File Title
1 Stunning image of smallest possible five-ringed structure
2 'Unzipped' carbon nanotubes could help energize fuel cells, batteries
3 Change in developmental timing was crucial in the evolutionary shift from dinosaurs to birds: study
4 Computer model used to pinpoint prime materials for efficient carbon capture
5 T cells 'hunt' parasites like animal predators seek prey, study shows
6 Land and sea species differ in climate change response: study
7 Yale study concludes public apathy over climate change unrelated to science literacy
8 10 million years needed to recover from mass extinction
9 Scientists develop ultra-sensitive test that detects diseases in their earliest stages
10 Manufacturing genes to attack flu virus
11 Same gene that stunts infants' growth also makes them grow too big: research
12 Nvidia trumpets Tegra 3 phone design wins for 2012
13 N/A
14 Browser wars flare in mobile space
15 Is a classical electrodynamics law incompatible with special relativity?
16 Landmark calculation clears the way to answering how matter is formed
17 Probability of contamination from severe nuclear reactor accidents is higher than expected: study
18 Dragon arrives at space station in historic 1st (Update 2)
19 Dell tablet leak: 10.1-inch display, two-battery choice
20 Ancient Bethlehem seal unearthed in Jerusalem
21 HyperSolar shows dirty water no barrier to power world
22 SpotterRF debuts Radar Backpack Kit (w/ Video)
23 Lying in wait for WIMPs: Researchers seek to dramatically increase sensitivity of Large Underground Xenon detector
24 Tesla to launch electric sedan in US on June 22
25 More plant species responding to global warming than previously thought
26 Solar Impulse ready for first intercontinental flight
27 Seagrasses can store as much carbon as forests
28 New mathematical framework formalizes oddball programming techniques
29 The older we get, the less we know (cosmologically)
30 Famed US alien seeker shifts gaze back to Earth
31 New CO2-removing catalyst can take the heat
32 Synthetic nano-waste does not disappear
33 Nanotechnology for solar energy conversion systems
34 Nano-structured polymer-based materials from scrap
35 In nanorod crystal growth, nanoparticles seen as artificial atoms
36 First direct observation of oriented attachment in nanocrystal growth
37 'Metamaterials,' quantum dots show promise for new technologies
38 Newly modified nanoparticle opens window on future gene editing technologies
39 Nanofluidics sorts DNA for cancer research
40 Engineered materials: Custom-made magnets
41 A nanoclutch for nanobots
42 Scientists evaluate different antimicrobial metals for use in water filters
43 How ion bombardment reshapes metal surfaces
44 Non-invasive intracellular 'thermometer' with fluorescent proteins created
45 Sound increases the efficiency of boiling
46 Thousands of invisibility cloaks trap a rainbow
47 Excitons: Exotic particles, chilled and trapped, form giant matter wave
48 Slip-and-slide power generators
49 Photonics: Beam me up
50 The neutrinophone: It's not for you. (But it is cool)
51 Hawaii lab turns laser-powered bubbles into microrobots
52 Good vibes: Coupling electron spin states and carbon nanotube vibrations
53 Repulsive polaron: Austrian physicists realize elusive quasiparticles
54 Efficient and tunable interface for quantum networks
55 Sensing the infrared: Researchers improve infrared detectors using single-walled carbon nanotubes
56 Novel probe for ultracold quantum matter developed
57 SpaceX capsule has 'new car' smell, astronauts say (Update)
58 Australia hails surprise super-telescope decision
59 Astronomers seize last chance in lifetime for Venus Transit
60 Astronauts enter world's 1st private supply ship
61 Aliens don't want to eat us, says former SETI director
62 SKA super telescope to be built in Australia, South Africa (Update 2)
63 What's the best irrigation canal liner?
64 Climate pact process stumbles as countries bicker
65 NASA receives widespread concepts for future Mars missions
66 Get ready for the transit of Venus
67 Dragon makes history with space station docking
68 OmniVision tops up sensors for cameras, phones
69 MIT researchers devise new means to synchronize a group of robots (w/ Video)
70 Nvidia says Kai platform will turn price tide for tablets
71 Several iOS developers welcome Apple's larger-screen iPhone
72 Robotics: Gesturing for control
73 Raspberry Pi to add camera later this year
74 A robot learns how to tidy up after you
75 Iowa State students take a lighter, more autonomous 'lunabot' to NASA competition
76 Wrinkle-traveling Clothbot makes its IEEE debut (w/ Video)
77 NLT announces naked-eye display with better 3-D view
78 Kyocera releases smartphones for easy listening
79 Review: Android 4.0 phones from HTC aren't identical twins
80 Optimus LTE 2: LG unveils new smartphone to revive business
81 Everyone knows it's windy...
82 Apple CEO Cook gives up $75M in stock dividends
83 Computers excel at identifying smiles of frustration (w/ Video)
84 Solar plane ends first leg of intercontinental bid
85 Yahoo kills 'Livestand' just 6 months after debut
86 Yahoo! ditches digital newsstand for iPads
87 Facebook IPO debacle raises investor dander
88 Shareholders vote to take China's Alibaba unit private
89 Beyond oil, can Alaska be tapped as a source for renewable energy?
90 Researchers successfully test solar desalination system for arid land agriculture
91 Goldman to plow $40bn into green energy
92 $2.5B privatization bid approved
93 Obama calls for Congress to enact 'green' tax credits
94 High-speed method to aid search for solar energy storage catalysts
95 Researchers demonstrate possible primitive mechanism of chemical info self-replication
96 Building a better solar panel--one molecule at a time
97 Discarded data may hold the key to a sharper view of molecules
98 Study cracks a secret of methanol production
99 Pivotal role for proteins--from helping turn carbs into energy to causing devastating disease
100 Nuisance seaweed found to produce compounds with biomedical potential
101 Real-time monitoring of RNA splicing in living cells moves step closer with novel fluorescent probe
102 Designing a dye you can count on
103 Hazelnuts: New source of key fat for infant formula that's more like mother's milk
104 Calling familiar assumptions into question results in better materials design
105 New process would make anti-malarial drug less costly
106 Scientist: Evolution debate will soon be history
107 Thousands of shellfish found dead in Peru
108 Study uncovers secret to speedy burrowing by razor clams
109 It's in the genes: Research pinpoints how plants know when to flower
110 Researchers solve structure of human protein critical for silencing genes
111 Copy of the genetic makeup travels in a protein suitcase
112 A new invading sea crab reaches the Ebro Delta
113 'Transformer' protein makes different sized transport pods
114 Looking out for the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey
115 A mating dance with Popeye arms
116 Managing biodiversity data from local government
117 Uncovering the secret lives of fish in marine national parks
118 Diagnostic labs analyze from bugs to toenails
119 Global warming winner: Once rare butterfly thrives
120 Color-changing contact lenses to help diabetics (w/ Video)
121 Thioridazine kills cancer stem cells in human while avoiding toxic side-effects of conventional cancer treatments
122 Like curry? New biological role identified for compound used in ancient medicine
123 Of mice and mental models: Neuroscientific implications of risk-optimized behavior in the mouse
124 Calcium supplements linked to significantly increased heart attack risk
125 Aspirin may prevent recurrence of deep vein blood clots
126 Cancer may require simpler genetic mutations than previously thought
127 Inherited DNA change explains overactive leukemia gene
128 Travel to high altitudes tied to Crohn's, colitis flare-ups
129 Limits to growth: Scientists identify key metastasis-enabling enzyme
130 Amino acid consumption associated with how fast cancer cells divide
131 Tongue analysis software uses ancient Chinese medicine to warn of disease
132 First study to suggest that the immune system may protect against Alzheimer's changes in humans
133 Skp2 activates cancer-promoting, glucose-processing Akt
134 Early physical therapist treatment associated with reduced risk of healthcare utilization and reduced overall healthcare
135 Stem-cell-growing surface enables bone repair
136 New device allows pacemaker patients to safely undergo MRIs
137 Researchers identify key brain cell in antidepressant action
138 Rockefeller scientists pioneer new method to determine mechanisms of drug action
139 Physicians definitively links irritable bowel syndrome and bacteria in gut
140 Questionable research practices surprisingly common
141 Implantable pain disk may help those with cancer
142 Routine care for Crohn's disease in children should include measurement of bone age
143 Progestin treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome may reduce pregnancy chances
144 Study shows how immune cells change wiring of the developing mouse brain
145 First light: Scientists regenerate the optic nerve, restore some components of vision
146 Long-term meditation leads to different brain organization
147 'Personality genes' may help account for longevity
148 Oldest Jewish archaeological evidence on the Iberian Peninsula
149 Her majesty's secret
150 Math predicts size of clot-forming cells
151 Dinosaur with tiny arms unearthed in Argentina
152 Earliest musical instruments in Europe 40,000 years ago
153 Talking works: UB professor develops method to analyze creative problem solving
154 Holidays inspire disadvantaged children to learn, says study
155 Social welfare cuts ultimately come with heavy price, researchers say
156 Oldest art even older
157 A wake-up call for manufacturing
158 Relatively speaking: Researchers identify principles that shape kinship categories across languages
159 Psychologists examine how race affects juvenile sentencing
160 Positive words: the glue to social interaction
161 CWRU class earns Science magazine prize for innovation