File Title
1 Apple CEO Promises Monthly Updates on Working Conditions
2 Earthquakes: Some Major Aftershocks May be in the Brain
3 Whitney Houston Searches Up 31,600 Percent on Yahoo
4 Urgent Tweet in Kenya Village: Help, Sheep Missing
5 French President Tweets as Election Race Looms
6 FCC Plans to Nix Wireless Network That May Jam GPS
7 Swiss Craft Janitor Satellites to Grab Space Junk
8 Comcast Subscribers Almost Stop Cancelling Cable
9 Playing Music Protects Memory, Hearing, Brain Processing
10 Why People Believe Misinformation, Even After It's Corrected
11 Talk Therapy Eases Hot Flashes After Breast Cancer Treatment
12 New Jersey 100-Year-Olds Celebrate Love on Valentine's Day
13 After Slow Start, Flu Season Has Arrived
14 Lipsticks, Perfumes May Be Hazardous to Health
15 Mediterranean Diet May Be Good for the Brain
16 Biggest Arthritis Myths Busted
17 Ant colonies reveal city limits
18 Featherweight flyer a long-distance champ
19 Venus slowdown has astronomers in a spin
20 Crime chiefs agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade
21 Tiny lizards found in Madagascar
22 Sea urchin spine structure inspires idea for concrete
23 Iran loads 'first domestically-made nuclear fuel'
24 Tiny songbird northern wheatear traverses the world
25 How did we forget about mutually assured destruction?
26 Wildlife recorders: Bingo conservationists?
27 Carbon monoxide in the cosmos mapped for the first time
28 N/A
29 Singer Shakira 'attacked' by sea lion
30 My Business: Ticket to ride on India's buses
31 Honduras prison fire kills hundreds
32 Adele plays down 'five-year hiatus' remark
33 Eurozone states want Greece out, says Venizelos
34 Syria to hold referendum on new constitution
35 Whitney Houston and the art of melisma
36 Female genital mutilation rife in Egypt despite ban
37 Mormons baptise parents of Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal
38 500m children 'at risk of effects of malnutrition'
39 India's poor urged to 'eat rats'
40 Thai diners show appetite for rat
41 Nazi sci-fi film Iron Sky becomes Berlin talking point
42 Italy cuts order for F-35 combat jets
43 Whitney Houston: Sony 'sorry' for album price hike
44 Giant Kim Jong-il statue unveiled for his 70th birthday
45 Payroll tax cut: US Congress 'reaches deal'
46 Users warned as shut down by police
47 Landline to mobile fees to be reduced sooner, CC rules
48 Samsung mulls LCD unit spin-off amid falling demand
49 Yahoo Japan dips on reports of asset swap talks failure
50 Viewpoint: The internet is broken--we need to start over
51 Bacteria used to fight sleeping sickness
52 Whitney Houston iTunes prices hiked by mistake, says Sony
53 Apple CEO tells investors company leads in factory working conditions
54 Apple MacBook Pro getting makeover, says new report
55 Whitney Houston's financial worth after death
56 Woman in poison smoothie case given 15 years
57 Jeremy Lin: New York Knicks' Cinderella story
58 Lead found in 400 types of lipstick: Which has most?
59 Expert: Yeardley Love could have survived
60 Man suffers heart attack at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas: Report
61 Sinus infections not cured with antibiotics, study suggests
62 Roche warns of counterfeit cancer drug in U.S.
63 Whitney Houston's autopsy results: What's taking so long?
64 Deadly bird flu research: World Health Organization wants debate settled
65 Models unite to tackle workplace issues
66 CEO stresses value of Whitney Houston's image
67 US regulators pull plug on LightSquared
68 New molecule discovered in fight against allergy
69 Black hole came from a shredded galaxy
70 Space diamonds reveal supernova origins
71 Research group extends capabilities of jamming universal gripper robot arm effector (w/ video)
72 US Senate in new cybersecurity push
73 The mathematics of a heart beat could save lives
74 FCC plans to nix wireless network that may jam GPS
75 Engineers develop rapid, uniform dispersion method for carbon nanotubes in solutions and solids
76 At Yale, quantum computing is a (qu)bit closer to reality
77 Swiss craft janitor satellites to grab space junk
78 Fossil fish illuminates evolution of plankton-eating
79 Honeybees shown to speak directly to hornets
80 Microchips' optical future
81 Thermal storage gets more solar on the grid
82 Scientists report link between traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder
83 Gene therapy for epilepsy could stop seizures
84 Autism affects motor skills, study indicates
85 Featherweight songbird is a long-distance champ
86 Hackers take aim at Nasdaq, Bats websites
87 World's most efficient nanoplasmonic solar cells developed
88 Study: Antibiotics ineffective for most sinus infections
89 New nano-material combinations produce leap in infrared technology
90 When nerve meets muscle, biglycan seals the deal
91 Study brings diagnostics for viruses a step closer to reality
92 New study explores proteins in Yellowstone bacteria for biofuel inspiration
93 Apple testing smaller screen tablet: WSJ
94 Noncoding RNAs alter yeast phenotypes in a site-specific manner
95 Yahoo's talks to sell Asian assets unravel
96 Chemists mimic nature to design better medical tests
97 New record for world's smallest atomic valentine
98 Shear stiffness and friction mechanics of single-layer graphene measured for the first time
99 Nanotechnology may lead to more energy-efficient electronics
100 Magnetic spin on non-magnetic materials
101 ORNL microscopy explores nanowires' weakest link
102 Nanostructured electrodes for rechargeable sodium-Ion batteries
103 'Smart' microcapsules in a single step
104 NDSU nano research could impact flexible electronic devices
105 Lab study raises questions over nano-particle impact
106 What lies beneath: Mapping hidden nanostructures
107 'Dark plasmons' transmit energy
108 Inspired by steel, nanomanufacturing gets wear-resistant carbide tip
109 Plasmas torn apart: Physicists make discovery that hints at origin of phenomena like solar flares
110 $8.5 million research initiative will study best approaches for quantum memories
111 Spin-orbit sum rule to speed up X-ray scattering research
112 Large Hadron Collider to run at 4 TeV per beam in 2012
113 Cutting corners to make superconductors work better
114 The indiscretions of a champagne bubble paparazzi
115 NTT develops current-injection photonic-crystal laser
116 Leading the quest to crack cosmological mysteries
117 Tandem polymer solar cells that set record for energy-conversion
118 Fast photon control brings quantum photonic technologies closer
119 Rapunzel, Leonardo and the physics of the ponytail
120 Two new records: The world's strongest and purest neutron beam
121 Researchers make better heat sensor based on butterfly wings
122 Lava formations in eastern Oregon linked to rip in giant slab of Earth
123 Astronomers watch delayed broadcast of a rare celestial eruption
124 Nationwide radium testing of groundwater shows most susceptible regions: Central US and East Coast
125 NASA's picture of the future of human spaceflight
126 NASA aircraft to trek globe in 2012 for earth studies
127 APEX turns its eye to dark clouds in Taurus
128 NASA shuts down its last mainframe computer
129 Productive farms can be 'greener than organic': study
130 Russia launches European telecoms satellite
131 Exploring eruptions: Research on volcanoes could one day help save lives
132 NASA announces third round of CubeSat space mission candidates
133 SLS advanced booster risk reduction solutions
134 Effects of sea spray geoengineering on global climate
135 World's greenest supercomputer heads to Melbourne to boost health research
136 Japan scientist makes 'Avatar' robot
137 New Kindle Touch is an impressive e-reader
138 Apple to debut 'iPad 3' in March: report
139 Barriers fall between TV, Internet
140 Google to make home entertainment system: report
141 Google rumored to have built Heads-Up-Display glasses prototype
142 Review: Soulo converts iPad into karaoke machine
143 Hitachi ships the industry's first 25-nanometer SLC NAND flash enterprise-class SSDs
144 Intel packs performance and reliability into its latest SSD 520 series
145 Researchers find social robots require astute tuning to improve acceptability by the human mind
146 GPS shoe lets families keep track of elderly relatives
147 Virtual reality supports planning by architects
148 Twitter subpoenas a challenge to intellectual privacy
149 Japan planned review of tsunami risk, but too late
150 Comcast subscribers almost stop cancelling cable
151 Alibaba to reach out to Yahoo CEO on stalled deal
152 Computer scientists collect computing tools for next-generation machines
153 Eye-tracking studies: first impressions form quickly on the web
154 Start-up finds online meaning
155 Chicago asked not to stifle wireless at summits
156 Liquid batteries could level the load
157 X-rays reveal why sea urchins are no easy prey
158 Ordered planar polymers created for the first time
159 Compound may help in fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs
160 Manipulating genes with hidden TALENs
161 WSU chemist applies Google software to webs of the molecular world
162 Pharmaceuticals from crab shells
163 Scientists discover molecular secrets of 2,000-year-old Chinese herbal remedy
164 New method to examine batteries--MRI from the inside
165 Fool's gold may prove an unlikely alternative to overexploited catalytic materials
166 Unpicking HIV's invisibility cloak
167 No entry without protein recycling: Researchers discover new coherence in enzyme transport
168 Prion proteins play powerful role in survival, evolution of wild yeast strains
169 New miniature grasshopper-like insect is first member of its family from Belize
170 Team seeks to learn how humans adapt to high places
171 Threatened butterfly vanishes from Florida refuge
172 Killing prions with ozone
173 The crystal ball of conservation
174 Indian village relocated to protect tigers
175 Tiny chameleons discovered in Madagascar
176 DNA barcoding of parasitic worms: Is it kosher?
177 Coral survival's past is key to its future
178 New drugs show promise for preventing 'absence seizures' in children
179 Can't seem to lose weight? Top reasons why from weight-loss expert
180 Military service changes personality, makes vets less agreeable
181 Protein may play role in obesity, diabetes, aging
182 Different bodies, different minds
183 Study: High population density is greatest risk factor for water-linked diseases
184 Short-term exposure to most major air pollutants associated with increased risk of heart attack
185 Vitamin D treatment not found to reduce cardiovascular abnormalities in kidney disease patients
186 First-of-its-kind stem cell study re-grows healthy heart muscle in heart attack patients
187 6- to 9-month-olds understand the meaning of many spoken words: research
188 New ability to regrow blood vessels holds promise for treatment of heart disease
189 Study finds child abuse can lead to stunted brain development
190 Seeing colors in music, tasting flavors in shapes may happen in life's early months
191 Weighing the difference: Switching to water, diet beverages can tip the scales
192 Human 'shock absorbers' discovered
193 Team isolates nerve cells involved in storing long term memory and gene proteins associated with them
194 Weight loss can be contagious, study suggests
195 Numeracy: The educational gift that keeps on giving?
196 Brain-imaging technique predicts who will suffer cognitive decline over time
197 New class of potential drugs inhibits inflammation in brain
198 'Very promising' treatment for Huntington disease discovered
199 People forage for memories in the same way birds forage for berries
200 Best time for a coffee break? There's an app for that
201 Undergrad's work details protein's role in neurological disorders
202 Out of Africa? Data fail to support language origin in Africa
203 Identifying poverty levels requires accurate measurements
204 Toyota recalls made no dent on their brand: study
205 Green spaces reduce stress levels of jobless, study shows
206 Academics line up to boycott world's biggest journal publisher
207 Applying math to design new materials and processes for drug manufacturing
208 Humour helps in the mediation process
209 Study: State University System degree can mean huge boost in lifetime earnings
210 Chicago as urban microcosm
211 New genus of Eugaleaspidiforms found in China
212 The consumer mindset: When is a year different than 365 days?
213 When are consumers loyal to brands? New model helps explain
214 Reigniting consumer emotions: Why are some experiences better the second time?
215 Do cold consumers like to warm up to romance movies?
216 'Invisibility' cloak could protect buildings from earthquakes