File Title
1 The Keys to Happiness: Partly Genetic, But You Control the Rest
2 The Physics of Carrying a Coffee Cup Without Spilling
3 Bing Makes Search More Social With Facebook and Twitter Results
4 Apple to Help Pay Costs of Improving Foxconn Factories
5 For Teen With Eosinophils of the Esophagus, Food Is Forbidden
6 FPIES: New Hope for Children Who Can Eat Only Several Foods
7 Pacemaker May Allow Teen With Paralyzed Stomach to Eat Again
8 Childhood Allergies Can Be Solved, Though That's Not Always Easy to Do
9 Kelly Clarkson Moved By Young Cancer Patients Singing 'Stronger' on YouTube
10 FDA Still Cautious About Bone Drugs
11 FDA Issues Warning About Experimental MS Therapy
12 Flesh-Eating Disease: Student Shows Signs of Recovery After Zip Line Injury
13 'What to Expect When You're Expecting': Top 10 Changes in New Edition
14 1 in 5 White Women Have Smoked While Pregnant
15 Young Adults Ignore Skin Cancer Warnings
16 'Social Jet Lag' Can Figure Into Obesity
17 FDA Panel Gives Nod to New Diet Drug Lorqess
18 FDA Panel Backs First Pill to Block HIV Infection
19 100 Million Dieters, $20 Billion: The Weight-Loss Industry by the Numbers
20 No world ending in latest Mayan calendar find
21 Vesta a baby planet, not an asteroid
22 Slower Sun leaves no shock wave
23 Asteroid Vesta is 'last of a kind' rock
24 Crows know familiar human voices
25 Mayan art and calendar at Xultun stun archaeologists
26 'Save the planet,' science leaders urge G8 governments
27 First Glaslyn osprey chick of 2012 hatches
28 Turbulence ahead: Flight heads into storm's heart
29 Norway aims for carbon leadership
30 Radio 4 launches voice experiment
31 Shakespeare's Italy
32 JPMorgan reveals shock $2bn trading loss on investments
33 Breivik trial: Shoe thrown at Norway mass killer
34 Hollywood donors cheer Obama at Clooney fundraiser
35 Vietnam War photographer Horst Faas dies
36 Facebook tests 'pay to promote post' tool
37 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: Does it matter that he wears a hoodie?
38 Real-world beaming: The risk of avatar and robot crime
39 HIV prevention pill Truvada backed by US experts
40 Pentagon condemns 'war on Islam' US training class
41 Why was the US military teaching 'total war' on Islam?
42 30 Rock series to come to an end
43 Hulk makes a monster out of gamma rays
44 Welcome to the social media revolution
45 Tim Burton vampire comedy takes on Batman's legacy
46 Eurozone economy to shrink by 0.3%, EU Commission says
47 Protest in Philippines over South China Sea stand-off
48 Holidaymakers book French hotel for visit to Scottish island of Jura
49 Syria unrest: Bomb attack foiled in Aleppo--state TV
50 Greek Pasok leader Evangelos Venizelos hits stalemate
51 Five ways Vidal Sassoon changed people's hair
52 Viewpoint: Let Germans read Mein Kampf
53 Dutch court bans Pirate Party links to The Pirate Bay
54 Microsoft's Bing search engines to use Facebook tips
55 Team Poison hacking inquiry: UK teenager arrested
56 Is India a dumping ground for drugs?
57 JPMorgan shares dive after $2bn trading loss
58 USPS to ban overseas shipments of iPads, Kindles, more
59 FTC probe may delay close of Facebook-Instagram deal
60 Apple, Foxconn to split bill on improving factories
61 Harry Potter series coming to Kindle Owners' Lending Library
62 Democrats to employers: Stop asking for Facebook passwords
63 Abraham Lincoln invented Facebook? Not so fast
64 Facebook announces App Center to compete with Apple, Google
65 Judge denies Oracle's motion to throw out Google's fair use claim
66 South Africa seizes $7M in assets from alleged rhino poachers
67 Chinese Twitter-like site Sina Weibo introduces controversial "user contract"
68 Double murder, kidnap suspect dead, 2 girls safe
69 Time magazine cover of breastfeeding mom sparks intense debate on "attachment parenting"
70 Does it matter what kind of kid Mitt Romney was?
71 More spies in U.S. than ever, says ex-CIA officer
72 Lesbian seeking marriage license arrested in NC
73 Ancient Mayan workshop for astronomers discovered
74 Mars rover Opportunity on the move after Martian winter
75 Hiybbprqag? How Google Tripped Up Microsoft
76 Vt. seeking more FEMA funds for Irene damage
77 BLM oil, gas lease auction brings in $4.8 million
78 Vegas sees 3.7% jump in visitors in March
79 Romney apologizes for hurtful high school pranks
80 President Obama says Sasha and Malia influenced his stance on same-sex marriage
81 Obama: Biden forced hand on same-sex marriage, but "all's well"
82 Conservative Ariz. sheriff drops congressional bid
83 Early female pilot Evelyn Bryan Johnson dies, 102
84 Official: Hundreds of S. Sudanese flee to Uganda
85 Calif officials recall raw milk from Fresno dairy
86 Ky. students used iPhone to video record under a teacher's skirt, police say
87 HIV advocates say Truvada could save lives
88 200-lbs. Ohio boy returned to mother's custody after losing 50 pounds
89 FDA considers approval of OraQuick In-Home HIV test
90 Panel advises FDA to approve lorcaserin obesity pill
91 Fugitive Adam Mayes Dead: Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain, kidnapped sisters, are safe, officials say
92 Adam Mayes, kidnap-slaying suspect, was investigated for child sex abuse in 2010
93 'Tanning mom' Patricia Krentcil banned from over 60 tanning salons, report says
94 Ala. boy charged in hanging death of his half-sister
95 Stephanie Lazarus, former LAPD detective, sentenced to 27 years to life in prison for 1986 murder
96 Brittany Killgore Murder: Third person arrested in the killing of Marine's wife
97 48 Hours preview: The fascinating history of the ransom note
98 Trayvon Martin gun range targets were sold online "to make money off the controversy," report says
99 Catherine Scalia, NY's "Hot Dog Hooker," gets shut down for peddling without a permit
100 FarmVille Playing Mom Admits She Killed Infant Who Interrupted Facebook Game
101 Naked unicyclist distracts drivers, how 'bout you?
102 Rachel Ehmke Bullying Case: No criminal charges filed after Minn. teen commits suicide
103 Steve Powell Voyeurism Trial: Girls testify against father-in-law of missing Susan Powell
104 Hezbollah leader says group can hit all of Israel
105 Milestones for Facebook: New data use policy
106 Panel suggests DSM-5 psychiatry manual drops two disorders, keeps new autism definition
107 Marathon king Micah True dies from cardiomyopathy
108 AIDS fight enters new phase with prevention pill
109 F-16 jets intercept small plane that violated President Obama's airspace in Los Angeles
110 Report: Toddler appears on "no fly" list, booted
111 Family of "no-fly list" toddler wants apology
112 Barrage of sabotage hits Maine lobstermen
113 NJ school exam's "secret" question angers parents
114 One World Trade Center may not get "America's tallest building" status
115 Pentagon suspends "counterjihad" class on Islam
116 Girl Scouts under scrutiny from Catholic bishops
117 Students charged with taping under teacher's dress
118 Authorities say Neb. mom pimped out 2 daughters
119 Judge keeps CIA volume on Bay of Pigs secret
120 Police investigate monk murder mystery at Alabama Buddhist temple
121 Rodney Alcala, "The Dating Game Killer," to be extradited to NYC on two murder charges
122 NATO summit poses challenge for Chicago police
123 2 cousins plead guilty to shooting Philly city bus
124 Shoe-thrower disrupts trial of Norway mass killer Anders Behring Breivik--crowd's first outburst
125 Vatican investigating 7 Legion of Christ priests over sex abuse allegations
126 Israel not invited to NATO summit in Chicago
127 Terrorism roundup: Bad days for AQAP, but the threat remains
128 Search teams find 12 bodies at crash site of Russian Sukhoi Superjet-100 jetliner in Indonesia
129 Attacker in Afghanistan military uniform guns down U.S. soldier; Taliban claims responsibility
130 Syria opposition: Assad trying to destroy UN peace
131 Official: Cuba ready to talk about Gross case
132 6th graders made porn video at Mexican school
133 Pentagon: "We are doing everything in our power" to find Bowe Bergdahl
134 Museum unveils watercolor from Van Gogh's youth
135 Yemen: Deadly airstrikes against Qaeda militants days after drone strike kills Fahd al-Quso
136 AP sources: Britain's MI6 provided passport to double agent behind foiled Qaeda bomb plot
137 JPMorgan Chase: London whale swallows $2B
138 10 big mistakes successful leaders make
139 Obama jokes with Clooney at star's gala fundraiser
140 Wake up! 4 ways to become a morning person
141 New rheumatoid arthritis pill tofacitinib backed by FDA panel
142 Former players sue NFL over concussions in L.A.