File Title
1 Cosmic 'Leaf Blower' Robs Galaxy of Star-Making Fuel
2 New Early Warning System for Seizures Could Lead to Fewer False Alarms
3 New Isotope Measurement Could Alter History of Early Solar System
4 Amount of Coldest Antarctic Water Near Ocean Floor Decreasing for Decades
5 10,000 Simulations Show Warming Range of 1.4 to 3 Degrees by 2050
6 Coral Links Ice Sheet Collapse to Ancient 'Mega Flood'
7 New Light Shone On Photosynthesis
8 Dwarf Galaxies Provide New Insights On Dark Matter
9 Ancient Egyptian Cotton Unveils Secrets of Domesticated Crop Evolution
10 Evidence That Human Ancestors Used Fire One Million Years Ago
11 Sampling the Pacific for Signs of Fukushima
12 Sparrows Change Their Tune to Be Heard in Noisy Cities
13 Link Between Estrogen and Tobacco Smoke: Estrogen May Help Promote Lung Cancer
14 Children: Better Protection from Influenza With Improved Vaccine
15 Scientists Find Increased ApoE Protein Levels May Promote Alzheimer's Disease
16 DNA Marker Indicates If Ovarian Cancer Treatment Will Be Successful, Study Suggests
17 'Positive Stress' Helps Protect Eye from Glaucoma
18 NASA's SOFIA Captures Image of Dying, Outflowing Star
19 Icy Moons Through Cassini's Eyes
20 'Mount Sharp' On Mars Links Geology's Past and Future
21 Flying Formation--Around the Moon at 3,600 Mph
22 Nanoscale Magnetic Media Diagnostics by Rippling Spin Waves
23 New Report On the State of Polar Regions
24 U.S. Temperatures Hit Record Highs in March
25 Incisive Research Links Teeth With Diet
26 Darwin in the Genome: Research On Stickleback Fish Shows How Adaptation to New Environments Involves Many Genes
27 Robosquirrels Versus Rattlesnakes
28 Nearly Half of Cancer Survivors Died from Conditions Other Than Cancer
29 Caffeine and Exercise May Be Protective Against Skin Cancer Caused by Sun Exposure, Study Suggests
30 Young Girls More Likely to Report Side Effects After HPV Vaccine
31 Promising Vaccine Targets On Hepatitis C Virus
32 Infection Linked to Dangerous Blood Clots in Veins and Lungs
33 Partner Aggression in High-Risk Families Affects Parenting Beginning at Birth
34 Seeing Double: 1 in 30 Babies Born in US Is a Twin
35 Special Class of Natural Fats Stimulates Immune Cells to Fight Diseases
36 Combination Drug Treatment Can Cut Malaria by 30 Percent
37 New Clues to Development of Blood and Other Cancers
38 Parents of Children With Autism More Likely to Get Common Ailments
39 Nearly Half of Preschoolers Lack One Parent-Supervised Playtime Per Day
40 Empathy Doesn't Extend Across the Political Aisle
41 Discovery Paves Way for Improved Painkillers
42 Teen Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use and Abuse Starts Earlier Than You Might Think
43 Less Than 1 in 6 Americans Frequently Washes Grocery Totes Increasing Risk for Food Poisoning
44 In-Depth Look at Homework Distractions
45 Being Ignored Online or in Person, It's Still Exclusion
46 Men Start Businesses for the Money: Women for the Social Value
47 Long Television Commercials Evoke Stronger Emotions
48 Eating Cruciferous Vegetables May Improve Breast Cancer Survival
49 Death Cap Mushroom Poison to Arrest Pancreatic Cancer in Mice, Study Suggests
50 Newly Found Protein Helps Cells Build Tissues
51 Too Dog Tired to Avoid Danger: Like Humans, Dogs Engage in Riskier Behaviors When Their Self-Control Is Depleted
52 How Key Protein Protects Against Viral Infections
53 Herbicide Can Induce Morphological Changes in Vertebrate Animals: Tadpoles Change Shape
54 Scientists Find Slow Subsidence of Earth's Crust Beneath the Mississippi Delta
55 Fertilizer Use Responsible for Increase in Nitrous Oxide in Atmosphere
56 Grey Seals in Baltic Sea Consume as Much Fish as the Fishing Industry Catches, Research Finds
57 Experts Recommend Halving Global Fishing for Crucial Prey Species
58 New Understanding to Past Global Warming Events: Hyperthermal Events May Be Triggered by Warming
59 The Role of Physics in the Sinking of the Titanic
60 Picky Females Promote Diversity
61 Scientists Refine Earth's Clock: Some Events in Planet's History Happened More Recently Than Previously Thought
62 When Dinosaurs Roamed a Fiery Landscape
63 Mars-Bound NASA Craft Adjusts Path, Tests Instruments
64 Growing Up Supermassive: A Black Hole's Diet of Stars
65 South Pole Telescope Homes in On Dark Energy, Neutrinos
66 Organics Probably Formed Easily in Early Solar System
67 Measuring the Cosmic Dust Swept Up by Earth
68 China's Rapid Economic Growth Means Population Is 'Wealthier but Unhappier'
69 To Boldly Go Where No Glass Has Gone Before: Glass Made in Absence of Gravity
70 New Light Shed On Catalytic Reactions Used by Plants to Split Oxygen from Water
71 Turning Down the Heat but Keeping Warm
72 Getting to the Moon On Drops of Fuel
73 Computer Scientist Leads the Way to the Next Revolution in Artificial Intelligence
74 Link Between Violent Computer Games and Aggressiveness Questioned
75 New Quantum Encryption Method Foils Hackers
76 Self-Sculpting Sand: Heaps of 'Smart Sand' Could Assume Any Shape, Form New Tools or Duplicatie Broken Parts
77 Photonics: Integrated Laser On Silicon Is Looking Good
78 Marvel Gets Augmented
79 'Kinect Star Wars' Game Review
80 'Titanic' is Back: Why Do We Love Sad Movies?
81 What's the Saddest Movie of All Time?
82 'Titanic': James Cameron Corrects Stars for Film's 3-D Release
83 Instagram for Android Phones Available Now
84 'Angry Birds,' the Animated Series, Coming This Fall
85 Critics Blast UK Plans for More Snooping, Secrecy
86 IMAX Gives 2 Space Shuttle Cameras to Smithsonian
87 IBM: Indiana Canceled Deal Because of Budget Woes
88 Yahoo Dumping 2,000 Workers in Latest Purge
89 FDA Finds More Vials of Fake Cancer Drug
90 Cancer Patients Fume Over Counterfeit Avastin
91 Narcolepsy: Woman Fights to Stay Standing, Even on Dates
92 Scientists Discover Narcolepsy Gene
93 Jet Lag Drug Allows Travelers Be at 'Top of Game'
94 Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep
95 Violent Sleepwalkers Can Kill When Interrupted
96 Parasomnias: The Science of Unsound Sleep
97 5 Medical Tests You May Not Need
98 Ultrasounds, MRIs Can Find More Breast Cancer, Says Study
99 High March Temps May Lead to Early Allergies, Bed Bugs
100 50 Shades of Grey: Why 'Mommy Porn' is Hot
101 Kinky Sex Is on the Rise, Therapists Say
102 Ever-Tightening Security Creates Misery for Senior Fliers
103 What's Different With Airline Security Today
104 Stupidest Travel Questions Ever
105 Tired locusts hold breath to rest their brains
106 X-rays shed new light on lung function
107 Mutant bird flu 'much less lethal'
108 Woolly mammoth carcass may have been cut into by humans
109 Women's height linked to ovarian cancer
110 Self-sculpting sand robots are under development at MIT
111 South Africa: Fibreglass rhino dehorned by thief
112 Nature's weirdest mating practices
113 Eight radical solutions for the water shortage
114 Who, What, Why: How many soldiers died in the US Civil War?
115 Yahoo to cut 2,000 more jobs in new redundancy round
116 Texas tornadoes: Airport hit as Dallas counts cost
117 Somalia theatre bombing kills top sports officials
118 Russian warns against arming Syrian opposition
119 Forty years in solitary confinement and counting
120 Can Brave reverse Disney box office fortunes?
121 For sale: 1964 Mercury, one lady owner, 576,000 miles
122 French academic Descoings found dead in New York hotel
123 Hello! showcases the glamorous face of Pakistan
124 Lashkar-e-Taiba founder decries 'ridiculous' US bounty
125 Robot history: The rise of the drone
126 Angola: Ten years of peace but at what price?
127 The mystery over who attacked the Holy Thorn Tree
128 Yahoo lays off 2,000 employees as Skype hires 400 staff
129 Russian-built nuclear submarine joins Indian navy
130 What the French really think about The Artist
131 '9/11 planners' to face US trials
132 TomTom issues software 'fix' for sat-nav bug
133 Minecraft maker reveals new 'hard science-fiction' game
134 Blackberry earthquake app rolled out in Mexico
135 EMI Music terminates Grooveshark streaming deal
136 Lancashire agrees broadband deal
137 Facebook counters Yahoo's legal action with a lawsuit
138 Mobile phone users could get free 0800 calls
139 Jessie J Blackberry event stabbing: Man in hospital
140 Device to fight anaemia in India about to go on sale
141 NHS reforms: GPs losing faith, BBC poll suggests
142 Metal-on-metal hips cancer fears allayed
143 Janet Balaskas: campaigner for active birth movement
144 Next Issue launches "Netflix for magazines"
145 Instagram for Android gets 1 million downloads in first day
146 Google Art Project features White House, the Met, National Gallery
147 Instagram launches for Android smartphones
148 Stars literally overhauled for Titanic 3D
149 Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case
150 Dancing with the Stars: Jack Wagner eliminated, as controversy reigns
151 Humans used fire 1 million years ago, says study
152 IBM to study universe with massive telescope
153 New silly (and sexual) fitness device Free Flexor: Does it work?
154 Gold plunges to its lowest level since January
155 APNewsBreak: Most Ala. firms miss immigration goal
156 Appeals court fires back at Obama's comments on health care case
157 Obama hammers GOP over "radical vision"
158 Wisconsin gov.: Unions an entitlement, not a right
159 Mary J. Blige's Burger King commercial pulled
160 Is it OK to discriminate against obese people?
161 Steps to make your business insanely profitable
162 Airline to charge passengers for using bin space
163 Why filing your taxes on extension is a good idea
164 4 things you need to know about email's BCC field
165 One Fla. teacher gets all his kids to graduate
166 What would cancer treatment for "Mad Men's" Betty Draper be like in the 1960s?
167 Salmonella spreading rapidly across 19 states: Spicy tuna rolls to blame?
168 World's oldest doctor Leila Denmark dies at 114
169 Doctors unveil "Choosing Wisely" campaign to cut unnecessary medical tests
170 Salmonella outbreak sickens 90 in 19 states
171 Dan Savage talks dating, sex and relationships on "Savage U"
172 Is Starbucks ditching bug dye from its Strawberry Frappuccinos?
173 Study: People with autism better at processing information
174 Survey reveals shocking levels of teen drinking, drug abuse
175 Researchers warn kids don't get enough outdoor playtime
176 Half of cancer survivors die from other conditions