File Title
1 Glittering jewels of Messier 9
2 Near-miss asteroid will return next year
3 A dynamical quantum simulator
4 Hummingbirds take no notice of flower color
5 APEX: At the forefront of what's needed for the next generation of light sources
6 New paper examines poison resistance in snakes around the world
7 Graphene battery demonstrated to power an LED
8 Tobacco smoke affects early human embryonic development
9 Cheaper, quieter and fuel-efficient biplanes could put supersonic travel on the horizon
10 Google making search smarter with 'semantic' capabilities
11 Researchers develop graphene supercapacitor holding promise for portable electronics
12 Sex-deprived fruit flies drink more alcohol: New study could uncover answers for human addictions
13 Scientists call for fundamental governance overhaul to ensure Earth's sustainability
14 Cell phone use in pregnancy may cause behavioral disorders in offspring: new study
15 Cap and trade programs do not provide sufficient incentives for innovation: research
16 Ice giant planets have more water volume than believed
17 NASA develops Augmented Reality headset for commercial pilots
18 Scientists map hotspots for genetic exchange in chimpanzees
19 New evidence to solve the mystery of the 'eclipse wind'
20 Basketball-sized eyes help squids play defense
21 PayPal lets shops take payments on smartphones (Update)
22 European grasslands challenge rainforests as the most species-rich spaces on Earth
23 First step taken to image ultra-fast movements in chemical reactions
24 Plants can 'remember' drought and change responses to survive
25 A wandering mind reveals mental processes and priorities
26 Process makes polymers truly plastic
27 Astronomers using Hubble discover quasars acting as gravitational lenses
28 Stem cells hint at potential treatment for Huntington's disease
29 Researchers create more efficient hydrogen fuel cells
30 Spallation Neutron Source puts the squeeze on methane hydrate cages
31 Under the microscope #16--Nanowires
32 Dye-sensitized solar cells with carbon nanotube transparent electrodes offer significant cost savings
33 Research team finds way to simulate graphene Dirac points
34 New generation of flexible graphene transistors
35 Researchers demonstrate versatility of solid-state protein sensor
36 Silicon-carbon electrodes snap, swell, don't pop
37 Molecular graphene heralds new era of 'designer electrons'
38 Tailored optical material from DNA: Nano spiral staircases modify light
39 Are silver nanoparticles harmful?
40 New method of monitoring protein molecules using gold nanoantennas
41 All-inorganic nanocrystals boost infrared emission
42 Fighting cancer with nanotechnology
43 3D-printer with nano-precision
44 Solitary waves induce waveguide that can split light beams
45 LCLS offers new method for examining membrane proteins
46 Scientists reveal inner workings of magnets, a finding that could lead to faster computers
47 Researchers send 'wireless' message using neutrinos
48 Laser lightning rod: Guiding bursts of electricity with a flash of light
49 Artificially structured metamaterials may boost wireless power transfer
50 Quantum strategy offers game-winning advantages, even without entanglement
51 The annihilating effects of space travel
52 Fiber laser points to woven 3-D displays
53 New design for a metamaterial could be far more efficient at capturing sunlight than existing solar cells
54 Physicist suggests Einstein could have beaten Bohr in famous thought experiment
55 New 'pendulum' for the ytterbium clock
56 Risk of major flooding in spring is low for the first time in four years
57 The amazing technology that crafted the Webb Telescope technology
58 New analysis of clay deposits in ancient Martian Lakes
59 Moroccan villagers steamed up over silver mine
60 Plastics in electrical waste: Disposal or recycling?
61 Space Image: Enceladus, Saturn's moon
62 New dataset provides 40-year record of carbon dioxide accumulation in the surface ocean
63 Scientists make discoveries about the ways oceans form
64 North Korea plans to launch long-range rocket
65 Student-designed robots take on March Madness
66 Apple fans snap up new iPad in muted launch
67 Heavy demand expected as iPad goes on sale Friday
68 Australians first to get hands on new iPad
69 Apple looks to tighten tablet market grip with new iPad
70 25 countries to get iPad a week after US launch
71 Researchers replicate slime mold with brainless amoeboid robot that can move toward an attractant
72 Giving research a boost with cheaper biochips
73 Toshiba to launch the world-fastest class SDHC memory cards
74 Tablet computers added to British inflation 'basket'
75 Demand for iPad, rivals leads IDC to up forecast
76 Businesses eyeing iPads for the workplace: report
77 How to make ethical robots
78 Apple says shipment of new iPad may take 2-3 weeks
79 Toshiba announces new printer that uses erasable toner
80 Sprint ends deal with LightSquared
81 New report on how UK should deal with future energy needs
82 China smartphone market 'to overtake US'
83 Lawsuit slams 'apps' for mining smartphone contacts
84 WTO chief plays down China rare earth row
85 US newspaper ad revenue down 7.3% in 2011
86 PayPal to expand in Asia after mobile app launch
87 Technical row over 'F-duct' Formula One wing
88 Slovenia freezes ACTA ratification
89 UCLA professor wins $250K computing prize for AI
90 Apple stock tops $600 day before new iPad release
91 Nanopore: the Oxford story
92 The computer knows its chemistry
93 Another piece of the ion pump puzzle
94 Novel plastics and textiles from waste with the use of microbes
95 Glass from the past informs decisions for the future
96 Soft ray looks to save lives by developing rapid, low-cost system for detection of bacteria in blood platelets
97 Cyborg snail produces electricity
98 Researchers devise simple, inexpensive approach to making soft magnetic films for microwave applications
99 New microfluidic chip can generate microbubbles to break open cells for biochemical analysis
100 Killer silk: Making silk fibers that kill anthrax and other microbes in minutes
101 New gecko insights inspire even stronger adhesives
102 How nitric acid overcame its fear of water with a little help from its friends
103 Far-out photosynthesis
104 Lyme disease surge predicted for the northeastern US
105 An invasive Asian fly is taking over European fruit
106 By temporarily silencing a hyperactive gene, scientists dramatically boost the efficiency of mouse cloning
107 Isle Royale wolves may go extinct
108 Research duo finds crayfish use deception to ward off other males
109 Wild orangutans stressed by eco-tourists, but not for long, study out of Borneo finds
110 Protein researchers unravel the molecular dance of DNA repair
111 Brain imaging study finds evidence of basis for caregiving impulse
112 Exposure to antibiotics linked to severity of allergic asthma: research
113 Low-fat milk is good, but some sun is an option for vitamin D
114 White rice increases risk of Type 2 diabetes
115 NYC suicide rate 29% higher at economy's nadir vs. peak
116 Cancer cells send out the alarm on tumor-killing virus
117 Study looks at discrimination's impact on smoking
118 Combination treatment in mice shows promise for fatal neurological disorder in kids
119 'Unconscious' racial bias among doctors linked to poor communication with patients
120 Disabling cancer cells' defenses against radiation
121 With climate change, US could face risk from Chagas disease
122 Bright future ahead for antibody cancer therapy
123 First-ever integrative 'Omics' profile lets scientist discover, track his diabetes onset
124 More red meat consumption appears to be associated with increased risk of death
125 Health insurance premiums will surpass median household income in 2033: study
126 Just 60 seconds of combat impairs memory
127 More trans fat consumption linked to greater aggression
128 Social disapproval not fear helps smokers quit
129 Study finds how to correct human mitochondrial mutations
130 Diet or DNA: are we fated to be fat?
131 Rats match humans in decision-making that involves combining different sensory cues: study
132 Controversial study promoting psychic ability debunked
133 Scientists identify neural activity sequences that help form memory, decision-making
134 Scientists identify unexpected player in intestinal immunity
135 New computer algorithm discovers drug side effects, interactions
136 Aging brain gets stuck in time, researchers show
137 The rise and fall of Kodak's moment
138 From unemployed to entrepreneur
139 That's, like, super cooool
140 Sharing patents with competitors may encourage innovation as probability for market success increases, study suggests
141 Provost explores challenges still faced by women in science
142 Was human evolution caused by climate change?
143 Why would consumers pay less for separate than bundled products?
144 Can one simple strategy help consumers say 'no' to temptation?
145 When does planning NOT help consumers gain self-control?
146 Decision quicksand: Why do consumers get mired in trivial choices?
147 New research reveals chief executive 'churn' as myth
148 How do mood and emotional arousal affect consumer choices?
149 Pants on fire: When consumers lie to service providers
150 How does the order of choices affect consumer decisions?
151 A pioneer in mathematics: First woman math Ph.D. in America