File Title
1 Scientists rediscover self-healing silicone mechanism from the 1950s
2 NVIDIA dresses up CUDA parallel computing platform
3 Stock market network reveals investor clustering
4 Bus-sized asteroid shaves by Earth
5 The secret life of proteins: Researchers discover dual role of key player in immune system
6 Trial by fire: A landscape-scale experiment in restoring Ozark glades
7 The pupils are the windows to the mind
8 Bitdefender researchers find evidence of viruses infecting worms creating new form of malware
9 Making memories last: Prion-like protein plays key role in storing long-term memories
10 Eureka! Kitchen gadget inspires scientist to make more effective plastic electronics
11 Blind moles use beauty for function, not fancy
12 Report: Facebook IPO filing could come next week (Update)
13 Study offers new information for flu fight
14 Light but stable: novel cellulose-silica gel composite aerogels
15 SUMO-snipping protein plays crucial role in T and B cell development
16 British team builds model showing metamaterials could be used to create gecko toe like adhesion
17 Does antimatter weigh more than matter? Lab experiment to find out the answer
18 Scientists discover new clue to the chemical origins of life
19 What drove the lunar dynamo? Moon's molten core was likely sustained by alternative power source
20 Jumping spider uses fuzzy eyesight to judge distance
21 Graphene: Supermaterial goes superpermeable
22 The ethics of brain boosting
23 How wings really work
24 Advantages of living in the dark: The multiple evolution events of 'blind' cavefish
25 Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed
26 Decline in solar output unlikely to offset global warming: study
27 Professors argue flattening oil production should trump environment as reason to move to alternative sources
28 Unprecedented, man-made trends in ocean's acidity
29 First atomic X-ray laser created
30 Broadcast study of ocean acidification to date helps scientists evaluate effects on marine life
31 UT researchers' innovation addresses major challenge of drug delivery
32 System to deliver organ transplant drug--without harmful side effects
33 Under the electron microscope--A 3-D image of an individual protein
34 Strategic research plan needed to help avoid potential risks of nanomaterials
35 Blunt nanostructures could make high-efficiency solar cells easier to fabricate
36 Bilayer graphene works as an insulator
37 Nano form of titanium dioxide can be toxic to marine organisms
38 Researchers devise new means for creating elastic conductors
39 Graphene: Impressive capabilities on the horizon
40 Weaving electronics into the fabric of our physical world
41 DNA as invisible ink can reversibly hide patterns
42 Graphene enhances many materials, but leaves them wettable
43 Biochip measures glucose in saliva, not blood
44 DNA motor programmed to navigate a network of tracks
45 Lab team develops capability for atomistic simulations
46 Researchers demonstrate rare combination of electric and magnetic properties in strontium barium manganite
47 Chaos puts a path on nanoparticles
48 Resolving controversy at the water's edge
49 Scientists create first free-standing 3-D cloak
50 Cosmology in a Petri dish
51 Researchers observe speed of propagation in non-relativistic lattice
52 Scientists shed light on magnetic mystery of graphite
53 Researchers suggest a proximate cause of cancer
54 Speed limit on the quantum highway
55 Solving energy problems, one molecule at a time
56 Space Weather Center to add world's first 'ensemble forecasting' capability
57 Romney sees starships fueled by private enterprise
58 Russian cargo vessel arrives at space station
59 SwRI-led RAD measures radiation from solar storm
60 What really happened prior to 'Snowball Earth'?
61 New research suggests Fomalhaut B may not be a planet after all
62 Volunteers sought for simulated Mars mission and study of 'menu fatigue'
63 8-meter-wide asteroid will pass close to Earth today
64 Crater with dark and bright ejecta
65 Czechs sign deal to host EU's satellite navigation
66 Remote control pushed aside by gesture-sensitive devices
67 Sony develops new 'RGBW coding' and 'HDR movie' functions
68 Shrew whiskers inspire ground-breaking robot design
69 Gadgets: 2012 Consumer Electronics Show picks
70 Study finds tablet, e-book ownership soared
71 TVs getting 'smarter' but maybe not better
72 Camera-less iPhone 4, iPhone 4S on sale in Singapore
73 TV, movies & motion at the Consumer Electronics Show
74 Verizon cuts price and memory storage of Droid Razr, as expected
75 Chinese 'Red Pad' tablet reserved for top officials
76 Snakes improve search-and-rescue robots
77 LG to introduce its first LTE tablet
78 Samsung shows transparent 46-inch LCD panel
79 Nissan demos self-healing Scratch Shield iPhone case
80 PNNL's Olympus supercomputer advances science, saves energy
81 Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein leaves HP
82 Twitter's new censorship plan rouses global furor
83 'We care about every worker': Apple CEO
84 Anonymous attack Mexico websites to protest copyright law
85 Investors clamor for Facebook's IPO
86 Consumers in the middle of battle over Internet privacy
87 First US chief technology officer stepping down
88 West takes Internet freedom for granted: Google boss
89 Activists and bloggers fear Twitter censorship (cf. 82)
90 New center developing computational bioresearch tool
91 Nintendo chief promises to do Wii U launch right
92 Twitter may censor tweets in individual countries (cf. 82, 89)
93 Researchers develop new drug release mechanism utilizing 3-D superhydrophobic materials
94 Scientists probe form, function of mysterious protein
95 Chemists to develop new materials for hydrogen storage in vehicles
96 MSU technology spin-out company to market portable biohazard detection
97 Pine transformed by modern alchemists
98 Of microchemistry and molecules: Electronic microfluidic device synthesizes biocompatible probes
99 How seawater could corrode nuclear fuel
100 Researchers seek to beat 'molecular obesity'
101 Researchers model potential of toxic algae photoreceptors
102 Envelope for an artificial cell
103 Scorpions inspire scientists in making tougher surfaces for machinery
104 Capsules that clean: New-look laundry detergents head for supermarket shelves
105 New taste for Thai elephant meat
106 New study shows prions able to jump between species more easily than thought
107 Need muscle for a tough spot? Turn to fat stem cells
108 Monogamous birds...peeping on the neighbors!
109 Scientists reveal how cholera bacterium gains a foothold in the gut
110 Giant cell reveals metabolic secrets
111 New biodiversity map of the Andes shows species in dire need of protection
112 US judge denies bid to block NV mustang roundups
113 Competition is at the root of diversity in rainforests: study
114 'Worm speak' uses chemicals to communicate
115 Scientists reveal how females store sperm for decades
116 Research on vitamins could lead to the design of novel drugs to combat malaria
117 The price of your soul: How the brain decides whether to 'sell out'
118 Being ignored hurts, even by a stranger
119 Group settings can diminish expressions of intelligence, especially among women
120 Expensive egos: Narcissism has a higher health cost for men
121 fMRI brain imaging illuminates magic mushrooms' psychedelic effects
122 Researchers identify mechanism behind associative memory by exploring insect brains
123 It's evolution: Nature of prejudice, aggression different for men and women
124 Optical Illusion experiment shows higher brain functions involved in pupil size control
125 Babies are born with 'intuitive physics' knowledge, researcher says
126 When making meaning of the world, the brain is a multi-tasker
127 Protein discovery could lead to new HIV drugs
128 Multitasking may harm the social and emotional development of tweenage girls, researchers say
129 Body location plays part in scratching pleasure
130 Evolved, mutated gene module linked to Joubert syndrome
131 Diagnostic brain tumor test could revolutionize care of patients
132 Study of one million Americans shows obesity and pain linked
133 The amygdala and fear are not the same thing
134 New lung cancer test predicts survival
135 Survey suggests family history of psychiatric disorders shapes intellectual interests
136 Alzheimer's neurons induced from pluripotent stem cells
137 Scientists illuminate cancer cells' survival strategy
138 Study identifies blood-forming stem cells' growth
139 Study finds leukemia cells are 'bad to the bone'
140 New study shows caffeine consumption linked to estrogen changes
141 Republicans and democrats less divided than commonly thought
142 Under the microscope: Mouse embryo
143 Radical theory explains the origin, evolution, and nature of life, challenges conventional wisdom
144 Believing the impossible and conspiracy theories
145 How the Big Three forgot Accounting 101
146 'Touch' TV series uses numbers to connect people
147 Anthropologists clarify link between Asians and early Native-Americans
148 New model shows how often to review material for flashcard programs
149 Study reveals implications of the incentive to coordinate among bank lenders
150 Super Bowl advertisers should skip TV ads, focus online
151 Incoming college students more liberal on hot-button political, social issues, survey finds
152 Science magazine honors method that teaches essence of experimentation
153 Whisky a no go
154 Courts endangering religious freedom, academic claims
155 PhET simulations provide interactive learning tools