File Title
1 Notre Dame Law Student Finds Rare Wolf-Rayet Star
2 'Hug the Monster' for Realistic Hope in Global Warming (or How to Transform Your Fearful Inner Climate)
3 Yogurt Makes Mice Slimmer, Sexier
4 Vaccination Laws Lead to More Middle School Immunizations
5 Vermont Debates Vaccines: Should Parents Be Able to Opt Out?
6 HPV Vaccine May Prevent Recurrence of Precancerous Conditions
7 New Varicose Veins Treatment Is Painless and Easy
8 Quick Treatment for Unsightly, Unhealthy Varicose Veins
9 New Treatment for Varicose Veins
10 GMA:Lasers Can Zap Varicose Veins
11 Fertility Methods Raise Risk of Birth Defects
12 Medical Tests You May Not Need
13 Docs Say Extra Tests Not the Key to Best Patient Care
14 Female Breasts Are Bigger Than Ever, But Under Threat
15 Kardashian Mythbusters: Fact vs. Fairy Tale
16 Ancient rebel rewrites fish history
17 Scientists 'switch off' brain cell death
18 Jury out on alternative therapy for smokers
19 Dinosaur gases 'warmed the Earth'
20 Magnetic bacteria may be building future bio-computers
21 Bigger and brighter 'supermoon' graces the night sky
22 Engineers launch artificial earthquakes at 'hospital'
23 Maglevs: The floating future of trains?
24 Euro declines on French and Greek election results
25 Vladimir Putin inaugurated as Russian president
26 Italian nuclear boss shot and wounded in Genoa
27 Israeli PM Netanyahu calls for early general election
28 Syrians vote for new parliament amid boycott calls
29 Living in the ghost streets
30 Mahatma Gandhi and his anti-tea campaign
31 Nelly Furtado: 'Swagger in spades'
32 Curry's ability to fight cancer put to the test
33 S Korea 'to target powdered human flesh capsules'
34 The rise of the adult playground
35 Francois Hollande to set France on new course after win
36 Greek elections: Vote is plunge into instability
37 Warren Weinstein, US hostage in Pakistan, in video plea
38 Yemeni al-Qaeda leader 'killed in drone strike'
39 Lawyers say 9/11 hearing protected by 'veil of secrecy'
40 Playing music to escape Mexico murders
41 US scientists who mean business
42 Mexico election: TV debate sees candidates trade barbs
43 India steps up battle against rising cyber crime wave
44 Range of brain diseases could be treated by single drug
45 Apple pushes to settle iPad trademark dispute
46 Corrupt Kentucky sheriff brought down by reporters
47 Warren Weinstein, U.S. man held hostage by al Qaeda, appeals to Obama in video
48 Is the Air Force's F-22 fighter jet making pilots sick?
49 Romney polling well with independents as Obama campaign kicks off
50 Michael Phelps: Ready for London games?
51 Wife Skyping with soldier saw bullet hole
52 The F-22 pilots who talked: Why they did it
53 1994: The F-22 controversy begins
54 Howard Dean: Women, Latinos "terrified" of GOP
55 South Korea cracks down on human flesh capsules from China
56 Just who is Francois Hollande?
57 Putin takes oath as riot police muffle protesters
58 Hollande defeats Sarkozy in French election
59 Austerity meets voter backlash in Greece, France
60 Top al Qaeda figure killed in Yemen air strike
61 Greek voters punish old guard, turn to the right
62 Syria holds 1st multi-party elections, opposition boycotts vote as a sham
63 Chen Guangcheng confident China will let him go
64 Tornado near Tokyo kills 1, injures dozens
65 Loyola University eliminates bottled water sales
66 Cops: Suspect in case of missing Tennessee mom, 3 girls was known to family
67 Ex-NFL star faces paternity issues on "Dr. Phil"
68 Hostage begs Obama to meet al Qaeda's demands
69 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tries to "orchestrate drama" at Guantanamo trial
70 Could Obama survive a referendum election?
71 Exxon Mobil tops the Fortune 500 list
72 First-ever look into the ex-presidents' residence
73 Etihad cancels 7 Airbus A350 orders
74 Obama's opening salvo: Hope, change and fear
75 Sugar and kids: The toxic truth
76 Are you addicted to food?
77 The softer side of hard-hitting Wallace
78 The CIA "torture memo"
79 Interrogations: The FBI's side of the story
80 Oil drops to lowest price since Februrary
81 Elephant advocate: Ivory sale an ongoing threat
82 Nigerian terror suspect blames bombing on gov't
83 Iowa judges ousted after legalizing same-sex marriage to receive Profiles in Courage Award
84 Gingrich: "Inconceivable" Romney would pick me as VP
85 Bachmann: "Women want competence"
86 Schieffer on events politicians can't control
87 Jerry Brown: GOP must move out of their "reactionary cul-de-sac"
88 Israeli Supreme Court orders outpost demolished
89 20-year forecast shows no end to obesity epidemic
90 Highway death rate falls to record low
91 Ex-FBI agent testifies about Pa. priest accuser
92 Should Yahoo fire CEO Scott Thompson?
93 Arkansas musician "Iron Man" Burks dies at 54
94 Osama bin Laden's last words show dark days for al Qaeda
95 The number 1 thing that's wrong with your resume
96 GOP plan boosts Pentagon, cuts social programs
97 Vikings stadium vote queued up in Minn. House
98 Spirit Airlines' disastrous customer service week
99 Feelings run deep in Wis. recall; few undecided
100 Fed up with austerity, France turns to the left
101 Haiti police, UN crack down on would-be soldiers
102 Mass. gas prices down for 3rd straight week
103 AAA: Mich. gas prices stable in state in past week
104 ND Game and Fish pays $485,000 to counties
105 Why Facebook's IPO pricing is so clever
106 Female fan briefly interrupts Lakers-Nuggets game
107 Same-sex marriage measure set for vote in North Carolina
108 Clinton hopes to see female U.S. president
109 Same-sex marriage an awkward issue for Obama
110 U.S. reportedly releasing high-level detainees in exchange for pledges of peace
111 Hire and fire presidents?
112 Autopsy set for body found at Kentucky Derby track
113 Army: No bullet wound in soldier who died during Skype chat
114 Couple in Illinois Ponzi scheme caught in Arizona
115 Wrongful death case to begin over duck boat crash
116 Corpse in stable near Kentucky Derby track IDed
117 Suspected Illinois embezzler to be arraigned
118 Bride Shot Before Wedding
119 92-year-old retired school teacher faces sentencing for selling helium suicide kits
120 Girl Must Eat Every 15 Minutes: Lizzie Velasquez Stays Skeletal Despite Nonstop Eating (PICTURES)
121 Bucket List baby Avery Canahuati dies
122 Living alone with Alzheimer's tough choice for all
123 Actor George Lindsey, "Goober Pyle," dies at 83
124 The Amazing Race finale: Japan, Hawaii and the million-dollar prize
125 Is growth slow enough for the Fed to act?
126 Report: NYC man set on fire during tracheotomy surgery