File Title
1 SpaceX Dragon ship aborts launch
2 Memristors in silicon promising for dense, fast memory
3 Japan urges citizens to cut down on electricity use
4 Wild spring weather baffles bugs
5 Investigation into radioactive contamination concerns at RAF Kinloss
6 Whale meeting heads for discord
7 Following the vines to upstate New York
8 G8 Camp David summit targets 'growth and stability'
9 China dissident Chen Guangcheng heads for US
10 Bomb kills girl outside school in Brindisi, Italy
11 US baby boomers urged to take hepatitis C blood test
12 Powerful car bomb hits Syrian city of Deir al-Zour
13 News tweets: Facebook, Greece and G8
14 Beirut divisions over Syria emerge in graffiti
15 Crime and punishment, Norwegian style
16 Get up close and personal with the world's oldest football
17 Am I Sacha Baron Cohen's next target?
18 China tunnel explosion in Hunan province 'kills 20'
19 100-Year Starship: Mae Jemison reaches for the stars
20 Africa Beats: Malian singer Vieux Farka Toure
21 Rally car hits crowd in south of France, killing two
22 Facebook shares see modest debut
23 Scots scientists aim to develop prosthetic retina
24 Americans watched 37 billion online videos last month
25 World's first Wikipedia town to launch in Wales
26 Apple defends Siri against class action lawsuit
27 Facebook starts trading, shoots up in first minute
28 Windows Phone edging out iPhone in China, says Microsoft
29 Japan tsunami debris: Toxicity main U.S. concern
30 Facebook IPO, Zuckberg rings Nasdaq opening bell
31 Flesh-eating bacteria victim Aimee Copeland on amputations: "Let's do this"
32 SpaceX launch aborted at last second
33 George Michael's hit song "Faith" performed in a van (not down by the river)
34 Hagar: Not surprised at Van Halen tour woes
35 Van Halen postpones summer concert dates
36 Roger Waters' story behind "The Wall"
37 Want to buy one share of Facebook stock? Here's how
38 Judge denies Oracle's motion to throw out Google's fair use claim
39 Officials: 5 killed in Somalia blasts
40 LaBeouf returns to Cannes, this time with pride
41 Student dies, 7 hurt in blast near Italian school
42 Will birtherism ever go away?
43 THE Dish: Bromberg brothers' fried chicken
44 Expert: Facebook targeting all 7B people on Earth
45 Mad King George III's tin bathtub unearthed in royal palace restoration
46 Sacha Baron Cohen bought a new jacket for Ryan Seacrest after "ashes" incident
47 FDA approves 7 companies to sell generic Plavix in pharmacies immediately
48 Filipino Christian youth protest Lady Gaga
49 Loretta Lynn is 80, not 77, documents show
50 Will Smith slaps journalist who tried to kiss him
51 Japan's emperor arrives in London for jubilee state visit
52 China sentences former fugitive to life in prison
53 N/A
54 Greek chaos provides opening for far-right party
55 Salvage company plans to get Costa Concordia out of Italian waters by 2013
56 Diplomats: UN experts say NKorea violates sanction
57 Reporter kidnapped and killed in northern Mexico
58 Mexican army captures 8 Gulf cartel members, guns
59 French leader sticks to early Afghan pullout timetable
60 Poll: Opposition to Iran going nuclear widespread
61 Qatar and UAE call on citizens to leave Lebanon
62 Lithuanian police detain 39 in child custody case
63 New Zealand police charge driver in Boston U crash
64 Virginia Gov. McDonnell signs laws that expands voting access
65 G8 Summit will be largest world leader gathering at Camp David
66 NATO Summit is not popular in host city Chicago
67 At Camp David G-8 meeting, leaders "unified" on Iran
68 Wis. Sen. Johnson slams Obama for economic policy "failure"
69 Obama says Wall Street regulations should move forward
70 Romney cites defunct N.H. bridge as evidence of failed stimulus
71 Egypt's election body promises free, fair election
72 Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk of Death, Study Suggests
73 New Silicon Memory Chip May Offer Super-Fast Memory
74 Newfound Exoplanet May Turn to Dust: Planet's Dust Cloud May Explain Strange Patterns of Light from Its Star
75 'Rare' Genetic Variants Are Surprisingly Common, Life Scientists Report
76 How Exercise Affects the Brain: Age and Genetics Play a Role
77 Intricate, Often Invisible Land-Sea Ecological Chains of Life Threatened With Extinction Around the World
78 Quantum Physicists Show a Small Amount of Randomness Can Be Amplified Without Limit
79 Pollination With Precision: How Flowers Do It
80 Chemists Merge Experimentation With Theory in Understanding of Water Molecule
81 Ancient History of Circumarctic Peoples Illuminated
82 Slew of Rare DNA Changes Following Population Explosion May Hold Clues to Common Diseases
83 Suspicion Resides in Two Regions of the Brain: Our Baseline Level of Distrust Is Distinct and Separable from Our Inborn Lie Detector
84 Multipotent Stromal Stem Cells from Normally Discarded Human Placental Tissue Demonstrate High Therapeutic Potential
85 With Fat: What's Good or Bad for the Heart, May Be the Same for the Brain
86 Revealing the Stars of Brain Adaptability
87 Sutureless Aortic Valve Replacement a North American First
88 Emotionally Intelligent People Are Less Good at Spotting Liars
89 Functional Coatings from the Plasma Nozzle
90 Attraction or Repulsion? New Method Predicts Interaction Energy of Large Molecules
91 Measuring Transient X-Rays With Lobster Eyes
92 Google Goes Cancer: Search Engine Algorithm Finds Cancer Biomarkers
93 Giant Galaxy-Packed Filament Revealed
94 A Crowning Success for Crayfish
95 Enzyme Corrects More Than One Million Faults in DNA Replication
96 New Key Mechanism in Cell Division Discovered
97 Hitting Snooze On the Molecular Clock: Rabies Evolves Slower in Hibernating Bats
98 A Cell's First Steps: Building a Model to Explain How Cells Grow
99 Bioinformatics: We Can Learn a Lot from Other Species
100 New Advice On Medication Disposal: Trash Beats Take-Back, New Study Suggests
101 Health Experts Narrow the Hunt for Ebola
102 Inside a Plant's Pharma Factory
103 Untangling the Development of Breast Cancer: Evolution of 21 Breast Cancers
104 Study Combines Lapatinib With Cetuximab to Overcome Resistance in EGFR-Driven Tumors, New Research Suggests
105 Palpitations Are Predictive of Future Atrial Fibrillation
106 'Fertilizing' Bone Marrow Helps Answer Why Some Cancers Spread to Bones
107 Let's Get Moving: Unraveling How Locomotion Starts
108 Air Pollution Level Changes in Beijing Linked With Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease
109 Protein Inhibitor Points to Potential Medical Treatments for Skull and Skin Birth Defects
110 Can Consumers 'Fit In' Yet Remain Unique?
111 Trusting Tiger Woods: How Do Facial Cues Affect Preference and Trust?
112 Alzheimer's Gene Causes Brain's Blood Vessels to Leak Toxins and Die
113 OMG! Texting Ups Truthfulness, New iPhone Study Suggests
114 Foul-Mouthed Characters in Teen Books Have It All
115 Why Do Consumers Dislike Corporate Brands That Get Too Familiar?
116 When Does Planning Interfere With Achieving Our Goals?
117 Head Impacts in Contact Sports May Reduce Learning in College Athletes
118 Internet Usage Patterns May Signify Depression
119 New Method Detects Traces of Veterinary Drugs in Baby Food
120 Make or Break for Cellular Tissues
121 Biologists Produce Potential Malarial Vaccine from Algae
122 You Are What You Eat: Why Do Male Consumers Avoid Vegetarian Options?
123 Human Genes Transplanted Into Zebrafish: Helps Identify Genes Related to Autism, Schizophrenia and Obesity
124 Unparalleled Views of Earth's Coastal Zone With HREP-HICO
125 Maps of Miscanthus Genome Offer Insight Into Grass Evolution
126 Listening to Chickens Could Improve Poultry Production
127 Humanmade Pollutants May Be Driving Earth's Tropical Belt Expansion: May Impact Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation
128 Sumatra Faces Yet Another Risk: Major Volcanic Eruptions
129 Ancient Tree-Ring Records from Southwest U.S. Suggest Today's Megafires Are Truly Unusual
130 Ancient Sea Reptile With Gammy Jaw Suggests Dinosaurs Got Arthritis Too
131 First Ever Record of Insect Pollination from 100 Million Years Ago
132 Anthropologists Discover Earliest Form of Wall Art
133 Newly Discovered Bacterium Forms Intracellular Minerals
134 What Astronauts Ate: Apollo 10 Space Meal, 1969
135 Hinode Mission to Capture Annular Solar Eclipse This Weekend
136 NASA Survey Counts Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
137 Baby Galaxies Grew Up Quickly
138 Deeper Look at Centaurus A
139 Ultra-Short Laser Pulses for Science and Industry
140 Days of 'Gizmo' Launches Return: NASA Team to Test New Vehicle-Descent Technologies
141 Meals, Equipment Top Cargo List for SpaceX Spacecraft Dragon
142 Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment (IRVE-3) Flight Hardware Test
143 Getting in Tune: Researchers Solve Tuning Problem for Wireless Power Transfer Systems
144 Facebook and Smartphones: New Tools for Psychological Science Research
145 Spurious Switching Points in Traded Stock Dynamics
146 People With Paralysis Control Robotic Arms to Reach and Grasp Using Brain Computer Interface
147 Elusive Capacity of Networks: Calculating Data Network's Total Capacity Notoriously Difficult, but Theorists Making Some Headway
148 Statistical Analysis Projects Future Temperatures in North America