File Title
1 Adios La Nina: Quieter Hurricane Season?
2 Apple Targeted in DC Rally Over Ethical Manufacturing
3 Review: Netflix and Hulu's New Scripted Originals
4 Roberto Cavalli Trades Pleats for Tweets
5 Nearly 1 in 20 US Adults Over 50 Have Fake Knees
6 Brazil Files Injunction Against Twitter
7 Obama to Announce Contraception Rule 'Accommodation' for Religious Organizations
8 Schwarzenegger, Stallone: Friends Who Have Surgery Together
9 Bank of America Declared Live Customer Dead for 3 Years?
10 Feds Announce $25B Foreclosure Abuse Deal
11 U.S. Home Values Continue to Decline
12 Supermodel Karolina Kurkova: Thyroid Caused Early Menopause
13 Premature C-Sections Raise Risk of Infant Breathing Problems
14 Cancer Drug Erases Alzheimer's in Mice
15 West Point Grad Battles Eating Disorder
16 Liposuction, Laxatives: Military Struggles to Make Weight
17 Military Deployment Stress Seeps to Children
18 Military Burn Pits: 'Inconclusive' Evidence It Is Unhealthy
19 Toxic Air Linked to Long-Term Damage for Deployed Troops
20 Afghanistan: Live Explosives Removed From Soldier's Head
21 New Bacterial Infection Linked to Military
22 Smoking dope doubles accident risk
23 How the zebra got its stripes
24 Largest virtual telescope operational
25 Overfishing 'costs EU 2.7bn pounds each year'
26 Vega rocket set for maiden voyage
27 Does outdoor play help keep the doctor away?
28 Australia's capital highlights
29 Syria unrest: Aleppo bomb attacks 'kill 28'
30 Athens clashes over Greece eurozone austerity deal
31 Catholic contraception row: Obama 'to compromise'
32 Russian jailed for selling missile secrets to CIA
33 The toughest place to be a train driver
34 The FBI files of the rich and famous
35 Viewpoint: V for Vendetta and the rise of Anonymous
36 Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly cleared' in mice
37 US tribe sues beer makers for $500m over alcohol abuse
38 'Violent' Madonna stalker escapes from hospital
39 HBO show Luck attacked over horse deaths
40 Viewpoint: Gartner on the changing nature of work
41 Acta: Germany delays signing anti-piracy agreement
42 Video game sales fall ahead of PlayStation Vita launch
43 Microsoft's Sinofsky reveals Windows on ARM ambitions
44 AA to launch sat-nav tech tracked insurance policy
45 iPhone apps Path and Hipster offer address-book apology
46 Would you throw away a week in the Bahamas?
47 iPad 3 mini on the way, says analyst
48 Tesla's Model X: Finally, an electric car we all want
49 Google developing home entertainment system
50 Spotify gets President Obama's official 2012 campaign playlist
51 Josh Powell to boys: "I've got a big surprise"
52 3 dead, 2 critically injured after hostage standoff in Florida
53 Josh Powell had "incestuous" images on his home computer, authorities say
54 Obama to announce revamped contraception policy
55 Madonna stalker escapes from mental hospital
56 Alyssa Bustamante sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole
57 Fla. teen stabs grandmother over 90 times, killed her to upset uncle, cops say
58 Alyssa Bustamante called killing 9-year-old 'enjoyable,' then went to church
59 Tenn. father charged with murdering couple who"unfriended" daughter on Facebook
60 12-Year-Old Girl Locked in Closet For a Year Because She Wanted to Eat, Say Texas Police
61 Gender-bending model a runway sensation
62 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone have hospital run-in
63 Will Ferrell delivers hilarious NBA player intros
64 Cancer drug reverses Alzheimer's disease in mice: Hope for humans?
65 Marijuana-smoking motorists twice as likely to crash cars
66 Let's Move! turns 2 today, USDA Secretary Vilsack sees improvement
67 More than half of America's pets are obese, survey shows
68 Champagne gases different out of a flute versus coupe
69 Ocean fish farms identified by Google Earth images
70 Hatchery fish mask the decline of wild salmon populations
71 New study sheds light on genetics of rice metabolism
72 UBC researchers use Google Earth to verify Mediterranean fish farming data
73 Neiker-Tecnalia confirms the bio-disinfection with semi-composted manure for the control of the pepper crop disease caused by Phytophthora capsici
74 Lull in ship noise after Sept. 11 attacks eased stress on right whales
75 Indigenous Parasitoids vs. the Light Brown Apple Moth
76 Amazing skin gives sharks a push
77 Ocean microbe communities changing, but long-term environmental impact is unclear
78 University of East Anglia research reveals why fishermen keep fishing despite dwindling catches
79 Fighting crimes against biodiversity
80 Decoding the molecular machine behind E. coli and cholera
81 Fresh city tomatoes, any time
82 Fuel from market waste
83 Integrated weed management best response to herbicide resistance
84 Medical center-based farmers markets improve health
85 Ocean warming causes elephant seals to dive deeper
86 5-10% corn yield jump using erosion-slowing cover crops shown in ISU study
87 N/A
88 Ultraviolet protection molecule in plants yields its secrets to Scripps research team
89 Analysis of Emerald Ash Borer Management Options
90 UMass Amherst Team Offers New Integrated Building Model to Improve Success of Fish Farming Operations
91 The power of estrogen--male snakes attract other males
92 3-D Laser Map Shows Earthquake Zone Before and After
93 Grass to gas: UGA researchers' genome map speeds biofuel development
94 First plants caused ice ages
95 Research: Neanderthal demise due to many influences, including cultural changes
96 'First Light' Taken by NASA's Newest CERES Instrument
97 Sediments from the Enol lake reveal more than 13,500 years of environmental history
98 Land-cover changes do not impact glacier loss
99 Tree rings may underestimate climate response to volcanic eruptions
100 What drives public opinion on climate change?
101 Political Leaders Play Key Role in How Worried Americans Are by Climate Change
102 More environmental rules needed for shale gas, says Stanford geophysicist
103 Global Extinction: Gradual Doom as Bad as Abrupt
104 Carsey Institute: Americans' Knowledge of Polar Regions Up, But Not Their Concern
105 Carbonized Coffee Grounds Remove Foul Smells
106 CU-Boulder study shows global glaciers, ice caps, shedding billions of tons of mass annually
107 Screening Africa's renewable energies potential
108 Deconstructing a Mystery: What Caused Snowmaggedon?
109 Genetic risks for type 2 diabetes span multiple ethnicities
110 Ultrasound study provides first direct evidence of effect of malaria on fetal growth
111 Baby knows best! Study shows baby-led weaning promotes healthy food preferences
112 Largest-ever gene study of Type 2 diabetes finds variants across many ethnic groups
113 Sustainable land use strategies to support bioenergy described in Industrial Biotechnology journal
114 Nanotube Therapy Takes Aim at Breast Cancer Stem Cells
115 Secrets of immune response illuminated in new study
116 Could antidepressants help reduce the risk of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy?
117 Scripps Research Scientists Identify Most Lethal Known Species of Prion Protein
118 No entry without protein recycling: RUB researchers discover new coherence in enzyme transport
119 Arthritic knees, but not hips, have robust repair response
120 Curry spice component may help slow prostate tumor growth
121 Protein libraries in a snap
122 Researchers develop new method for creating tissue engineering scaffolds
123 Drug halts organ damage in inflammatory genetic disorder
124 C-sections linked to breathing problems in preterm infants
125 Molecular profiling reveals differences between primary and recurrent ovarian cancers
126 Counties with thriving small businesses have healthier residents, LSU and Baylor researchers find
127 First industrial-scale foam forming research environment for forest sector
128 An electronic green thumb
129 Teenage pregnancy is not a racial issue
130 Study: Breastfeeding can be tougher for women when pregnancy is unplanned
131 Study examines role of bilingualism in children's development
132 Tackling financial exploitation of elderly people
133 Pitt study: Drug costs, not volume, cause regional differences in Medicare drug spending
134 Utilizing risk-adjustment strategies to navigate an equitable road toward health-care reform
135 Further support for a role of synaptic proteins in autism spectrum disorders
136 NFC aid for the visually and hearing impaired
137 Flipped classroom teaching model gains an online community
138 Racial disparities exist in access to kidney transplantation
139 Maryland Commission Recommends 'Common Sense' Immigration Policy
140 Storm Warning: Financial Tsunami Heading This Way
141 U.S. workers are 'giving away the store,' costing firms billions
142 'Dark plasmons' transmit energy
143 Anyone Can Learn to Be More Inventive, Says UMass Amherst Psychology Researcher Who Studies Problem Solving
144 High school students test best with 7 hours' rest
145 Employers feel no love for unscrupulous practice of 'service sweethearting'
146 VLT takes most detailed infrared image of the Carina Nebula
147 'Fen-phen' derived drug responsible for thousands of hospitalizations and deaths in France
148 Boston University research suggests new pathways for cancer progression
149 Drug quickly reverses Alzheimer's symptoms in mice
150 Skin deep
151 Fruit flies drawn to the sweet smell of youth
152 New technology platform for molecule-based electronics
153 New battery could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy
154 Model analyzes shape-memory alloys for use in earthquake-resistant structures
155 Hydrogen from Acidic Water
156 New avenue for treating colon cancer
157 A mineral way to catalysis?
158 Hovering not hard if you're top-heavy, NYU researchers find
159 Putting the squeeze on planets outside our solar system
160 Not the black sheep of domestic animals
161 Entire genome of extinct human decoded from fossil
162 New tool for analyzing solar-cell materials
163 Scared of a younger rival? Not for some male songbirds
164 Tiny primate is ultrasonic communicator, Dartmouth professor finds
165 Continental mosquito with 'vector' potential found breeding in UK after 60 year absence
166 Here comes the sun...
167 Obstacles no barrier to higher speeds for worms, NYU researchers find
168 Deadly bird parasite evolves at exceptionally fast rate
169 3-D laser map shows earthquake before and after
170 Impoverished schools, parent education key factors in student weight
171 Nano-oils keep their cool
172 EARTH: Dangerous dust
173 Lecture or listen: When patients waver on meds
174 Making sense of addiction terminology
175 Do patients pay when they leave against medical advice?
176 New insights into how to correct false knowledge
177 Playing school sports affects youths' smoking
178 Depression forecasts difficulties with peers in middle childhood
179 New study: Adolescents suffering from depression more likely to be bullied
180 Kids show cultural gender bias
181 A new system of stereo cameras detects pedestrians from within the car
182 Predicting system crashes in nature and society
183 NYU Courant researchers weigh methods to more accurately measure genome sequencing
184 Odds of living a very long life lower than formerly predicted
185 Warning! Collision imminent!
186 'Explorers,' who embrace the uncertainty of choices, use specific part of cortex
187 Statistical model unlocks barriers to use of fingerprint evidence in court
188 Barriers to the Use of Fingerprint Evidence in Court Unlocked by Statistical Model
189 Neurologic improvement detected in rats receiving stem cell transplant
190 Study finds that red blood cell transfusion decreases fatigue in women with acute postpartum anemia
191 Study finds massively parallel sequencing can detect fetal aneuploidies, including Down syndrome
192 Study weighs risks and benefits of birthing facilities
193 PAP therapy improves neurobehavioral outcomes in children with OSA
194 AAOS focuses on disaster responders, both yesterday's and tomorrow's
195 4.5 million Americans living with total knee replacement
196 Rothman at Jefferson researchers show benefits of local anesthesia after knee replacement surgery
197 Sleep breathing machine shows clear benefits in children with sleep apnea
198 Phosphate additives pose a risk to health
199 Orthopaedic surgery report provides transparency on patient safety, quality initiatives
200 To Avoid Early Labor and Delivery, Weight and Diet Changes Not the Answer
201 New understanding of DNA repair could eventually lead to cancer therapy
202 Cochlear implants may be safe, effective for organ transplant patients
203 Authors with financial conflicts reporting negative outcomes in major orthopaedic journals
204 UTHealth research: Both maternal and paternal age linked to autism
205 Human Cognitive Performance Suffers Following Natural Disasters, Human Factors/Ergonomics Researchers Find
206 Combined approach to global health has benefits
207 Domestic Cats, and Wild Bobcats and Pumas, Living in Same Area Have Same Diseases
208 Big jolt to state economy with new tax on cigarettes
209 Engineers Boost Computer Processor Performance By Over 20 Percent
210 Computer Order Entry Systems Reduce Preventable Adverse Drug Events
211 Justifying insurance coverage for orphan drugs
212 Some physicians do not agree with, uphold standards on communication with patients
213 Potential for incorrect relationship identification in new forensic familial searching techniques
214 Digital photos could put kids at risk
215 Sonic Cradle lands spot in TED exhibition
216 Study identifies risk factors associated with death of extremely low birth weight infants after NICU
217 Fruit fly turn-on: A sexy, youthful smell may make up for advancing age
218 Potentially important new mechanisms found anti-aging effects of resveratrol
219 Developmental Coordination Disorder
220 Training in muscle power improves the functional capacity and quality of life of elderly people
221 In the zone: With optimal conversations, research finds young couples experience less relationship stress, higher satisfaction
222 Numeracy: The Educational Gift That Keeps on Giving?
223 New super-Earth detected within the habitable zone of a nearby cool star
224 The discovery of deceleration
225 Planets Circling Around Twin Suns
226 Hubble Zooms in on a Magnified Galaxy
227 Classic portrait of a barred spiral galaxy
228 Surface of Mars an unlikely place for life after 600 million year drought, say scientists
229 Scientists Chart High-Precision Map of Milky Way's Magnetic Fields
230 Spotlight on a stellar nursery
231 NASA's Chandra finds Milky Way's black hole grazing on asteroids
232 New images capture 'stealth merger' of dwarf galaxies
233 Astronomy team that includes UCLA finance professor discovers nearby dwarf galaxy
234 Scientists make iron transparent
235 Electrical engineers build 'no-waste' laser
236 A novel method for simultaneously measuring blood pressure and arterial stiffness
237 New method makes culture of complex tissue possible in any lab
238 Domestic consumption main contributor to Africa's growing E-waste