File Title
1 Calls for George Zimmerman Death Find Home on Social Media
2 Apple Foxconn Investigation: Serious Worker Rights Issues Reported, Major Changes For Chinese Workers Promised
3 Transcript: 'Nightline's' Bill Weir's Interview with FLA Head Auret van Heerden on Foxconn Audit
4 Foxconn, Apple, and the Fair Labor Association Respond to ABC News' Exclusive Report
5 A Trip to The iFactory: 'Nightline' Gets an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple's Chinese Core
6 Groups Work to Save Aging Trail-Marking Trees
7 UK LulzSec Suspect Jailed for Contacting US Hacker
8 Panel Backs Sharing Studies of Lab-Made Bird Flu
9 Groupon Says 4th-Quarter Was Weaker Than Reported
10 Man's Miracle Recovery: From Paralyzed to Helping Others
11 Keeping Chilly Lab Mice Warm: Key to Better Science?
12 FDA: We Won't Ban BPA (For Now)
13 Autism Rate Soars Nearly 80 Percent
14 Survey gets a grip on dark energy
15 Dead stars 'to guide spacecraft'
16 Concerns over India rivers order
17 Give me a home where the snow leopards roam
18 US lottery: Search on for $640m jackpot winners
19 Tuareg rebels assault key Mali garrison town of Gao
20 Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi set for key elections
21 Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood names presidency candidate
22 Syria links troop pullback from cities to 'security'
23 New Yorkers stock up for Passover
24 Booking Bob: Bringing Redford to the interview chair
25 China arrests over coup rumours
26 EDL takes part in far-right European rally in Denmark
27 Azamara cruise ship sails for Malaysia after fire repairs
28 Cuba declares Good Friday holiday after Pope visit
29 Marseille: One Square Mile of France
30 Three US credit firms warn of security breach
31 Science celebrates cocoa and chocolate's potential health benefits
32 Standard test may miss food ingredients that cause milk allergy
33 World scientists define united approach to tackling food insecurity
34 How to save Europe's most threatened butterflies
35 Study Finds Circle Hooks Lower Catch Rate For Offshore Anglers
36 Fish oil added to yogurt may help consumers meet daily nutritional requirements
37 A new paradox on our plate?
38 Studies show how common crop pesticide harms bees
39 Weakness can be an advantage in surviving deadly parasites, a new study shows
40 Genetic mutation depicted in van Gogh's sunflower paintings revealed by scientists
41 UGA scientists reveal genetic mutation depicted in van Gogh's sunflower paintings
42 Plant research reveals new role for gene silencing protein
43 Scientists clone 'survivor' elm trees
44 Dolphins cultivate loose alliances
45 Revival of the American elm tree
46 Forest-destroying avalanches on the rise due to clear-cut logging
47 Some corals like it hot: Heat stress may help coral reefs survive climate change
48 The Electronic Nose Knows When Your Cantaloupe is Ripe
49 Bees 'Self-Medicate' When Infected With Some Pathogens
50 Declines in Caribbean coral reefs pre-date damage resulting from climate change
51 Published Study Finds Usage of, Recommendations for Dietary Supplements High Among Dietitians
52 Planet under Pressure conference, London: Final statement
53 Evolving to Fight Epidemics: Weakness Can Be an Advantage
54 Preventing home invasions means fighting side-by-side for coral-dwelling crabs and shrimp
55 Research reveals first evidence of hunting by prehistoric Ohioans
56 Ancient 'graffiti' unlock the life of the common man
57 What have we got in common with a gorilla?
58 University of Bristol archaeologists unearth slave burial ground on St. Helena
59 Smithsonian scientists discover that multiple species of seacows once coexisted
60 Iridescent, feathered dinosaur: New evidence that feathers evolved to attract mates
61 Statue, chapels and animal mummies found in Egypt by U of T team
62 Scientists name 2 new species of horned dinosaur
63 Mystery human fossils put spotlight on China
64 Past in monsoon changes linked to major shifts in Indian civilizations
65 Spotting ancient sites, from space
66 Ancient civilizations reveal ways to manage fisheries for sustainability
67 Archaeologists reconstruct diet of Nelson's Navy with new chemical analysis of excavated bones
68 Genetic study unravels ancient links between African and European populations
69 Geologists correct a rift in Africa
70 DNA traces cattle back to a small herd domesticated around 10,500 years ago
71 Exploding dinosaur hypothesis implodes
72 Discovery of foot fossil confirms 2 human ancestor species co-existed 3.4 million years ago
73 Rare Animal-Shaped Mounds Discovered in Peru by MU Anthropologist
74 Minority women still most underrepresented in science despite progress
75 Signs of thawing permafrost revealed from space
76 Air pollution from trucks and low-quality heating oil may explain childhood asthma hot spots
77 West Antarctic Ice Shelves Tearing Apart at the Seams
78 Mars: The Glass Planet? Plus: Global climate change on Mars examined and more new Geology science now online
79 Mud manifests history of clear water in murky Minnesota duck depot Lake Christina
80 How to save Europe's most threatened butterflies
81 Fossil raindrop impressions imply greenhouse gases loaded early atmosphere
82 States keep up with ozone mandates
83 International commission offers road map to sustainable agriculture
84 Study: Conservatives' trust in science has fallen dramatically since mid-1970s
85 New material cuts energy costs of separating gas for plastics and fuels
86 PCBs levels down in Norwegian polar bears
87 CO2 was hidden in the ocean during the Ice Age
88 Increasing water scarcity in California's Bay-Delta will necessitate trade-offs; 'hard decisions' needed to balance various environmental risks
89 SMU's David Blackwell touts nationwide geothermal energy potential at Capitol Hill science briefing
90 Extreme weather threatens rich ecosystems
91 Brain wiring a no-brainer?
92 On the path to age-defying therapies
93 Being bilingual wards off symptoms of dementia
94 Scientists create compounds that dramatically alter biological clock and lead to weight loss
95 Tiny sensors could aid rapid MRSA detection
96 Mites form friendly societies
97 Culprit behind unchecked angiogenesis identified
98 The link between fast food and depression has been confirmed
99 Amyloid beta in the brain of individuals with Alzheimer's disease
100 Tales from the crypt lead researchers to cancer discovery
101 Newly Discovered Foot Points to a New Kid on the Hominin Block
102 Penn biologists identify a key enzyme involved in protecting nerves from degeneration
103 Tokai Pharmaceuticals' galeterone well-tolerated in patients with advanced prostate cancer
104 Commonly used diabetes drug may help to prevent primary liver cancer
105 Cities forecast to expand by area equal to France, Germany and Spain combined in less than 20 years
106 NIH study shows survival advantage for bypass surgery compared with non-surgical procedure
107 9 million bicycles, but what about the cars in Beijing?
108 School-based mental health support results in positive outcomes for children
109 Michigan's tourism industry to grow in 2012
110 Low testosterone level in Amazonian tribe responds to competition
111 In immersion foreign language learning, adults attain, retain native speaker brain pattern
112 Beyond GDP: Experts preview 'Inclusive Wealth' index at Planet under Pressure conference
113 Consumers Misunderstand "Cruelty-Free" Labeled Products, MU, Oregon Researchers Find
114 Meditation Improves Emotional Behaviors in Teachers, Study Finds
115 Gladstone Scientists identify key mechanism involved in Type 2 diabetes
116 New Research Finds Annual Cost of Autism Has More Than Tripled to $126 Billion in the U.S. and Reached 34 Billion pounds in the U.K.
117 Mass privatization put former communist countries on road to bankruptcy, corruption
118 Reducing cash bite of wind power
119 LSUHSC research finds HPV-related head & neck cancers rising, highest in middle-aged white men
120 Mom Was Right: It's What You Know, Not Who You Know
121 Benefits of taking Fido to work may not be far 'fetched'
122 'Backpacking' bacteria
123 Genes for learning, remembering, forgetting
124 Scientists refine Earth's clock
125 New understanding of how materials change when rapidly heated
126 How quantum physics could make 'The Matrix' more efficient
127 Cassiopeia A: A Star Explodes and Turns Inside Out
128 Ultrafast laser pulses shed light on elusive superconducting mechanism: U of British Columbia
129 UC San Diego Physicists Find Patterns in New State of Matter
130 Much faster than a speeding bullet, planets and stars escape the Milky Way
131 Physicists Explain the Collective Motion of Particles Called Fermions
132 UCLA Engineering researchers use electricity to generate alternative fuel
133 Oscillating Gel Acts Like Artificial Skin, Giving Robots Potential Ability to "Feel"
134 Microprocessors from pencil lead
135 Clocking an accelerating universe: First results from BOSS
136 Honeycombs of magnets could lead to new type of computer processing
137 US stockpile security and international monitoring capabilities strengthened, says new report on technical issues behind the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty
138 Images capture split personality of dense suspensions
139 Getting to the moon on drops of fuel
140 Novel filter material could cut natural gas refining costs
141 Study suggests why some animals live longer
142 When dinosaurs roamed a fiery landscape
143 Report presents designs for study of cancer risks near US nuclear facilities
144 New seismic hazard assessment for Central America
145 Volcanic plumbing exposed
146 Will a genetic mutation cause trouble? Ask Spliceman
147 Bias in decision-making leads to poor choices and may be linked to depression
148 Sexual reproduction can increase genetic variation but reduce species diversity
149 MIT research: Sometimes the quickest path is not a straight line
150 The shape of things to come
151 Scientists tap the cognitive genius of tots to make computers smarter
152 Alleged robo-calling may have significantly impacted voting
153 The 'twilight zone' of traffic costs lives at stoplight intersections
154 Silicon-carbon electrodes snap, swell, don't pop
155 Diverse catches are better for fishery ecosystems
156 Vineyard records link early grape ripening to climate change
157 Straintronics: Engineers create piezoelectric graphene
158 Who wouldn't pay a penny for a sports car?
159 Engineers enlist weather model to optimize offshore wind plan
160 Military Analytics Expert Sees Tens of Billions in Supply Chain Efficiencies as Alternative to Looming Pentagon Force Structure Reductions
161 Getting in rhythm helps children grasp fractions, study finds
162 Mills to serve as primary reviewer for the next generation of U.S. science standards
163 High school math teachers may not make the grade when it comes to gender bias
164 Swarming and transporting
165 Using game theory to understand the physics of cancer propagation
166 Researchers create molecular Braille to identify DNA molecules
167 Once considered mainly 'brain glue,' astrocytes' power revealed
168 A*STAR Scientists Discover Key Component In The Mother's Egg Critical For Survival Of Newly Formed Embryo
169 Kidney cancer subtype study finds low recurrence and cancer death rates
170 Immune therapies: The next frontier in battle against atherosclerosis
171 Starvation linked to greater risk of cardiac complications
172 Children who develop asthma have lung function deficits as neonates
173 Middle-of-the-night PCIs do not adversely affect success of next-day procedures
174 Making mice comfy leads to better science, Stanford researcher says
175 ADHD is over-diagnosed
176 IOM report identifies public health actions for improving the lives of those with epilepsy
177 Lung cancers detected by CT screening grow as fast as those found with traditional methods
178 NIH study finds women spend longer in labor now than 50 years ago
179 Study supports using virtual environment to teach mind/body techniques
180 Early clinical data show galeterone safe, effective against prostate cancer
181 Metformin appeared to slow prostate cancer growth
182 Biomarker identified in relation to drug response in refractory urothelial cancer
183 Towards TB elimination: ECDC and ERS introduce new guidelines on tuberculosis care in Europe
184 Oxygen in tumors predicts prostate cancer recurrence
185 2 targeted therapies act against Ewing's sarcoma tumors
186 Ethical concerns about incentives in clinical research may be misplaced
187 Are parents price-sensitive about their children's medication?
188 Malaria prevention saves children's lives
189 Missouri Nursing Homes Have Happy Clients, MU Researchers Say
190 Racial Stereotyping Increases After Being Exposed to Alcohol-Related Images Says MU Psychologist
191 Has modern science become dysfunctional?
192 U-M study: Parsing the pill's impact on women's wages
193 Elder Abuse Remains Hidden Problem as Baby Boomers Reach Old Age
194 Federal agencies should take advantage of opportunities to promote integration of primary care and public health
195 Bokhari tests performance of diverse HPC architectures
196 Duality of longevity drug explained
197 Depression has big impact on stroke, TIA survivors
198 Elderly thyroid surgery patients at increased risk for postoperative complications
199 Emergency dispatchers suffer from symptoms of PTSD, study reveals
200 First the smart phone, now the smart home
201 Study supports association of alcohol and diabetes
202 Greater Traumatic Stress Linked with Elevated Inflammation in Heart Patients
203 Asian Canadian LGB teens face greater health risks as dual minorities: UBC research
204 MRI and neuropsychological tests best predict Alzheimer's disease in old patients
205 CDC study forges link between depression and sleep apnea
206 Researchers take first-ever measurement of auroral turbulence using a nanosatellite radar receiver
207 Planet Starship: Runaway Planets Zoom at a Fraction of Light-Speed
208 New understanding of Earth's mantle beneath the Pacific Ocean
209 Astronomers put forward new theory on size of black holes
210 Mountaintop blasting to mine the sky with the Giant Magellan Telescope
211 Weather records due to climate change: A game with loaded dice
212 Not your average heat shield
213 New evidence that comets deposited building blocks of life on primordial Earth
214 Engineers set their sights on asteroid deflection
215 NASA's TWINS and IBEX spacecraft observe impact of powerful solar storm from inside and outside Earth's magnetosphere
216 Many billions of rocky planets in the habitable zones around red dwarfs in the Milky Way
217 Milky Way image reveals detail of a billion stars
218 Titanium paternity test fingers Earth as moon's sole parent