File Title
1 Sharp meets Apple's standards for iPad Retina display, LG lags behind--report
2 Apple says new iPad operates 'well within our thermal specifications'
3 'iTunes Producer 2.6' shows up in OS X Lion Software Update
4 Estimated shipping times for Apple's new iPad improve to 1-2 weeks
5 Consumer Reports says Apple's new iPad heats to 116 degrees running games
6 Apple's calls for repatriation tax holiday gain no traction with White House
7 Microsoft eyes October Windows 8 launch amid growing competition
8 Apple could be top mobile processor maker by end of 2012
9 In-depth review: Apple's third generation iPad and iOS 5.1
10 Judge says Apple request for Google, Motorola documents too 'vague'
11 Apple re-enables in-store pickup for iPad, but most stores still unavailable
12 First wave of Windows 8 tablets rumored to arrive in October
13 Thermal test of iPad's A5X chip shows operating temperature of 97 degrees F
14 Users complain of weak Wi-Fi reception with Apple's new iPad
15 Apple at odds with Motorola, Nokia, RIM over 'nano-SIM' design
16 Combination of iPad 4G LTE & data caps characterized as a 'speed trap'
17 Microsoft rumored to stop funding employee purchases of Apple's iPads, Macs
18 Apple sells 1 million copies of iPhoto for iOS in less than 10 days
19 Apple now reviewing potential components for next-gen LTE iPhone
20 China now leads world in iOS and Android device activations
21 Sprint says iPhone users 'more profitable' than other customers
22 iPhone 4 allegedly combusts while charging overnight
23 Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to feature 4.6-inch Retina Display
24 Targus will replace Slim iPad cases incompatible with new model
25 Adobe releases free public beta of Photoshop CS6
26 HP shareholders question why company isn't more like Apple
27 Apple's haptic touch feedback concept uses actuators, senses force on iPhone, iPad
28 Apple's iPhone tops BlackBerry in RIM's home of Canada for first time
29 Apple and Samsung 'rule the roost' with 90% of mobile industry's profits
30 Apple met with Samsung 4 times in 2010 trying to avoid patent litigation
31 Data stored in Apple's iCloud deemed 'safe' for most users
32 US congressmen inquire about iOS privacy with Apple, 33 developers
33 Safari vulnerability in iOS 5.1 allows URL spoofing
34 RIM hiring iOS developers for enterprise apps
35 Apple loses appeal of $1.2M AppleCare ruling in Italy
36 iTunes, iCloud error currently obstructing some content downloads
37 China Unicom: Partnering with Apple producing 'better-than-expected results'
38 Austin city council approves $8.6M grant for Apple facility
39 Customers lining up for expanded international launch of Apple's new iPad
40 Best Buy sells nearly as many iPhones as Apple does directly
41 Double-resolution icons in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion hint at Retina Macs
42 Sharp, LG begin small-volume shipments of iPad Retina displays
43 Sudden 9% drop in Apple stock triggers temporary trading halt
44 Next-gen iPhone rumored to arrive in fall 2012 with LTE 4G, 3.5-inch screen
45 OS X Lion tested with unreleased Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge chip
46 Tech behind new iPad's color quality attributed to 30% increase in power usage
47 Report: New iPad already accounts for over 6% of all Apple tablets
48 Third-gen iPad reportedly shows inaccurate battery level while charging
49 Apple job listings hint at future iOS telephony features
50 Army rolls out proprietary app marketplace
51 Expect new iPad to accelerate bring-your-own-device trend in the workplace
52 Some iPad 4G users quickly churn through data limits
53 Air Display app turns new iPad into 2048x1536 monitor
54 Simple fixes for new iPad Wi-Fi issues
55 Apple's next-gen iPhone will use bigger 4.6-inch display, report claims
56 Beleaguered RIM BlackBerry loses top spot to Apple's iPhone in Canada
57 Apple: Proview is lying about iPad trademark in China to stave off creditors
58 Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 now, for free
59 Apple patent application reveals advanced TV remote with iCloud features
60 Apple's revolutionary iPad: The PC killer
61 How safe is your data stored in Apple's iCloud? Very safe
62 Foxconn International swings to 2011 net profit
63 Apple files patent application for haptic feedback touch-based user interface
64 Apple's iOS 5.1 code reveals iPhone LTE call and FaceTime switching
65 Why some older Smart Covers are incompatible with Apple's new iPad
66 Fake Android store in China sells real Apple iPhones and iPads
67 'Angry Birds Space' released for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac
68 Apple claims it approached Samsung four times in 2010 to head off patent litigation
69 You and your Apple dividend
70 Headroom: Apple takes 75% of mobile phone profits with just 9% of units sold
71 Steve Jobs tried to hire Linus Torvalds
72 The disruptive power of Apple's iMessage
73 Expert: iPad heat claims overblown, not a real issue
74 U.S. Apple investors, beware looming expiration of Bush era tax cuts
75 U.S. Congress grills 34 iOS developers on compliance with Apple's app privacy policies in official letter
76 Beleaguered RIM looking for developer to 'create exciting iOS enterprise apps' for Apple iPhone, iPad
77 The Bank of Apple: 43% of US and UK Apple product owners would dump current bank for Cupertino Colossus
78 Steve Jobs' last gift to Apple employees
79 Austin city council unanimously approves $8.6 million dollars in incentives for Apple Inc.
80 Samsung Mobile chief 'designer' denies that Samsung's instinct is to slavishly copy Apple
81 John Lewis sales boosted by Apple's new iPad
82 Why TV fears the Apple iBroadcast revolution
83 Was Apple serious about Phoenix-area site?
84 Apple's next-gen iPhone: What to expect
85 Apple shares get fat fingered, stock trading halted briefly, then resumed
86 Apple's 'great stuff' for 2012 should include some jaw-dropping Macs
87 Gartner: Apple became the world's #1 semiconductor buyer in 2011
88 Sharp, LG Display begin iPad Retina display shipments
89 Best Buy now selling almost as many iPhones as Apple themselves
90 If it weren't for Tim Cook, the iPad would have cost $5,000
91 OS X Mountain Lion beta points to Retina display MacBooks coming soon
92 Apple's new iPad launches in 25 more countries today
93 Apple's devoted shareholders get rich, and hang on
94 Global LTE phone shipments to grow 10x this year
95 RUMOR: Apple's next-gen iPhone due in October with 4G LTE, 3.5-inch screen, new 'micro-dock' connector
96 China Unicom: Partnering with Apple producing 'better-than-expected results'
97 Nokia paying AT&T up to $25 million for exclusive employee use of Lumia 900 Windows Phone
98 BATS pulls IPO; glitch rattles, briefly halts Apple trades
99 Dvorak: Microsoft may be poised to challenge Apple--via Xbox
100 Not having Apple's revolutionary iPhone caused 1,900 layoffs at T-Mobile USA
101 iTunes Movie Trailers app updated for new iPad's Retina display with 1080p trailers
102 Apple planning its own mobile voice service?
103 Former Apple TV Engineer: Steve Jobs nixed the new Apple TV UI five years ago
104 Happy 11th birthday, Mac OS X!
105 Granny claims injury, complains Apple Retail Store window glass too clear; demands $1 million