File Title
1 Pine marten sightings in Wales investigated
2 Golf goes green
3 Bigger wind farm buffer zones 'needed to protect some homes'
4 Diamond Jubilee: Thousands watch River Thames pageant
5 Syria crisis: Assad denies role in Houla massacre
6 Passenger plane crashes in Lagos, says official
7 Egypt crisis: Tahrir Square activists maintain pressure
8 Japan 'doomsday cult member' held
9 Big powers jockey in the Pacific
10 Desperate Housewives actress Kathryn Joosten dies
11 Deadly blast hits Nigeria church
12 TV star Richard Dawson dies at 79
13 Cargo plane hits bus in Ghana airport crash
14 Space shuttle Enterprise takes to the water
15 Boats take to Thames for queen's Jubilee flotilla
16 Murder or suicide: How did Jocelyn Earnest die?
17 Phoenix police say mom forgets baby on car roof
18 Assad: "Monsters" to blame for Syria massacre
19 A celebration fit for a queen
20 Zimmerman credibility may be hurt by bond dispute
21 Ariz. authorities find 5 bodies in burned vehicle
22 Big tip: Ohio waitress gets feds' check for $434K
23 Hundreds protest plan to curb abortion in Turkey
24 1,600-year-old mosaic at Israeli synagogue damaged
25 U.N. official says no to Syria amnesty
26 Jane Fonda's third act
27 Embroidering royalty
28 The anti-politico: Elizabeth didn't seek higher office
29 America's unrequited love of the open road
30 Global cancer cases projected to rise 75% by 2030
31 Average Brit suffers over 9,600 ailments in lifetime
32 Breastfeeding moms in uniform photos spur debate
33 Daily dark chocolate good for the heart, study finds
34 Flame retardant found in common foods from Dallas supermarkets
35 Offices may be contaminated with more than 500 types of bacteria, men's offices dirtier
36 Mail-order chicks infecting children with salmonella, officials warn
37 One in five Americans has an untreated cavity
38 FDA rejects industry bid to change name of high fructose corn syrup to "corn sugar"
39 Smells like teen spirit? Age may come with a distinct scent
40 Summer Brides: 5 Wedding Traditions from Around the World
41 What If the Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts?
42 Why Are Genius and Madness Connected?
43 Climate Change Causing Hummingbird Missed Connections
44 Astronaut to Take 1st Transit of Venus Pictures From Space
45 'Big Bird' on the Sun Spotted in Spacecraft Photo
46 Earth-Threatening Asteroid Pushed Around by Sunlight
47 Moon & Sun Interact in Surprising Way
48 Energy Efficient Homes Planned For Solar Decathlon 2013
49 Why 'Transgenic Stingray' Shoes Are Likely Fake
50 Transit of Venus 2012 App Enables Cosmic Calculations Next Week
51 Fracking boom spurs environmental audit
52 US beef tests cook up a storm
53 Reform falters after Europe's E. coli scare
54 Scientists: your number is up
55 Fukushima has positive fallout for marine science
56 DNA drawing with an old twist
57 Tomato genome sequence bears fruit
58 Indonesian deforestation ban makes slow progress
59 'Old person smell' is real, but not necessarily offensive
60 Tackling the US pain epidemic
61 Trade rules must be tightened to halt frog-killing fungus
62 Europe science ministers approve 2014-20 funding framework
63 Microglia: The constant gardeners
64 BaTboT is up for imitating smart bat maneuvers
65 Study suggests expanding the genetic alphabet may be easier than previously thought
66 A different drummer: Neural rhythms drive physical movement
67 US, European nuclear and coal-fired electrical plants vulnerable to climate change: study
68 Researchers complete most comprehensive genetic analysis yet of corn
69 ShakeID tracks touch action in multi-user display
70 Internet address system upgrade likely to be smooth
71 Hubble shows Milky Way is destined for head-on collision with Andromeda galaxy
72 New small solid oxide fuel cell reaches record efficiency
73 Soviet find of water on the Moon in the 1970s ignored by the West
74 Teenager reportedly finds solution to 350 year old math and physics problem
75 European team bests Chinese record at teleporting distance (Corrected)
76 Germany sets weekend record for solar power
77 Irish mathematicians explain why Guinness bubbles sink (w/ video)
78 Japan inches towards restarting nuclear reactors
79 From yeast, researchers learn how populations collapse
80 Anthropologists find American heads are getting larger
81 Bright future for solar power in space
82 Geoengineering: A whiter sky
83 Scudder makes first observations of process linked to northern lights
84 Ghostly gamma-ray beams blast from Milky Way's center
85 There's more star-stuff out there but it's not dark matter
86 US rejects proposal to put Internet under UN control
87 Homing in on Higgs: Michigan researchers predict summer discovery (w/ Video)
88 Science journal offers up essays on 8 mysteries in astronomy
89 Quantum computers will be able to simulate particle collisions (w/ Video)
90 ASU astronomers discover faintest distant galaxy
91 Discovery of historical photos sheds light on Greenland ice loss
92 Tomato genome fully sequenced
93 High-temperature superconductivity starts at nanoscale
94 Tighter 'stitching' makes better graphene
95 Nanoscale protein containers could aid drug, vaccine delivery
96 Nanotechnology breakthrough could dramatically improve medical tests
97 Scientists hone in on size and environmental influence of the quantum dots used in hybrid solar cells
98 Under the influence of magnetic drugs
99 Researchers find new properties of the carbon material graphene
100 The finest gold dust in the world
101 Researchers develop nanodevice manufacturing strategy using DNA 'building blocks'
102 Team finds buckyballs grow larger by 'eating' vaporized carbon
103 DNA strands create tiniest Smileys
104 Electron transport in dye-based solar cells
105 Fabrication of new elastic 'soft capsule' using nano-sized flakes
106 Scientists take steps toward creating artificial graphene
107 Copper-nickel nanowires could be perfect fit for printable electronics
108 Nanomedicines on their way through the body
109 Free-electron lasers reveal detailed architecture of proteins
110 Physics to tackle how food is cooked in future
111 Ultrafast laser helps to better understand high-temperature superconductors
112 SLAC X-ray laser used to probe biomolecules to individual atoms
113 New microscope may take the 'ouch' out of blood tests
114 Cricket swing theory does not hold water: study
115 Research group creates longer lived and more efficient quantum memory
116 New lab turns SD gold town into scientific hub
117 Lower energy could lead to more biological imaging at LCLS
118 Advancing quantum computing
119 Venus, the planet of broken dreams
120 Asia-Pacific gets best seats for cosmic double-bill
121 Stay or go? Some towns are eyeing retreat from sea
122 Great Barrier Reef heading for danger: UNESCO
123 NASA completes Dream Chaser flight test milestone
124 NASA mission sending unmanned aircraft over hurricanes this year
125 Solar Dynamics Observatory to observe Venus transit
126 Scientists confirm Sierra Nevada 200-year megadroughts
127 Cyber strikes a 'civilised' option: Britain
128 Windows 8 to dominate Taiwan computer show
129 Fisker expands recall of plug-in hybrid Karma
130 Risks of boomerangs a reality in world of cyberwar
131 US, Iran dig in for long cyber war
132 Megaupload wants piracy charges dismissed
133 US senator slams White House over cyber leaks
134 Researchers develop method that shows diverse complex networks have similar skeletons
135 Recyclable printed circuit boards
136 Exec predicts data-only phone plans in 2 years
137 Microsoft rolls out more social Bing search
138 Facebook to let users vote on privacy changes
139 Depleted uranium: could this reduce our dependency on crude oil?
140 New compound could become 'cool blue' for energy efficiency in buildings
141 New test to detect arsenic contamination in drinking water
142 Silkmoth inspires novel explosive detector
143 Livermorium and Flerovium join the periodic table of elements
144 On early Earth, iron may have performed magnesium's RNA folding job
145 'Killer stainless steel': New process
146 New strategy directly activates cellular 'death protein'
147 Training cells to perform boolean functions? It's logical
148 Kitchen exhaust fans vary in effectiveness in reducing indoor air pollution
149 Study maps vaccine for deadly pathogenic fungus
150 New plaster enhances wound healing
151 New device warns workers of high levels of airborne metals in minutes rather than weeks
152 Drug companies moving toward green goals
153 Keeping up with embryogenesis: New microscope lets users track individual cells as they move, divide
154 Larger refuges needed to sustain success of transgenic corn
155 Maize diversity discoveries may help ease world's hunger pangs
156 Human hands leave prominent ecological footprints
157 Rare white horse prancing around in his own special genes
158 Computer-designed proteins programmed to disarm variety of flu viruses
159 Scientists map and sequence genome of switchgrass relative foxtail millet
160 Some butterfly species particularly vulnerable to climate change: study
161 Turning DNA into a hard drive
162 Winter honey bee losses decline
163 A genetic alternative to fertilizer
164 The cell's 'New World': First complete atlas of RNA-binding proteins
165 France to ban Swiss pesticide as bee threat
166 Breaking off the engagement: Study shows that even loyal employees become jaded if not treated well
167 Medicare auction will face severe difficulties, research shows
168 Bursty behaviour found to have similar features across complex systems
169 Growing up, 'geeking out'
170 UK children need more volunteer male befrienders
171 Liberals vs. conservatives: How politics affects charitable giving
172 Study: Residential segregation still a problem in US
173 Predicting burglary patterns through math modeling of crime
174 Trapped dental 'calculus' holds clues to ancient human diets and health
175 Wishbones give insight into prehistoric flight
176 Hiding true self at work can result in less job satisfaction, greater turnover
177 Four telltale signs of propaganda on Twitter
178 7 scientists share $1 million prizes for research
179 Bias found in state supreme courts, according to UGA study
180 Soccer study finds 93% of fans would support openly gay players
181 Experimental drug keeps aggressive breast cancer at bay
182 Study finds TV can decrease self-esteem in children, except white boys
183 Researchers restore walking ability after spinal cord injury in rats
184 Cancer therapy that boosts immune system ready for wider testing
185 Even non-sexual social contact can raise body temperature
186 'Liquid Biopsy': Blood test gives 'real-time' picture of cancer
187 For advanced prostate cancer, new drug slows disease
188 Alzheimer's protein structure offers new treatment directions
189 Fruit flies with Restless Legs Syndrome point to a genetic cause
190 Handful of genetic changes led to huge changes to human brain
191 New therapy on the horizon for ALK+ non-small cell lung cancer
192 Scientists identify mechanisms in aspirin that help protect against cancer
193 Low-fiber diet puts adolescents at higher risk of cardiovascular disease
194 Team reveals novel way to treat drug-resistant brain tumor cells
195 A new method for picking the 'right' egg in IVF
196 Alcohol may trigger serious palpitations in heart patients
197 Scientists identify agent that can block fibrosis of skin, lungs
198 Potential new approach to regenerating skeletal muscle tissue
199 'Jack Spratt' diabetes gene identified
200 To spread, nervous system viruses sabotage cell, hijack transportation
201 Neuroscientists reach major milestone in whole-brain circuit mapping project
202 Preventing diabetes: Researchers measure loss of human pancreas cells
203 Breast stem-cell research: Receptor teamwork is required and a new pathway may be involved
204 Gene link to higher rates of bowel cancer in men
205 Neural protective protein has two faces
206 Study reveals how the world's first drug for amyloid disease works
207 Of mice and mental models: Neuroscientific implications of risk-optimized behavior in the mouse
208 New discovery could lead to new way to screen drugs for adverse reactions
209 Cancer incidence predicted to increase 75% by 2030