File Title
1 Space Weather: Explosions On Venus
2 Stem Cells Can Repair a Damaged Cornea
3 New Research Supports Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact
4 The Blue Planet's New Water Budget: Do We Have Enough?
5 Smart, Self-Healing Hydrogels Open Far-Reaching Possibilities in Medicine, Engineering
6 Demise of Early Large Animals Caused by Both Humans and Climate Change
7 Genetic Link Between Visual Pathways of Hydras and Humans Discovered
8 Spider Silk Conducts Heat as Well as Metals
9 Sawfishes Sure Can Wield a Saw: Saw Senses Electric Fields to Locate Prey and Also Attack
10 Spanking and Genetics May Increase Childhood Aggression
11 Conscious Perception Has Little to Do With Primary Visual Cortex, Research Suggests
12 Study Shows Brain Flexibility, Gives Hope for Natural-Feeling Neuroprosthetics
13 Blood Pressure Drug Effective for Treating PTSD-Related Nightmares, Study Suggests
14 New H5N1 Viruses: How to Balance Risk of Escape With Benefits of Research?
15 Weekend Smoking Can Damage Your Memory, Study Suggests
16 New Insight Into How 'Chemical Switch' That Increases Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease Risk Is Turned On
17 Embryonic Development Protein Active in Cancer Growth
18 More Effective Method of Imaging Proteins
19 Advancing Understanding of Energy Storage Mechanisms
20 New Nanoglue Is Thin and Supersticky
21 Nanomaterials: A Coating Protocol
22 The Origin of Organic Magnets
23 Hiding Behavior of the Scrub Jay: More Stress Than Smarts?
24 New Insights Into Cloud Formation
25 Unraveling Biological Networks: Biological Network Motif Discovery Algorithms
26 Will a Genetic Mutation Cause Trouble? Ask Spliceman
27 Elevated Carbon Dioxide Concentrations Can Increase Carbon Storage in the Soil
28 New Universal Platform for Cancer Immunotherapy
29 Vitamin D Intake May Be Associated With Lower Stress Fracture Risk in Girls
30 New Alzheimer's Marker Strongly Predicts Mental Decline
31 Perception and Preference May Have Genetic Link to Obesity
32 Discovery of a Molecule That Initiates Maturation of Mammalian Eggs Can Lead to More IVF Pregnancies
33 Keep Smiling: Collagen Matrix Promotes Gum Healing Around Exposed Roots
34 Drugs: 'New' Does Not Always Mean 'Better'
35 Babies Born Just Two or Three Weeks Early at Higher Risk of Poor Health
36 A Supercharged Protein Reduces Damage from Heart Attack
37 Planarian Genes That Control Stem Cell Biology Identified
38 Parkinson's Disease Stopped in Animal Model: Molecular 'Tweezers' Break Up Toxic Aggregations of Proteins
39 How the Body Senses a Range of Hot Temperatures
40 Training Can Improve Memory and Increase Brain Activity in Mild Cognitive Impairment
41 How Marijuana Impairs Memory
42 Treating Brain Cancer With Viral Vector
43 Women Happier in Relationships When Men Feel Their Pain
44 Ice Hockey Feels the Heat in Canada
45 Sleepy Pilots, Train Operators and Drivers
46 Diabetes Risk from Sitting Around
47 A Healthy Teenager Is a Happy Teenager
48 Predicting the Spread of Ticks Across Canada
49 Rare Wolverine Photographed in Montana
50 Cocoa May Enhance Skeletal Muscle Function
51 When One Side Does Not Know About the Other One: Specialization and Cooperation of the Brain Hemispheres
52 New Antibiotics? Solving Mystery of How Sulfa Drugs Kill Bacteria Yields 21st Century Drug Development Target
53 Protecting Living Fossil Trees
54 Dust Linked to Increased Glacier Melting, Ocean Productivity
55 Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do: The Secret Lives of Corals On Dark and Stormy Nights
56 What Makes a Robot Fish Attractive? Robot Fish Moves to the Head of the School
57 Study of Wildfire Trends in Northwestern California Shows No Increase in Severity Over Time
58 First Evidence of Hunting by Prehistoric People in What Is Now Ohio
59 Sturdy Scandinavian Conifers Survived Ice Age
60 Ocean Acidification Rate May Be Unprecedented, Study Says
61 Floor of Oldest Fossilized Forest Discovered: 385 Million Years Old
62 Two New Extinct Camel Species Discovered at Panama Canal Excavation
63 Dark Matter Core, Left Behind from Wreck Between Massive Clusters of Galaxies, Defies Explanation
64 Analyses of a Tiny Comet Grain Dates Jupiter's Formation
65 Astronomers Rediscover Life On Earth--By Looking at the Moon
66 New Model Provides Different Take On Planetary Accretion: Collapse May Take Place in 3-D Cold Dust Cloud
67 Searching for the First Stars
68 Is Seaweed the Future of Biofuel?
69 New High Definition Fiber Tracking Reveals Damage Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury
70 Fukushima One Year On: Poor Planning Hampered Fukushima Response
71 Generating Power from Salty Water: Unique Salt Allows Energy Production to Move Inland
72 Pioneering Research Reveals Versatile Bacterium's Secrets
73 Pasta-Shaped Radio Waves Beamed Across Venice
74 First Computer Model of How Buds Grow Into Leaves
75 In Space and On Earth, Why Build It, When a Robot Can Build It for You?
76 Carbon Dioxide Catchers: New Tools for Identifying Effective Carbon Capture Technologies
77 Graphene-Based Optical Modulators Poised to Break Speed Limits in Digital Communications
78 Why So Many Tornadoes?
79 Mercedes Invisible Car Is Coming...Sort Of
80 25 Billion Apps Downloaded From the Apple App Store
81 The Joy of Your Brain...and the Dark Side of Laughter
82 Israeli President Peres to Visit Facebook HQ
83 Law Enforcement Official: LulzSec Hackers Arrested
84 Warm Winter May Bring Pest-Filled Spring
85 Summary Box: New Era in Trademark Troubles
86 Knee Replacement Outcome Data Fall Short
87 Surge in Total Knee Replacements for Boomer Women
88 FDA Will Rescind Approval of Knee Implant Device
89 Stem Cell 'Homing' Fixes Joints in Rabbit Experiments
90 Reprogrammed Adult Cells Not an Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cells
91 Tainted "Spice" Linked to Kidney Failure Outbreak
92 Portland, Ore., 3-Year-old Ingests 37 Magnets
93 At the End of a Child's Life, Parents at a Loss for Words
94 Youngest Kids in Grade More Likely Than Older Peers to Be Diagnosed With ADHD
95 Lavender Scare: U.S. Fired 5,000 Gays in 1953 'Witch Hunt'
96 J. Edgar Hoover: Gay or Just a Man Who Has Sex With Men?
97 Top Secrets of 'J. Edgar': Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio on New Film About Hoover's Private Life
98 What Shaped 'J. Edgar'? DiCaprio, Eastwood Discuss Historic Figure at the Center of Their Latest Film
99 Gray and Gay: Closeted Psychiatrist Comes Out After 40 Years
100 Mormon 'Gay Cure' Study Used Electric Shocks Against Homosexual Feelings
101 Two Studies Find Depression Widespread in Utah
102 Surrogacy Law: Conn. Gives Non-Genetic Parents Legal Rights
103 Snoring in Babies Linked to Hyperactive Behavior Later
104 'Healthy' Diet Best for ADHD Kids
105 Hero Mom, Stephanie Decker, Loses Legs Saving Kids From Tornado
106 Green Firms Get Fed Cash, Give Execs Bonuses, Fail
107 Baby Boomers More Likely to Retire Single
108 Many small-business owners aren't prepared for retirement
109 Are There Ways To Treat Knee Or Hip Joint Pain Using Alternative Medicine?
110 Can Some Types Of Injections Into My Joints Be Helpful?
111 Mystery Philanthropist Leaves Envelopes of Cash
112 Acidic shift may be fastest in 300 million years
113 DNA helps to flesh out Otzi's past
114 Social skills linked to daydreaming brain
115 Experts ponder legalising ivory trade
116 Traces of oxygen found around tiny moon
117 Robotic surgeries costlier but safer
118 Study reveals how sawfish uses its saw
119 Human origins traced to worm fossil
120 Foreign seeds hitching ride to Antarctica
121 Alien invaders threaten Antarctic fringes
122 Project to protect rare Burmese monkey gets new funding
123 Robotic cheetah 'breaks speed record for legged robots'
124 Bees' flight paths are disturbed by predators
125 Sawfish snout senses, swipes and stabs
126 Global march of banana fungus revealed
127 UN team examines mining threat to Great Barrier Reef
128 Up to 900 tropical bird species could 'go extinct'
129 Spider silk spun into violin strings
130 Camelford water poisoning: Aluminium in brain 'beyond belief'
131 'Largest fox killed in UK' shot on Aberdeenshire farm
132 Brown bear exfoliates using rock as a tool
133 DR Congo employs dogs to tackle elephant poaching
134 'Six minutes of terror'
135 First chuffs from the Durban climate train
136 Smoking and health 50 years on from landmark report
137 Who, What, Why: How do you rescue fish?
138 Daunting challenge of Fukushima clean-up
139 Can you build a human body?
140 Business turns to ants and algorithms in search for profit
141 Art in Berlin goes back to school
142 Scandinavian trees 'survived last Ice Age'
143 Oxygen envelops Saturn's icy moon
144 New twist in antimatter mystery
145 How not to be left at sea by new business technology
146 Fresh Iran nuclear talks agreed with world powers--EU
147 'Lulzsec hackers' arrested in international swoop
148 Libya: Semi-autonomy declared by leaders in east
149 Can Limbaugh survive advertiser boycott?
150 Turning old cars into condom machines in Sierra Leone
151 India's homemakers recruited as hotel chefs
152 Spielberg drama Terra Nova is cancelled by Fox
153 Brazil 'overtakes UK's economy'
154 Sweden in secret Saudi arms factory project--report
155 Afghanistan avalanche kills 39 in Badakhshan
156 Deutsche Telekom claims record data transfer record
157 Cancer fear and denial 'is killing thousands'
158 BT and Talk Talk lose file-sharing appeal
159 Getting Welsh Business Online Google launch in Cardiff
160 Lady Gaga hits 20 million Twitter followers
161 Megaupload founder extradition papers filed by US
162 Thumb-stretching controller pitched to console makers
163 UN meets Millennium Development Goal on drinking water
164 Sun-dried tomatoes linked to hepatitis A outbreak
165 Air ambulance first in UK to carry blood
166 'Child behaviour link' to snoring
167 Vitamin E 'may be bad for bones'
168 Budget 2012: Calls for '2p a cigarette' rise
169 London 2012: Team GB told to use common sense on handshakes
170 Hearing dogs are changing deaf children's lives
171 Hip replacement device helps to halve recovery time