File Title
1 Researchers generate electricity from viruses
2 Solar-panel-like retinal prosthesis could better restore sight to blind
3 Topological insulators: Researchers map path to quantum electronic devices
4 New research finds powerful function of alpha 2 delta protein that controls neurotransmission
5 Time, place and how wood is used are factors in carbon emissions from deforestation
6 DNA replication protein Cdt1 also has a role in mitosis, cancer
7 Americans support national clean-energy standard: study
8 Foxtail millet genome sequence completed
9 Sony patent seeks to correct autostereoscopic blur
10 Penn astrophysicists zero in on gravity theory
11 Paper stirs up controversy over the nature of the quantum wave function
12 Nanosheet catalyst discovered to sustainably split hydrogen from water
13 US science group says it's time to start burying plutonium
14 Twitter users given legal warning in Britain
15 Toyota unveils 'first all-electric SUV'
16 To DDR3: Thanks for the memory but time for DDR4
17 Researchers develop disposable paper-based touch pads
18 Bird color variations speed up evolution: research
19 New nanostructure for batteries keeps going and going
20 Physics duo describe a way to guarantee true randomness
21 Massive black holes halt star birth in distant galaxies
22 Is a new form of life really so alien?
23 Japanese researchers using particle accelerator to breed salt resistant rice
24 Climate scientists discover new weak point of the Antarctic ice sheet
25 Spitzer sees the light of alien 'super earth'
26 Painted ancient Maya numbers reflect calendar reaching well beyond 2012 (w/ Video)
27 VISTA views a vast ball of stars
28 Novel battery system could reduce buildings' electric bills
29 Chimpanzee uses innovative foresighted methods to fool humans
30 The success of Homo sapiens may be due to spatial abilities
31 New treatments could reduce odors in cotton fabric
32 Nanotube 'sponge' has potential in oil spill cleanup
33 Group uses controlled cracking for nanofabrication
34 Nanocrystal infrared LEDs can be made cheaply
35 Hybrid 'Janus' nanoparticles made from gold and titania have high catalytic activity and extraordinary durability
36 Portable diagnostics designed to be shaken, not stirred
37 Quantum dots brighten the future of lighting
38 Researchers develop technique to keep cool high-power semiconductor devices used in wireless applications, electric cars
39 Sunscreen ingredient may pose skin cancer risk, researchers find
40 Brighter, smaller probes to uncover the secret lives of proteins
41 A new paper made of graphene and protein fibrils
42 Engineers develop novel system for producing conductive films
43 Bacterial builders on site for computer construction
44 In metallic glasses, researchers find a few new atomic structures
45 DNA tug of war
46 Physicist awarded prestigious John Bardeen Prize
47 New point for dew point
48 Researchers fold origami with light
49 SBU researchers discover significant water anomaly
50 Photonics: strong vibrations
51 Novel approach to fabrication of magnetic memory elements may lead to new generation of ultra-high-capacity hard drives
52 Laser scan at full speed
53 Gamma ray optics: A viable tool for a new branch of scientific discovery
54 How to make a splash
55 Neutron scattering charts moves of memory-shape alloys that change structure in response to environmental cues
56 Wasted milk is a real drain on our resources, study shows
57 Chile supreme court halts Patagonia dam project
58 NASA's new carbon-counting instrument leaves the nest
59 How nature shapes the birth of stars
60 Sumatra earthquake mysteries examined
61 OD and SH--two new molecules in space
62 Scientists 'read' the ash from the Icelandic volcano two years after its eruption
63 The Sun's crowning glory
64 Juno spacecraft images 'Big Dipper'
65 NASA conducts tests on Orion service module
66 Meteorite discovery spurs hunt for more pieces
67 Parts of Mt Fuji 'could collapse' if fault shifts
68 Hunting for bomb-eating bugs
69 Transformer Pad TF300 a weak replacement for laptop
70 Samsung unveils ultra high-end TV
71 Robots learn to pick up oddly shaped objects
72 Microsoft offers $99 Xbox consoles with a catch
73 Vacuum robot is trilingual, knows witty dialect
74 Bird-like robot perches on a human hand (w/ Video)
75 New robot butler "HERB" can microwave your dinner (w/ Video)
76 British police get 360 degree accident scene camera
77 Apple iPad outmuscles Android in global tablet sales
78 Samsung smartphone debuts in London
79 Flying 3-D eye-bots
80 RIM says will still make keypads for BlackBerrys
81 An environmentally friendly robot
82 Target phasing out Amazon's Kindle
83 Wearable devices track people via wireless network
84 Report: Yahoo CEO to step down amid resume miscue
85 Facebook CEO turns 28: Does age matter?
86 Social media's impact on kids merits big debate: US expert
87 Facebook wraps up IPO road show in Silicon Valley
88 Facebook co-founder Saverin gives up US citizenship
89 Internet safe spot planned at ".secure" domain
90 Volkswagen Passat sets world record for longest distance on one tank of clean diesel fuel
91 Post office will not ship laptops, iPads abroad
92 Several antennas in one: A major innovation for mobile communications
93 University research team creates augmented reality sandbox (w/ Video)
94 US spy agency can keep mum on Google ties: court
95 New twist on ancient math problem could improve medicine, microelectronics
96 Electronic nose prototype may be worn for safety-sniffing
97 Researchers discover novel approach to stimulate immune cells
98 Feathers show their true colors
99 An incisive design solution: The spider's venomous fang
100 New screening technique yields elusive compounds to block immune-regulating enzyme
101 Improved lubrication without oil
102 Microfluidics: Creating chaos
103 Researchers discover energy supply for protein secretion
104 NTU scientists invent superbug killers
105 Secrets of the first practical artificial leaf
106 It's a trap! New laboratory technique captures microRNA targets
107 Soybeans soaked in warm water naturally release key cancer-fighting substance
108 Droplet array sheds light on drug-resistant cancer stem cells
109 This breathalyzer reveals signs of disease (w/ Video)
110 Thousands of birds found dead on Chile beaches
111 Queen of spades key to new evolutionary hypothesis
112 First satellite tag study for manta rays reveals habits and hidden journeys of ocean giants
113 New bacterium forms intracellular minerals
114 Genetic packing: Successful stem cell differentiation requires DNA compaction, study finds
115 Increasing predator-friendly land can help farmers reduce costs
116 The absence of elephants and rhinoceroses reduces biodiversity in tropical forests
117 Barley takes a leaf out of reindeer's book in the land of the midnight sun
118 Living longer--variability in infection-fighting genes can be a boon for male survival
119 Navy study: Sonar, blasts might hurt more sea life
120 Encyclopedia of Life reaches historic 'one million species pages' milestone
121 Kenyan ranches relocating rhinos in fear of poachers
122 Psychologists reveal how emotion can shut down high-level mental processes without our knowledge
123 Babies' brains benefit from music lessons, researchers find
124 Psychologist: Achievement goals can be shaped by environment
125 Evolution's gift may also be at the root of a form of autism
126 One-two punch knocks out aggressive breast cancer cells
127 As population exploded, more rare genes entered human genome
128 Lifesaving devices missing near the scene of three-quarters of cardiac arrests
129 Century-long protein hunt ends with chance discovery on bone biology
130 Native digestive tract bacteria help fend off invaders, study finds
131 FDA reviews first rapid, take-home test for HIV
132 Researchers undertake massive study of gut bacteria differences between people in different countries
133 Gene therapy for hearing loss: Potential and limitations
134 Researchers capture major chemotherapeutic target in complex with DNA damage
135 Researchers use dual strategy to fight Type 1 diabetes
136 Why do people choke when the stakes are high?
137 Scientists identify neurotranmitters that lead to forgetting
138 Meditation linked to better wellbeing and health, including mental health
139 Molecular subtypes and genetic alterations may determine response to lung cancer therapy
140 Study shows benefit of new maintenance therapy for multiple myeloma
141 Melanoma: Whole-genome sequencing of 25 tumors confirms role of sun damage, reveals new genetic alterations
142 Stem cell study shows promising results against heart failure
143 Researchers use genomics to identify a molecular-based treatment for a viral skin cancer
144 Study raises questions about use of anti-epilepsy drugs in newborns
145 Maternal gluten sensitivity linked to schizophrenia risk in children
146 Virtual reality allows researchers to measure brain activity during behavior at unprecedented resolution
147 Scientists uncover important clues to peripartum cardiomyopathy
148 Scientists identify protein that stimulates brown fat to burn calories
149 Robot reveals the inner workings of brain cells
150 Block its recycling system, and cancer kicks the can: study
151 Legislation to ban burqa is liberal overkill, UK researchers claim
152 Archaeologist finds first evidence of cult in Judah at time of King David
153 Internet allows virtual Giza tour in 3D
154 Microfinance programs: Benefits not clear-cut, study shows
155 Undocumented Latino youth turn to activism to combat obstacles
156 ISU economists study Iowa communities 15 years before and after Wal-Mart
157 Redefining archaeological research
158 Reinventing tragedy in the modern age
159 The American dream still possible, but more difficult to achieve, students discover
160 Visualization provides decision-makers with the big picture
161 Report: 8th-grade students still lag in science
162 Archaeologists discover lost language
163 Language diversity will make London a true global player