File Title
1 Go West, young Russian
2 Plagiarism charge for Romanian minister
3 EU agencies accused of conflicts of interest
4 Geoengineering experiment cancelled amid patent row
5 Child-study turmoil leaves bitter taste
6 Messages from the early Universe
7 A biological clock to wind them all
8 'Superflares' erupt on some Sun-like stars
9 Mind-controlled robot arms show promise
10 South Korean research centre seeks place at the top
11 Speaking science to power
12 Slo-mo microbes extend the frontiers of life
13 Humans riddled with rare genetic variants
14 Failings exposed at India's drug regulator
15 Volcanic eruptions trigger shocking finding
16 Duh! Cell Phones Behind the Wheel Are Bad
17 Brain Food: Good Fats Better for Memory
18 Hidden Fingerprint of Weapons-Grade Plutonium Finally Found
19 Private Rocket Poised to Make History With Saturday Launch
20 Alzheimer's Gene Causes Brain Blood Vessels to Leak
21 Need Prostate Surgery? Be Patient No. 1001
22 Education Important For Escaping Poverty
23 Chronic Pain Due to Mixed Up Brain
24 Emotionally Intelligent People Are Bad at Spotting Liars
25 How to Search With Google's New Knowledge Graph
26 Teen Drug & Alcohol Use Lowers Odds of College Degree
27 Fiery Folklore: 5 Dazzling Sun Myths
28 Warmer Climate To Deprive South Africa of Water
29 Hot Summer Projected for Much of US
30 Teen Books Feature R-Rated Language
31 How to Avoid Weight Gain: Eat on a Schedule
32 Unneeded Erection Pills Can Mess With Users' Heads
33 New Galaxy-Packed Region of Space Discovered
34 Steps of First Native Americas Traced From the Arctic
35 Picky Flowers Let Just Enough Pollen In
36 Meat's Macho Image Keeps Guys from Downing Veggies
37 Why Peace Is So Tricky for Humans
38 Religion Breeds Both Cooperation and Conflict
39 Army Programs Seem to Lower PTSD Rates
40 Female Stockbrokers Make Less than Males
41 Tiny Deep-Sea Life Eats Dinosaur-Era Meals
42 Ancient Turtle Was as Big as Small Car
43 Down Under Heats Up: Last 50 Years Are Australia's Warmest
44 Space Spiders and Wine: Weird Science Launching on Private Space Capsule
45 Should the US 'Cap-and-Trade' Our Water Sources?
46 Parents Are Happier Than Non-Parents
47 Phineas Gage's Missing Brain Mapped
48 5 Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Make You Love Commuting
49 Deceptive Chimp Hides Ammo, Blasts Unsuspecting Zoo Visitors
50 Stem Cell Transplant Patients Show Long Term Improvement
51 7 Unexpected Ways Facebook Is Good for You
52 Particles Walk Through Walls While Physicists Watch
53 Smartphones Help Visually Impaired (Somebody Tell the Doctors)
54 200-Year-Old Shipwreck Found in Gulf of Mexico
55 Towering Tyrannosaur Prepares for Auction
56 Using Liquid Crystals as Scaffolding
57 Jellyfish Hunt Hurts Pacific Leatherback Turtles
58 Elephant Seals Seen Traveling Oceans for Food
59 Internet Usage Pattern Can Indicate Depression
60 Wild Butterflies Crossbreed to Share Colors & Survive
61 Do Tarantulas Shoot Spidey Silk? Scientists Debate
62 Brain-Controlled Robotic Arm Points Way to New Prosthetics
63 How Venus Transit of Sun in June May Help Find Alien Planets
64 Postnatal Depression Signal Found in Blood
65 Facial Hints Sharpen People's 'Gaydar'
66 Colossal Superflares Erupt from Sun-Like Stars
67 Turning Down Heat May Save Much More Than Expected
68 Best Disposal Method for Old Medications Found
69 Southwest's Modern Megafires Are Truly Unusual
70 A Successful Life is in Your Genes, Study Suggests
71 US Soldiers Make Real 'Predator' Machine Gun Pack
72 Baby Steps: How We Start Walking
73 Millennium-old Olive Trees Younger Than Thought
74 Texters Answer Sensitive Questions Honestly
75 Sunday Solar Eclipse Visible from National Parks
76 Science Fiction or Fact: Invisibility Cloaks Will One Day Exist
77 'Angel' Caught on Video? Bad CGI More Likely
78 20% 'Fat Tax' Needed to Fight Obesity
79 Highly Educated, Older Women Having More Children
80 Gila Monster Saliva Reduces Food Cravings
81 'Synergy' Aircraft Promises Better Fuel Economy than Cars
82 Quick Test Finds Arthritis Early
83 Political and Economic Choices Determined Biologically
84 Does Sugar Make You Stupid?
85 Spacecraft Repair Droids Could Give Satellites Longer Lives
86 Mistaken Identity? 10 Contested Death Penalty Cases
87 Surgeons Avoid 'Pulling the Plug' if Mistake Occurred
88 North America Will Be 4.5 Degrees Warmer by 2070, Study Suggests
89 Island Imperiled by Rising Seas Battles Nature and Humans
90 Mock Mars Rover Takes Desert Test Drive
91 Sexy Women in Ads Seen as Objects
92 Yahoo CEO Not Alone: 7 Execs Busted for Resume Lies
93 Anorexic and Obese Brains Differ
94 Embarrassing Punishments Hurt Kids, Experts Say
95 Some Fungal-Farming Ants Are Loyal to Their Crops
96 Marijuana May Help Relieve MS Patients' Symptoms
97 Some Mammals Too Slow To Escape Climate Change
98 Looks Overshadow Reputation When Deciding Who To Trust
99 Censorship of 16th-Century Big Thinker Erasmus Revealed
100 Dinosaur-Era Insects Frozen in Time During Oldest Pollination
101 Large Mouths Drove Island Snakes to Gigantism
102 Microbes Use 'Hearts' Card Game Trick to Freeload