File Title
1 Bill Gates on Using His Money to Save Lives, Fixing U.S. Schools, Reflecting on Steve Jobs
2 File Sharing Sites Scatter after Megaupload's Shutdown
3 A Social Network For The 1 Percent
4 Ancient Dino Nursery Reveals Mother's Love in Cretaceous Period
5 Summary Box: Ericsson Says Q4 Profits Dropped
6 Earns Schedule for Tech Cos. With Recent IPOs
7 How Consumer-Electronics Makers Are Faring
8 Depression Could Be Linked to Your Mother, Says Study
9 Chemicals Found in Manufacturing Affect Some Childhood Vaccines
10 Chemicals in Carpets, Non-Stick Pans Tied to Thyroid Disease
11 Why Brown Fat Is No Obesity Cure...Yet
12 Did Giants Target Concussion-Prone 49er?
13 Baby Born Deformed After Misdiagnosed Ectopic Pregnancy
14 Navy SEALs Rescue Two Aid Workers in Somalia in Daring Raid
15 Chelsea Clinton Promotes Philanthropy in Ukraine
16 State of the Union: Obama Makes Case for Economic 'Fairness,' Second Term
17 Ningaloo manta rays under threat
18 Flying dinosaur had black feathers: study
19 Great Barrier Reef put on ice in Outback
20 UK native dog breeds 'at risk of extinction'
21 'Starbursts' and black holes lead to biggest galaxies
22 Fried food 'fine for heart' if cooked with olive oil
23 Genetic testing: NHS 'must back revolution'
24 Lyme disease risk from dogs 'higher than thought'
25 Strange endangered primates you may have never heard of
26 How do Australians respond to shark attacks?
27 Suriname team find 46 new species in tropical forests
28 Edinburgh start-up to make whisky biofuel
29 Living in: Chicago
30 Somalia: Western hostages freed in US military raid
31 State of the Union: Obama calls for end to inequality
32 Egypt rallies mark anti-Mubarak uprising anniversary
33 Backlash over Google move to change privacy settings
34 Zetas are Mexico's 'largest drug gang,' study says
35 What goes on in the mind of a sniper?
36 'Berserk' India bus driver kills nine in Pune
37 West Memphis Three Oscar documentary nod sparks row
38 Kyrgyzstan prison protest: Inmates sew lips together
39 Solar storm's effects to lash Earth until Wednesday
40 State of the Union: Obama takes message to key states
41 O2 revealing users' mobile phone numbers, tests suggest
42 EU data protection law proposals include large fines
43 Nokia celebrates 1.5bn phones running on S40
44 Megaupload founder denied bail by New Zealand court
45 Can Netflix compete with 'offline' TV?
46 The search for e-commerce 3.0
47 SEALs free U.S., Dane hostages in Somalia
48 State of the Union: 10 highlights from Obama's speech
49 Obama: Everyone deserves a "fair shot"
50 State of the Union: Obama, GOP battle to frame 2012 fight
51 Garth Brooks awarded $1 million in hospital lawsuit
52 Demi Moore hospitalized for substance abuse, TMZ reports
53 School lunches to get healthy revamp
54 Giving sight to macular degeneration patients
55 Virtual Mideast peace conference on Facebook
56 Video: Chinese soldiers passing a live grenade
57 Most Massive Galaxies Had Frenzied Star-Forming Pasts
58 Brain's 'Cheat Sheet' Makes Moral Decisions Easier
59 Spots on the Sun Firing Off Strong Solar Storms
60 Obama's SOTU Body Language Showed Strength, Leadership, Experts Say
61 New Cinematic Medium Engages All Senses
62 Humans' Taste for Dolphins & Manatees on the Rise
63 Pharmacies Respond Inaccurately to Teens Seeking Contraception
64 New Vaccine Approach Gives Hope to Those Living with HIV
65 Positive Thinking Could Lead to Healthier Behavior
66 Crayola Katydid & Cowboy Frog Among 46 Newfound Jungle Species
67 Microwave Popcorn Bag Pollutants Make Vaccines Less Effective
68 Foot, Leg Amputations Decrease for Diabetic Adults
69 A Century Later, Restored Wetlands Struggle to Recover
70 Infants Grasp Gravity with Innate Sense of Physics
71 Fairyfly Wasp Prospers After Sneaking into US
72 Easy Answers to Your Kids' Most Burning Questions
73 Texting & Walking: Study Reveals Why Combo Is Dangerous
74 Election Year Affection? Politicians Cross Party Lines at President's Address
75 World's First Magnetic Soap Could Clean Sticky Messes
76 Perceptions of Mormonism in the US (Infographic)
77 Sumatran Elephants Pushed Toward Extinction
78 World's Largest Turtle Gets New Protected Swimming Grounds
79 Titan Sand Dunes Reveal Clues of Saturn Moon's Past
80 Best US City for Hospital Care Named
81 8 Years on Mars: 'Amazing' NASA Rover Still Going Strong
82 Astronauts in Space Safe from Huge Solar Radiation Storm
83 UFO Lights Spotted Near Los Angeles
84 Americans Spend More on Lunch and Coffee Than Commuting
85 Thoroughbred Racehorses Get Speed from Just a Few Ancestors
86 Winged Dinosaur Wore Plumage of Black Feathers
87 Russian Scientist's Claim of Life on Venus Proven False
88 Behind the Mask of Michael Jackson, a Savvy Entrepreneur
89 Routine Scans May Cause Thyroid Problems
90 Women Feel Pain More Intensely Than Men
91 Explosive Volcano May Lurk Beneath Death Valley
92 Narcissism's Gender Gap: Toxic Trait Stresses Men More
93 Dolphins May Sleep-Talk in Whale-Song
94 Cavefish Not Blind to Attractions of Surface-Dwelling Cousins
95 Oldest Dinosaur 'Nursery' Discovered
96 Magic Mushrooms Trip Up Brain Activity
97 Weird World! 'Oozing' Alien Planet Is a Super-Earth Wonder
98 Supercomputer 'Titans' Face Huge Energy Costs
99 Sarah Burke's Death: Can Gear Keep Up With Skiers?
100 New Process Makes Heat-Harvesting Materials Cheaply
101 Powering Your Car with Waste Heat
102 Heat-Harvesting Nanomaterials
103 Electricity-Generating Shock Absorbers
104 Yahoo Predicts America's Political Winners
105 First Test for Election Cryptography
106 How to Hack an Election in One Minute
107 Photosynthesis Fuel Company Gets a Large Investment
108 Use of Supercritical Water Could Cut Costs for Ethanol
109 New Apps Let Facebook Record Your Personal History
110 Fracking Quakes Shake the Shale Gas Industry
111 Tabletop Computer Knows You by Your Shoes
112 Startup Makes 'Wireless Router for the Brain'
113 Wasting Hackers' Time to Keep Websites Safe
114 Twitter Bots Create Surprising New Social Connections
115 U.S. Tests Whether Consumers Like Car-to-Car Communications
116 Sensor Networks Could End Parking Rage
117 In Search of the Perfect Keyboard
118 Analysis: Chinese Solar Companies Sell Below Cost
119 One eBook Platform to Rule Them All
120 Electron Holography Produces First Image of a Single Protein
121 Supreme Court's GPS Ruling Hints at Greater Scrutiny of Surveillance Tech
122 Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography
123 Who Is RIM's New CEO?
124 Europe, Data, and the 'Right to Be Forgotten'
125 Obama Turns to Fossil Fuels
126 Startup Makes Peel-Off Solar Cells
127 New Manufacturing Tech Could Mean Cheaper Solar Cells
128 Silicon Solar Cells Ditch the Wafers
129 Drive-by Gun Scans Prompt Privacy Questions