File Title
1 How to make high-end perfumes without whale barf
2 Long-term studies detect effects of disappearing snow and ice
3 Long-term research reveals causes and consequences of environmental change
4 Scientists forecast forest carbon loss
5 Study: Impact of warming climate doesn't always translate to streamflow
6 N/A
7 A bit touchy: Plants' insect defenses activated by touch
8 Sexual reproduction brings long-term benefits, study shows
9 Loss of predators affecting ecosystem health
10 UCSB Study Shows Forest Insects and Diseases Arrive in U.S. Via Imported Plants
11 Digestibility and nutritional value of whey co-products for weanling pigs
12 800-Year-Old Farmers Could Teach Us How to Protect the Amazon
13 New Report Assesses Impact of Climate Change on Forest Diseases
14 Why letting salmon escape could benefit bears and fishers
15 Food insecurity linked to reduced odds of condom use for women in Brazil
16 Study Shows First N.C. Case of Feral Pig Exposure to Nasty Bacteria
17 Study shows adaptive capacity of reef corals to climate change may be widespread
18 First mass extinction linked to marine anoxia
19 Tackle fungal forces to save crops, forests and endangered animals, say scientists
20 Climate Change Boosts Then Quickly Stunts Plants, Decade-long Study Shows
21 Seed size is controlled by maternally produced small RNAs, scientists find
22 Hatchery, OSU scientists link ocean acidification to larval oyster failure
23 Exotic Manure is Sure to Lure the Dung Connoisseur
24 Manatee hearing good enough to sense approaching motorboats
25 Researchers call for a new direction in oil spill research
26 Nutrient and toxin all at once: How plants absorb the perfect quantity of minerals
27 Genetic study unravels ancient links between African and European populations
28 Geologists correct a rift in Africa
29 DNA traces cattle back to a small herd domesticated around 10,500 years ago
30 Exploding dinosaur hypothesis implodes
31 Discovery of foot fossil confirms 2 human ancestor species co-existed 3.4 million years ago
32 Rare animal-shaped mounds discovered in Peru by MU anthropologist
33 Scientists find evidence that human ancestors used fire one million years ago
34 Discovery of the first evidence for Pre-Columbian sources of Maya Blue
35 Burtele Foot Indicates Lucy Not Alone
36 Growing nitrous oxide levels explained
37 Dino eggs shape Easter eggs, says new study
38 Analytical standards needed for 'reading' Pliocene bones
39 800-year-old farmers could teach us how to protect the Amazon
40 Study Finds Significant Skull Differences Between Closely Linked Groups
41 Confirming carbon's climate effects
42 Ice sheet collapse and sea-level rise at the Bolling warming 14,600 years ago
43 Satellite observes rapid ice shelf disintegration in Antarctic
44 History of Abandoned Urban Sites Found Stored in Soil
45 Which plants will survive droughts, climate change?
46 Summer temperature variability may increase mortality risk for elderly with chronic disease
47 Miniature Sandia sensors may advance climate studies
48 Has the Dead Sea Used Up its Nine Lives?
49 Hybrid copper-gold nanoparticles convert CO2
50 Mafic Melts, Methane Seeps, Two Million Waves, Foreign Magma, and the Invisible Hand
51 Buy coal? New analysis shows purchasing fossil fuel deposits best way to fight climate change
52 Gulf Coast residents say BP Oil Spill changed their environmental views, UNH research finds
53 Southeast Asia's billion dollar cassava industry at high risk due to climate change
54 Rapid climate change threatens Asia's Rice Bowl
55 Development of the glial cell revealed
56 Pigeons' homing skill not down to iron-rich beak cells
57 Divorce in birds: She's movin' up, while he's movin' out!
58 Controlling the cut--Nottingham engineers top the leader board
59 New Technology Tracks Sparrow Migration
60 Discovery reveals chromosomes organize into 'yarns'
61 Traffic harms Asturian amphibians
62 Study resolves debate on human cell shut-down process
63 New advances in the understanding of cancer progression
64 Stem cells "by default"
65 Biomarker family found for chemo resistant breast cancers
66 Stoneflies mapped across Ohio, with implications for water quality and nature conservation
67 Out-of-Hand Tree Nut Consumption Associated with Better Diet Quality in Children and Adults
68 Tree Nut Consumption Associated with Lower Body Weight and Lower Prevalence of Health Risks
69 Food-related tolerance in capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) varies with knowledge of the partner's previous food-consumption
70 U of I study: Lose body weight before gaining baby weight
71 New poll shows New York voters support global health research but unsure where it is conducted
72 Caution needed when curbing overuse of healthcare resources, study suggests
73 Job injuries among youth prompt calls for better safety standards
74 Cancer patients prefer risky treatments with larger rewards to 'safe bets'
75 Offering Lung Cancer Screening as an Insurance Benefit Would Save Lives at a Relatively Low Cost
76 uok? Text messages--even automated ones--can soothe the disconnected soul
77 UBC president helps identify key steps to respond to growing Asia Pacific research strengths
78 Dental X-rays linked to common brain tumor
79 Study Shows Botanical Formula Fights Prostate Cancer
80 Pre-nursing home hospitalization of dementia patients incurs sizable Medicare costs
81 Marriage and a High Socioeconomic Level Improve Health
82 Hispanics are worse off than whites under certain university admission policies
83 Michigan cancer programs follow care guidelines for common cancers, study finds
84 Hate group formation associated with big-box stores
85 Imposing trade restrictions on parallel imports can motivate a firm to export, study finds
86 Social ties have mixed impact on encouraging healthy behaviors in low-income areas
87 Pride and prejudice: Pride impacts racism and homophobia
88 BMC study shows diverting passengers to elevators could help reduce falls at Logan Airport
89 In search of more polymers for medical purposes
90 Fragile X syndrome can be reversed in adult mouse brain
91 'Brain-only' mutation causes epileptic brain size disorder
92 Serious complication of gastrointestinal procedure can often be avoided with single dose medication
93 Astronomers discover sandstorms in space
94 Power without the cord
95 Could 'advanced' dinosaurs rule other planets?
96 Real-life scientific tail of the first 'electrified snail'
97 New insights into when beach sand may become unsafe for digging and other contact
98 Data mining opens the door to predictive neuroscience
99 Don't assume the sand is safe
100 New method to prevent undersea ice clogs
101 Evolution of the Sierra Nevada and Walker Lane and Puzzling out the Ancestral Rockies
102 Fomalhaut
103 ALMA Reveals Workings of Nearby Planetary System
104 ALMA Reveals Workings of Nearby Planetary System
105 Discovery of the Musket Ball Cluster: DLSCL J0916.2+2951
106 Policies, learning-by-doing played important role in reducing ethanol costs
107 Processes at the Surface of Catalysts
108 What Triggers a Mass Extinction?
109 Duck-billed dinosaurs endured long, dark polar winters
110 Under climate change, winners and losers on the coral reef
111 New research puts focus on earthquake, tsunami hazard for southern California
112 Genetic adaptation of fat metabolism key to development of human brain
113 Determining total fertility in strip-tilled fields
114 Strip-till improves soybean yield
115 Endangered Bats Find Sanctuary in Israeli "Ghost Bunkers"
116 Raising the school leaving--while learning from another age
117 Information superhighway 'bypassing adult learners'--new study
118 In-School Tests Suggest Overweight Boys and Girls Benefit from Being Fit
119 Glycemic Index Foods at Breakfast Can Control Blood Sugar Throughout the Day
120 U.S. students need new way of learning science
121 Guidelines for preparing high school psychology teachers approved
122 Deaf children's gesture mismatches provide clues to learning moments
123 Physicians less likely to prescribe antidepressants to minorities, Medicaid patients
124 Copper chains: Study reveals Earth's deep-seated hold on copper
125 Researchers find critical regulator to tightly control deadly pulmonary fibrosis
126 UCSF chancellor issues call-to-arms to patient advocates
127 Whole genome sequencing not informative for all, Johns Hopkins study shows
128 Self-sculpting sand
129 From beaker to bits: Collaboration creates computational model of human tissue
130 Stimulating the brain to improve speech, memory, numerical abilities
131 Researchers use a game to change how scientists study outbreaks
132 IDIBELL researchers create an application allowing online statistical analysis of gene-expression data
133 How Usain Bolt can run faster--effortlessly
134 Drawing Connections Between Food Webs
135 From herd immunity and complacency to group panic: How vaccine scares unfold
136 Study links Google search behavior to GDP
137 Pirates, Beware: Navy's Smart Robocopters Will Spy You in the Crowd
138 Researchers Use Game to Change How Scientists Study Disease Outbreaks
139 MU researchers find identical DNA codes in different plant species
140 23andMe Identifies Five Significant Genetic Associations for Hypothyroidism with Web-Based Research Platform
141 Less sleep, disrupted internal 24-hour clock means higher risk of diabetes and obesity
142 Little evidence that insect bite remedies work
143 Targeting glucagon pathway may offer a new approach to treating diabetes
144 Listen up, parents: For toddlers (and chimps), the majority rules
145 Sex, tools and chromosomes
146 Research teams discover cellular system for detecting and responding to poisons and pathogens
147 Kinase test may yield big gains for drug-resistant cancers
148 High levels of phthalates can lead to greater risk for type-2 diabetes
149 Nearly 30% of all college athlete injuries a result of 'overuse'
150 Exercise and attitude may be thermostat for hot flashes
151 Fine-scale analysis of the human brain yields insight into its distinctive composition
152 New study identifies promising, achievable solutions to Nigeria's childhood mortality crisis
153 Studies Reveal How Cells Distinguish Between Disease-Causing and Innocuous Invaders
154 ACR updates guidelines for use of DMARDs and biologic drugs in treating rheumatoid arthritis
155 The ACR endorses standardized measures to determine rheumatoid arthritis disease activity
156 UMass Amherst computer scientist leads the way to the next revolution in artificial intelligence
157 Researchers questioning the link between violent computer games and aggressiveness
158 Should a genetic predisposition to breast cancer be disclosed to children?
159 Credible medical evidence of widespread torture in Darfur
160 Legal review concerning the use of health impact assessments in non-health sectors
161 Quantum computer built inside a diamond
162 A little chin music: Beanballs and the psychology of revenge
163 Predictors identified for rehospitalization among post-acute stroke patients
164 Tamiflu: Full reports from trials should be public and regulators respond to Tamiflu recommendations
165 Online tool estimates youth exposure to alcohol ads on radio
166 UCLA researcher explores the risk and rewards of stem cell products
167 Robotic cats, a kitten mummy and a major UK vet gathering
168 Parolees behaving badly
169 Good news for Parkinson's patients: Drugs may ease depression without worsening motor problems
170 Distinct brain cells recognize novel sights
171 Foes appear larger, more muscular when holding a weapon
172 Speakers of a tone language show improved pitch perception
173 Fear of threats associated with social circle size
174 Do I look bigger with my finger on a trigger? Yes, says UCLA study
175 Chemo Brain Not Always to Blame for Cognitive Declines in Women with Breast Cancer, MU Researcher Says
176 Majority of California's Medi-Cal caregivers live in or near poverty
177 Multitasking--not so bad for you after all?
178 In Environmental Disasters, Families Respond With Conflict, Denial, Silence
179 Majority-biased learning
180 Black Holes Grow Big by Eating Stars
181 The sounds of Mars and Venus are revealed for the first time
182 Fertilizer use responsible for increase in nitrous oxide in atmosphere
183 South Pole Telescope Provides New Insights Into Dark Energy and Neutrinos
184 New isotope measurement could alter history of early solar system
185 Thawing permafrost may have led to extreme global warming events
186 A cannibalistic galaxy with a powerful heart
187 How to plaster the world, cheaply!
188 SDO and STEREO Spot Something New On the Sun
189 University of Oklahoma Astronomer and Colleagues Identify 12 Billion-Year-Old White Dwarf Stars Only 100 Light Years Away
190 'Time machine' will study the early universe
191 UF-led team uses new observatory to characterize low-mass planets orbiting nearby star
192 Diet may treat some gene mutations
193 UCF scientists use nanotechnology to hunt for hidden pathogens
194 Researcher Finds Faster, Cheaper Way To Cool Electronic Devices
195 'Nanobubbles' plus chemotherapy equals single-cell cancer targeting
196 Normalizing tumor blood vessels improves delivery of only the smallest nanomedicines
197 Bats save energy by drawing in wings on upstroke
198 Web-based tool produces fast, accurate autism diagnosis
199 Chips as mini Internets
200 SomaLogic publishes proteomic biomarker analysis of lung cancer tissue samples