File Title
1 Adult Tree Houses for Your Play Deficit (and Inner Monkey)
2 Solar Flares 2012: Another Storm Coming
3 Advisers warned government on badger cull
4 Plants' natural circadian rhythm genes revealed
5 Antarctic mission: Who was Captain Lawrence Oates?
6 US soldier kills Afghan civilians in Kandahar
7 Japan marks quake and tsunami anniversary
8 Egypt unrest: Court clears 'virginity test' doctor
9 Syria crisis: Annan in second day of talks with Assad
10 Ecuador director's homage to her abducted brothers
11 A Point of View: Churchill and the birth of the special relationship
12 Peru cyclists stage naked protest in Lima about safety
13 Gay marriage: Roman Catholic archbishops step up fight
14 Kenya blames al-Shabab for deadly Nairobi grenade attack
15 Nigeria attack targets Catholic church in Jos
16 India reverses cotton export ban after farmer outrage
17 Pakistan unrest: Bomber kills 14 at funeral near Peshawar
18 Kyoto's serene temple stays
19 Michael Gargiulo: The serial killer next door?
20 Santorum calls Romney "very desperate"
21 Schwarzenegger's son injured in Idaho ski accident
22 Search on overnight after debris found off Wash.
23 The perils of sleep deprivation
24 Drawn to Murder
25 Health program losing federal funds, clinics
26 Double sacrifice: Family loses sons in Afghanistan
27 Doghouse designed by Wright rebuilt for film
28 Venezuela's elder maestro, a creator of orchestras
29 Occupy Wall Street now low on cash
30 Papers move, scrap "Doonesbury" abortion law strip
31 U.S. soldier held in deaths of 16 Afghans
32 US soldier suspected of Afghan shooting spree
33 International many [sic] of mystery runs for governor
34 Pa. clinic shooter called gifted, troubled student
35 Rock star finally makes it home
36 Afghanistan denies alleged smuggling by air force
37 Fistfight breaks out at Chicago Symphony Orchestra
38 The scar that a tsunami left on Japan
39 Let us praise 1962
40 Cindy Crawford: A model parent
41 Suspect arrested in Wash. courthouse attack
42 Forecasters expect more stable weather for Hawaii
43 Opponents want Chad dictator tried in Belgium
44 Mali Tuaregs say they control major military base
45 Annan "optimistic" of breakthrough Assad
46 Istanbul: A straining metropolis dreams big
47 Zimbabwe puts on hold corrupt lawmakers probe
48 Leftist opposition wins big in Slovakia election
49 English Catholics campaign against gay marriage
50 Iraqi bodyguard, family killed in house raid
51 Malaysian minister in graft scandal to step down
52 Brazil's new consumer class flocks to US to buy
53 Santorum: With economy improving, foreign policy may be dominant issue
54 U.S. plans to turn over Bagram prison
55 Give your snack a national nutrition month makeover with pistachios
56 15-year study: When it comes to creating wetlands, Mother Nature is in charge
57 Crabs, insects and spiders vulnerable to oil spill, but also resilient
58 Artificial wetlands can provide benefits over the long haul
59 Genetic survey of endangered Antarctic blue whales shows surprising diversity
60 Mechanism for Burgess Shale-type preservation
61 EU-funded study underlines importance of Congo Basin for global climate and biodiversity
62 NIST releases Gulf of Mexico crude oil reference material
63 Hot Meets Cold at New Deep-Sea Ecosystem: "Hydrothermal Seep"
64 New species of deep-sea catshark described from the Galapagos
65 That caffeine in your drink--is it really 'natural?'
66 Strong scientific evidence that eating berries benefits the brain
67 Commonly used herbicides seen as threat to endangered butterflies
68 University of Houston study shows BP oil spill hurt marshes, but recovery possible
69 Virginia Tech wildlife researcher finds brucellosis pathogen persists in Botswana buffalo
70 The petunia points the way to better harvests
71 A test of the senses in the search for a shoal mate
72 First aid for winemakers
73 Clock gene helps plants prepare for spring flowering, study shows
74 Smithsonian scientists discover that multiple species of seacows once coexisted
75 'Chum cam' underwater video survey shows that reef sharks thrive in marine reserves
76 Effects of flooding on Cairo, Ill.
77 Global warming threat to coral reefs: Can some species adapt?
78 Strengthening the bond between policy and science
79 Mid-Atlantic suburbs can expect an early spring thanks to the heat of the big city
80 European Neandertals were on the verge of extinction even before the arrival of modern humans
81 Tomb exploration reveals first archaeological evidence of Christianity from the time of Jesus
82 Triceratops controversy continues
83 Foot Bones Allow Researchers To Determine Sex of Skeletal Remains
84 Research Reveals First Evidence of Hunting by Prehistoric Ohioans
85 Ancient "Graffiti" Unlock the Life of the Common Man
86 What have we got in common with a gorilla?
87 Bristol archaeologists unearth slave burial ground on St. Helena
88 Iridescent, Feathered Dinosaur: New Evidence That Feathers Evolved to Attract Mates
89 In forests, past disturbances obscure warming impacts
90 ORNL-led team advances science of carbon accounting
91 Running hot and cold in the deep sea: Scientists explore rare environment
92 Manganese concentrations higher in residential neighborhoods than industrial sites, varies by region
93 Oceans Acidifying Faster Today Than in Past 300 Million Years
94 NASA jet stream study will light up the night sky
95 Bright is the new black: New York roofs go cool
96 Scientists detect seismic signals from tornado
97 Mapping the Japanese Tsunami to Prepare for Future Events
98 Insect DNA offers tiny clues about animals' changing habitats
99 UMass Amherst polymer scientists, physicists develop new way to shape thin gel sheets
100 Weill Cornell researchers develop powerful tool to measure metabolites in living cells
101 Revisiting LSD as a treatment for alcoholism
102 Collaboration needed to facilitate rapid response to health-care-associated infections, survey says
103 Scientists discover 'Achilles' heel' of clot-buster
104 Perceptions of conception
105 The dance of the chaperones
106 Vaccination may be key for true elimination of HIV-1
107 Could a NOSH-Aspirin-a-Day Keep Cancer Away?
108 Do You Hear What I Hear?
109 Bite the hand that feeds...
110 Environmentally-friendly cleaning and washing
111 Orientation of desert ants: Every cue counts
112 Mapping the Moho with GOCE
113 Meteorites Reveal Another Way to Make Life's Components
114 Researchers 'Print' Polymers That Bend Into 3-D Shapes
115 Personality change key to improving well-being
116 A nation of frustrated home-movers
117 CWRU study finds quality-of-life--not just end-of-life--discussions are important for ICU patients
118 App turns tablet into math aid for visually impaired students
119 CNIO scientists discover in studies with mice that an anti-cancer gene also fights obesity
120 Pilot program demonstrates measureable benefits for people with schizophrenia
121 Canadian farmers trust regulated dairy industry
122 Survey paints a portrait of the UK
123 Address barriers to housing ex-offenders, says research
124 Playful learning inside a square
125 The trustworthy cloud
126 Market exchange rules responsible for wealth concentration
127 Switch to daylight saving time leads to cyberloafing at the office
128 Older men's hidden health concerns
129 Cultural 'tightness' holds back female leadership--but not always, says study
130 Caregivers of Veterans With Chronic Illnesses Often Stressed, Yet Satisfied, MU Researcher Finds
131 For Expert Comment: New Report Could Improve Lives of Missouri Women, MU Researcher Says
132 Share and share alike
133 The work-life integration overload: Thousands of researchers weigh in on outmoded work environments
134 Minority administrators, school personnel key to engaging immigrant parents, according to new Rice U. study
135 Clot-busting enzyme plays 'peek-a-boo' with blood clots
136 Fukushima lesson: Prepare for unanticipated nuclear accidents
137 Scientists map new mechanism in brain's barrier tissue
138 Announcing the First Results from Daya Bay: Discovery of a New Kind of Neutrino Transformation
139 RUB researchers present a new switching principle for magnetic fields
140 Implant to replace defective venous valve
141 Magnetic moon
142 Metamaterials may advance with new femtosecond laser technique
143 Origami-inspired paper sensor could test for malaria and HIV for less than 10 cents, report chemists
144 NRL Designs Robot for Shipboard Firefighting
145 McGill researchers crack degeneration process that leads to Alzheimer's
146 N/A
147 Gravitational lens reveals details of distant, ancient galaxy
148 New "pendulum" for the ytterbium clock
149 A big discovery in the study of neutrinos, tiny particles that have a big role in the universe
150 NASA's RXTE Captures Thermonuclear Behavior of Unique Neutron Star
151 Insects have personality too, research on honey bees indicates
152 Sexual reproduction can increase genetic variation but reduce species diversity
153 New paper examines issues raised by Fukushima reactor accident
154 Four-winged dinosaur's feathers were black with iridescent sheen
155 Missing: Electron antineutrinos; Reward: Understanding of matter-antimatter imbalance
156 Sometimes the quickest path is not a straight line
157 Oldest organism with skeleton discovered in Australia
158 Greenland ice sheet may melt completely with 1.6 degrees global warming
159 Middle class benefits the most from post-1992 university expansion
160 Nurses key in helping new cancer patients overcome fears
161 Women decrease condom use during freshman year of college, study finds
162 Study Compares Traits of Autism, Schizophrenia
163 Predicting children's language development
164 Plug 'leaks,' create 'cradle to career' education system to meet world challenges: Top US educator
165 Research finds bullies and victims three times more likely to have suicidal thoughts by age 11
166 EARTH: Listening for gas bubbles
167 Green schools and students' science scores are related
168 Medical School implements successful radiation protection program for undergraduate medical students
169 Radiation, business and health care policy curricula for US radiation residents show need for improvement
170 New study will help protect vulnerable birds from impacts of climate change
171 Study finds intrauterine exposure to drugs does not affect academic achievement test scores
172 Scientists search for source of creativity
173 School Bullies More Likely to be Substance Users, Study Finds
174 Sustainability principles need to be integrated into business education
175 VTT scientists revise the 60-year-old definition of surface tension on solids
176 Reduction in U.S. carbon emissions attributed to cheaper natural gas
177 Story on human genetic origins is one of EurekAlert!'s most-visited releases in 2011
178 US income distribution winners and losers
179 Researchers find safer way to use common but potentially dangerous medication
180 First model of how buds grow into leaves
181 Road map provides insight to urbanization phenomenon
182 Pioneering research reveals bacterium's secrets
183 Mobile Mayhem
184 GIS siting of emergency vehicles improves response time
185 When your ship comes in
186 Escaping parasites and pathogens
187 Will a genetic mutation cause trouble? Ask Spliceman
188 Unraveling biological networks
189 Bias in decision-making leads to poor choices and may be linked to depression
190 Let's raise a glass to, well, what's in the glass
191 Cancer therapy: Drugs that get under your skin
192 New pig model may lead to progress in treating debilitating eye disease
193 Study pinpoints effects of different doses of an ADHD drug; Finds higher doses may harm learning
194 Evidence-based systems needed to reduce unnecessary imaging tests
195 Osteoarthritis Summit delineates shortcomings of research and path forward
196 LA BioMed investigator, Dr. Rowan Chlebowski, co-authors study on menopausal hormone therapy
197 Health monitoring? There's an app for that
198 Adult Tree Houses for Your Play Deficit (and Inner Monkey)
199 Genetic marker for painful food allergy points to improved diagnosis, treatment
200 NIH study links childhood cancer to developmental delays in milestones
201 Cultural differences may impact neurologic and psychiatric rehabilitation of Spanish speakers
202 New study shows that in US 'hot spots,' HIV infection among African-American women is 5-times higher than national estimate
203 Researchers reveal ways to make personalized cancer therapies more cost effective
204 Mount Sinai researchers identify promising new drug target for kidney disease
205 Discovery could reduce chemo's side effects
206 Tracing the UK's No. 1 sexually transmitted infection
207 Antidepressant shows promise as cancer treatment
208 A new approach to treating type I diabetes? Gut cells transformed into insulin factories
209 Chimp populations show great genetic diversity, with implications for conservation
210 Fukushima 1 year on: Poor planning hampered Fukushima response
211 UK scientists develop optimum piezoelectric energy harvesters
212 Law that regulates shark fishery is too liberal: UBC study
213 NIH asthma outcome measures aim to maximize research investments, reduce disparities
214 Demise of large animals caused by both man and climate change
215 University of Tennessee study: Shortcuts costly when buying conservation from farmers
216 Loyola Bioethicist Calls Jon Stewart 'our Greatest Public Intellectual'
217 How to Save $800 on a New Car
218 UN scientists warn of increased groundwater demands due to climate change
219 Physicians order costly, redundant neuroimaging for stroke patients, study says
220 BYU Study: Using a gun in bear encounters doesn't make you safer
221 Cebit 2012: 3D animations for everyone
222 Costs for changing pollution criteria in Florida waters likely to exceed EPA estimates
223 Fiercer Competition for Quicker Innovations
224 BUSM student-published study focuses on khat chewing in Yemeni culture
225 Installing gun cabinets in homes improves safe firearm storage
226 Saving power, saving money
227 Bias in decision-making leads to poor choices and possibly depression
228 Drosophila conference highlights diverse research and its applications
229 Sobered up using LSD
230 Aging, overweight people stay happy says new study
231 Mom's Voice May Improve the Health of Premature Babies
232 Reports on impact of poverty and social class on myocardial infarction outcomes
233 Want to Limit Aggression? Practice Self-Control!
234 Genetic manipulation boosts growth of brain cells linked to learning, enhances effects of antidepressants
235 Sport fields: Catalysts for physical activity in the neighborhood?
236 Literal Lucy to the rescue: A new way to distinguish between literal meaning and contextual meaning
237 In Recognizing Faces, the Whole is Not Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts
238 Looking at the Man in the Moon
239 Galaxy cluster hidden in plain view
240 Texas A&M astronomers help find distant galaxy cluster to shed light on early universe
241 Galaxies get up close and personal
242 Antimatter zapped!
243 Tevatron experiments report latest results in search for Higgs boson
244 NIST/CU 'star comb' joins quest for Earth-like planets
245 Garafolo tests spacecraft seal to verify computer models
246 NASA sees second biggest flare of the solar cycle
247 Robotic refueling mission begins with space station robotics
248 Proposed nuclear clock may keep time with the Universe
249 Experiment Observes Elusive Neutrino Transformation
250 New discovery is key to understanding neutrino transformations
251 TacSat-4 Enables Polar Region SatCom Experiment
252 An innovative door adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility is developed for emergency exits
253 BGI achieves next-gen sequencing analysis of FFPE DNA as low as 200 ng
254 Nintendo Wii game controllers help diagnose eye disorder
255 Teach Your Robot Well (Georgia Tech Shows How)
256 Nanotube technology leading to fast, lower-cost medical diagnostics