File Title
1 Arctic melt releasing ancient methane
2 Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi dies in Tripoli
3 Tomislav Nikolic beats Boris Tadic in Serbia run-off
4 NATO summit to discuss withdrawal from Afghanistan
5 Pakistan restores Twitter after block
6 Deadly northern Italy earthquake hits heritage sites
7 'Apocalyptic' island of waste in the Maldives
8 Chelsea fans cheer as team parades Champions League trophy
9 Crowded House drummer Peter Jones dies at 45
10 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg upgrades relationship status
11 Montreal: One Square Mile of Canada
12 Cheap amoebic dysentery drug 'promising'
13 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg marries Priscilla Chan
14 Unarmed officer tackles gunman to end brutal home invasion
15 Live alone? You're not alone
16 Powerful quake kills at least 6 in N. Italy
17 Offshore oil rig: Island living, but no paradise
18 Chicago websites under cyber attack?
19 Colombia stunned by lawmaker's alleged betrayal
20 13-year-old rescued at falls in Washington state
21 Morocco: Jailed Islamist dies after hunger strike
22 NAACP backs marriage equality
23 Campobello: FDR's "beloved island"
24 Rum's spirited history
25 NATO: Obama warns of "hard days" ahead in Afghanistan
26 Reports: 3 dead in quake near Bologna
27 White House, Pakistan in talks on supply lines
28 NATO chief: "No rush for the exits" in Afghanistan
29 2 Americans jailed in Haiti in pro-army march
30 Netanyahu: African migrants could overrun Israel
31 Italy bombing revives memories of dark era
32 NATO protesters gather for Chicago rally
33 Blind Chinese activist Chen lands in U.S.
34 Climber dies after falling on Mount McKinley
35 Men accused of plotting attacks around NATO summit
36 6 school buses in chain-collision in Ga.
37 Mom who sent adoptive child back to Russia ordered to pay child support
38 Ron Paul wins majority of delegates in Minnesota
39 Rubio fires up S.C. Republicans by attacking Obama
40 Climate scientists say they have solved riddle of rising seas
41 Nanomedicine: Quantum dots appear safe in pioneering study on primates
42 Songbirds' learning hub in brain offers insight into motor control
43 Drug found for Entamoeba histolytica parasite that is major cause of death worldwide
44 Scotland passes turbine test to harness tidal power
45 Distinct molecular subtype of prostate cancer identified
46 Experimental bariatric surgery controls blood sugar with diabetic rats
47 Scientists find new mechanism by which cell signaling pathway contributes to rheumatoid arthritis development
48 Every black hole contains a new universe: A physicist presents a solution to present-day cosmic mysteries
49 New finding may hold key to Gaia hypothesis of Earth as living organism
50 Google patent sends ring signals to Project Glass
51 Computing experts unveil superefficient 'inexact' chip
52 Quantum computer leap
53 MAJORANA, the search for the most elusive neutrino of all
54 Bacteria alive (more or less) in 86-million-year-old seabed clay
55 New silicon memory chip developed
56 Finding fingerprints in sea level rise
57 An unlikely route to ferroelectricity
58 Using graphene, scientists develop a less toxic way to rust-proof steel
59 Synthetic scent hounds: Nanostructured sensor for detection of very low concentrations of explosive
60 Samsung presents a new graphene device structure
61 Electron hopping in graphene oxide leads to highly sensitive sensing
62 Diamond used to produce graphene quantum dots and nano-ribbons of controlled structure
63 Full control of plastic transistors
64 Research group creates highly sensitive photodetector from graphene and quantum dots
65 Ultrasensitive biosensor promising for medical diagnostics
66 Iron-based superconductors exhibit s-wave symmetry
67 Return of the vacuum tube
68 Quantum computing: The light at the end of the tunnel may be a single photon
69 After 50 year search, research team finds plutonium signature
70 Research team devises a means for measuring quantum tunneling time
71 Measuring transient x-rays with lobster eyes
72 X-ray laser uncovers secrets of complex oxide material
73 Two new excited states of the Lambda-b beauty particle observed by LHCb
74 300,000 times the strength of the Earth's magnetic field: BLADE's new 14 Tesla magnet
75 Graphite enters different states of matter
76 Electronic congestion in the microchips of the future
77 Australian authorities race to drifting ship
78 SpaceX rocket launch aborted in last half-second (Update)
79 Newfound exoplanet may turn to dust
80 Pollution teams with thunderclouds to warm atmosphere
81 Study of moon rocks shows barrage 4 billion years ago was mainly asteroids
82 The 2012 transit of Venus
83 Forest recovering from Mt. St. Helens explosion: research (w/ Video)
84 How big are sunspots?
85 Wrinkle-traveling Clothbot makes its IEEE debut (w/ Video)
86 NLT announces naked-eye display with better 3-D view
87 iPhone to get larger screen: A report to take with a grain of salt?
88 New MacBook Pro Retina display will cost Apple, consumer too?
89 AMD's Trinity is out to rattle Intel's Ivy Bridge
90 Buffalo shows SSDs with MRAM at Japan show
91 Panasonic to release 65-inch Interactive Plasma Display
92 Reports: Yahoo nears deal to sell stake in Alibaba
93 Facebook stock limps into Monday
94 Pakistan blocks Twitter over contentious tweets
95 Day after historic IPO, Facebook's Zuckerberg weds
96 After flat debut Facebook awaits market verdict
97 Motorola Mobility smartphones face US import ban
98 App scans faces of bar-goers to guess age, gender
99 America expands once again--digitally, this time
100 Google gets China OK for Motorola deal
101 Nasdaq glitch confuses investors of Facebook IPO
102 New lawsuit takes aim at Facebook privacy
103 Sudden wealth part of Silicon Valley's everyday
104 Is it ripe? Carbon nanotube-based ethylene sensor establishes fruit ripeness
105 Plump up the clay: Carbon dioxide moves into and expands a common mineral in carbon sequestration caprocks
106 Chemists merge experimentation with theory in understanding of water molecule
107 New technique detects trace levels of new class of cancer biomarkers
108 Open, Ring! Highly electrophilic cationic complexes as catalysts in immortal ring-opening polymerization of lactide
109 A new method detects traces of veterinary drugs in baby food
110 Rare-earth half-sandwiches prove rewarding
111 Strategies for producing natural and non-natural chemicals by microorganisms
112 In hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis chemical reactions, water adds speed without heat
113 'Copper pump's' potential benefit in cancer treatment
114 Researchers create low-cost, effective method for measuring exposure to toxic metals
115 New, inexpensive paper-based diabetes test ideal for developing countries
116 Energy in action: For two molecules on blind date, new method predicts potential for attraction or repulsion
117 Shining light on cells' inner workings
118 Malaysia scientist says found new Borneo frog
119 Friendly Fungi: Elucidating the fungal biosynthesis of stipitatic acid
120 Hitting snooze on the molecular clock: Rabies evolves slower in hibernating bats
121 A cell's first steps: Building a model to explain how cells grow
122 Scientists learn much about humans from birds' singing lessons
123 Central nervous system stem cells shed light on mechanism that controls asymmetrical division
124 Researchers establish how super strong insect legs are
125 Scientists document fragile land-sea ecological chain
126 DNA barcoding verified the discovery of a highly disconnected crane fly species
127 Genetic safety in numbers, platypus study finds
128 Bird vocalization research could improve poultry production, lower costs
129 New key mechanism in cell division discovered
130 Three keys to sockeye decline
131 Surgical castration of cats, dogs leads to increased tendency to postoperative coagulation, inflammatory changes
132 If the market decides what stockbrokers earn, why are women on Wall Street earning less?
133 What does Islam say about the fate of others?
134 Foul-mouthed characters in teen books have it all, study finds
135 Education plays mitigating role in escaping roots of adversity: study
136 CQ Researcher examines distracted driving
137 Stone artifacts with handaxes and picks found in Danjiangkou reservoir area, China
138 Study shows religion is a potent force for cooperation, conflict
139 Researchers reveal ancient giant turtle fossil
140 New study shows that workplace inspections save lives, don't destroy jobs
141 The killer dinosaurs of south-eastern Australia
142 A new category of heel: The customer service saboteur
143 Flinders finds clues to early Dutch postal system
144 New Paleolithic remains found near the Liuhuaishan site in Bose Basin, Guangxi
145 Brazil's threatened Awa tribe outnumbered, group says
146 Lung cancer CT scans: Just for older heavy smokers
147 First, do no harm: Study finds danger in standard treatment for a serious lung disease
148 Sleep apnea associated with higher mortality from cancer: study