File Title
1 Top 5 Gadgets of the Week: FitBit Aria, Brydge iPad Keyboard, Solidoodle 3D Printer
2 CISPA: Cybersecurity Bill May Pit Online Safety Against Privacy
3 Justin Bieber: Singer, Teen Heartthrob, Disruptive Innovator
4 12-Year-Old App Developer Wins Award
5 'Zerg Rush' Is Google's Newest Easter Egg
6 Japan Deep-Sea Drilling Probe Sets World Record
7 FDA Approves New Drug for Erectile Dysfunction
8 How Protective Parents Imperil Kids at the Playground
9 Russians, Scandinavians Top 'Atlas of Breast Cup Sizes'
10 Farming 'spread by migrant wave'
11 London 2012: UN head backs 2012 green efforts
12 Black-Scholes: The maths formula linked to the financial crash
13 Bring on the bucket list Boomers
14 Deadly attack on Nigeria's Bayero university in Kano
15 Chen Guangcheng's escape sparks China round-up
16 Kidnapped UK aid worker Khalil Dale is killed in Pakistan
17 Bin Laden widows welcomed in Saudi Arabia as 'not suspicious'
18 London 2012: Missiles may be placed at residential flats
19 New York's pastry master reveals his secrets
20 Kenya's Rift Valley, where everyone runs
21 News tweets: 'Mad cows,' strippers and bad jokes
22 Bangladeshi computer whizz kid eyes record books
23 An 86-year-old, real-life Robinson Crusoe
24 Israel ex-security chief says leadership 'misleading public' on Iran
25 Peter Jackson unsurprised by critics of Hobbit footage
26 Cuban 'defector' actors reappear in Miami, seek asylum
27 Viewpoint: Is Poland moving on from its turbulent past?
28 'Heart shrinking' trial to combat heart failure to begin
29 Weight-loss surgery for children 'can change lives'
30 Colours: Differing points of hue
31 Google "Zerg rush" for a surprise
32 Dropbox matches Google Drive with 5GB free
33 FTC hires more help in Google probe
34 Foxconn workers threaten suicide amid protest over wages
35 Video captures Calif. hit-and-run, leads to arrest
36 Did Jeffery Locker hire his own killer?
37 Republicans prepare contempt citation against Eric Holder over Fast and Furious
38 Romney, Gingrich, GSA: Obama tweaks them all
39 Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3
40 After bin Laden, U.S.-Pakistan relations strained
41 Philippine troops, rebels clash twice, 10 killed
42 Some hard lessons about college costs
43 Gadhafi funding claim weighs on French campaign
44 Nutella health claims net $3.05 million settlement in class-action lawsuit
45 In weekly address, Obama promotes action to protect veterans
46 1 dead after storm blows St. Louis beer tent over
47 Fla. boy struck by SUV, killed at softball game
48 Body believed to be Wash. fugitive found in bunker
49 Baby security breach closes NJ airport terminal
50 Small but widely felt quake shakes Southern Calif
51 Man faces charges in killings of Vegas mom, child
52 Shots fired into offices of NBC station in Ind.
53 A Texas rancher who raises Cadillacs
54 No more Droopy Drawers robbers; FBI agent retires
55 Georgia inmate gives birth in cell, baby dies
56 Police: Remains found in Ind. man's yard
57 Brave NYC girl takes gunshot wound in stride
58 Romney, Gingrich, GSA: Obama tweaks them all
59 What happened in Colombia didn't stay in Colombia
60 LBJ returns, under Robert Caro's scrutiny
61 China activists lifted by blind lawyer's escape
62 Obama aide mum on whether US protecting activist
63 Porpoise problems have fishermen facing shutdown
64 Using social media to monitor Occupy movement
65 Government's answer to "Fast and Furious" records requests: Blank pages
66 Neb. hot dog slinger explains his exit from game
67 7 dead as bus crashes on way to Tokyo Disneyland
68 Obama releases $147M in aid to Palestinians
69 Army experts defuse 600-lb. bomb in N. Ireland
70 25,000 Malaysians rally for reform, face tear gas
71 Multiples charges in London bomb hoax incident
72 Sudan: Arrested foreigners have military history
73 ElBaradei returns to Egypt politics with new party
74 Escaped blind Chinese lawyer under U.S. protection: Activists
75 Huge rally raises question on Malaysia poll timing
76 Iran lawmaker: Fighters in UAE are US-Israeli plot
77 4 missing children found suffocated in Mexico
78 Avengers director Joss Whedon: Yes, he's a geek
79 Government pushes painkiller disposal
80 41 million American workers don't get enough sleep, CDC says
81 Genetically modified crops resistant to 2,4-D spur debate, calls for labeling
82 Green coffee beans may lead to weight loss, study shows
83 Thousands protest health, education cuts in Spain
84 25 college majors with lowest unemployment rates
85 Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service is Free and Simple
86 With air fares soaring, how can passengers trim ticket costs?
87 Art world whodunit: Who broke ancient statue?
88 Secret Service issues stricter behavior standards
89 Ex-Secret Service agent: New rules not really new
90 Scotland Yard mum on reason for Maddy McCann push
91 Atheism & Belief in God: Countries Get Ranked
92 Older People Hold Stronger Belief in God
93 After 60 Years, Wiffle Ball Still Soars
94 Study Reveals Why Lefties Are Rare
95 How Do Tigers Get Their Stripes? Science Not So Certain Now
96 Secret Service Scandal: Why Men Buy Sex
97 Dark Matter May Collide With Atoms Inside You More Often Than Thought
98 Odds of Finding Alien Life Boosted by Billions of Habitable Worlds
99 President Obama Catches View of Dazzling Venus and Moon
100 How Tech Can Help Prevent Violence
101 Ancient Egyptian Mummy Suffered Rare and Painful Disease
102 Space Shuttle Enterprise Lands in NYC for Museum Display
103 Secure and Simple Video Conferencing
104 Lowly Rat Gnaws & Chews to Top of the Rodent World
105 Cameron's Historic Deep-Sea Dive Debuts on National TV
106 Army Wants NonLethal 'Magic Bullet' Drone for Soldiers
107 5 Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams
108 What If the Sky Fell?
109 Obese Drivers Much Less Likely to Wear Seatbelts
110 Tiny Folds Boost Performance of Solar Cells
111 Ecotourism Not a Quick Fix for Poverty, Study Indicates
112 Rare Earth Elements Getting Recycled, Finally
113 Weird Weather is Making America Antsy
114 New Type of Intellectual Disability Discovered
115 Plastic Trash in Oceans May Be 'Vastly' Underestimated
116 Pacific Reef Sharks Vanishing Near Populated Islands
117 Baby Sea Urchins Use Allergy Chemical to Grow Up
118 Key to Happiness: Balanced Perspective on Past, Present & Future
119 Is U.S. Special? American Exceptionalism Debated
120 Hidden Cost of Breast-Feeding Revealed
121 Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Autism
122 Why Pygmies of Africa Are So Short
123 New Self-Cleaning Glass Avoids Fogging, Glare
124 Lethal Combo of Flu, MRSA Bacteria Behind Maryland Family Deaths
125 Analytic Thinking Can Promote Atheism
126 How European Farmers Spread Agriculture Across Continent
127 Rain Quicker to Arrive and Dry Up During Global Warming
128 Study: Individualistic, Patriotic Cultures Are Most Innovative
129 Prescription for Worry? Drug Firms Outsource Research to Universities
130 Extreme Impacts Study Aims to Build Captain America's New Shield
131 How Much Gold Would You Need to Recreate Scrooge McDuck's Gold Coin Swim?
132 Botox May Treat Nighttime Teeth Grinding
133 9 Percent of Older Adults Have Osteoporosis, CDC Says
134 Many Human Viruses May Have Jumped from Bats
135 Armpits, Belly Buttons & Chronic Wounds: The ABCs of Body Bacteria
136 Foodies? Gen. Xers Love to Cook, Even Men
137 Human Body Language Can Mislead Dogs
138 Frog Fungus Causes Grisly Death by Dehydration
139 Anxious Mice Face Higher Cancer Risk
140 For Males Dying to Mate, Only Certain Females Will Do
141 Towers Kill 6.8 Million Birds a Year, Study Estimates
142 Nanotech is Making Water Testing Quicker & Easier
143 How Worrying About Money Affects Your Health
144 Smuggled Cargo Found on Ancient Roman Ship
145 Headache-Plagued Kids Often Opt for Mind-Body Therapies
146 Use of Induced Labor Questioned by Dutch Researchers
147 Asteroid Mining No Crazier Than Deep-Sea Drilling, Advocates Say
148 Mysterious Sea Monster Plant Fossil Baffles Scientists
149 Weddings Get Less Expensive...For the Guests
150 Tetris May Treat PTSD, Flashbacks
151 Science Fiction or Fact: Humanlike Intelligent Machines Will Soon Exist
152 Tech Help for Granny? Geek Squad to the Rescue
153 Is Your Job Killing Your Creativity?
154 New Maps Unlock Seafloor Secrets Off Oregon Coast
155 Birds Form Alliances With Long-Term Neighbors
156 Can World's 'Most Threatened' Tribe Be Saved?
157 Natural Antacid Helped Early Land Creatures Breathe
158 Why Are Some People Better at Drawing than Others?
159 Newest Wildlife Tracking Tool: Leeches?
160 'Gaia' Scientist Takes Back Climate Change Predictions
161 Humans Willing to Blame Robots for Causing Harm
162 Older Americans Keep Working...for Fun
163 Mexico Passes Climate Change Law
164 Clue to Centenarians' Longevity: A Mediterranean Diet
165 Cocaine Eats Up Brain Twice as Fast as Normal Aging
166 What It Really Costs When Walmart Comes to Town
167 Volcano Behind Atlantis Legend Re-Awakens
168 Why Asteroid Mining Makes Huge Dollars and Sense
169 Facial Soap's Surprise Wheat Ingredient Triggers Allergies
170 Why We Are Drawn to Fire
171 Bright Purple Crab Discovered in Philippines
172 Ancient Horse Bones Tell Story of Tibetan Plateau
173 Mysterious Black Mats on Earth Not From Outer Space
174 Popularity of Organic Food Soars
175 Charger Kills Bacteria on Your Filthy Phone