File Title
1 Hackers Claim Attack on UK Home Office Website
2 App Aims to Spare Whales From Ships in Atlantic
3 USGS: Some Alaska Polar Bears Losing Their Fur
4 Graphene windows' clearer focus
5 'Expect more online attacks' Anonymous hackers say
6 Afghan night raids: Kabul signs deal with US forces
7 Afghan night raids: Kabul signs deal with US forces
8 Pope Benedict delivers Easter message of peace in Rome
9 Oklahoma murders: Police hold two in Tulsa
10 North Korea moves rocket into place for launch
11 How to strengthen your willpower
12 A Point of View: History, Hogwarts and houses of God
13 Tulsa police launch manhunt after shootings kill three
14 German writer Guenter Grass barred from entering Israel
15 Abu Dhabi sells stake in Tesla electric car firm
16 Titanic memorial cruise sets sail to wreck site
17 Pakistani leader in 'friendly' talks on visit to India
18 60 Minutes' interviewer Mike Wallace dies
19 Eggs thrown at newscaster live on air
20 Remembering Mike Wallace 1918-2012
21 Controversial new theories on the Shroud of Turin
22 Was Noor Almaleki the victim of an honor killing?
23 Navy jet crash a "Good Friday miracle"--but how?
24 Calif. teen splits from teacher after his arrest
25 Autistic girl found dead at bottom of Fla. pond
26 2 suspects arrested in Okla. shootings
27 Kinkade drew many fans, few critical raves
28 Pilots in Navy jet crash had few options
29 Contracts expire for many at AT&T, talks continue
30 Neighbors fearful after shootings in Tulsa
31 Franklin Graham: The hell-raising evangelist's son
32 Russian opposition activists rally on Red Square
33 LA looks to revive mythic past with streetcars
34 More women vets are homeless, but housing scarce
35 Cardinal Dolan: Politics not overrun by religion
36 Holder letter: A crafty piece of advocacy
37 Women veterans struggling to find work
38 The Phantom Toolbooth: Crafting a literary classic
39 Ben Stein: Israel faces another Holocaust
40 When medical implants fail
41 Pro poker player suspected in double murder
42 The real-life mystery of Texas' 'killing fields'
43 Patti Smith, an artist never at rest
44 In Easter message Pope urges end to Syria bloodshed
45 Iraq: Video appears to show top Saddam deputy
46 Senior Iran lawmaker nixes Turkey for nuke talks
47 Pope holds Easter candle at basilica vigil
48 China troubled by Pyongyang rocket launch plans
49 Israel calls on Iran to give up enriched uranium
50 Yemen: Ex-president's loyalists attack airport
51 Syria: We won't pull troops out of cities
52 Greece: Violence erupts after memorial for suicide
53 NKorea rocket launch draws more worry than Iran's
54 Mom: Man accused in fatal cop shooting depressed
55 From Megachurch to "Gigachurch"
56 Biden says contraception debate "remarkable"
57 Cardinal Dolan: Gov't contraception policy a "radical intrusion"
58 Women candidates to make inroads in Congress
59 Apple plans nation's biggest private fuel cell energy project in NC
60 Google announces Floor Plan app for venue owners
61 Advanced power-grid research finds low-cost, low-carbon future in West
62 Fermi observations of dwarf galaxies provide new insights on dark matter
63 First, fast, and faster
64 Thawing permafrost 50 million years ago led to extreme global warming events
65 Google gives glimpse of Internet glasses
66 Research brings new understanding to past global warming events
67 Linux Foundation takes Linux pulse in progress report
68 Long term North Atlantic surface temperature fluctuations linked to aerosols
69 Going ape for apps: young orangutan plays with iPad
70 Warm and fuzzy T. rex? New evidence surprises
71 Flying car a 'step closer': Terrafugia (Update)
72 Google's self-driving car takes blind man on errands
73 Study: Female students wary of the engineering workplace
74 Hackers hitting Macs with virus: industry experts
75 Handheld plasma flashlight rids skin of notorious pathogens
76 Why Europe's climate faces a stormy future
77 Lenses can bend light and sound in almost any direction
78 Physicists control quantum tunneling with light for the first time
79 Quad-core Snapdragon S4 is firing up for laptop wars
80 Professor's hypothesis may be game changer for evolutionary theory
81 Breakthrough could slash R&D time for next generation of hydrogen fuel cells
82 Study ties oil, gas production to Midwest quakes
83 Astronomers detect vast amounts of gas and dust around black hole in early universe
84 Cornell researchers striving to understand memorable movie quotes
85 Use of imidacloprid--common pesticide--linked to bee colony collapse
86 Micromechanical mirror performs under pressure...of light
87 New finding affects understanding of formation of the solar system
88 Earth's other moons
89 Physics group uses graphene to allow electron microscopy of liquid objects
90 Using radio waves to bake tumors
91 Nanoparticle-delivered RNA interference drug stops head and neck cancer growth
92 Quantum dots provide quantitative profile of pancreatic cancer biomarkers on single cells
93 Tiny hitchhikers attack cancer cells: Gold nanostars first to deliver drug directly to cancer cell nucleus
94 Carbon nanotubes can double growth of cell cultures important in industry
95 Using cell phones to detect harmful airborne substances
96 'Tunable' metal nanostructures for fuel cells, batteries and solar energy
97 Team develops most sensitive scale ever
98 New method offers control of strain on graphene membranes
99 Multiple groups claim to create first atom-thick silicon sheets
100 Noxious nanotech: Water-borne nanomaterials promote multidrug-resistance gene transfer
101 Microprocessors from pencil lead
102 Researchers theorize cold compression of graphite results in new superhard carbon allotropes
103 Researchers develop plant-based technology that helps biofuels, may fight cancer
104 New detector design improves gamma-ray measurements
105 ATLAS detector ready to match large hadron collider improvements
106 LHC physics data taking gets underway at new record collision energy of 8TeV
107 End of the magic: Shell model for beryllium isotopes invalidated
108 Scientists discover initial stages by which gypsum crystals form
109 Shifting sands: New model predicts how sand and other granular materials flow
110 Generating first-ever controlled ultrafast radiation, using a plasma
111 No-photon laser: Physicists demonstrate 'superradiant' laser design
112 Quantum computer built inside a diamond
113 Lego pirate proves, survives, super rogue wave
114 Quantum control protocols could lead to more accurate, larger scale quantum computations
115 First light of powerful new Keck Observatory MOSFIRE instrument
116 How would humans respond to first contact from an alien world?
117 The pit-chains of Mars--a possible place for life?
118 Team finds asteroids were bombarded by iron loving elements too
119 Venus found to have aurora type magnetotails
120 Gravity changes along the Moon
121 Long-term studies detect effects of disappearing snow and ice
122 Impact of warming climate doesn't always translate to streamflow
123 Long-term research reveals causes and consequences of environmental change
124 Paint and bombs try to save ships from Titanic fate
125 NASA jets buzz the capitol
126 Scottish experts assess platform gas leak impact
127 EU says airline CO2 tax 'less than a coffee'
128 Space astronomy archive, distant supernova, named in honor of U.S. Senator
129 Children perceive humanoid robot as emotional, moral being
130 Tech review: New iPad an all-around upgrade
131 Samsung offers Ultra High Speed-1 MicroSD cards for advanced LTE smartphones, tablets
132 Review: Nokia Lumia 900 hindered by software
133 Fujitsu develops a 2.3kW high-capacity power supply unit for servers, conversion efficiency rate of 94.8%
134 Fujitsu technology puts big data to use in minutes
135 Review: Wi-Fi bunny improves, still seeks purpose
136 MIT scientists launch personalized robot project
137 Robosquirrels versus rattlesnakes
138 BlackBerry may soon capture your eye and identity
139 Young, affluent snap up smartphones
140 Epson's 3-D glasses simulate 80-inch screen
141 Bend-it e-books get real with EPD in factory mode
142 Google plans low-price tablet computer
143 Sales-tax collection likely in Amazon's future
144 British interior ministry probes website attack
145 California warns of lost parent-child data
146 Glove designers plan messaging path for deaf-blind
147 California ballgame inspires first-ever "news mob"
148 Taiwan's HTC says first quarter profit down 70%
149 Yahoo CEO tries to reassure workers after layoffs
150 China shuts political websites in crackdown
151 Amazon aims to wring deep discounts from publishers
152 Google creates a spectacle with project
153 Researchers develop first silicon wafer-scale 110 GHz phased array transmitter
154 Global manhunt pushes limits of social mobilization
155 Utah breach affects 25,000 Social Security numbers
156 Colombia's tinted gold passes for precious stones
157 Powerful magnets help scientists create new materials for use in low-carbon energy
158 Scientists identify major source of cells' defense against oxidative stress
159 Researchers develop novel technique for early detection of misfolded protein
160 Navigating the neurochemical space by computer-aided molecular design
161 Researcher cuts teeth in new method
162 Form and function in enzyme activity
163 How to make high-end perfumes without whale barf
164 Understanding of radiation damage LEAPs forward
165 New research reveals food ingredients most prone to fraudulent economically motivated adulteration
166 Future naval force may sail with the strength of titanium
167 New metal alloy electrode designed for plus-sized ions
168 Red wine, fruit compound could help block fat cell formation
169 Shedding light on photosynthesis
170 Defying conventional wisdom, water can float on oil
171 Vomiting caterpillars weigh up costs and benefits of group living
172 Which plants will survive droughts, climate change?
173 Scientists forecast forest carbon loss
174 Whales' signals reveal retreat from ill-fated oil rig
175 Egg Cetera #1: The immortal egg
176 Two salmon-eating sea lions killed at Bonneville Dam
177 Single gene mutation can sweep through bacterial population, opening the door for the concept of 'species'
178 Researchers discover unique suspension technique for large-scale stem cell production
179 New stem cell line provides safe, prolific source for disease modeling and transplant studies
180 Lighting up plant cells to engineer biology
181 Miami blue butterfly to be declared endangered
182 Scientists discover new threat to birds posed by invasive pythons
183 Diversification of land plants
184 Study finds molecular switch that controls liver glucose production, may offer target for type II diabetes therapy
185 New 'genetic bar code' technique establishes ability to derive DNA information from RNA
186 Largest-ever genome-wide study identifies genes for common childhood obesity
187 Scientists report major breakthrough in age-related macular degeneration prevention
188 How stress influences disease: Research reveals inflammation as the culprit
189 Obesity accounts for 21% of medical care costs
190 Mice fed a high-fat diet show signs of artery damage after only 6 weeks
191 New immune defence enzyme discovered
192 Gene mapping for everyone? Study says not so fast
193 Homophobia linked to lack of awareness of one's sexual orientation and authoritarian parenting, study shows
194 Artemisinin-resistant untreatable malaria increasing rapidly along the Thailand-Myanmar border: study
195 Novel method combats malaria drug resistance
196 Invasive heart test being dramatically overused, study shows
197 Research team finds compound that can spur cartilage growth
198 Hackers Claim Attack on UK Home Office Website
199 Predictors identified for rehospitalization among post-acute stroke patients
200 Once considered mainly 'brain glue,' astrocytes' power revealed
201 Scientists unlock cause of congenital birth defects
202 Complex role of genes in autism revealed
203 Taking multivitamins won't prevent canker sores, study says
204 Manipulating the immune system to develop 'next-gen' vaccines
205 Women cannot rewind the 'biological clock'
206 Take your time: Neurobiology sheds light on the superiority of spaced vs. massed learning
207 Antibiotics a safe and viable alternative to surgery for uncomplicated appendicitis, say experts
208 Study: Epstein Barr virus protects against autoimmune disease
209 New research finds cause of morphine side effects
210 Big advance against cystic fibrosis
211 New research could lead to better treatments for cardiovascular disease
212 Problems in recycling cellular waste linked to clogged arteries
213 Researchers derive purified lung and thyroid progenitors from embryonic stem cells
214 Most Americans say media coverage of religion too sensationalized
215 Young Americans less likely to drive
216 Cutting through ancient evidence of human tool use
217 Study shows arts education benefits at-risk youth
218 Using less effort to think, opinions lean more conservative
219 US students need new way of learning science
220 Well preserved mammoth from Siberia shows signs of early man stealing from lions
221 Texting in college classrooms common, distracting
222 Teachers think white females lag behind in math, study finds
223 Dino eggs shape Easter eggs, says new study
224 New index identifies periods when global stock markets might decline
225 African Americans are more apt to blog than whites, latinos
226 Analytical standards needed for 'reading' Pliocene bones
227 Study links Google search behavior to GDP
228 From herd immunity and complacency to group panic: How vaccine scares unfold