File Title
1 Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview; public release coming in late summer 2012
2 HP CEO Whitman worries Android may be closed after Google finalizes Motorola Mobility buy
3 Apple asks Amazon to pull iPad from its China site
4 Hands on with Apple's new OS X Mountain Lion
5 Apple offers free Messages Beta download
6 Apple's Phil Schiller talks rapid speed of OS X Mountain Lion release; mere 7 months after Lion
7 My experience with Apple's OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview
8 Gruber's hands on with Apple's OS X Mountain Lion
9 OS X Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper slams the door on Mac trojans
10 Apple's iCloud is no Dropbox killer--it's much, much more
11 Apple wins permanent injunction in Germany against Motorola over slide-to-unlock patent
12 The hoarders will hate the next MacBook Pros
13 Apple's OS X Mountain Lion: Why such scant Facebook integration?
14 Tim Cook: Apple may further meld iOS and OS X; says Macs could run on ARM chips
15 Mountain Lion release signals shift in Mac OS X secrecy at Apple
16 Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion heralds annual Mac operating system updates
17 Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs they sold in 28 years
18 Take a look at some of Apple's evidence in Proview iPad trademark dispute
19 OS X Mountain Lion sneak peek video
20 Security experts: Apple did OS X Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper right
21 Apple's OS X Mountain Lion drops support for several older Mac models
22 Hong Kong Judge sides with Apple over Proview
23 Oppenheimer ups Apple price target, raises iPhone and iPad estimates
24 Apple TV disappears from store shelves; refresh coming soon?
25 Proview has manufactured 20,000 'iPad' devices, and this is how it looks
26 Apple supplier Foxconn again lifts pay for China workers; 16-25% increase
27 Can Apple shareholders sue for a dividend?
28 NPD Group: Over 40% of iPad owners have household income of $100,000 or more
29 10 Mac apps Apple just destroyed with OS X Mountain Lion
30 Morgan Stanley: Apple is killing Amazon
31 Retina displays bound for Macs? Apple's Messages Beta app includes high-res images
32 Genesis Photonics likely to enter Apple 'iTV' supply chain, say sources
33 Apple starts 25 Billion App Countdown; win $10,000 App Store Gift Card
34 Study: iPad-equipped students outperform non-iPad students in every literacy measure
35 Morgan Stanley: Apple could pay a 1.9% to 3.8% dividend from domestic free cash flow alone
36 OS X Mountain Lion will link DVD-installed Apple software with your Mac App Store account
37 Hollywood's worst nightmare: OS X Mountain Lion's AirPlay Mirroring
38 Google files for slide-to-unlock patent as Apple battle heats up
39 Why Apple is winning--and will continue to win for some time
40 Why Apple is winning
41 New York Times gets cold shoulder from Apple after negative reports
42 Apple files new iChat trademark while transitioning to OS X Mountain Lion's 'Messages' app
43 Messages may become OS X Mountain Lion-only after beta
44 ITC dismisses HTC's first complaint against Apple
45 Examination of purported next-gen iPad screen confirms 2048x1536 Retina display
46 At Bat 12 coming Feb. 29th; free for MLB.TV Premium subscribers
47 Google Chairman Schmidt to sell off $1.45 billion in Google stock
48 WSJ: Google tracked iPhone, iPad users, bypassing Apple's Safari browser privacy settings; Microsoft denounces
49 iSuppli estimates Amazon shipped 3.9 million tiny screen Kindle Fire units in Q411
50 Apple's $40 rise and fall: Was Goldman Sachs behind it?
51 Growl creator responds to OS X Mountain Lion's Notification Center
52 Google's tracking of Safari users could prompt FTC investigation
53 China may intervene in iPad trademark dispute
54 iPhone 4 attenuation lawsuit settled: Original iPhone 4 buyers can get $15 or new bumper case
55 Apple kicks Google where It hurts
56 ABC News granted exclusive access to Apple supplier Foxconn's factories, to air report Feb. 21st
57 Fossilized Pollen Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Royal Garden
58 Study simulates effects of foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Mexico
59 AgriLife research study shows temperatures may change disease resistance in wheat
60 Food Scientists Fortify Goat Cheese with Fish Oil to Deliver Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids
61 Improving logistics of biofuel raw materials
62 Arctic micro-organisms may hold key to dealing with oil spills in the North
63 Stanford scientist to discuss the challenges and opportunities of carbon sequestration at AAAS
64 Taking biofuel from forest to highway
65 Sprawling and powerful 'community models' shaping future of regional and global science
66 Food security, climate change and climate variability focus of Stanford-led symposium at AAAS
67 Phytoplankton key to a healthy planet
68 'Wild west' approach to claiming the oceans' genetic resources must end: UBC media release
69 AAAS-SFU research: Chilling climate-change related news
70 Reducing salt in crisps without affecting the taste
71 Deepwater Horizon disaster could have billion dollar impact
72 Man-made photosynthesis to revolutionise food and energy production
73 Models underestimate future temperature variability; Food security at risk
74 AAAS-SFU research: Controlling forest fires
75 Iowa State researchers: Information flow can help farmers cope with climate change
76 European scientists call for greater integrity, openness, clarity and public engagement
77 Repelling the knapweed invasion
78 Obstacles holding back healthier foods from your table
79 From 'science from above' to 'science in the community'
80 Landscape fire smoke contributes to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, new research suggests
81 Window into world's future oceans unveiled by NF-UBC Nereus team
82 AAAS-SFU research: Linking human evolution and climate change
83 ASU sustainability scientist to give anthropologist view of globalization at the local scale
84 Climate change threatens tropical birds
85 Low-carbon technologies 'no quick-fix,' say researchers
86 New study shows no evidence of groundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing
87 Mother of pearl tells a tale of ocean temperature, depth
88 UI researcher notes importance of particulate matter on climate, health
89 Expert panel deliberates hydraulic fracturing in shale gas development
90 Thinking outside sustainability's box at the intersection of art and science
91 Climate change leads to pollution of indigenous people's water supplies
92 As ice melts in Far North, opportunities abound to advance Canada's oceanic laws
93 Beyond climate models: Rethinking how to envision the future with climate change
94 Peat fires could accelerate climate change
95 As climate change increases forest fires, smoke forecasting could help protect public health
96 Better models needed to track atmospheric pollution's impact on health, climate
97 New autism research reveals brain differences at 6 months in infants who develop autism
98 Revealed in accurate detail, the underground world of plants
99 Teaching science to the religious? Focus on how theories develop
100 A new EEG shows how brain tracts are formed
101 A surprising molecular switch
102 Scripps research scientists identify protein that sends 'painful touch' signals
103 Faulty fat sensor implicated in obesity and liver disease
104 A classic model for ecological stability revised, 40 years later
105 Glaciers: A window into human impact on the global carbon cycle
106 Yosemite's alpine chipmunks take genetic hit from climate change
107 Scientists prove Turing's tiger stripe theory
108 Director discusses cancer evolution at prestigious conference
109 Harvard's Wyss Institute develops DNA nanorobot to trigger targeted therapeutic responses
110 Dog owners more likely to achieve recommended activity levels during pregnancy
111 Puzzle play may help boost learning math-related skills
112 Energy poverty creating a respiratory disease 'epidemic' for almost half the world's population
113 Europe Needs a "RESCUE" Revolution
114 Excess Corporate Cash Could Create 2.4 Million Jobs: UMD Study
115 Collaboration: Expanding the very model of a modern major scientist
116 Researchers See Differences in Autism Brain Development as Early as 6 Months
117 Maternal depression and bilingual households can impact infant language development
118 No kids in public school? You still benefit
119 Perception, work-life balance key factors in workplace safety, says UGA study
120 'Beam me up, Scotty:' ASU professor uses Star Trek themes to communicate science
121 Research at AAAS highlights national, international 'excellence gaps' in education
122 SomaLogic's breakthrough proteomic technology to be presented at AAAS Annual meeting
123 From Earth's water to cosmic dawn: New tools unveiling astronomical mysteries
124 3D microscopy improves disease understanding
125 AAAS-SFU research: Fracking risks, fact or fiction?
126 A robot sketches portraits
127 Hazardous medications
128 Researchers Develop Better Control for DNA-Based Computations
129 Sandia National Laboratories researchers find energy storage "solutions" in MetILs
130 Star Cluster Surrounds Wayward Black Hole in Cannibal Galaxy
131 Gamma-ray bursts' highest power side unveiled by Fermi telescope
132 Twists to quantum technique for secret messaging give unanticipated power
133 Atomtronics: A new phase
134 The star factory: observing Arp 220
135 Alzheimer's drugs may have adverse side effects
136 Single-atom transistor is 'perfect'
137 X-rays illuminate the interior of the Moon
138 A step toward better electronics
139 Building Blocks of Early Earth Survived Collision that Created Moon
140 'It's not nutritious until it's eaten'
141 New web tool to improve accuracy of global land cover maps
142 Motherhood 'detrimental' to women's scientific careers, study concludes
143 Undergrad's Work Details Protein's Role in Neurological Disorders
144 Nanoparticles may enhance cancer therapy
145 Faculty retention proves a major challenge for universities
146 Study documents the importance of supportive spouses in coping with work-related stress
147 Students at Western University develop a novel way to teach interdisciplinary care
148 Puzzle Play Improves Math Skills
149 Computer programs that think like humans
150 WSU chemist applies Google software to webs of the molecular world
151 College students, fish show surprising similarities in numerical approximation
152 Integrating society with climate science, stabilizing carbon dioxide levels
153 Mapping out the future of GPS technology
154 Countdown to the introduction of a norovirus vaccine
155 Fever control using external cooling reduces early mortality in septic shock patients
156 Gaming to improve eyesight and 'hearing' colors
157 Brain-imaging differences evident at 6 months in infants who develop autism
158 Vitamin B and omega-3 supplementation and cancer: New data
159 When your left hand mimics what your right hand does: It's in the genes
160 Yale study: how mitochondrial DNA defects cause inherited deafness
161 Live from the thymus: T-cells on the move
162 Study reveals immune mechanism for surveillance over EBV infection; identifies two possible options for treating EBV-fueled lymphomas in immunosuppressed patients
163 New combo of chemo and well-known malaria drug delivers double punch to tumors
164 UofL research shows substituting with smokeless tobacco saves lives
165 New brain connections form in clusters during learning
166 The USP15 biological thermostat: A promising novel therapeutic target in cancer
167 Paving the way to Canada's next big industry--the quantum information frontier
168 Working together to bounce back from disaster
169 University of Minnesota researchers discover that cell phone hackers can track your physical location without your knowledge
170 IU's Menczer to present latest work on tracking ideas in social media
171 Is clot-busting drug safe for kids with strokes?
172 'Talking dictionaries' document vanishing languages
173 Cebit 2012: Intelligent software assigns appropriate background music for pictures
174 Scientists deploy lasers, GPS technology to improve snow measurements
175 APEX turns its eye to dark clouds in Taurus
176 Black hole came from a shredded galaxy
177 Plasmas torn apart
178 Astronomers watch delayed broadcast of a rare celestial eruption
179 Astronomers watch instant replay of powerful stellar eruption
180 Microbial oasis discovered beneath the Atacama Desert
181 'Honeycombs' and Hexacopters Help Tell Story of Mars
182 Who goes there?
183 'Duet of 1' possible with hand-controlled voice synthesizer
184 Computer scientist developing intersections of the future with fully autonomous vehicles
185 Smart grids could outsmart criminals