File Title
1 On the Border Between Matter and Anti-Matter: Nanoscientists Find Long-Sought Majorana Particle
2 Uranus Auroras Glimpsed from Earth
3 Twice as Many Emperor Penguins as Thought in Antarctica, First-Ever Penguin Count from Space Shows
4 Decoding Worm Lingo: Eradicating Parasites That Speak Same Language
5 Artificial Photosynthesis Breakthrough: Fast Molecular Catalyzer
6 First-Ever Model Simulation of the Structuring of the Observable Universe
7 Athletic Frogs Have Faster-Changing Genomes
8 Engineered Stem Cells Seek out and Kill HIV in Living Mice
9 Excessive Worrying May Have Co-Evolved With Intelligence
10 Listen Up, Parents: For Toddlers (and Chimps), the Majority Rules
11 Under Climate Change, Winners and Losers On the Coral Reef
12 Discovery of the Musket Ball Cluster, a System of Colliding Galaxy Clusters
13 Jars of Baby Food Very Low in Micro-Nutrients, UK Study Suggests
14 Implantable Medical Device Is Designed to Warn Patients of Impending Heart Attack
15 How a Bump On the Head Could Have Caused Permanent Disability
16 Cyberbullying and Bullying Are Not the Same
17 Recognizing Flipped Famous Faces Might Indicate the Mental Health Problem Body Dysmorphic Disorder
18 'Sounds of Silence' Proving a Hit: World's Fastest Random Number Generator
19 Electron Microscopy Inspires Flexoelectric Theory Behind 'Material On the Brink'
20 Water, Water Everywhere--But Is It Essential to Life? New Findings Could Lead to Better Industrial Enzymes
21 Magnetic Test Technique Helps Ensure Reliability of Microelectronics, PV Cells & MEMS
22 Probing Hydrogen Under Extreme Conditions
23 How to Curb Discharge of the Most Potent Greenhouse Gas: 50-Percent Reduction in Meat Consumption and Emissions
24 European Dung-Fly Females All Aflutter for Large Males
25 Direct Transfer of Plant Genes from Chloroplasts Into the Cell Nucleus: Gene Function Preserved Despite Structural Differences in the DNA
26 Resurfacing Urban Areas to Offset 150 Billion Tons of CO2
27 Nutrient and Toxin All at Once: How Plants Absorb the Perfect Quantity of Minerals
28 Changes in Gene Expression May Help Explain High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy
29 Innovative Glove-Within-A-Mitten Lets Users Stay 'touchscreen Friendly' In Cold Winter
30 3D Planning Tool for the City of Tomorrow
31 New Frontier: Chips Transfer Data at Light Speed
32 New Method for Continuous Production of Carbon Nanotubes
33 The Tamiflu Story Continued: Full Reports from Clinical Trials Should Be Made Publicly Available, Experts Argue
34 New Study Examines Risks and Benefits of the First Line Treatment for Diabetes
35 Serious Complication of Gastrointestinal Procedure Can Be Avoided With Single Dose Medication
36 Timing Pregnancy an Important Health Concern for Women
37 Stem Cells from Pelvic Bone May Preserve Heart Function
38 Head Injuries Often Impair Medical Decision-Making Skills
39 Early Life Emotional Trauma May Stunt Intellectual Development
40 'Brain-Only' Mutation Causes Epileptic Brain Size Disorder
41 Fragile X Syndrome Can Be Reversed in Adult Mouse Brain
42 Distinct Brain Cells Recognize Novel Sights
43 Multitasking: Not So Bad for You After All?
44 To Teach Kids Math, Researcher Devises 'brain Games'
45 Being in Power Does Not Always Magnify Personality
46 Rebuffing Racial Insults: How Culture Shapes Our Behavior
47 Smoking Bans Lead to Less, Not More, Smoking at Home
48 Feral Pigs Can Carry Nasty Bacteria That Can Be Transmitted to People
49 Growing Where No Cell Has Grown Before: Unique Suspension Technique Developed for Large-Scale Stem Cell Production
50 Vegetarians and Those On Restricted Diets Unwittingly Eating Animal Gelatin in Medicine
51 Achilles Heel of Dengue Virus Identified: Target for Future Vaccines
52 Ocean Acidification Linked to Larval Oyster Failure
53 Canary Islands: The Base of the Teide Was Formed in Just 40,000 Years
54 Hawaiian Plant, Thought To Be Newcomer, Actually Shaped Ecology Of The Islands From The Beginning
55 Key to New Antibiotics Could Be Deep Within Isolated Cave
56 Buy Coal? New Analysis Shows Purchasing Fossil Fuel Deposits Best Way to Fight Climate Change
57 Tackle Fungal Forces to Save Crops, Forests and Endangered Animals, Say Scientists
58 Exotic Manure Is Sure to Lure the Dung Connoisseur
59 Duck-Billed Dinosaurs Endured Long, Dark Polar Winters
60 Oldest-Ever Reptile Embryos Unearthed
61 Could 'Advanced' Dinosaurs Rule Other Planets?
62 In 1990s, Researchers Studied Secrets of Titanic Steel
63 What Triggers a Mass Extinction? Habitat Loss and Tropical Cooling Were Once to Blame
64 'Time Machine' Will Study the Early Universe
65 Astronomers Discover Sandstorms in Space
66 Astronomers Identify 12-Billion-Year-Old White Dwarf Stars Only 100 Light Years Away
67 Study On Extrasolar Planet Orbits Suggests That Planetary Systems Like Our Solar System Is the Norm
68 NASA Extends Spitzer, Planck, Kepler Missions
69 Electronics: Low-Temperature Method Could 'Grow' Transparent Zinc Oxide Films for Displays and Solar Cells
70 Dragon Expected to Set Historic Course: SpaceX Spacecraft and Rocket On Demo Flight to International Space Station
71 NASA to Fly Atomic Clock to Improve Space Navigation
72 Keeping Wood Preservatives Where They Belong: In the Wood
73 Hybrid Copper-Gold Nanoparticles Convert CO2
74 Android Vulnerability Debugged
75 From Herd Immunity and Complacency to Group Panic: How Vaccine Scares Unfold
76 True Cost of Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests for Universities Revealed
77 Grid-Based Computing to Fight Neurological Disease
78 Power Without the Cord for Small Devices
79 A Rising Sun for Renewable Energy
80 A Startup Repackages the News for a Facebook Generation
81 NASA Wants to Launch Floating Algae Farms
82 Two Wheels with a Tech Twist
83 Iceland Exports Energy as Data
84 Facebook's New Power Player
85 The U.S. Leads in Clean Energy Investments
86 North Korean Space Mission Goes For Classic Look
87 Facebook's Telescope on Human Behavior
88 Facebook Lets Users Download More of Their Data
89 Molecular "Wankel Engine" Driven By Photons
90 Taxis of Tomorrow, Flying Cars
91 A Monitor that Worries About Your Posture
92 Cancer Medicine is Stuck in the Past
93 China's Mystery Internet Blackout
94 Would you Join the "Facebook of Medicine"?
95 Restored Scribble May Be Shakespeare's Signature
96 Women and Children First? Not Since the Titanic
97 Search for Life Guides NASA's New Mars Mission Plan
98 A Safer Way to Listen to Music
99 Goodnight, Irene! Destructive Hurricane's Name Retired
100 Aging Male Giraffes Go Black, Not Gray
101 New Strategies to Fight Cyberbullying Needed, Scientist Says
102 Want to Save Earth? Cut Out Meat
103 What Would Happen If You Fell into a Black Hole?
104 Egg Donors Don't Hurt Chances of Later Pregnancy, Study Finds
105 Modestly Overweight Pregnant Women Have Heavier Babies
106 Does A Warmer World Mean Less Flu?
107 Study: Corals Reefs Likely to Survive Climate Change
108 Emperor Penguin Numbers Double Previous Estimates, Satellites Show
109 Pulsing Stars Could Probe Space-Time Around Black Holes
110 Climate Change Throws Nature's Timing Out of Whack
111 Army Wants Everything-Proof Clothing for Soldiers
112 List: Most-Challenged Books of 2011
113 Hunger Games: How Controversial Books Build 'Empathy Muscles'
114 Virtual Reality Spiders Crawl Toward Phobia Treatment
115 Dung Beetle's Poop Preference: Smellier the Better
116 Cameron's Dive Stirs Push for Future Deep-Sea Exploration
117 13 Freaky Facts About Friday the 13th
118 Why Everyone Believes in Magic (Even You)
119 Animation Captures Artful Swirl of Ocean Currents
120 Comet Demolition Derby Around Star Surprises Scientists
121 Do Big-Box Stores Help Create Hate Groups? Study Says Yes
122 Baratunde Cola is Engineering a Sustainable Future
123 Teaching Evolution Just Got Tougher in Tennessee
124 Are 4 Big Earthquakes in 2 Days Connected?
125 What's Happening Under Gibraltar?
126 What the Beep? Why Digital Sounds Are So Annoying
127 Astronauts in Orbit Mark Big Space Anniversaries
128 Space Station Crew Set to Welcome 1st Private Cargo Ship
129 The Mind Makes Gunmen Look Larger
130 Secret Source Codes Threaten Modern Science
131 6 Brainy Baboons Pick Words from Gibberish
132 Scientists Take to Skies to Count Threatened Seals
133 Bat on a Plane! Rabies Scare Serves as Warning to Health Officials
134 Toddlers and Chimps 'Go With the Crowd'
135 Distant Galaxies Confirm Accelerating Growth of Universe, Dark Energy
136 Robots Need Not Be Humanoid to Compete in New DARPA Challenge
137 Former Astronauts & NASA Employees Letter on Global Warming
138 Lack of Sleep May Boost Diabetes Risk
139 More Unwed Couples Who Live Together Are Becoming Parents, Too
140 Manatee Mystery: Why Can't They Avoid Speedboats?
141 Former Astronauts & Employees to NASA: Stay Away from Global Warming
142 'Monolith' Object on Mars? You Could Call It That
143 Electric Cars to Tell Power Grid When to Charge Them
144 Could the Titanic Disaster Happen Today?
145 Sperm Whales Form Clans to Fight Off Orcas
146 Mummified Kitten Served As Egyptian Offering
147 Mystery of How Stars Shed Major Pounds May Be Solved
148 To Repel Water, Spray Coating Mimics Lotus Leaf
149 Update: Texas Fireball Real After All, NASA Says
150 Attack of the Killer Fungi: Rising Threat Worries Scientists
151 Human Diarrhea Parasite Found Lurking in Piglets
152 'UFO Galaxy' Spotted by Hubble Telescope