File Title
1 App Tracks Your Teenager's Driving Habits
2 Moore's Law Lives Another Day
3 New App Watches Your Every Move
4 GE's New EV Charging Stations Are Not Ugly
5 Why Solarcity Is Succeeding in a Difficult Solar Industry
6 Laser System Paints Information on the Road Ahead
7 A Stock Exchange for Your Personal Data
8 Physicists Crack Fusion Mystery
9 Sapphire Energy Raises $144 Million for an Algae Farm
10 Vaccine Could Stop Nicotine from Reaching the Brain
11 A Startup Uses the Cloud to Unravel DNA
12 Microsoft's New Lab Hunts for Value in User Data
13 Spinning Spare Parts
14 Google's Drive Adds to a Complicated Cloud
15 Magazine Q&A: Dropbox: Founder Drew Houston Simplifies the Cloud
16 A Stock Exchange for Your Personal Data
17 Who Coined 'Cloud Computing'?
18 The King of Cloud: Q&A with Marc Benioff
19 Google's Business Experiment: Nothing but Web
20 The Man Behind Cloud Valley
21 Greenhouse Effect: 5 Ideas for Reusing Data Centers' Waste Heat
22 Fine-tuning Nanotech to Target Cancer
23 Questions for Mobile Computing
24 Is There Big Money in Big Data?
25 Data Analysis Is Creating New Business Opportunities
26 When Social Media Mining Gets It Wrong
27 The Challenges of Big Data on the Smart Grid
28 Can Software Patch the Ailing Power Grid?
29 Hydrogen Storage Could Be Key to Germany's Energy Plans
30 Faster Catalysts Improve Hydrogen Generation
31 The Future of Hydrogen Cars
32 Running Cars on Hydrogen Made from Starch
33 Making Fuel from Leftovers
34 TR10: Cellulolytic Enzymes
35 Prospecting for Power
36 Cheaper Geothermal
37 Microbes for Off-the-Grid Electricity
38 A Less Wasteful Way to Deal with Wastewater
39 Research to Watch: Building Microbial Fuel Factories
40 Recyclable Hydrogen Fuel Tanks
41 Japan Pioneers Smart Energy
42 How A Private Data Market Could Ruin Facebook
43 RIM's Hail Mary
44 Horse Racing Gets Futuristic
45 Is Automation the Handmaiden of Inequality?
46 Microsoft Carves Out a Nook
47 Shelved Drugs Become a New Research Resource
48 Five Hints on Our Facebook Future
49 Could Technology Tame the Internet Meme?
50 Grief in the Time of Facebook
51 Magazine TR10: A Faster Fourier Transform
52 A Way to Make the Smart Grid Smarter
53 Graphene Transistors that Can Work at Blistering Speeds
54 Speedier Cell Phone Circuitry
55 Flash Memory That'll Keep On Shrinking
56 Ultradense, 3-D Data Storage
57 How Seagate's Terabit-Per-Square-Inch Hard Drive Works
58 Report warns of rapid decline in US Earth observation capabilities
59 Lockheed Martin Completes Key Integration Milestone on GeoEye-2
60 Risat-1 satellite raised to its final intended orbit
61 Sifting through dust near Orion's Belt
62 NMSU's Apache Point Observatory team observes record 103,000 spectra in March
63 Old star, new trick
64 Rogue stars ejected from the galaxy are found in intergalactic space
65 Astronomers Find Possible Secret of the Origin of Brown Dwarfs
66 NASA's Spitzer Finds Galaxy With Split Personality
67 Astronomers Detect Coolest Radio Star
68 Hubble Sees Messier 70: Tight and Bright
69 Probing hydrogen under extreme conditions
70 Astronomers discover sandstorms in space
71 12-Billion-Year-Old White-Dwarf Stars Only 100 Light-Years Away
72 NASA's WISE Mission Sees Skies Ablaze With Blazars
73 Perigee "Super Moon" On May 5-6
74 NASA Contract to Astrobotic Technology Investigates Prospecting for Lunar Resources
75 Russia to Send Manned Mission to Moon by 2030
76 Moon Express Delivers Lunar Mission Design Report for mining the Moon for precious resources
77 Catch a Glimpse of Halley's Comet Debris--Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower
78 California meteor intrigues scientists
79 Black hole caught red-handed in stellar homicide
80 JUICE is Europe's next large science mission
81 ESA says to probe Jupiter's moons for life-giving elements
82 Artemis Listens Out For ATV Whisper On Route To ISS
83 Call for a Small mission opportunity in ESA's Science Programme
84 Migratory locusts in a wind tunnel
85 China Eastern to buy 20 Boeing 777-300s
86 JAL could go public again in July 2012: report
87 Goddard Collaborates With International Partners on MMS Instrument
88 NASA picks JHU-led investigation upgrade for flying observatory
89 NASA's Webb Telescope Flight Backplane Section Completed
90 International Team Installs First Of Three Telescopes In Antarctica
91 Cassini, Saturn Moon Photographer
92 Cassini to Probe Enceladus Gravity, Take Pictures
93 SwRI Scientists Assess Age Of Titan's Organic Atmosphere
94 How will the US biotechnology industry benefit from new patent laws?
95 Commentary: Innovate or evaporate
96 SES unveils IP-based in-home distribution of satellite TV signals
97 Intelsat Teams with PCCW Global to Expand IntelsatONESM Terrestrial Network
98 Czech Republic approves EU Galileo agency move to Prague
99 China launches two navigation satellites
100 ODIS Continues Work with NASA Phase II Development Contract
101 500 Students Participate in NASA Student Launch Projects Challenge
102 India to ferry heaviest foreign satellite in August
103 Old Star, New Trick
104 Cosmic Mirages Confirm Accelerated Cosmic Expansion
105 Planck Telescope Warms up as Planned
106 Pristine Gas From The Big Bang
107 Was the Real Discovery of the Expanding Universe Lost in Translation?
108 Abundant Carbon in the Early Universe
109 The universe may have been born spinning
110 Carbon, Carbon, Everywhere But Not From the Big Bang
111 Did the Early Universe Have One Dimension
112 Far-Future Astronomers Could Still Deduce The Big Bang
113 First Stars In Universe Were Not Alone
114 Distant galaxy born in the dawn of time
115 The Big Bang
116 Hubble Images Searchlight Beams from a Preplanetary Nebula
117 Hubble Peeks inside a Stellar Cloud
118 Hubble's panoramic view of a turbulent star-making region
119 A Spiral Galaxy in Hydra
120 e-MERLIN's deep radio survey of the Hubble Deep Field: first results
121 Hubble Sees Glittering Jewels of Messier 9
122 Classic Portrait of a Barred Spiral Galaxy
123 Hubble Zooms in on a Magnified Galaxy
124 Hubble Solves Mystery on Source of Supernova in Nearby Galaxy
125 NASA's Hubble Breaks New Ground with Distant Supernova Discovery
126 ESA contracts Astrium UK to build Solar Orbiter
127 AIA Welcomes Export Control Review of Space Systems and Components
128 JWST Spinoff Technologies Already Seen in Some Industries
129 UK supports space innovation overseas
130 Shuttle contractor lays off workers
131 Big boost for UK space technology industry
132 NASA's Chandra Sees Remarkable Outburst From Old Black Hole
133 'Ordinary' black hole discovered 12 million light years away
134 Astronomers put forward new theory on size of black holes
135 Ultra-fast Outflows Help Monster Black Holes Shape Their Galaxies
136 Black Hole Came From A Shredded Galaxy
137 Fastest wind from stellar mass black hole discovered
138 Star Cluster Surrounds Wayward Black Hole in Cannibal Galaxy
139 SpaceX delays ISS launch again
140 SpaceX test fires rocket ahead of ISS cargo launch
141 Mining Asteroids--A New Industry
142 US firm plans to mine asteroids
143 'Faster-ticking clock' indicates early solar system may have evolved faster than we think
144 Researchers from the University of Zurich discover new particle at CERN
145 Quantum physics mimics spooky action into the past
146 Raising the prospects for quantum levitation
147 Magnetic fields can send particles to infinity
148 NASA's WISE Catches Aging Star Erupting With Dust