File Title
1 Agricultural bacteria: Blowing in the wind
2 Virginia Tech and University of Tuscia lead team to unravel origin of devastating kiwifruit bacterium
3 Whale population size, dynamics determined based on ancient DNA
4 ORNL protein analysis investigates marine worm community
5 5-limbed brittle stars move bilaterally, like people
6 Researchers map fish species at risk from dams
7 Leopoldina gives recommendations to the G8 summit in Camp David
8 New research on seaweeds shows it takes more than being flexible to survive crashing waves
9 Barley takes a leaf out of reindeer's book in the land of the midnight sun
10 First satellite tag study for manta rays reveals habits and hidden journeys of ocean giants
11 Increasing predator-friendly land can help farmers reduce costs
12 Steelhead trout lose out when water is low in wine country
13 Wasted milk is a real drain on our resources, study shows
14 BGI reports the completed sequence of foxtail millet genome
15 Time, place and how wood is used are factors in carbon emissions from deforestation
16 Discovery of plant proteins may boost agricultural yields and biofuel production
17 Cellular secrets of plant fatty acid production understood
18 Genes underlying the key domestication process in sorghum and other cereals
19 Iowa State, Salk researchers make plant protein discovery that could boost bioeconomy
20 Relative reference: Foxtail millet offers clues for assembling the switchgrass genome
21 Dip Chip Technology Tests Toxicity On-the-Go
22 Researchers look to relatives for clues in quest to develop sources of bioenergy
23 New species of fish in Sweden
24 Great recession reflux amounts to more hunger among seniors
25 Growing risks from hatchery fish
26 Study finds significant skull differences between closely linked groups
27 What's in a surname? New study explores what the evolution of names reveals about China
28 UC research explores early agriculture, which dogs make for the best hunters and more
29 Research reveals 1 of the earliest farming sites in Europe
30 Tasmanian tiger suffered low genomic diversity
31 Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami
32 Hebrew inscription appears to confirm 'sign of Jonah' and Christian reference on ancient artifact
33 Forensic science used to determine who's who in pre-Columbian Peru
34 First fruitful, then futile: Ammonites or the boon and bane of many offspring
35 'Inhabitants of Madrid' ate elephants' meat and bone marrow 80,000 years ago
36 Genes shed light on spread of agriculture in Stone Age Europe
37 New study chronicles the rise of agriculture in Europe
38 Archaeology expands beyond traditional scope into other sciences
39 University of Nevada, Reno researchers discover new research use for plaque
40 Scientists core into California's Clear Lake to explore past climate change
41 New UF study shows early North Americans lived with extinct giant beasts
42 Mystery of the domestication of the horse solved
43 George Washington University Professor's Research on Ancient Ballgame Reveals Mesoamerican Society
44 New light on enigmatic burial rituals in Cambodian mountains
45 UI professor identifies largest known crocodile
46 Anthropologists discover earliest form of wall art
47 Climatic effects of a solar minimum
48 European mountain plant population shows delayed response to climate change
49 Power generation technology based on piezoelectric nanocomposite materials developed by KAIST
50 MSU plan would control deadly tsetse fly
51 New research brings satellite measurements and global climate models closer
52 Analysis of Speed of Greenland Glaciers Gives New Insight for Rising Sea Level
53 Plastic trash altering ocean habitats, Scripps study shows
54 Women's scientific achievements often overlooked and undervalued
55 Support for climate change action drops, Stanford poll finds
56 Model Forecasts Long-Term Impacts of Forest Land-Use Decisions
57 Biodiversity loss ranks with climate change and pollution in terms of impacts to environment
58 Culturally sensitive research in United Arab Emirates pinpoints indoor air quality risks
59 Scientists discover new site of potential instability in West Antarctic Ice Sheet
60 North Atlantic storm patterns throw light on 1987 gale
61 Nanotube 'sponge' has potential in oil spill cleanup
62 First Forecast Calls for Mild Amazon Fire Season in 2012
63 Nanosheet Catalyst Discovered to Sustainably Split Hydrogen from Water
64 Scientists 'read' the ash from the Icelandic volcano 2 years after its eruption
65 Measuring CO2 to fight global warming
66 Nearly one-tenth of hemisphere's mammals unlikely to outrun climate change
67 Are people with HIV/AIDS more prone to sudden cardiac death?
68 Drug kills cancer cells by restoring faulty tumor suppressor
69 Researchers reveal different mechanisms of pain
70 Scientists Make Groundbreaking Discovery Of Mutation Causing Genetic Disorder In Humans
71 Researchers from UC3M monitor a chicken's brain
72 Superbug spreads from big city hospitals to regional health centers, study suggests
73 CNIO scientists successfully test the first gene therapy against aging-associated decline
74 Functional working clothes
75 Novel drug candidates offer new route to controlling inflammation
76 Begin early: Researchers say water with meals may encourage wiser choices
77 To get the full flavor, you need the right temperature
78 A microRNA Prognostic Marker Identified In Acute Leukemia
79 New York Stem Cell Foundation scientist grows bone from human embryonic stem cells
80 Brain circuitry is different for women with anorexia and obesity
81 Microbe that can handle ionic liquids
82 PETA Grant Enables Scientists to Guide Chinese Officials in Non-Animal Test Use
83 Enzyme corrects more than 1 million faults in DNA replication
84 Pneumonia and preterm birth complications are the leading causes of childhood death
85 Language diversity will make London a true global player
86 Science academies issue 'G-Science' statements to call world leaders' attention how science and technology can help solve global challenges
87 Quality variations exist, even among leading health systems
88 University of Tennessee professor looks at how stars' endorsements can help--or hurt--politicians
89 Establishing a threshold for surgery in recurrent acute rhinosinusitis
90 Economic theory actually works in health care
91 New report illustrates impact of sequestration to medical research
92 Black cardiac arrest victims less apt to receive CPR and shocks to the heart from bystanders
93 A*STAR Scientists Discover 'Switch' To Boost Anti-Viral Response To Fight Infectious Diseases
94 More Freedom of Discretion for KIT
95 Revenue-Driven Surgery Drives Patients Home Too Early
96 Americans support national clean-energy standard
97 Economic growth in China has not meant greater life satisfaction for Chinese people
98 Gastric feeding tubes may raise pressure ulcer risk
99 Legislation to ban burqa is liberal overkill, researchers claim
100 Rutgers Study: Young Children of Unmarried Parents Fare Worse when a Father's Support is Court-Ordered
101 School politics increasingly important to Swedish voters
102 Research: Too much, too little noise turns off consumers, creativity
103 Study raises questions about use of anti-epilepsy drugs in newborns
104 Navigating the shopping center
105 Rutgers Team Discovers Novel Approach to Stimulate Immune Cells
106 Research maps the city's heat
107 Berkeley Lab scientists generate electricity from viruses
108 Researchers map path to quantum electronic devices
109 DNA replication protein also has a role in mitosis, cancer
110 New study discovers powerful function of single protein that controls neurotransmission
111 You can't play nano-billiards on a bumpy table
112 Smoked cannabis reduces some symptoms of multiple sclerosis
113 Blood pressure drugs don't protect against colorectal cancer
114 Research Opens Doors To UV Disinfection Using LED Technology
115 Tilting Cars on the Assembly Line: a New Angle on Protecting Autoworkers
116 Lawrence Livermore work may improve the efficiency of the biofuel production cycle
117 Delivery system for gene therapy may help treat arthritis
118 Neighboring chimp communities have their own nut-cracking styles
119 Evolution's gift may also be at the root of a form of autism
120 Caltech researchers gain greater insight into earthquake cycles
121 A Push From the Mississippi Kept Deepwater Horizon Oil Slick Off Shore, Penn Research Shows
122 Bayer tried to reduce risks of MIC at WV plant, but didn't implement all hazard controls
123 Floating robots use GPS-enabled smartphones to track water flow
124 Where bees are, there will be honey (even pre-historic)
125 Excessive sleepiness may be cause of learning, attention and school problems
126 Stanford professors propose 'lecture-less' medical school classes
127 African-Americans face roadblocks to HIV therapy, untreated depression makes it worse
128 Measuring progesterone receptor expression to improve hormone-receptor-positive cancer management
129 New data improve understanding of breast cancer's multiple varieties
130 NOAA discovers way to detect low-level exposure to seafood toxin in marine animals
131 Study shows school-based health centers boost vaccination rates
132 A place to play: Researcher designs schoolyard for children with autism
133 New Study Published on Fertility Awareness among American University Students
134 Peak risk about 16 years old for teens misusing prescription drugs
135 Building a career: Co-workers can be as important as supervisors for effective student internships, researcher finds
136 Study Shows Link Between Prepregnancy Obesity and Lower Child Test Scores
137 Beetle-fungus disease threatens crops and landscape trees in Southern California
138 Babies' brains benefit from music lessons, researchers find
139 Feeding without the frenzy
140 Long-term Use of Osteoporosis Medication May Reduce Bone Fracture Risk for Some Patients
141 Helping Hands reaches out to patients with cerebral palsy
142 'Fertilizing' bone marrow helps answer why some cancers spread to bones
143 Magnetic fields can send particles to infinity
144 Inequality and investment bubbles
145 Finding the roots and early branches of the tree of life
146 Georgia Tech researchers address bus bunching
147 Save big on heating, cooling costs with efficiency controls
148 Scientists see solution to critical barrier to fusion
149 Geophysicists employ novel method to identify sources of global sea level rise
150 Kinder Houston Area Survey reveals more Houstonians support mass transit
151 In developing world, economic benefits trump expense of C-sections
152 Number line is learned, not innate human intuition
153 Study finds twist to the story of the number line
154 Shedding light on southpaws
155 Analytic thinking can decrease religious belief: UBC study
156 Researchers from the University of Zurich discover new particle at CERN
157 lobSTR algorithm rolls DNA fingerprinting into 21st century
158 Graduation year drives Facebook connections for college grads
159 Were dinosaurs undergoing long-term decline before mass extinction?
160 Carnegie Mellon researchers create dynamic view of city based on Foursquare check-in data
161 Wired for avalanches--and learning
162 Economics study homes in on factors influencing value of great art
163 'Game-powered machine learning' opens door to Google for music
164 Keeping obesity rates level could save nearly $550 billion over 2 decades
165 A better method for diagnosing kidney disease
166 New twist on ancient math problem could improve medicine, microelectronics
167 Groundbreaking new model for predicting vaccine efficacy and safety
168 Laxative-free CT colonography may be as accurate as colonoscopy in detecting high-risk polyps
169 Managing obesity in adults: Tips for primary care physicians
170 Study examines exercise testing in asymptomatic patients after coronary revascularization
171 Acupuncture appears linked with improvement in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
172 Study examines retinal vessel diameter and CVD risk in African Americans with type 1 diabetes
173 Bio-hybrid device acts as 'thermostat' to control systemic inflammation in sepsis
174 Preventing depression requires proactive interventions by health-care system
175 Researchers Say Urine Dipstick Test is Accurate Predictor of Renal Failure in Sepsis Patients
176 Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer Detection, Recurrence
177 UTSA Study Finds Ovulating Women Perceive Sexy Cads as Good Dads
178 Study finds number of battery-related emergency department visits by children more than doubles
179 Study examines injuries with baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups in the US
180 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound monitors aortic aneurysm treatment
181 Study examines BI-RADS and MRI in predicting breast cancer
182 Early biomarker for pancreatic cancer identified
183 Psychopathy linked to specific structural abnormalities in the brain
184 Group Aims to Close Credibility Gap in Publishing Industry-Sponsored Research
185 Improving African justice systems essential to prevent spread of HIV and TB in prisons
186 Casualties of war: Ex-armed forces service personnel in prison
187 Internet and new drugs: a challenge for Public Health
188 ACP applauds introduction of bipartisan bill to eliminate Medicare SGR formula
189 Markle releases new resources for health information sharing implementation
190 ASBMR responds to NEJM's study on biphosphonates
191 Military marriages stay strong despite challenges
192 Lifesaving devices missing near the scene of three-quarters of cardiac arrests, Penn study reveals
193 Undocumented Latino youth turn to activism to combat obstacles
194 Bacteria study of male adolescents reveals new insights into urinary tract health
195 Reducing post-traumatic stress after ICU
196 Georgetown physician leads national resveratrol study for Alzheimer's disease
197 Urban landscape's power to hurt or heal
198 Pay-to-play sports keeping lower-income kids out of the game
199 To avoid pain during an injection, look away
200 Individuals with dementia more likely to die at home than in nursing homes
201 Study sheds new light on importance of human breast milk ingredient
202 A walk in the park gives mental boost to people with depression
203 Religion replenishes self-control
204 Ancient Volcanic Blast Provides More Evidence of Water on Early Mars
205 Hubble to use moon as mirror to see Venus transit
206 One Supernova Type, Two Different Sources
207 Looking for Earths by looking for Jupiters
208 Honing in on supernova origins
209 UF astronomer: Some giant planets in other systems most likely to be alone
210 Is a new form of life really so alien?
211 TDRS-4 Mission Complete; Spacecraft Retired From Active Service
212 Technology developed at Caltech measures Martian sand movement
213 VISTA views a vast ball of stars
214 Massive black holes halt star birth in distant galaxies
215 Hubble observes a dwarf galaxy with a bright nebula
216 Unseen planet revealed by its gravity
217 New IBEX data show heliosphere's long-theorized bow shock does not exist
218 Asteroid collision that spawned Vesta's asteroid family occurred more recently than thought
219 A&A special feature: Early results of the GREAT instrument onboard the SOFIA airborne observatory
220 Free-floating planets in the Milky Way outnumber stars by factors of thousands
221 Dawn reveals complexities of ancient asteroidal world
222 You're beautiful, Vesta
223 IBEX Reveals a Missing Boundary At the Edge Of the Solar System
224 Vitamin K2: New hope for Parkinson's patients?
225 Cutting-edge device controls acute inflammation