File Title
1 Safer Alternative? New Technology Allows Drivers to Check Tweets and More
2 Facebook 'Defriending' Led to Double Murder, Say Police
3 Sh*t My Pets Ruined Blog Attracts Laughs
4 Zumba Fitness Rush for Kinect Will Teach You How to Zumba
5 Hacker Claims Porn Site Users Compromised
6 Netflix Settlement Trims 14% off 4Q Earnings
7 LinkedIn Stock Soars 17% After Strong 4Q
8 AG: Pa. Man's Facebook 'Surfer' Page Lured Teens
9 Germany Stalls on Internet Copyright Law Treaty
10 Critical Shortage of Children's Leukemia Drug
11 Celebrity Voices Saved by Surgery
12 Two Cases of Rare Brain Disease in Calif.
13 Knee Replacements Double in 10 Years, Study Says
14 American Psychiatric Association Under Fire for New Disorders
15 Pregnant With Breast Cancer: Tough Choices, New Hope
16 Prozac for Puppy? More American Pets Are Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs
17 Acta protests: Thousands take to streets across Europe
18 Anonymous says attack put CIA website offline
19 Metal substitutes are being tested to deter thieves
20 US-style alcohol tests to be used for problem drinkers
21 Greece bailout: PM Lucas Papademos gives final warning
22 Syrian military hospital chief 'killed in Damascus'
23 Sun newspaper 'will continue' says Rupert Murdoch
24 Nelson Mandela banknotes to be issued by South Africa
25 Hassiba Boulmerka: Defying death threats to win gold
26 North Korean A-ha accordionists 'destined for stardom'
27 Meeting Rick Santorum's Italian family
28 Iran to unveil 'great nuclear achievements'
29 Jumping rabbits attract huge visitor numbers at 'grand national'
30 Mob lynches three suspected kidnappers in Mexico
31 Clashes in Tripoli, Lebanon, over Syria unrest
32 Happy 50th to computer game Spacewar
33 Irony much? Twitter users give anti-social media relationship advice
34 CPAC: Will Sarah Palin spring a surprise?
35 Anonymous invites CIA, others to its weekend party
36 Park Service to remove inscription on MLK Memorial
37 First public photos of Blue Ivy Carter go online
38 Adele sings a cappella for Anderson Cooper
39 TSA Forces Woman To Remove Nipple Rings
40 Mexico Crime Wave Has Tourists On Edge
41 Hawaii Natives Want Their Kingdom Back
42 Going Abroad? Pack The Cell Phone
43 Florida's Siesta Beach named 2011's best in U.S.
44 See Venice, Before It Sinks
45 America's Best Beach? Expert Says In N.C.
46 New research could lead to hovering airplanes for the military
47 Hovering isn't difficult if you're top heavy
48 Study: Hovering easier if you're top-heavy
49 Apple Files Another US Patent Suit Against Samsung
50 Apple seeks U.S. ban on Galaxy Nexus
51 Apple asks for US preliminary injunction of Samsung's Android 4.0 Galaxy Nexus
52 Steve Jobs FBI file: four humanizing revelations
53 Steve Jobs FBI file reveals new details
54 FBI file: Steve Jobs a 'driven, reality distorter'
55 Jobs FBI File Notes Drug Use, Tendency to 'Distort Reality'
56 Hackers target CIA, Mexican, Alabama websites
57 Singer Whitney Houston dies at 48
58 Amidst CIA Takedown, Anonymous Also Targets Alabama, Mexico
59 Can Amazon replicate Apple's brick-and-mortar success?
60 Report: Amazon Rolling Out 7- and 9-Inch Kindle Fire in 2012
61 FAQ: WOA vs. x86, which Windows tablet to pick?
62 Windows 8 on Tablets: What We Know So Far
63 Iran increasingly controls its Internet
64 Iran blocks access to some outside websites, services
65 Iran Reportedly Cuts Off Access to Secure Internet Sites
66 Internet Access Severely Curbed in Iran
67 New 3-D could reduce impact of catastrophic earthquakes
68 Amazing 3-D images show how earthquakes warp the Earth's surface
69 3-D Laser Maps Show How Major Quakes Rend the Earth
70 Central African rain forest may have been modified by Bantu farmers
71 Humans drove rainforest into savannah in ancient Africa
72 Are Humans to Blame for Africa's Lost Rainforests?
73 Makeup of rain forest may have been altered by farmers
74 Putting the squeeze on planets outside our solar system
75 Two Earth-Size Planets Born of Battered "Jupiter"?
76 Five Planets can be seen in a Single Night
77 Watery Alien Planets Might Be Stripped Dry by Gravity
78 Grass to gas: Researchers' genome map speeds biofuel development
79 UGA Maps Road to Better Biofuels
80 DNA study could help biofuel production
81 SpeakToIt Voice Assistant for iPhone--Not Your Average Siri Clone
82 Siri rumored to gain support for Mandarin, Japanese and Russian in March
83 Now Siri brushes up on Russian, Japanese languages
84 Siri may get Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language support in March
85 NASA's science missions bring the universe into sharper focus even as agency struggles with manned flight
86 Spaced out: Obama to cut funding for Mars program
87 Scientists say NASA cutting missions to Mars
88 Ed Weiler Says He Quit NASA Over Cuts to Mars Program
89 Europe Turns to Russia as NASA Cuts Loom
90 Tesla announces Model X SUV for 2014, starts taking deposits
91 An 'Entertainment Device' Is Expected From Google
92 WSJ: Google developing home entertainment center
93 Google working on home entertainment device
94 Google Home Entertainment System Will Challenge Apple, Microsoft
95 Families of Alzheimer's sufferers clamor for cancer drug after it reverses effects of incurable disease in mice
96 Alzheimer's Families Clamor for Drug
97 Mad-cow disease unlikely in Marin cases
98 Lab test rules out connection to mad cow disease for one of two rare Marin cases
99 Two Cases of Rare Brain Disease in Calif.
100 C-Sections not always best for small babies
101 C-Sections Not Safer for Preemies
102 Cesarean Delivery No Safer for Small Gestational Age Infants
103 Supply of a Cancer Drug May Run Out Within Weeks
104 Critical Shortage of Children's Leukemia Drug
105 Obama Issues Executive Order To Ease Drug Shortages
106 Shortage of Leukemia Drug Forcing Hospitals to Turn Some Patients Away
107 Drug Shortages Pave Way for Price 'Gougers'
108 U.S. Facing Largest Hospital Drug Shortage in Decades
109 Mystery disease kills thousands in Central America
110 Chemo in pregnancy does not necessarily harm baby, says study
111 For pregnant women with cancer, chemotherapy possible
112 Smoking pot a few hours before driving may almost double crash risk
113 Don't smoke pot, drive--you're twice as likely to crash
114 Stoned Driving Nearly Doubles the Risk of a Fatal Crash
115 Marijuana-smoking motorists twice as likely to crash cars
116 Indianapolis Health Officials Try To Pinpoint Source Of Super Bowl Measles
117 Indiana Officials Warn of Measles Cases After Super Bowl
118 Measles patient at Super Bowl venue among 4 cases
119 Study finds jolt to the brain boosts memory
120 Memory Gets Jolt in Brain Research
121 Study Explores Electrical Stimulation as an Aid to Memory
122 Electrical Deep-Brain Stimulation Enhances Memory in Small Study
123 Outbreak sickens dozens at New Jersey university
124 150 will undergo tuberculosis testing at USF after possible exposure to disease
125 University of South Florida: 150 at risk for TB exposure to be tested next week
126 Both Catholic Health Assn. and Planned Parenthood Say They're Pleased With Contraception Rule Announcement