File Title
1 Facebook Gold Rush: Fanfare vs. Realities
2 The $104 billion question: What does Facebook's value say about ours?
3 Facebook doesn't want world domination: it needs it
4 SpaceX Rocket Launch to Space Station Is Aborted
5 Solar eclipse: Next best chance for L.A. won't be until 2071
6 Annular Eclipse Means Ring of Sunlight Visible Around Moon's Disc
7 Microsoft wins ban on Motorola Android devices from the ITC
8 ITC Bans Motorola Devices That Infringe on Microsoft Patent
9 Microsoft Wins Ruling Forcing Change in Motorola Phones
10 Google gets China OK for Motorola deal
11 As Verizon Pushes Data Caps, Sprint Waves Unlimited Option
12 Verizon Clarifies: Unlimited Data Plans to Die Slow Death
13 Should angry Verizon subscribers ditch Big Red?
14 Deep-sea microbes live life in the extremely slow lane
15 Huge Turtle Was Titanoboa's Neighbor
16 Facebook buys Karma app
17 Facebook's Acquisition of Karma Brings Mobile Commerce, App Monetization Prowess
18 MacOS KenDensed: Killing Off Unlimited Data & Big iPhone Rumors
19 New-found exoplanet is evaporating away
20 Sloppy Facebook IPO Predictions: Only 1.14% Get the Closing Price Right
21 Twitter joins 'Do Not Track,' gives users privacy option
22 Twitter Adds Do Not Track Capability
23 Amazon Pitching Kindle Fire Welcome-Screen Ads for $600K
24 Doubt Cast on the 'Good' in 'Good Cholesterol'
25 Study questions whether raising "good" cholesterol reduces heart attack risk
26 'Good' Cholesterol May Not Be That Good
27 Raising HDL Levels May Not Lower Heart Attack Risk
28 CDC toughens definition of lead poisoning
29 C.D.C. Lowers Recommended Lead-Level Limits in Children
30 All baby boomers should get hepatitis C test--CDC
31 Sugar Makes You Stupid, But Omega-3s Will Smarten You Back Up
32 Sugar can make you dumb, US scientists warn
33 N/A
34 Family hangs hope for boy on unproven therapy in India
35 Popular Antibiotic May Raise Risk of Sudden Death
36 Common antibiotic boosts death risk: study
37 Study Links Antibiotic to Slight Rise in Heart Patients' Death Risk
38 Trial Vaccine Made Some More Vulnerable to H.I.V., Study Confirms
39 Psychiatrist who championed 'gay cure' admits he was wrong
40 A decade later, researcher apologizes for study suggesting gays can go straight with therapy
41 Psychiatry Giant Sorry for Backing Gay 'Cure'
42 Coffee linked to lower risk of death
43 Coffee buzz: Study finds java drinkers live longer
44 Coffee May Help Drinkers Live Longer, U.S. Study Suggests
45 Mad cow quarantines lifted at 2 California dairies
46 Review so far shows mad cow case was atypical
47 How To Pick The Best Sunscreen
48 New labeling will help you pick the best sunscreen
49 Consumers caught in middle of sunscreen debate
50 Tweaking dietary fat intake could help slow brain aging, study suggests
51 Certain fats in the diet can fry your brain
52 'Bad' Fat May Hurt Brain Function Over Time
53 Why Amyris is Focusing on Moisturizers, Not Fuel, for Now
54 U.S. Will Be Hard-Pressed to Meet Its Biofuel Mandates
55 A123 Systems Reports More Bad News
56 Engine Could Boost Fuel Economy by Half
57 With New Look, Bing Gets More Organized, Social
58 A Nose in Your Clothes
59 New Cement-Making Method Could Slash Carbon Emissions
60 A Retinal Prosthetic Powered by Light
61 A Computer Interface that Takes a Load Off Your Mind
62 A Camera App that Gets to Know Your Friends
63 Virtual World Takes on Childhood Obesity
64 Brain Chip Helps Quadriplegics Move Robotic Arms with Their Thoughts
65 The Biggest Cost of Facebook's Growth
66 What's the Next Instagram?
67 Is Mobile Computing Good For Productivity?
68 Betting Everything on Mobile
69 Are Smart Phones Spreading Faster than Any Technology in Human History?
70 Data Killer Erases the Evidence
71 The Only Way Facebook Can Justify Its Valuation
72 DNA Sequencing Detects Residual Leukemia
73 Why Shutting Airports Is Not the Best Way to Halt a Global Flu Pandemic
74 How Will Tariffs on Solar Panels Affect Innovation?
75 How Facebook Saved Us from Suburbia
76 The Data-Driven Dog
77 When Gadgets Get under Your Skin
78 Facebook Seeks Political Ad Dollars
79 Ditching Saturated Fats Could Improve Memory and Cognition
80 Cellular secrets of plant fatty acid production understood
81 Genes underlying the key domestication process in sorghum and other cereals
82 When the soil holds not enough phosphorus
83 Tiny plants could cut costs, shrink environmental footprint
84 Maps of Miscanthus genome offer insight into grass evolution
85 Elephant seal tracking reveals hidden lives of deep-diving animals
86 Sulphur and iron compounds common in old shipwrecks
87 UMD Finding May Hold Key to Gaia Theory of Earth as Living Organism
88 Movement patterns of endangered turtle vary from Pacific to Atlantic
89 Plant growth without light control
90 USF study: Common fungicide wreaks havoc on freshwater ecosystems
91 Agricultural expert outlines path for developing nations to double food production, meet 2050 demand
92 UW plant breeders develop an even heart-healthier oat
93 Freshwater crayfish found to have substance covering teeth astonishingly similar to human enamel
94 Biologists produce potential malarial vaccine from algae
95 In chemical reactions, water adds speed without heat
96 A new method detects traces of veterinary drugs in baby food
97 Stanford scientists document fragile land-sea ecological chain
98 Visualizing the imprints of past and present Earth dynamics
99 Using Graphene, Scientists Develop a Less Toxic Way to Rust-Proof Steel
100 Pollution teams with thunderclouds to warm atmosphere
101 Researchers reveal an RNA modification influences thousands of genes
102 Resolving the ortholog conjecture
103 New technique reveals unseen information in DNA code
104 N/A
105 Salk study may offer drug-free intervention to prevent obesity and diabetes
106 We can learn a lot from other species
107 Abundance of rare DNA changes following population explosion may hold clues to common diseases
108 Reduced glycerin formulation of tenofovir vaginal gel safe for rectal use
109 Tiny tool can play big role against tuberculosis, UF researcher finds
110 UF researchers name new extinct giant turtle found near world's largest snake
111 Penn and Genographic Project Scientists Illuminate the Ancient History of Circumarctic Peoples
112 CSHL study uncovers a new exception to a decades-old rule about RNA splicing
113 With fat: What's good or bad for the heart, may be the same for the brain
114 UH Case Medical Center, CardioKinetix reveal promising data for treatment for heart failure
115 DNA barcoding verified the discovery of a highly disconnected crane fly species
116 New key mechanism in cell division discovered
117 Dartmouth researchers are learning how exercise affects the brain
118 Dartmouth researchers investigate the cognitive effects of athlete head impacts
119 Production of chemicals without petroleum
120 Engineers use droplet microfluidics to create glucose-sensing microbeads
121 A Cell's First Steps: Building A Model To Explain How Cells Grow
122 Ultra-short laser pulses for science and industry
123 Functional coatings from the plasma nozzle
124 Improved lubrication without oil
125 Laser scan at full speed
126 Return of the vacuum tube
127 Engineers use droplet microfluidics to create glucose-sensing microbeads
128 Acid in the brain
129 Web-based video enhances patient compliance with cancer screening
130 Oxytocin improves brain function in children with autism
131 Performance boost for microchips
132 Quantum computing: The light at the end of the tunnel may be a single photon
133 University of Nevada, Reno, scientists design indoor navigation system for blind