File Title
1 New measurements of W boson mass point to Higgs mass and test Standard Model
2 All-carbon-nanotube transistor can be crumpled like a piece of paper
3 Researchers develop 'SpeechJammer' gun that can quash human utterances
4 Female bonobos use homosexual sex to increase social status
5 A model burster: Researchers find the first neutron star that bursts as predicted
6 Pasta-shaped radio waves beamed across Venice
7 New picture of atomic nucleus emerges
8 NASA finds sea ice decline driving rise in Arctic air pollutants
9 Parkinson's disease stopped in animal model
10 Artificial 'womb' unlocks secrets of early embryo development
11 Liquid battery could charge green energy
12 Tube-shaped solar cells could be weaved into clothing
13 Research shows how the body senses a range of hot temperatures
14 Hot-spring fossils preserve complete Jurassic ecosystem
15 It takes two to tango: Pairs of entwined proteins handle the stress
16 Oxygen discovered at Saturn's moon Dione
17 Earth's makeup found to be more diverse than previously thought
18 R-loops break walls of gene silencing
19 Google rolls out new privacy policy amid howls
20 Evidence suggests Neanderthals took to boats before modern humans
21 Flight of the bumblebee decoded by mathematicians
22 Present ocean acidification rates are unprecedented: research
23 Unique salt allows energy production to move inland
24 Radical new 'focus later' camera begins shipping
25 Is sharing the key to advanced society?
26 Telecoms groups fight back against free messaging
27 Japan finishes 'Sky Tree'--world's tallest communications tower
28 New study links dust to increased glacier melting, ocean productivity
29 Chimp populations show great genetic diversity, with implications for conservation
30 Research reveals first evidence of hunting by prehistoric Ohioans
31 Solved: The mystery of the nanoscale crop circles
32 Robust approach for preparing polymer-coated quantum dots
33 Graphene-based optical modulators poised to break speed limits in digital communications
34 Diamonds are a probe's best friend
35 Nanofiber breakthrough holds promise for medicine and microprocessors
36 Why 'soot' could be the key to delivering drugs to cancer cells
37 'Power Felt' uses body heat to generate electricity
38 New measuring techniques can improve efficiency, safety of nanoparticles
39 Scientists demonstrate the performance of a new nanoprinting technique
40 Scientists image the charge distribution within a single molecule for the first time
41 Light-emitting nanocrystal diodes go ultraviolet: Biomedical device potential for robust, implantable product
42 Study magnetizes carbon nanoparticles for cancer therapy
43 UD researchers first to attempt 3D carbon nanotube architectures
44 Warp drives may come with a killer downside
45 The origin of organic magnets
46 Fermilab results add to confidence in explaining less antimatter amounts
47 Daya Bay antineutrino detectors exceed performance goals
48 An electrical switch for magnetic current
49 Exotic material boosts electromagnetism safely
50 Professor proposes challenge to prove whether people can see entangled images
51 Electron-detection breakthrough could unleash next-generation technologies
52 Exotic new matter expected in ultracold atoms
53 Scientists use LCLS to see photovoltaic process in action
54 Mystery deepens around dark core in cosmic collision
55 Laptop theft did not put space station in peril: NASA
56 Asian emissions contribute to air pollution in western United States: study
57 Capsizing icebergs release earthquake-sized energies
58 Effect of vegetation die-off tested on tidal marshland
59 NASA's proposed 'InSight' lander would peer to the center of Mars in 2016
60 NASA conducts new parachute test for Orion
61 Watching the planet breathe
62 Two-thirds of China's cities fail on air standards
63 Happy birthday, Envisat
64 DARPA's robotics simulator/test platform reaches 2nd milestone
65 Distributors reel from Mad Wednesday rush for $35 Pi
66 Building a better robot
67 Universal charger tantalisingly close for mobiles
68 Japan phones built to survive showers, toilet-drops
69 Mechanical engineers study snakes' sophisticated frictional properties to build more nimble rescue robots
70 ORNL completes first phase of Titan supercomputer transition
71 Robot assembles truss structures autonomously
72 Mouse glove is designed for new comfort zones
73 Apple expected to unveil iPad 3 at event next week
74 Locate and guide function for the human symbiotic robot 'EMIEW2'
75 Samsung announces the Galaxy Beam Smartphone with built-in projector
76 Smartphone meets tablet as makers look at big picture
77 Intel makes more inroads in mobile market with new phones
78 New chips, faster networks to improve phone audio
79 Yelp shares surge in stock market debut
80 German court dismisses Apple, Samsung lawsuits
81 Startup sued for putting local TV on the iPhone
82 New computers respond to students' emotions, boredom
83 Australia's Barrier Reef to get Google treatment
84 Website lets people shine light on dark secrets
85 FBI director: Cyber-threats will become top worry
86 Fukushima 1 year on: Poor planning hampered Fukushima response
87 Big science teams up with big business to kick-start European cloud computing
88 With Breitbart gone, what becomes of his empire?
89 Peeing Frenchman sues Google for making him 'laughing stock'
90 Finding cancer cells in blood: Chip-based method for the rapid, sensitive isolation of rare cells in blood
91 Building a beetle antifreeze
92 Pioneering research on Bacillus subtilis metabolism reveals bacterium's secrets
93 Researchers develop informatics tools for identifying effective carbon capture technologies
94 Researchers provide atomic view of a histone chaperone
95 Researchers synthesize fungal metabolite and derivatives that inhibit crucial enzymes related to cancers
96 Rational design can improve hydrogen fuel cell efficiency
97 Researchers invent device to rapidly detect infectious disease
98 Researchers develop paper-thin device to test cholesterol levels
99 Toppling Raman shift in supercritical carbon dioxide
100 New hybrid 'NOSH aspirin' as possible anti-cancer drug
101 Scientists study how to improve pesticide efficiency
102 Adapting personal glucose monitors to detect DNA
103 Chemists study mutated plants that may be better for biofuels
104 Studies reveal structure of EV71, a virus causing childhood illnesses
105 Law that regulates shark fishery is too liberal: study
106 820 German farms hit by 'Schmallenberg' virus: institute
107 Unwinding nature's clocks, with $14 million from DARPA
108 Protecting living fossil trees
109 Flying jewels spell death for baby spiders
110 Sea turtles surf an ocean highway to safer habitat, Stanford research suggests
111 Leading crop scientist warns against herbicide overuse
112 Analyzing life on a molecular level
113 Under the microscope #13
114 New study reveals basic molecular 'wiring' of stem cells
115 Scientists present first model of how buds grow into leaves
116 Cocoa may enhance skeletal muscle function
117 Effects of environmental toxicants reach down through generations
118 Studies show exposure to diesel exhaust may increase lung cancer mortality
119 Diabetes risk from sitting around
120 Laboratory research shows promising approach to preventing Alzheimer's
121 When my eyes serve my stomach
122 Heart healthy choices early on pay off later
123 Traitor proteins that could attack the body widespread, researchers find
124 Finding unseen damage of traumatic brain injury
125 New high definition fiber tracking reveals damage caused by traumatic brain injury
126 Weight-loss surgery seems safe for kidney disease patients
127 Training can improve memory and increase brain activity in mild cognitive impairment
128 Researchers develop oxygen-generating biomaterial
129 Researchers find five novel gene mutations linked to platelet counts in African Americans
130 Solving mystery of how sulfa drugs kill bacteria yields 21st century drug development target
131 Study shows increase in obesity among California school children slowed
132 How marijuana impairs memory
133 New pathway found for regulation of blood vessel growth in cancer
134 Vitamin D shrinks fibroid tumors in rats
135 Antibodies are not required for immunity against some viruses
136 Your brain on 'shrooms: fMRI elucidates neural correlates of psilocybin psychedelic state
137 Multiple sclerosis: Damaged myelin not the trigger
138 Depression could be evolutionary byproduct of immune system
139 Study finds higher death risk with sleeping pills
140 Metacognition: I know (or don't know) that I know
141 Cancer's growing burden: the high cost of care
142 Scientists identify crucial cell and signaling pathway in placental blood stem cell niche
143 Virginia high court rules in favor of climate scientist
144 Violent relationships likely detrimental to good parenting
145 The flame challenge: How well can a scientist answer a child's question?
146 Probing Question: How much has dating changed in recent years?
147 Game on: Sports Analytics Conference produces a growing avalanche of quantitative research
148 Venture capital managers affect firms' success, study finds
149 New Scaphognathid Pterosaur found from Western Liaoning, China
150 Third of looters were 'from deprived areas'
151 Egyptians want democracy, but not U.S. efforts to promote it: researcher
152 Does power cloud one's ability to make good decisions?