File Title
1 Doggie MRIs: What Is Your Dog Thinking?
2 Chimp Acts Like Jerk, Gets Praised by Scientists
3 Chimps warn their unaware friends of dangers
4 Oldest Known Maya Calendar Found; No Signs of 2012 Doomsday
5 Blood Clot Risk Higher in Non-Oral Contraceptives
6 Man Dies From Blood Clot After Marathon Gaming
7 What Are Blood Thinners And When Are They Used?
8 UN adopts historic 'land grab' guidelines
9 Sonic device deployed in London during Olympics
10 Nigeria lead poisoning: MSF urges government to do more
11 Serial egg thief Matthew Gonshaw jailed and banned from Scotland
12 Chile charges suspect with Japanese astronomer murder
13 Parts of England no longer in drought after heavy rain
14 Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphins 'learn factory whelk waste times for food'
15 Whatever happened to carbon capture?
16 Ecuador seeks answer to riddle of Inca emperor's tomb
17 Belgrade's restaurant revolution
18 Greece bailout crisis: President seeks unity government
19 Islamist group al-Nusra 'behind Damascus blasts'
20 Hugo Chavez ends 'successful' Cuba cancer treatment
21 China denies preparing war over South China Sea shoal
22 Guilty verdicts in Jennifer Hudson family murder trial
23 News tweets: Gay marriage, bullies and breastfeeding
24 Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet: Why is it so loved?
25 Obama's rebirth of cool
26 US sports car designer Carroll Shelby dies aged 89
27 Hawaiian surfer breaks wave-riding record at Nazare, Portugal
28 Man stabbed to death by cockfighting bird
29 Saudi King Abdullah sacks conservative adviser
30 Extreme breastfeeding: Should children be nursed for years?
31 Africa Beats: Kenyan soul singer Atemi Oyungu
32 South Sudanese refugees begin journey to Juba
33 Viewpoint: Preparing for the digital defence of the realm
34 Child deaths: Preventable infections 'the leading cause'
35 Pair charged in Stevie Wonder 'extortion plot'
36 EU central bankers ponder Greece euro exit
37 Facebook clarifies data use policy ahead of IPO
38 Facebook co-founder Saverin renounces U.S. citizenship ahead of IPO
39 N.J. judge protects alleged drug dealer's BlackBerry password
40 Romney address at Liberty Univ. sparks controversy
41 Unique and amazing cover of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It"
42 Gay marriage shift gives Obama fundraising boost
43 Romney backs away from gay adoptions
44 3 BU students killed in New Zealand crash
45 Huge satellite Envisat is dead in space
46 Egypt funeral turns happy after dead man awakes
47 Colleges go to the dogs for stress busters
48 Sudan says it's ready to talk with South Sudan
49 Top chefs' yummy home-cooked meals--for dogs
50 Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial: William Balfour found guilty on all counts
51 GOP: Don't let Obama shift the blame on the economy
52 Watchdog report blasts FAA over whistleblowers
53 Miracle baby born after rare sperm surgery
54 Jimmy Kimmel gives out award for "Mom of the Year"
55 Harry Reid: I was wrong not to try to reform the Senate
56 Mitt Romney's prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents
57 US-Philippine alliance deepens amid China tensions
58 Obama touts marriage stance, fairness--Hollywood answers with $15M for campaign
59 Obama appeals to hurting Nevada homeowners
60 Judge won't dismiss John Edwards charges
61 Putin's no-show at US meeting sets a sour tone
62 Issa to Holder: Waiting for "Fast and Furious" docs like waiting for Godot
63 Kansas lawmakers pass anti-Islamic law measure
64 Authorities: Kidnapped girls didn't eat for days
65 Skull linked to UT scout missing since '61 flood
66 School bus crashes near Pa. amusement park
67 Syrian ambassador reports explosion in Aleppo
68 Red Cross stops work in Pakistani cities
69 Attacker in Afghanistan military uniform guns down U.S. soldier; Taliban claims responsibility
70 Around world, Obama's presidency a disappointment
71 April Kauffman, former radio host, found fatally shot in her New Jersey home
72 Sierra LaMar search expands to local waterways after two local kidnapping attempts found to be unrelated
73 Top 10 Tech Stupidity Taxes You Should Never Pay
74 15 Current Technologies My Newborn Son Won't Use
75 Sun-Watching Space Telescope Bounces Back From Glitch
76 Rhinoceros' & Elephants' Seed-Eating Habit Helps Biodiversity
77 Meteorites From Big Fireball Spark Space Age 'Gold Rush'
78 Teaching Science Policy With Creative Nonfiction
79 The Best (and Worst) Places to Be a Mom
80 Vogue Magazine Bans Anorexic Models, But Will It Help?
81 Super Women: 5 Amazing Facts About Motherhood
82 Naked Mole Rat's Long Life Due to Cellular Garbage Men
83 Golf Ball-Inspired Nike Suit Reduces Runners' Drag
84 Robo-Butt Gives New Meaning to Uncanny Valley
85 Most Annoying Online Faux Pas? Oversharing
86 What is Flesh-Eating Bacteria?
87 The Surprising Origin of Alien Abduction Stories
88 Want to Shoot Bigfoot? It's Legal in Texas
89 Mysterious Mass Deaths Claim Dolphins & Pelicans
90 Science Reveals How Not to Spill Your Coffee When Walking
91 Monster Sunspot Fires Off Powerful Solar Flares
92 What If Our Hands Had 6 Fingers?
93 'Jackie' the Ripper: Was the Infamous Serial Killer a Woman?
94 Ballplayer Statue Suggests Sports Were Big in Ancient Mexico
95 Tip for Waitresses: Wear Red Lipstick
96 Being Born in Winter Can Mess With Your Head
97 US Missile Defense Seeks Fix for Counterfeits
98 Senior Citizens' Advice to Grads: 'Live a Little'
99 10 Iconic Historical Hairstyles (And Why We Love Them)
100 Giant Asteroid Vesta's Planetary Chances Killed by Jupiter
101 Nurture, Not Nature, Determines Baby's 'Macho' Hormone Levels
102 Software Will ID Long-Dead People in Paintings
103 Is Your Alarm Clock Making You Fat?
104 12% of Moms Use Cellphone During Sex
105 Hidden Alien Planet Revealed by Its Own Gravity
106 Rare Twin Waterspouts Caught on Camera
107 Bedroom Eyes Make Guys Look Sketchy
108 Our Sun Is Moving More Slowly Than Thought
109 Karen Panetta Makes Computer Engineering Cool
110 Nevermind the Apocalypse: Earliest Mayan Calendar Found
111 Faintest Star Cluster Yet Discovered On Outskirts of Milky Way
112 Giant Robot Puts You in the Driver's Seat
113 Corporate Corruption Is a Global Epidemic
114 Arizona Man Wins Free Trip to Space
115 Like Humans, Chimps Have Culture, Too
116 SpaceX Shows Off Manned Dragon Capsule at Space Expo
117 New Interactive Map Calculates Travel Times in Ancient Rome
118 How to Be Happy Without the Perfect Female Body
119 29 Creative Ways to Say 'I Quit'
120 Anxious About Money, Many Moms Don't Take Full Maternity Leave
121 World's Second-Oldest Profession Goes Online
122 Brittle Stars Move Like Humans
123 Self-Driving Cars Alter Road Rules
124 Earliest Evidence of Biblical Cult Discovered
125 Carnivorous Plants Employ Bodyguard Ants
126 US Ready to Bet $60 Million on 3D Printing
127 Gray Whale Population Up to 5 Times Larger Before Whaling, Study Finds
128 Why (Some) Scientists Avoid the Public
129 Miniature Gears Made with Jets of Water
130 Sand Dunes on Mars Are Surprisingly Speedy
131 Love Is Blind When It Comes to Money
132 Monster Black Holes Stifle Star Birth
133 Going with the Gut: Bacteria's Variability May Aid Nutrition
134 Contraceptive Use by Young Adults May Increase with Knowledge
135 How a Reusable Grocery Bag Can Spread Disease
136 New Weakness in Antarctic Ice Sheet Discovered
137 NASA to Reveal New Vesta Discoveries by Asteroid Probe Thursday
138 Mission to Mars: Why Russia & US Should Tag Team Red Planet
139 Bipolar Disorder Has Its Upside, Patients Say
140 Light from Alien Super-Earth Seen for 1st Time
141 New Game's Fictional Drone Inspires US Military
142 Ships Could Provide Better Tsunami Warnings
143 Salt a Leading Killer Worldwide, Scientists Say
144 Ancient Mars Volcano Blast Hints at Planet's Wet History
145 'Dagger Penises' Cause Early Death of Female Bugs
146 World's Smallest Mammoth Discovered
147 Ocean Garbage Patch Breeds Bugs
148 Warming Planet May Help Exotic Disease Invade New York
149 Brain Represses Bad Words for Bilingual Readers
150 Groundwater Pumping Is Causing Seas to Rise
151 Scientists Should 'Cool It' on Alien Life Claims, Biologist Says
152 6 Signs You're Addicted to Facebook
153 Support Cools for Action on Global Warming
154 Mice That Eat Yogurt Have Larger Testicles
155 World's Rarest Gorilla Caught on Film
156 Space Probe Fleet Idea Would Search for Mars Life
157 Military Wants Computers Doing Our Homework
158 Is Your Toddler Overweight? Most Moms Can't Tell
159 New Spider Species Discovered in Alabama Housing Subdivision
160 Human Body Part That Stumped Leonardo da Vinci Revealed
161 Investors Less Likely to Back Women-Led Ventures
162 What Moms Want From Their Employers
163 NASA Probe Gets Extended Stay at Huge Asteroid Vesta
164 Fossil Fish Eye Surprise: Small Structures Reveal Pigment
165 Same-Sex Marriage Backed by Half of Americans
166 70% of Hawaii's Beaches Eroding
167 Fight Obesity With Economics, Not Health Campaigns, Experts Say
168 Our Ancestors' Squishy Skulls Led to Bulging Brains
169 Soft Robots Make World Safer for Humans
170 Backyard Biodiversity May Stem Allergies
171 Sperm Act Like Bumbling Drunks on Way to Egg
172 Ancient Crocodile Was World's Largest
173 What's the Origin of Exploding Stars? Two Right Answers
174 Getting 'Lost in a Character' Can Actually Change You
175 NASA, SETI Use Airship to Hunt Meteorites From Big Fireball
176 Mysterious Moving Boulders Are Lifted By Storms
177 Doggy Daydreams: Brain Scans Reveal Fido's Thoughts
178 Doggy Daydreams: Brain Scans Reveal Fido's Thoughts
179 Amazing Photos of 2 Saturn Moons Snapped by Cassini Probe
180 Dinosaur Farts May Have Warmed Prehistoric Earth
181 Secret Lives of Penguins Revealed by 'Hidden' Cameras
182 Brain Uses Different Frequencies to Avoid Mental Traffic Jams
183 Just Friends? Guys Reveal Sexual Interest in Gal Pals
184 Hitler Used Cocaine and Had Fart Problem, Medical Records Show