File Title
1 Ancient cave art could be Neanderthal's
2 Scared grasshoppers change soil chemistry
3 Experts map Antarctica's liveliest regions
4 Particles point way for NASA's Voyager
5 Red dot becomes 'oldest cave art'
6 Governments make 'pitiful' progress on oceans
7 China to send first woman astronaut Liu Yang into space
8 Vertical stripes have slimming effect, research shows
9 Ecocide: A legal green high?
10 Centenarians vs. newborns: Epigenetic differences reveal clues to aging
11 Jobs or birds: Turning Rio rhetoric into reality
12 Earth: Have we reached an environmental tipping point?
13 US to stop young migrant deportations
14 Greek election: Parties make final push for votes
15 Apple 1 computer and Steve Jobs Atari memo sold at auction
16 Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood warn of 'dangerous' days
17 NeverSeconds blogger Martha Payne school dinner photo ban lifted
18 Lance Armstrong case: Can doping be permitted in sport?
19 What's it like to live near a skyscraper?
20 Chinese officials apologise to woman in forced abortion
21 Alzheimer's gene 'diabetes link'
22 Argentina's President Fernandez demands Falklands talks
23 Ex-Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta guilty of fraud
24 India woman athlete arrested on 'rape' charges
25 Germany's mystery 'forest boy' is Dutch, police say
26 Why Russia is standing by Syria's Assad
27 Canada campus shooting kills three in Edmonton
28 Better collaboration lets businesses take back the supply chain
29 Turkey: Kurd with lemon accused of supporting terror
30 Ethiopia clamps down on Skype and other internet use on Tor
31 Soccket: the football that can produce electricity
32 Habbo Hotel prepares to let users chat again
33 Viewpoint: Changing the way the internet is governed is risky
34 Game maker Valve appoints in-house video games economist
35 Apple shares advert cash generated by Baidu searches
36 Spammers swamp UK government's website
37 Cumbria rejects broadband bids from BT and Fujitsu
38 Judge rules Apple must face location tracking lawsuit
39 Graphic warning labels on cigarette packs 'work better'
40 Revamped Dallas proves a US ratings hit
41 The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman rejects legal threat, raises over $150,000 for charity
42 Original Apple 1 computer motherboard sells for $374,500 at Sotheby's
43 Facebook boosts security efforts, ask users to confirm cell numbers
44 Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro getting Retina Display, analysts say
45 Spanish cave paintings shown as oldest in world
46 Alleged LulzSec member charged with Fox, PBS hacks
47 NY surgeon Timothy Jorden's personality 'shifted' prior to ex-girlfriend's alleged shooting death, neighbors say
48 Timothy Jorden, Buffalo hospital murder suspect, seemed to change before going on lam
49 Forest boy a phony, admits to police he's 20-year-old Dutch man after ID'd by ex-girlfriend
50 Brittney Wood, Ala. teen mom, missing for two weeks
51 Jerry Sandusky Trial: "Victim 9" testifies he was raped, recalls screaming in coach's basement
52 Buffalo Hospital Shooting: Body found near home of suspected gunman Dr. Timothy Jorden, official says
53 Jerry Sandusky Trial: Four days of graphic testimony
54 Ohio teen, boyfriend charged in alleged plot to kill her parents
55 Smelly feet said to incite roommate-on-roommate stabbing
56 Daughter of Creflo Dollar, megachurch pastor, says alleged abuse 'was not the first time' during 911 call
57 Children found blindfolded, bound in SUV at Kansas Walmart, police say
58 Jaren Lockhart Murder: Two in custody in case of dismembered New Orleans exotic dancer
59 Sleeping girl, 9, abducted from Phila. home, raped by naked man, cops say
60 Irene Khan, 32, arrested for sexual relationship with student, 14, Fla. police say
61 Teen: Matthew Bent offered me money in Fla. burn attack on Michael Brewer
62 The rich, tragic history of daredevil Wallendas
63 Air Force confident answer near in F-22 mystery
64 5 injured in Osprey crash in Fla. Panhandle
65 Recession leaves families' net worth static--or worse
66 U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers honored with Silver Star at Pentagon
67 As wildfires rage, modern tanker planes sought
68 Cops: "Kindness" hitchhiker shot self
69 What do over 90,000 dominoes look like falling down?
70 Egypt's democratic renaissance erased in a day
71 Last fugitive nabbed in '95 Japan gassing
72 Russia: No talks on Syria's future without Assad
73 China apologizes, suspends officials in forced abortion case
74 Kidnapping by Mexican police caught on video
75 Coke to enter Burma for first time in 60 years
76 Anger over forced abortions reignites in China
77 State Department: Syria-bound Russian attack helicopters in Hillary Clinton's accusations not new
78 Pakistan has "scaled down" demands for per-truck tax in talks to reopen supply route
79 FDA approves combo vaccine that protects infants against two dangerous bacterial infections
80 Obese elementary school students more likely to be worse at math
81 Liposuction may boost the growth of dangerous visceral fat
82 American women, young people are more stressed than their counterparts, study shows
83 Data From Voyager 1 Points To Interstellar Future
84 Voyager One Might Have Farther to Go to Exit the Heliosheath
85 Voyager Instrument Cooling After Heater Turned off
86 Voyager Goes Where No Human-Made Vehicle Has Gone Before
87 Voyager spacecraft that toured outer planets nearing solar system edge
88 Voyager Hits New Region at Solar System Edge
89 Voyager 2 Completes Switch to Backup Thruster Set
90 Test of Spare Wheel Puts Odyssey on Path to Recovery
91 Odyssey Orbiter Puts Itself into Standby Safe Mode
92 Study Jointly Led by UCSB Researcher Finds New Evidence Supporting Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact
93 Study finds new evidence supporting theory of extraterrestrial impact
94 NASA Administrator Bolden Views Historic SpaceX Dragon Capsule
95 China to send its first woman into space on Saturday
96 Media Tonedown for Tiangong
97 'Unusually large' asteroid to race by Earth
98 Dawn Mission Video Shows Vesta's Coat of Many Colors
99 WISE Finds Few Brown Dwarfs Close to Home
100 Astronomer's Refining Method to "Age" the Most Abundant Stars
101 NASA's Fermi Detects the Highest-Energy Light From a Solar Flare
102 Neighbor galaxies may have brushed closely
103 Astronomers Map 40 Million Stars
104 Spotting Ultrafine Loops in the Sun's Corona
105 Watching asteroids and comets to avoid impact
106 Astronomers pinpoint elusive galaxy after decade-long hunt
107 Magnetic fields slow down stars
108 Extremely little telescope discovers pair of odd planets
109 Small Planets Don't Need 'Heavy Metal' Stars to Form
110 Tiny Planet-Finding Mirrors Borrow from Webb Telescope Playbook
111 Astronomers Probe 'Evaporating' Planet Around Nearby Star with Hobby-Eberly Telescope
112 NSO To Use Venus Transit To Fine-Tune Search For Other Worlds
113 Newfound exoplanet may turn to dust
114 Cosmic dust rings no guarantee of planets
115 In search of new 'Earths' beyond our Solar System
116 No evidence for 'knots' in space
117 Discovery of the Most Distant Galaxy in the Cosmic Dawn
118 The Older We Get, The Less We Know Cosmologically
119 Astro-H agreement signed with JAXA
120 Time machine will study the early universe
121 Clocking an accelerating universe: First results from BOSS
122 Mysterious Objects at the Edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
123 Rice lab mimics Jupiter's Trojan asteroids inside a single atom
124 Cosmology in a petri dish
125 Planck completes its survey of early Universe
126 Alien Earths Could Form Earlier than Expected
127 NuSTAR opens out of this world view thanks to Lab technology
128 Planets can form around different types of stars
129 Orbital Launches Company-Built NuSTAR Satellite Aboard Pegasus Rocket for NASA
130 NASA's NuSTAR Mission Lifts Off
131 NuSTAR Arrives at Island Launch Site
132 Boeing Receives DARPA Airborne Satellite Launch Study Contract
133 X-ray telescope to focus on hottest regions of black holes, supernovas
134 Tiangong's Big Tasks
135 With some help from Stanford and SLAC, an orbiting telescope sees the universe's X-rays
136 Successful launch for NASA's 'black hole hunter' telescope
137 How black holes change gear
138 Giant Black Hole Kicked Out of Home Galaxy
139 CID-42: Exceptional Properties
140 Nanoparticles found in moon glass bubbles explain weird lunar soil behaviour
141 UA Lunar-Mining Team Wins National Contest
142 NASA Lunar Spacecraft Complete Prime Mission Ahead of Schedule
143 NASA Offers Guidelines To Protect Historic Sites On The Moon
144 GPS being used as weather forecast tool
145 Apple fends off Android challenge with maps, Siri
146 Phones, tablets transform handheld game market
147 China's manned spacecraft in final preparations for mid-June launch
148 Shenzhou-9 May Face Thunder, High Temps
149 Life Supplies and Manned Docking Tested in Shenzhou-9 Mission