-level rise: current projections may be underestimating the consequences of global climate change on habitat loss
52 North-East Passage soon free from ice again? Winter measurements show thin sea ice in the Laptev Sea, pointing to early and large scale summer melt
53 Power-generating knee strap hints at end for batteries
54 Warm Climate--Cold Arctic?
55 Study shows pollution levels in some kitchens are higher than city-center hotspots
56 2 warmest winter months in Midwest history may have connection
57 New research into flood impacts in the south of England
58 Updated DHS report on risks of proposed Kansas biocontainment lab
59 Predators Have Outsized Influence Over Habitats
60 Ionic liquid improves speed and efficiency of hydrogen-producing catalyst
61 Breast milk kills HIV and blocks its oral transmission in humanized mouse
62 Cougars are re-populating their historical range, new study confirms
63 Tracking breast cancer cells on the move
64 Atomic-resolution view of a receptor reveals how stomach bacterium avoids acid
65 Tense Film Scenes Trigger Brain Activity, CCNY-Led Team Finds
66 Gone fishing: Researchers' imaging technique trolls in quiet cellular seas
67 Take-home methadone maintenance treatment associated with decreased hospital admissions
68 Researchers find a strong association between alcohol dependence and chromosome 5q13.2
69 Vitamin D with calcium shown to reduce mortality in elderly
70 Researchers identify need to sample multiple tumor zones in breast cancer
71 Antioxidant shown to reduce blindness risk in extremely premature babies
72 Musical brain patterns could help predict epileptic seizures
73 Genetic markers hope for new brain tumor treatments
74 Scientists tie DNA repair to key cell signaling network
75 U of M researchers find natural antioxidant can protect against cardiovascular disease
76 Most older pedestrians are unable to cross the road in time
77 Good news: Fewer maternal and child deaths
78 Productivity gains from health IT must await bigger health system changes
79 Divide the Antarctic to protect native species, propose experts
80 Early learning about spatial relationships boosts understanding of numbers
81 Is it constitutional for states to regulate pharmaceutical gifts and meals to doctors?
82 Study finds Massachusetts health reform leads to increased inpatient surgical procedures
83 Study finds socioeconomic status linked to weight gain and risk of obesity in African-American women
84 Churches overlook women as donors, despite their growing wealth in US, Baylor scholar finds
85 How alert hospital employees improved hospital's MRSA infection rate
86 Ethics framework urged to manage conflicts of interest in medicine
87 Mindful multitasking: Meditation first can calm stress, aid concentration
88 Child care subsidies boost quality of care for some but not all
89 Childhood obesity linked to math performance, MU researcher says
90 Physicists predict success of movies at the box office
91 9 out of 10 non-elderly Californians will be covered under Affordable Care Act
92 Persistence is learned from fathers, study shows
93 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon-Led Research Team Finds Knowledge Of Fractions and Long Division Predicts Long-Term Math Success
94 Changes needed for oft-ignored prescription warning labels
95 A trick of perspective--chance alignment mimics a cosmic collision
96 Switchable nano magnets
97 New action for ancient heart drug
98 JILA frequency comb helps evaluate novel biomedical decontamination method
99 Stanford engineers perfecting carbon nanotubes for highly energy-efficient computing
100 Catching some rays: Organic solar cells make a leap forward
101 Chance alignment between galaxies mimics a cosmic collision
102 First flight instrument delivered for James Webb
103 Researchers develop optical displays from water and air
104 Quantum bar magnets in a transparent salt
105 Neutrons escaping to a parallel world?
106 Syracuse University researchers use nanotechnology to harness the power of fireflies
107 Cancer's Next Magic Bullet May Be Magic Shotgun
108 Nanoparticles engineered at Notre Dame promise to improve blood cancer treatment
109 Scientists dispel myths, provide new insight into human impact on pre-Columbian Amazon River Basin
110 Still capable of adapting: Research team studies genetic diversity of living fossils
111 Scientists Sequence Genome Of Human Relative That Prefers Love Over War
112 Study suggests expanded concept of 'urban watershed'
113 Anxious women's brains work harder
114 Rice research IDs vulnerable bridges
115 Female college athletes need better screening for health problems, researchers report
116 Breaking bullying behavior
117 NSF Releases Report Detailing Substantial Growth in Graduate Enrollment in Science and Engineering in the Past Decade
118 U of I study: Teachers may need training to respond to children's emotions
119 Study examines impact of African-American teachers in Title I schools
120 Corporate political giving doesn't pay
121 US must encourage development of Canadian oil sands, mitigation of CO2 emissions, new Rice University study says
122 Knotty proteins present new puzzle
123 Alcohol abuse may be cause, rather than effect of social isolation, poor grades among teens
124 Protein residues kiss, don't tell
125 Rutgers-Camden Researcher Says the Real Summer Superheroes are Kids with Asthma
126 Many poor pregnant women with HIV go untreated for depression
127 Childhood obesity found linked to math performance
128 Befuddled by Emergency Birth Control
129 Hospital volume and surgeon specialty influence patient outcomes
130 Chemotherapy effective for patients with resected SCLC or large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma
131 Quality of life study shows stereotactic ablative radiotherapy effective treatment; stage I NSCLC
132 CWRU class earns Science magazine prize for innovation
133 Math predicts size of clot-forming cells
134 T cells 'hunt' parasites like animal predators seek prey, a Penn Vet-Penn Physics study reveals
135 Family values
136 Study provides new insights into structure of heart muscle fibers
137 Mathematicians can conjure matter waves inside an invisible hat
138 New math model by Stanford researchers can help computers avoid communication breakdowns
139 Predicting burglary patterns through math modeling of crime
140 Hurricane season is here, and FSU scientists predict a near?normal one
141 Why is it so difficult to trace the origins of food poisoning outbreaks?
142 Skeleton key
143 Researchers Use Flexible Channel Width To Improve User Experience On Wireless Systems
144 Protein knots gain new evolutionary significance
145 Mathematicians model heat flow in human tears
146 Piracy all at sea
147 Pandemic Preparedness
148 All the colors of a high-energy rainbow, in a tightly focused beam
149 Robbing banks: Crime doesn't always pay, econometrics study shows
150 Living Microprocessor Tunes in to Feedback
151 UTMB researchers create powerful new method to analyze genetic data
152 Robotic assistants may adapt to humans in the factory
153 No evidence for 'knots' in space
154 State-level laws shown to reduce hazardous drinking and driving behaviors among teens
155 Smoking-cessation 'quitlines' could help identify hazardous drinkers
156 Mutations in JAK3 gene identified in subtype of lymphoma provide potential drug target
157 Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy
158 Graphic warning labels improve smokers' recall of warning and health risks related to smoking
159 BPA exposure effects may last for generations
160 Graduated driving laws reduce teen drunk driving
161 Immune system may protect against Alzheimer's changes
162 Active ingredient of cannabis has no effect on the progression of multiple sclerosis
163 Inproved repair to damage of the peripheral nervous system
164 UK study into whether physical activity aids depression finds no additional benefit
165 Answer isn't always on the 'tip of the tongue' for older adults
166 Freud's theory of unconscious conflict linked to anxiety symptoms in new U-M brain research
167 Physicians and public health agencies need shared accountability to improve health outcomes
168 Clinical trials need to better protect participants and research integrity as data accumulate
169 Liposuction for the management of submental lymphedema in the head and neck cancer patient
170 New research published today is already saving lives
171 Quantum computers could help search engines keep up with the Internet's growth
172 Save the Children Report Shows Global Health Funding Too Often Misses Newborn Babies
173 BYU engineers conceive disc replacement to treat chronic low back pain
174 Virtual sailing gives competitors the edge
175 Proposed testosterone testing of some female olympians challenged by Stanford scientists
176 European geneticists condemn use of testing to establish 'racial purity'
177 Lessons Learned From the "Ethical Odyssey" of an HIV Trial
178 Elderly prisoners need better medical care, according to report
179 Gene may link diabetes and Alzheimer's, CCNY researchers find
180 Child survival takes center stage as leaders convene to renew commitments
181 Researchers outline plan to end preventable child deaths in a generation
182 More to facial perception than meets the eye