File Title
1 Agroforestry is not rocket science but it might save DPR Korea
2 Modern hybrid corn makes better use of nitrogen, study shows
3 Comparing apples and oranges
4 From Decade to Decade: What's the Status of our Groundwater Quality?
5 Impaired recovery of Atlantic cod--forage fish or other factors?
6 Garlic compound fights source of food-borne illness better than antibiotics
7 Inexpensive, abundant starch fibers could lead to ouchless bandages
8 Researchers Find Potential 'Dark Side' to Diets High in Beta-carotene
9 America's clean energy policies need a reality check, say Stanford researchers
10 Genes may explain why some people turn their noses up at meat
11 Experiments may understate plant responses to climate
12 Genes can affect how much you enjoy pork in a meal
13 Handful of heavyweight trees per acre are forest champs
14 New coelacanth find rewrites history of the ancient fish
15 Desperate fishwives
16 The 2020 consumer in eight trends
17 Dry heat increases bark beetle bite
18 Better plants for biofuels
19 Study finds prey distribution, not biomass, key to marine food chain
20 Study finds stream temperatures don't parallel warming climate trend
21 Unmasking black pepper's secrets as a fat fighter
22 First-of-its-kind study reveals surprising ecological effects of earthquake and tsunami
23 Decades of Data Show Spring Advancing Faster Than Experiments Suggest
24 Ecosystem Effects of Biodiversity Loss Rival Climate Change and Pollution
25 Growing nitrous oxide levels explained
26 Dino eggs shape Easter eggs, says new study
27 Analytical standards needed for 'reading' Pliocene bones
28 800-year-old farmers could teach us how to protect the Amazon
29 Study finds significant skull differences between closely linked groups
30 What's in a surname? New study explores what the evolution of names reveals about China
31 UC research explores early agriculture, which dogs make for the best hunters and more
32 Research reveals 1 of the earliest farming sites in Europe
33 Tasmanian tiger suffered low genomic diversity
34 Warning signs from ancient Greek tsunami
35 Hebrew inscription appears to confirm 'sign of Jonah' and Christian reference on ancient artifact
36 Forensic science used to determine who's who in pre-Columbian Peru
37 First fruitful, then futile: Ammonites or the boon and bane of many offspring
38 'Inhabitants of Madrid' ate elephants' meat and bone marrow 80,000 years ago
39 Genes shed light on spread of agriculture in Stone Age Europe
40 New study chronicles the rise of agriculture in Europe
41 Archaeology expands beyond traditional scope into other sciences
42 University of Nevada, Reno researchers discover new research use for plaque
43 Global warming: New research emphasizes the role of economic growth
44 With climate and vegetation data, UCSB geographers closer to predicting droughts in Africa
45 Unique insight into Chile's coastal ecosystem before and after 2010 earthquake
46 Study shows experiments underestimate plant responses to climate change
47 First 'microsubmarines' designed to help clean up oil spills
48 Study Shows Experiments Underestimate Plant Responses to Climate Change
49 Acid rain
50 Glycogen accumulation in neurons causes brain damage and shortens the lives of flies and mice
51 Flash-heating breastmilk to inactivate HIV is feasible for women in resource-poor countries, UC Davis study finds
52 Extra gene drove instant leap in human brain evolution
53 Waking embryos before they are born
54 Aged hematopoietic stem cells rejuvenated to be functionally younger
55 Double duty: Versatile immune cells play dual roles in human skin
56 Measuring progesterone receptor expression to improve hormone-receptor-positive cancer management
57 New data improve understanding of breast cancer's multiple varieties
58 Identifying patients who benefit most from immune suppressant
59 Breast cancer in young women: A distinct disease
60 Stem cells poised to self-destruct for the good of the embryo
61 Scripps Research Institute scientists show how a gene duplication helped our brains become 'human'
62 OHSU study shows how mitochondrial genes are passed from mother to child
63 Study reveals dynamic changes in gene regulation in human stem cells
64 CNIO researchers describe new functions of cohesin relevant for human disease
65 Earth history and evolution
66 Bacteria discovery could lead to antibiotics alternatives
67 Researchers show prebiotic can reduce severity of colitis
68 Researchers unveil new assessment for diagnosing malnutrition
69 Battle of the Sexes Offers Evolutionary Insights
70 Insect glands may illuminate human fertilization process
71 Study discovers genetic pathway impacting the spread of cancer cells
72 Researchers find reducing fishmeal hinders growth of farmed fish
73 Better housing conditions for zebra fish could improve research results
74 Environment key to preventing childhood disabilities
75 Virginia Tech announces 2012 football helmet ratings; 2 more added to the 5-star mark
76 Carnegie Mellon researchers create dynamic view of city based on Foursquare check-in data
77 Everyday fish oil capsule may provide kidney-related benefits
78 How will the US biotechnology industry benefit from new patent laws?
79 Greater Numbers of Highly Educated Women are Having Children, Bucking Recent History
80 Study finds HIV/AIDS funding does not undermine health care services for other diseases
81 New study finds dengue fever costing nearly $40 million in US territory of Puerto Rico
82 Stanford professors propose 'lecture-less' medical school classes
83 New global report says US lags behind 130 other nations in preterm birth rate
84 Blood drives do better with incentives, says University of Toronto study
85 Retirement plans after the Great Recession: U-M study tracks the changes
86 Gas development linked to wildlife habitat loss
87 African-Americans face roadblocks to HIV therapy, untreated depression makes it worse
88 New study of NIH funding allocations suggests potential efficiency gains
89 Customer satisfaction lies somewhere between pleasure and pain
90 US spends far more for health care than 12 industrialized nations, but quality varies
91 Sifting through dust near Orion's Belt
92 Scientists gain new understanding of Alzheimer's trigger
93 A small cut with a big impact
94 Evidence of familial vulnerability for epilepsy and psychosis
95 IOM report recommends US expand drug safety monitoring after approval
96 Electronic nose out in front
97 Tiny channel cleanses blood
98 Mining for heat
99 Freezing Parkinson's in its Tracks
100 Writing a landmark sequel to 'The Book of Life'
101 Four white dwarf stars caught in the act of consuming 'earth-like' exoplanets
102 Mitigating disasters by hunting down Dragon Kings
103 New technique predictably generates complex, wavy shapes
104 Were dinosaurs undergoing long-term decline before mass extinction?
105 Experts write on the risks of low-level radiation
106 Bigger gorillas better at attracting mates and raising young
107 Jurassic pain: Giant 'flea-like' insects plagued dinosaurs 165 million years ago
108 At smallest scale, liquid crystal behavior portends new materials
109 Eye size determined by maximum running speed in mammals
110 Excessive sleepiness may be cause of learning, attention and school problems
111 Number line is learned, not innate human intuition
112 Study Finds Twist to the Story of the Number Line
113 Shedding light on southpaws
114 Analytic thinking can decrease religious belief: UBC study
115 New particle discovered by the CMS Experiment at CERN
116 lobSTR algorithm rolls DNA fingerprinting into 21st century
117 Graduation Year Drives Facebook Connections for College Grads
118 Wired for avalanches--and learning
119 Automated breast ultrasound dramatically reduces physician interpretation time
120 Breast cancer patients with positive ultrasound guided axillary node biopsy need dissection
121 Digital breast tomosynthesis cuts recall rates by 40
122 'No family history' not a good reason for women 40-49 to stop yearly screening mammograms
123 The American College of Rheumatology issues guidelines for management of lupus nephritis
124 Pleasure eating triggers body's reward system and may stimulate overeating
125 Some women may be genetically predisposed to smoking-related hot flashes
126 New guidelines deliver concise messages for implementing cardiovascular prevention
127 A fish a day keeps the doctor away?
128 Regular jogging shows dramatic increase in life expectancy
129 Staging and Risk Stratification of Thyroid Cancer Improved with SPECT/CT
130 Study identifies possible protective blood factors against Type 2 diabetes
131 Study says screening accounts for much of black/white disparity in colorectal cancer
132 Better Ethics Education Needed for Stakeholders in Community-based Health Research
133 Stun guns not safe for citizens, but benefit police, study finds
134 Majority of states fail to address youth exposure to alcohol marketing
135 Protections needed for some people who say no to research, study concludes
136 National poll: Low cost, lifesaving services missing from most older patients' health care
137 Report warns of rapid decline in US Earth observation capabilities; next-generation missions hindered by budget shortfalls, launch failures
138 Defending the Statue of Liberty: Understanding militant responses to terrorism
139 From the journal Ethics: 'Is polygamy inherently unequal?'
140 Life-size, 3D hologram-like telepods may revolutionize videoconferencing
141 UM School of Medicine study finds vaginal microbes vary over time among healthy women
142 Post-term children have higher behavioural and emotional problems in early childhood
143 Biosynthetic grape-derived compound prevents progression of Alzheimer's disease in mice
144 New Report Shows 15 Million Babies Born Too Soon Every Year; Calls for Increased Research into Prevention
145 Pioneering study shows prenatal choline may 'program' healthier babies
146 Childhood emotional maltreatment causes troubled romantic relationships--Ben-Gurion U. researchers
147 Anti-Smoking Drug Decreases Alcohol Consumption in Heavy-Drinking Smokers
148 Rank of suffering may stop people seeking help for depression and anxiety
149 Jealousy and envy at work are different in men and women
150 How much money parents give to college-age kids: U-M study
151 Are you a healthy grocery shopper?
152 Autism, ADHD, and Children's Learning--Insights from Psychological Science
153 Email 'vacations' decrease stress, increase concentration
154 Cassini sees new objects blazing trails in Saturn ring
155 On Top of the Smokies, All Covered in Light Rain
156 Splatters of molten rock signal period of intense asteroid impacts on Earth
157 A cluster within a cluster
158 Tiny 'spherules' reveal details about Earth's asteroid impacts
159 Rapid tsunami warning by means of GPS
160 Warm Ocean Currents Cause Majority of Ice Loss from Antarctica
161 New form of Mars lava flow dicovered
162 Seeing inside the nose of an aircraft
163 NASA's Landsat Satellites See Texas Crop Circles
164 Record-Breaking Radio Waves from Ultra-Cool Star
165 Old star, new trick
166 Rogue stars ejected from the galaxy are found in intergalactic space
167 NASA's Chandra sees remarkable outburst from old black hole
168 A 100-gigbit highway for science
169 'Faster-ticking clock' indicates early solar system may have evolved faster than we think
170 Black hole caught red-handed in stellar homicide
171 Black Hole Caught Red-Handed in a Stellar Homicide
172 Queen's scientists discover black hole ripping apart star
173 Black Hole Caught in a Feeding Frenzy
174 Thwarting the cleverest attackers
175 Novel radiation surveillance technology could help thwart nuclear terrorism
176 Game on! UCLA researchers use online crowd-sourcing to diagnose malaria
177 Atomic-scale visualization of electron pairing in iron superconductors
178 Flying 3D eye-bots
179 A needle in a haystack: How does a broken DNA molecule get repaired?
180 Fast, low-power, all-optical switch