File Title
1 A Startup Puts the Internet in Your Couch Cushions
2 Facebook's Telescope on Human Behavior
3 Tinted Windows that Generate Electricity
4 Light Pipes Boost Organic Solar Efficiency
5 New Electronics, Cheaper OLED TVs
6 Brighter Color for Reflective E-Reading Displays
7 Inexpensive, Unbreakable Displays
8 Thin Displays as Wristbands
9 New Inks Could Mean Cheaper OLED Screens
10 A Simpler Route to Plastic Solar Cells
11 Thin-Film Solar with High Efficiency
12 A Super-Absorbent Solar Material
13 Review: The Ford Focus Electric
14 Revenge of the Electric Car
15 Collaborative Consumption Reaches the Garage
16 Ford Bets on the Digital Car
17 Automobile Design for the Connected Age
18 U.S. Tests Whether Consumers Like Car-to-Car Communications
19 Sensor Networks Could End Parking Rage
20 Hacking Cars to Keep Them Safe
21 Beyond the Personal Automobile
22 Smarter Chargers for Electric Vehicles
23 Driving the Volt
24 The Electric Cooling Battery Test
25 The Grid Is Getting Smarter, but It's a Long Way from Smart
26 Using Foursquare Data to Redefine a Neighborhood
27 Top DNA Sequencing Company Evades Roche's Takeover
28 African Social Networks Thrive in a Mobile Culture
29 Browser Plug-in Pays Publishers as You Surf
30 The Online Map Wars
31 Neal Stephenson on Science Fiction, Building Towers 20 Kilometers High...and Insurance
32 The Worrying Consequences of the Wikipedia Gender Gap
33 Is the Book Cover Dead?
34 If You Have a Smartphone, Anyone Can Now Track Your Every Move
35 Photoreceptor Transplant Restores Vision in Mice
36 Aspirin: New Evidence Is Helping Explain Additional Health Benefits and Open Potential for New Uses
37 Ravens Remember Relationships They Had With Others
38 TV as Thin as a Sheet of Paper? Printable Flexible Electronics Just Became Easier With Stable Electrodes
39 State of Himalayan Glaciers Less Alarming Than Feared
40 Strange Cousins: Molecular Alternatives to DNA, RNA Offer New Insight Into Life's Origins
41 Atomic Blockade: Technique Efficiently Creates Single Photons for Quantum Information Processing
42 How Social Interaction and Teamwork Led to Human Intelligence
43 Boundary Between Electronics and Biology Is Blurring: First Proof of Ferroelectricity in Simplest Amino Acid
44 Solar Cell That Also Shines: Luminescent 'LED-Type' Design Breaks Efficiency Record
45 Cells in Normal Tissue Seem to Have 'Personal Space' Issues; Factor in Maintaining Healthy Tissue
46 World's First Handmade Cloned Transgenic Sheep Born in China
47 Cancer-Fighting Goodness Found in Cholesterol, Study Suggests
48 Anti-Tobacco TV Ads Help Adults Stop Smoking, Study Finds
49 Insomnia Takes Toll On Tinnitus Patients
50 Speed and Ecstasy Associated With Depression in Teenagers
51 No Proof Found That Gum Disease Causes Heart Disease or Stroke
52 Cassini Finds Titan Lake Is Like a Namibia Mudflat
53 Mini-Sensor Measures Magnetic Activity in Human Brain
54 New Technology Uses Less Water and Produces Energy and Fertilizer at the Same Time
55 Countries That Best Prepare Math Teachers Share Similarities: Several Key Conditions Generally Lacking in US
56 Game of Go: A Complex Network
57 New Monitoring System Clarifies Murky Atmospheric Questions
58 Analysis Raises Atmospheric, Ecologic and Economic Doubts About Forest Bioenergy
59 Pollen Levels Are Rising Across Europe
60 With Age Comes Greater Success Among Hunting Dogs
61 3-D RNA Modeling Opens Scientific Doors
62 Fibre Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease, Especially in Women
63 One Cause of Fatty Deposits in the Hearts of Diabetes Patients Settled
64 Breast Cancer Study Finds New Type of Mutation
65 19th Century Therapy for Parkinson's Disease May Help Patients Today
66 Groundbreaking Device Improves Laser Accuracy in Surgeries
67 Kidney Stone Mystery Solved: Why Some People Are More Prone to Develop Kidney Stones
68 Big Doses of Vitamin C May Lower Blood Pressure
69 First Description of a Triple DNA Helix in Vacuum
70 Hair Regeneration from Adult Stem Cells
71 Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution Increases Risk of Hospitalization for Lung, Heart Disease
72 First Blood Test to Diagnose Major Depression in Teens
73 Non-Surgical Test for Brain Cancer
74 How Selective Hearing Works in the Brain: 'Cocktail Party Effect' Explained
75 Electronic Cigarettes May Help Smokers' Memory While They Kick the Habit
76 Violence in Men Caused by Unequal Wealth and Competition, Study Suggests
77 Math Teachers Demonstrate a Bias Toward White Male Students, Study Finds
78 Marijuana Use Higher in Young Adult Smokers Than Previously Reported
79 Bring Water Into Exams to Improve Your Grade
80 It Doesn't Mean You're Crazy--Talking to Yourself Has Cognitive Benefits, Study Finds
81 Brain Scans Can Predict Weight Gain and Sexual Activity, Research Shows
82 Lactating Tsetse Flies Models for Lactating Mammals?
83 Deadly Cat Disease: Effective Treatment for Bobcat Fever
84 Scientists Regenerate Damaged Mouse Hearts by Transforming Scar Tissue Into Beating Heart Muscle
85 Joint Failures Potentially Linked to Oral Bacteria
86 Green-Glowing Fish Provides New Insights Into Health Impacts of Pollution
87 NASA Image Gallery Highlights Earth's Changing Face
88 DDT Linked to Long-Term Decline of Insect-Eating Birds in North America, Through Analysis of Bird Droppings
89 Jellyfish On the Rise in World's Coastal Ecosytems
90 Unique Adaptations to a Symbiotic Lifestyle Reveal Novel Targets for Aphid Insecticides
91 Can Behavior Be Controlled by Genes? The Case of Honeybee Work Assignments
92 Crime and Punishment: Neurobiological Roots of Modern Justice
93 Evidence for a Geologic Trigger of the Cambrian Explosion
94 Egg-Laying Beginning of the End for Dinosaurs
95 Marco Polo Was Not a Swindler: He Really Did Go to China
96 Asteroid Craters On Earth Give Clues in Search for Life On Mars
97 Dawn Gets Extra Time to Explore Vesta
98 Parabolic Flight Mission Over Japan
99 Serious Blow to Dark Matter Theories? New Study Finds Mysterious Lack of Dark Matter in Sun's Neighborhood
100 Cassini Successfully Flies Over Enceladus
101 Some Stars Capture Rogue Planets
102 Bioreactor Redesign Dramatically Improves Yield
103 Nanoparticles May Increase Plant DNA Damage, New Evidence Shows
104 Nature's Billion-Year-Old Battery Key to Storing Energy
105 Where Do the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays Come From? Probably Not from Gamma-Ray Bursts
106 Physicists Observe the Splitting of an Electron Inside a Solid
107 Finding ET May Require Giant Robotic Leap
108 Nanodot-Based Memory Sets New World Speed Record
109 Raising the Prospects for Quantum Levitation
110 Graphene Lenses: 2-D Electron Shepherds
111 New Research Could Mean Cellphones That Can See Through Walls