File Title
1 What's Taking E.T. So Long to Find Us?
2 The Bureau of Unknown Destinations
3 Irony much? Twitter users give anti-social media relationship advice
4 A surreal scene at Beverly Hilton hotel
5 Whitney Houston died in Beverly Hills hotel room
6 Want to Climb Kilimanjaro? Gene Tests Predict Altitude Sickness
7 How Tech Trends Today Affect Romancing Tomorrow
8 Future of Long-Distance Love Is Cool But Creepy
9 What Falling in Love Does to the Brain
10 Obama's Birth-Control Rule Will Help Prevent Accidental Pregnancies
11 Spinning Samples Yield Insights into Disease and Harnessing Solar Power
12 Frozen with Fear? How the Love Hormone Gets You Moving
13 What If Earth's Magnetic Poles Flip?
14 Mood-Reading Smartphones Put Therapist in Your Pocket
15 Lions Live in Constant Fear
16 Clues to Tokyo's Great Quakes Uncovered
17 Estrogen Turns Male Snakes into Same-Sex Charmers
18 Voyagers Set Sail for Imperiled Antarctic Wonderland
19 E-Cat 'Cold Fusion' Machine: Claims of Fraud Heating Up
20 One-Third of Office Romances End in Marriage
21 Man's Healthy Skin Sexually Attractive to Women
22 Midwives Make Home Births Safer for Babies
23 Dogs Understand Us Better Than Chimps Do
24 First Next-Gen. US Reactor Designed to Avoid Fukushima Repeat
25 Examining How Scientists Think
26 Deadly Songbird Parasite Evolving Rapidly
27 America's Most Popular Coupons
28 Cancer Drug May Treat Alzheimer's
29 Two Genes for Sealing In Memories Identified
30 Hovering Not Hard If You're Top-Heavy
31 The Power of Estrogen: Male Snakes Attract Other Males
32 Cannabis Use Doubles Chances of Vehicle Crash
33 Electrical Engineers Build 'No-Waste' Laser
34 'Dark Plasmons' Transmit Energy
35 Hydrogen from Acidic Water: Potential Low Cost Alternative to Platinum for Splitting Water
36 Drug Quickly Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms in Mice
37 Ocean Microbe Communities Changing, but Long-Term Environmental Impact Is Unclear
38 Gene Therapy Boosts Brain Repair for Demyelinating Diseases
39 Piranha Vs. Arapaima: Engineers Find Inspiration for New Materials in Piranha-Proof Armor
40 Substance P Causes Seizures in Patients Infected by Pork Tapeworm
41 To Perform With Less Effort, Practice Beyond Perfection
42 Chemists Harvest Light to Create 'Green' Tool for Pharmaceuticals
43 Baby Knows Best: Baby-Led Weaning Promotes Healthy Food Preferences
44 Physically Abused Children Report Higher Levels of Psychosomatic Symptoms
45 Seismic Resistance: Model Analyzes Shape-Memory Alloys for Use in Earthquake-Resistant Structures
46 New Battery Could Lead to Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Energy
47 Nanotube Therapy Takes Aim at Breast Cancer Stem Cells
48 Barriers to the Use of Fingerprint Evidence in Court Is Unlocked by Statistical Model
49 Sound Rather Than Sight Can Activate 'Seeing' for the Blind, Say Researchers
50 Deconstructing a Mystery: What Caused Snowmaggedon?
51 Most Lethal Known Species of Prion Protein Identified
52 Ocean Warming Causes Elephant Seals to Dive Deeper
53 How the Zebra Got Its Stripes
54 Amazing Skin Gives Sharks a Push
55 Secrets of Immune Response Illuminated in New Study
56 Obesity Is Associated With Altered Brain Function
57 Right Hand or Left? How the Brain Solves a Perceptual Puzzle
58 What Kind of Chocolate Is Best? The Last You Taste, Says a New Study
59 Scientists Sound Alarm Over Threat of Untreatable Gonorrhea in United States
60 Feast or Famine? How Appetite Cells in the Brain Respond to Fasting
61 Chlorhexidine Umbilical Cord Care Can Save Newborn Lives
62 Scientists Use Old Theory to Discover New Targets in Fight Against Breast Cancer
63 Ovarian Cancer Risk Related to Inherited Inflammation Genes
64 Vitamin D Deficiency High Among Trauma Patients
65 Gaining Insight Into a Gene's Protective Role in Parkinson's
66 As Valentine's Day Approaches, Cardiologist Describes Broken Heart Syndrome
67 Study of Live Human Neurons Reveals Parkinson's Origins
68 The Dark Path to Antisocial Personality Disorder
69 Why the Middle Finger Has Such a Slow Connection
70 Some Formerly Cohabiting Couples With Children Keep Romantic Relationship
71 After-School Program Can Reduce Alcohol Use Among Middle School Students, Study Finds
72 Physical Activity Yields Feelings of Excitement, Enthusiasm
73 Drinking Large Amounts of Soft Drinks Associated With Asthma and COPD
74 New Diet: Top Off Breakfast With--Chocolate Cake?
75 Preventing Bacteria from Falling in With the Wrong Crowd Could Help Stop Gum Disease
76 2011 Shark Attacks Remain Steady, Deaths Highest Since 1993
77 Why Bad Immunity Genes Survive: Study Implicates Arms Race Between Genes and Germs
78 New Stinky Flower: Our Amorphophallus Is Smaller, but It Stinks Like Its Big Cousin
79 Redder Ladybirds More Deadly, Say Scientists
80 Scared of a Younger Rival? Not for Some Male Songbirds
81 New Tool for Analyzing Solar-Cell Materials
82 Americans' Knowledge of Polar Regions Up, but Not Their Concern
83 Low-Cost Instrument Developed by High School Students Could Aid Severe Weather Research
84 An Electronic Green Thumb
85 Charter Service: Encasing the Magna Carta
86 Ancient Seagrass Holds Secrets of the Oldest Living Organism On Earth
87 Entire Genome of Extinct Human Decoded from Fossil
88 Neanderthal Demise Due to Many Influences, Including Cultural Changes
89 Fossil Cricket Reveals Jurassic Love Song
90 NASA Small Explorer Mission Celebrates 10 Years and 40,000 X-Ray Flares
91 New Views Show Old NASA Mars Landers
92 Mars Express Radar Yields Strong Evidence of Ocean That Once Covered Part of Red Planet
93 High-Precision Map of Milky Way's Magnetic Fields Charted
94 Classic Portrait of a Barred Spiral Galaxy
95 Mars-Bound NASA Rover Carries Coin for Camera Checkup
96 New 'Cell Assay On a Chip:' Solid Results from Simple Means
97 Timing Capability Added to Living Cell Sensors
98 Carbonized Coffee Grounds Remove Foul Smells
99 Discovery Uses 'Fracture Putty' to Repair Broken Bone in Days
100 Fall of Communism Changed Mathematics in US
101 Scientists Develop Biological Computer to Encrypt and Decipher Images
102 Hard Drive Breakthrough: New Magnetic Recording Technique Uses Heat to Process Information Much Faster Than Current Technology
103 Facebook Use Elevates Mood, New Study Shows
104 Engineers Boost Computer Processor Performance by Over 20 Percent