File Title
1 Autonomic Materials' self-healing technology
2 Do-it-yourself biologists make research a hobby
3 Space scientists map where conditions support life
4 Ex-soldier behind Papua New Guinea mutiny arrested
5 Girl jumps from car, killed by vehicle in Colo.
6 Actress' claim to be gay by choice riles activists
7 Newberry Volcano site of geothermal tech test
8 Feds seeking to control big, wild pythons
9 Hygiene, mating, morals--many uses of disgust
10 Muir Woods National Monument upgrades
11 Obama ally questions Endangered Species Act moves
12 California approves strict clean-fuel regulation
13 Gene test may aid early-stage lung cancer patients
14 Yemeni president Saleh arrives in U.S. for treatment
15 Paralyzed athlete Grant Korgan achieves polar goal
16 Oakland welcomes more pot dispensaries
17 Researchers Find Cancer in Ancient Egyptian Mummy
18 Suit Claims Silicon Valley Anti-Poaching Scheme
19 Gingrich Says Space Exploration in US Tradition
20 Twitter's New Censorship Plan Rouses Global Furor
21 Facebook IPO Could Value It Among Top Companies
22 Twitterati Protest New Twitter Censorship Policy With Blackout
23 Thoroughbred Race Horses All Traced to One 17th-Century Mare
24 Erin Brockovich Launches Investigation Into Tic Illness Affecting N.Y. Teenagers
25 Anatomy of a Mass Panic
26 Are Chinese Workers Suffering From Mass Hysteria or Not?
27 PANDAS: Strep Throat Can Lead to OCD in Children
28 Teen Overcomes Tourette With Risky Procedure
29 Sea lions found shot on Puget Sound, US officials say
30 Diamond Jubilee: Digging deep for commemorative woods
31 Fishing's global footprint
32 ReRAM competes to be tech's next memory chip standard
33 Both Edinburgh Zoo pandas out of public view due to colic
34 Hinckley Star Trek flat faces uncertain future
35 Winter in the US deserts
36 Afghan President Hamid Karzai 'plans talks with Taliban'
37 Syria army moves to wrest Damascus suburbs from rebels
38 Novak Djokovic beats Rafael Nadal in Australian Open final
39 African Union: Ban Ki-moon urges respect for gay rights
40 Iraqi bloc ends parliament boycott over Hashemi warrant
41 The world's biggest cities: How do you measure them?
42 The death of Joe Paterno: Penn State's spiritual crisis
43 Did Germany sow the seeds of the eurozone debt crisis?
44 Latino immigrant exodus hurts South Carolina economy
45 Facebook 'to go public with $10bn share offering'
46 Bournemouth resident mystified by 'blue sphere shower'
47 A Papua New Guinea wedding: Face paint, grass aprons and pigs
48 Scottish independence: Michelle Mone threatens to leave Scotland
49 Greeks reject 'impossible' German plan for budget veto
50 A Point of View: The many faces of Margaret Thatcher
51 Sudan: Chinese held by rebels in South Kordofan
52 Eurozone's score card
53 European Parliament rapporteur quits in Acta protest
54 Kelihos botnet suspect denies Microsoft accusations
55 FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application
56 Twitter to selectively 'censor' tweets by country
57 Intel buys RealNetworks' patents and video coding tech
58 Fines threat for credit text messages
59 Costa Concordia recovery 'will take up to 10 months'
60 Fake drugs given to NHS patients still untraced
61 Idea men feel more pain 'a myth'
62 'Jaw replacement surgery ended my unbearable pain'
63 Dying Jobs kept letter from Gates at bedside
64 Watch out! Amazing mechanical bird takes flight
65 The dark side of shiny Apple products
66 Forbidden young love ends with a mother's violent murder
67 At least 9 dead in wrecks on Fla. Interstate
68 Gingrich: "Facts don't matter" to Romney
69 Blood found at missing tot's home
70 Megaupload users plan to sue FBI over deleted files
71 Roughing up Apple: Time to whistle time out
72 Planet-hunting space telescope nets jackpot
73 Spring cleaning starts early at HP, WebOS guru gone
74 Is using devices on planes really dangerous?
75 If required by law, Twitter says now ready to censor
76 The real JFK Jr.
77 Life as Al Capone's great-niece
78 Meet guitar prodigy, 8, who wows 'em on the web
79 Demi Moore 911 call reveals "real emergency"
80 FDA detains orange juice shipments over fungicide concerns
81 British teen Stacey Irvine hospitalized after eating nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years
82 What Really Happened Prior to 'Snowball Earth'?
83 Life Discovered On Dead Hydrothermal Vents
84 Heart of Silk: Scientists Use Silk from the Tasar Silkworm as a Scaffold for Heart Tissue
85 Making Memories Last: Prion-Like Protein Plays Key Role in Storing Long-Term Memories
86 Engineered Bacteria Effectively Target Tumors, Enabling Tumor Imaging Potential in Mice
87 How Viruses Evolve, and in Some Cases, Become Deadly
88 Life Beyond Earth? Underwater Caves in Bahamas Could Give Clues
89 Rap Music Powers Rhythmic Action of Medical Sensor
90 Following Genetic Footprints out of Africa: First Modern Humans Settled in Arabia
91 Graphene Supermaterial Goes Superpermeable: Can Be Used to Distill Alcohol
92 Leukemia Cells Are 'Bad to the Bone,' Research Finds
93 Silk Microneedles Deliver Controlled-Release Drugs Painlessly
94 MRI Scan 'Better' for Heart Patients
95 New Method of Infant Pain Assessment
96 How Work Tells Muscles to Grow
97 Microbubbles Provide New Boost for Biofuel Production
98 Scorpions Inspire Scientists in Making Tougher Surfaces for Machinery
99 Scientists Create First Free-Standing 3-D Cloak
100 Chemists Synthesize Artificial Cell Membrane
101 Swallow a Pill and Let Your Doctor Tour Your Insides
102 Cumulative Impact of Mountaintop Mining Documented
103 Transcriptional Elongation Control Takes On New Dimensions as Researchers Find Gene Class-Specific Elongation Factors
104 Unprecedented, Human-Made Trends in Ocean's Acidity
105 Scientists Map One of Life's Molecular Mysteries: Visualisation of the Molecular Gateway Across and Into Cellular Membranes
106 Ecologists Capture First Deep-Sea Fish Noises
107 A Leukemia Drug Kills Cancerous T-Cells While Sparing Normal Immunity, Study Suggests
108 Scientists Probe Form, Function of Mysterious Protein
109 Multiple Births Lead to Weight Gain, Other Problems for Mouse Moms and Offspring
110 Visual Nudge Improves Accuracy of Mammogram Readings
111 The Advantage of Ambiguity in Language
112 Discovery of New Vaccine Approach for Treatment of Cancer
113 Genetic Variation That Raises Risk of Serious Complication Linked to Osteoporosis Drugs Identified
114 Body Location Plays Part in Scratching Pleasure
115 Scientists Illuminate Cancer Cells' Survival Strategy During Dangerous Dissemination
116 Generation X: How Young Adults Deal With Influenza
117 The Amygdala and Fear Are Not the Same Thing
118 Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor: Finding May Have Implications for Rett Syndrome, Other Neurological Disorders
119 The Pupils Are the Windows to the Mind
120 Family History of Psychiatric Disorders Shapes Intellectual Interests, Study Suggests
121 Scientists Link Evolved, Mutated Gene Module to Syndromic Autism
122 Mind Over Matter: Patients' Perceptions of Illness Make a Difference
123 School Obesity Programs May Promote Worrisome Eating Behaviors and Physical Activity in Kids
124 Obesity and Pain Linked, Study of One Million Americans Shows
125 Shoulder Pain from Using Your iPad? Don't Use It On Your Lap
126 Mild Cognitive Impairment Is Common, Affects Men Most, Study Finds
127 Where There's a Worm There's a Whale: First Distribution Model of Marine Parasites Provides Revealing Insights
128 New Information for Flu Fight: Researchers Study RNA Interference to Determine Host Genes Used by Influenza for Virus Replication
129 How Cholera Bacterium Gains a Foothold in the Gut
130 Grape Seed Extract Kills Head and Neck Cancer Cells, Leaves Healthy Cells Unharmed
131 Research On Vitamins Could Lead to the Design of Novel Drugs to Combat Malaria
132 Can the Economy Bear What Oil Prices Have in Store?
133 Detecting Detrimental Change in Coral Reefs
134 How Seawater Could Corrode Nuclear Fuel
135 Overgrazed Grasslands Tied to Locust Outbreaks
136 Barley Adapts to Climate Change
137 Dawn of Social Networks: Ancestors May Have Formed Ties With Both Kin and Non-Kin Based On Shared Attributes
138 Winged Dinosaur Archaeopteryx Dressed for Flight
139 Scientists Discover New Clue to Chemical Origins of Life
140 Ancient Dinosaur Nursery: Oldest Nesting Site Yet Found
141 Neanderthals and Their Contemporaries Engineered Stone Tools, Anthropologists Discover
142 Mars-Bound Instrument Detects Solar Burst's Effects: RAD Measures Radiation from Solar Storm
143 Durable NASA Rover Beginning Ninth Year of Mars Work
144 NASA's Kepler Announces 11 New Planetary Systems Hosting 26 Planets
145 Giant Asteroid Vesta Likely Cold and Dark Enough for Ice
146 Classifying Solar Eruptions
147 Kitchen Gadget Inspires Scientist to Make More Effective Plastic Electronics
148 Space Weather Center to Add World's First 'Ensemble Forecasting' Capability
149 Noise-Free Spectroscopy: Reversing the Problem Clarifies Molecular Structure
150 New Ideas Sharpen Focus for Greener Aircraft
151 New Drug Release Mechanism Utilizes 3-D Superhydrophobic Materials
152 Optimal Basketball Shooting Rate Proposed Based On Mathematical Model
153 Adolescents With Autism Spend Free Time Using Solitary, Screen-Based Media
154 Speed Limit On the Quantum Highway: Physicists Measure Propagation Velocity of Quantum Signals in a Many-Body System
155 Supercomputers Take a Cue from Microwave Ovens: Co-Design May Be the Answer to Modeling Clouds and Other Big Problems
156 New Tool Enhances View of Muscles