File Title
1 Every February Yosemite waterfall turns to lava
2 Yosemite's 'Horsetail Fall' Evokes Lava Flow
3 John Glenn Frustrated on 50th Anniversary of Friendship 7
4 John Glenn, First American Astronaut to Orbit the Earth in Mercury Friendship 7: 50th Anniversary
5 Apollo 11: Untold Stories of the Moon Race
6 Chirping Rats and Stand-up Comics
7 Could a Piranha-Proof Fish Help The Military?
8 Top 5 New Gadgets of the Week
9 Watch Out! Self-Driving Cars Approved in Nevada
10 YouTube Enlists Big-Name Help to Redefine Channels
11 Sony Makes Mobile Gaming Push With Handheld Vita
12 John Glenn to Mark 50 Years Since Orbit of Earth
13 Greek Police Say Schoolboys Behind Hacking Attack
14 Lower Chinese Court Rules Shops Should Pull iPads
15 A Trip to The iFactory: 'Nightline' Gets an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple's Chinese Core
16 Gender-Nonconforming Students at Elevated Risk for Abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress
17 Homophobia Starts in Elementary School; Teachers Do Little
18 Baby Storm Raised Genderless Is Bad Experiment, Say Experts
19 13 Things Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You, from Reader's Digest
20 FDA to Reconsider Once-Rejected Diet Drug
21 Team designs world's smallest transistor
22 'City of light' marks historic spaceflight
23 Sum of bilingual baby's ability equal to others
24 Ants remember their enemy's scent
25 Lab-grown meat is first step to artificial hamburger
26 Canadian to 'command world spaceship'
27 Drought summit as rivers in England dry up
28 South Africa troops tackle rhino poachers
29 Wave and tidal power need support, say MPs
30 Herschel telescope 'in last year'
31 ExxonMobil fined 'record' 2.8m pounds over carbon dioxide emissions
32 Drought summit: Why not pipe the water from north to south?
33 The science of independence: has Scotland's number come up?
34 Logging blamed for Philippine flood deaths
35 What has happened to NASA's missing Moon rocks?
36 'Jacuzzi vents' model CO2 future
37 Mini guide to Boston, Massachusetts
38 Eurozone Greek bailout talks begin in Brussels
39 Iran to hold military drills 'to protect nuclear sites'
40 Boats sink in Belgrade as thaw causes Danube ice chaos
41 Syria crisis: Red Cross trying to negotiate ceasefire (Breaking news)
42 Pinterest--hot new network or another Quora?
43 Are search engine result figures accurate?
44 Sweden snow: Man 'survives two months trapped in car'
45 Guitars handmade from the 'bones' of New York
46 The Simpsons' 500th episode airs
47 Expert skiers killed by avalanche in Washington state
48 Singapore pushes 'entrepreneurial nation'
49 Playstation Vita ready for Europe launch
50 Cloudstore: Government launches public sector app store
51 Samsung Electronics board approves LCD unit spin-off
52 Pancreatic cancer: Trial drug MRK003 shows promise
53 210,000 people face alcohol death risk, warn doctors
54 How India has had remarkable success in polio fight
55 Alastair Campbell on drink: 'I paid a heavy price'
56 'I ran down the street to find a drain for slops'
57 Mexico City's bike revolution
58 Narrowing of the American mind?
59 Apple iPad manufacturer Foxconn says it will raise salaries
60 The Simpsons Arcade Game finally makes it to Xbox 360, PS3
61 Santorum remark on Obama "theology" draws ire
62 Remains of runaway Ohio girl missing since 1999 found in accused rapist's home
63 Star skier among 3 dead in huge Wash. avalanche
64 A new jobs program for people trapped in unemployment
65 Washington avalanche kills 3 veteran skiers
66 FDA review on tap for Aeroshot caffeine inhalers
67 Sex-change treatment for kids on the rise
68 Family care doctors are in high demand
69 Ky. woman pleads guilty to murder, faces life sentence for cutting baby out of womb
70 The real "Downton Abbey" revealed
71 Presidents Day: A look at Obama so far
72 Regina King on "Southland," moving past kid role
73 Clinton documentary revisits Lewinsky scandal
74 John Glenn on anniversary of historic flight
75 Frankfurt airport: Running smoothly despite strike
76 Spain sending military planes to retrieve treasure
77 Remains of runaway Ohio girl missing since 1999 found in accused rapist's home
78 Santorum stands by prenatal screening opposition
79 Paul: U.S. "slipping into a fascist system"
80 Mich. man burns N.J. flag over Houston tribute
81 For boomers, it's a new era of 'work til you drop'
82 Ex-Glock attorney accused of stealing millions
83 APNewsBreak: FDA to review inhalable caffeine
84 Famed NYC boardwalk may get plastic makeover
85 Social media spotlighted in Rutgers suicide case
86 Rising gas prices and the 2012 election
87 Is auto bailout Romney's Achilles' heel?
88 Greece awaits bailout decision but issues remain
89 UK bank taking back execs' bonuses
90 Oil at 9-month high after Iran cuts supply
91 3 reasons why colleges are in trouble
92 Iran halts oil exports to U.K., France
93 Smartphone privacy noose tightens on Google
94 Court approves WaMu bankruptcy plan
95 Brightcove shares charge out of the gate
96 10+ years organizing thousands of groups
97 Tax time for retirees
98 Report: 43 anti-aircraft missiles found in Algeria
99 Panel to ponder fate of Qnexa weight-loss pill
100 New Albanian exhibit on communist regime's abuses
101 Bob Schieffer: When pigs flew in Washington
102 Santorum: Parents should run schools
103 Santorum: Obama's worldview upside-down
104 The Real Romney author describes who that is
105 Clarissa Ward on reporting from Syria
106 Face the Nation transcript: February 12, 2012
107 Woman jailed in Pa. has trail of fake pregnancies
108 Eating Fewer Calories May Lower Risk of Asthma, Other Diseases
109 Alzheimer's Drug May Impair Memory
110 Without Treatment, Mental Health Problems Plague Transgender Kids
111 Scientist Cooks Up a Meatless Product for Meat Lovers
112 Got a Stressful Job? A Good Spouse Helps
113 Proof That Hitler Had An Illegitimate Son?
114 Racing Nature: H5N1 Research Explained
115 Answer to Shocking 'Faster-Than-Light' Particles Expected Soon
116 Ancient Biblical Gardens 'Bloom' Again
117 Native Americans Fight to Save Endangered Languages
118 Jeremy Lin's Stats Prove He Isn't a Fluke
119 Toxic Turnaround With Manganese
120 Diving Mountains: Can They Stop, or Start, Earthquakes?
121 The Internet--A 'Playground' for the Sociologist
122 Space Probe Spots Weird Microwave Haze in Our Galaxy
123 Fast and Ultra-Thin: Graphene Nanotransistors
124 Rare Black Hole Survives Galaxy's Destruction
125 Aurora Oddity: Northern Lights Display Dazzles Without Big Sun Flare
126 Saturn's Two Largest Moons Line Up in New Photo
127 3 New Dangerous Drug Habits in Teens
128 Autism Signs Appear in Tot Brains as Early as 6 Months
129 Mutant Bird Flu Studies Should Be Revealed in Full, Experts Say
130 How Malaria Parasite Morphs to Sneak Into Body