File Title
1 Russia launches astronauts after 5-month break
2 Three astronauts blast off for ISS on Russian rocket
3 Middle School Students Send Commands to the International Space Station
4 Dancing Droplets Rock Out On Space Station
5 Space Station's Robotic Crew Member Designed to Look, Move and Work Like a Human
6 Expedition 30 Lands in Kazakhstan
7 Russian cargo spacecraft meets demise
8 Russia brings three spacemen safely back to Earth
9 Transneft to use GLONAS for monitoring
10 For smartphone users: location, location, location
11 S. Korea to urge N. Korea to stop GPS jamming
12 Next Galileo satellites to launch after the summer
13 Czech Republic approves EU Galileo agency move to Prague
14 China launches two navigation satellites
15 Astrium built Galileo satellites fit and fully operational in orbit
16 First payload ready for next batch of Galileo satellites
17 NASA Tests GPS Monitoring System for Big US Quakes
18 SSTL delivers payload for first Galileo FOC satellite
19 GPS could aid in earthquake warnings
20 Russia to Test Second Glonass-K Satellite in 2013
21 Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Complete Major GPS Integration Milestone
22 New Technology Tracks Sparrow Migration for First Time from California to Alaska
23 Galileo satellites intensify competition on the market of navigation
24 Hardware 'bug' hits TomTom nav devices
25 Many US police use cell phones to track: study
26 ISS Keeps Watch on World's Sea Traffic
27 Spinning stars could guide spacecraft
28 GIS Technology Offers New Predictive Analysis to Business
29 Navigation devices in market woes
30 Iris: watch how satcoms help pilots
31 Smartphones can help track diseases
32 Court ruling forces FBI to deactivate GPS to track suspects
33 Galileo to spearhead extension of worldwide search and rescue service
34 Building a Heavenly Palace in outer space
35 Long March-2F rocket delivered to launch center
36 China's Lunar Docking
37 China to launch 100 satellites during 2011-15
38 Three for Tiangong
39 Long March 7 carrier rocket to lift off in five years
40 Experiments going smoothly on Tiangong-1
41 No Sleep for Shenzhou 9 Mission to Tiangong 1
42 Refurbishment on Grand Scale for Iconic VAB
43 ULA Launches Advanced Extremely High Frequency-2 Satellite to Orbit for the U.S. Air Force
44 500 Students Participate in NASA Student Launch Projects Challenge
45 India to ferry heaviest foreign satellite in August
46 Indian rocket being fuelled for Risat-1 launch
47 ILS Proton Successfully Launches Y1B Satellite For Yahsat
48 Aerojet Delivers 50th Flight-Ready Solid Rocket Booster to ULA
49 How to Buy a Launch Vehicle
50 NASA Awards Launch Contract For Goes-R And Goes-S Missions
51 Orbital Receives Order for Minotaur I Space Launch Vehicle From USAF
52 China launches French-made communication satellite
53 ATREX Mission Launched from Wallops
54 ILS Proton Launches Intelsat 22
55 Europe's next weather satellite gears up for launch
56 Amateur astronomers boost ESA's asteroid hunt
57 Dawn reveals complexities of ancient asteroidal world
58 You're beautiful, Vesta
59 Throwing pebbles to divert asteroid?
60 Dawn Completes 800 Orbits Of Vesta
61 Mining Asteroids--A New Industry
62 Dawn Reveals Secrets of Giant Asteroid Vesta
63 US firm plans to mine asteroids
64 Space mining startup set for launch in US
65 NASA Mission Wants Amateur Astronomers to Target Asteroids
66 Dawn Gets Extra Time to Explore Vesta
67 Russia Wants To Bind Satellite To Apophis Asteroid
68 Russia wants to puts satellite on asteroid
69 Dawn Marks 205 Years Of Humans Watching Vesta
70 Dawn Sees New Surface Features on Giant Asteroid
71 Marshall Completes Wind Tunnel Testing For Dream Chaser Space System
72 India conducting new round of cryogenic engine testing
73 Russia Develops Revolutionary Ammonia Rocket Engine
74 Dragon Expected to Set Historic Course
75 Oslo-physicists use 20 new satellites to forecast space weather
76 North Korea stops jamming South's GPS: official
77 Solar Eclipse to Sweep North America on Sunday, May 20th
78 Solar Eclipse over the USA
79 Visiting Snowball Earth
80 Analysis of Speed of Greenland Glaciers Gives New Insight for Rising Sea Level
81 Increasing speed of Greenland glaciers gives new insight for rising sea level
82 Greenland glaciers may melt slower than thought: study
83 State of Himalayan glaciers less alarming than feared
84 CU-Boulder study shows Greenland may be slip-sliding away due to surface lake melt
85 No ice loss seen in major Himalayan glaciers: scientists
86 Long-term studies detect effects of disappearing snow and ice
87 Ice sheet collapse and sea-level rise at the Bolling warming 14,600 years ago
88 Earth history and evolution
89 New study shows bird color variations speed up evolution
90 New coelacanth find rewrites history of the ancient fish
91 In search of new 'Earths' beyond our Solar System
92 Free-floating planets in the Milky Way outnumber stars by factors of thousands
93 Ultra-cool companion helps reveal giant planets
94 NASA's Spitzer Sees the Light of Alien 'Super Earth'
95 Four white dwarf stars caught in the act of consuming 'earth-like' exoplanets
96 Three Earthlike planets identified by Cornell astronomers
97 Some Stars Capture Rogue Planets
98 UF-led team uses new observatory to characterize low-mass planets orbiting nearby star
99 Study On Extrasolar Planet Orbits Suggests That Solar System Structure Is The Norm
100 When Stellar Metallicity Sparks Planet Formation
101 NASA Extends Kepler, Spitzer, Planck Missions
102 NASA's Kepler Mission Awarded Mission Extension
103 Discovery of an 'alien earth' imminent?
104 Getting to Know the Goldilocks Planet
105 Billions of Habitable Zone Rocky Planets Could be Orbiting Red Dwarf Stars
106 Runaway Planets Zoom at a Fraction of Light-Speed
107 Some orbits more popular than others in solar systems
108 Kepler Statistical Analysis Suggests Earthlike Planets Extremely Rare
109 New model provides different take on planetary accretion
110 Researchers say galaxy may swarm with 'nomad planets'
111 Wireless firm Lightsquared seeks bankruptcy
112 Nigeria to commercialize satellite services: official
113 Vietnam's 2nd satellite to be launched
114 How massive stars sculpt a cosmic crib
115 How Nature Shapes the Birth of Stars
116 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Images Big Dipper
117 NASA Robot Competition Rolls Onto WPI Campus June 14-17
118 Japan's Sharp to sell talking robot vacuum cleaner
119 Robot reveals the inner workings of brain cells
120 Terraforming a landscape for a robotic rover
121 New brain-machine interface moves a paralyzed hand
122 Computer scoring of student work debated
123 Scientist unveils mind-controlled robot for paraplegics
124 The Heliosphere Bow Shock Does Not Exist
125 New Molecules and Star Formation in the Milky Way
126 Ridiculously Dim Bevy of Stars Found Beyond Milky Way
127 Milky Way image reveals detail of a billion stars
128 Much faster than a speeding bullet, planets and stars escape the Milky Way
129 Meteorite Discovery Spurs Hunt For More Pieces
130 Catch a Glimpse of Halley's Comet Debris--Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
131 California meteor intrigues scientists
132 Hubble observes a dwarf galaxy with a bright nebula
133 Hubble Sees the Eye of the Storm in Galaxy Cluster
134 Hubble Images Searchlight Beams from a Preplanetary Nebula
135 Hubble Peeks inside a Stellar Cloud
136 VPT Adds 15 Amp Point of Load DC-DC Converter to Space Family of Power Conversion Products
137 Cygnus-X: the cool swan glowing in flight
138 NASA Continues J-2X Powerpack Testing
139 Cubesats "Land" at National Science Foundation on Thursday, May 24th
140 Mars Opportunity Rover Is A Go For More Travel
141 Opportunity Rolling Again After Fifth Mars Winter
142 Mojave Desert Tests Prepare for NASA Mars Roving