File Title
1 Steve Jobs' FBI File: Bomb Threat, Drug Use Noted in Background Check
2 Valentine's Day Gift Guide, if You Don't Want Diamonds
3 Does Apple Own 'iPad'? Maybe Not in China
4 Why People Believe Misinformation, Even After It's Corrected
5 Lake Vostok: Russian Scientists Claim Success in Antarctic
6 South Pole: Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott Still Race
7 Global Warming: Like 'Weather on Steroids'
8 Groupon Stock Plunges on Growth Worries
9 Kodak to Stop Making Cameras, Digital Frames
10 How Chips, PCs, Services Companies Are Faring
11 Key Events in the History of Eastman Kodak Co.
12 Playing Music Protects Memory, Hearing, Brain Processing
13 Drink Alcohol, Live Longer? Works for Worms
14 Can Common Herbs Extend Your Life?
15 Wallis Simpson Intersex? Doctor Refutes New Biography
16 Canine Cancer Studies Yield Human Insights
17 Gonorrhea Resistant to Antibiotics on the Rise
18 'Downsize' That Meal? Customers Say OK
19 Hasidic Hell: Married at 17, Girl Runs From Her Orthodox Roots
20 Orthodox Jewish Community Struggles With Abuse Allegations
21 Lawsuit: Alaska Villages 'Dumping Ground' for Abusive Priests
22 Deep Brain Stimulation Boosts Memory
23 Alzheimer's Disease: Signs May Appear Decade Before Symptoms
24 Mental Slowdown Can Begin in the 40s, Study Finds
25 Study: Tai Chi Helps Ease Symptoms of Parkinson's
26 Staten Island Mom Sues NYC for $900 Trillion
27 Linking cosmic rays to climate change
28 Mice study shows fasting weakens cancer
29 Himalaya melt not so fast after all
30 Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay
31 Threshold broken for tiny lasers
32 America and Eurasia 'to meet at north pole'
33 Black hole in Milky Way 'vaporising huge asteroids'
34 US banks agree $25bn mortgage settlement
35 Greek austerity plans not ready, say eurozone ministers
36 Syria crisis: Shelling 'kills dozens' in restive Homs
37 Atlanta anti-obesity ads 'risk child stigma'
38 Chongqing policeman Wang Lijun mystery deepens
39 Georgia obesity campaign sparks fierce online reaction
40 Napoleon's failure: For the want of a winter horseshoe
41 Coffee v. tea: Is India falling for the cappuccino?
42 Jungle tribes untouched by modern civilisation
43 Men can inherit a form of heart disease from father via Y chromosome
44 Nine jailed over bomb plot and terror camp plan
45 Spain's Judge Baltasar Garzon convicted for wiretapping
46 Ofcom targets phone and broadband switching 'slammers'
47 iPhone apps Path and Hipster offer address-book apology
48 Microsoft and Cisco back Apple's essential patents call
49 Kodak exits digital camera market
50 Groupon reports unexpected loss
51 Cisco sees profits rise over 43%
52 Simon Calver leaves Lovefilm to join Mothercare
53 CNN's Roland Martin off air after 'homophobic' tweets
54 Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly cleared' in mice
55 Gene therapy 'gave me sight back'
56 Boehner calls for law to stop US contraception rule
57 India toxic alcohol toll rises in Orissa
58 Read FBI background report on Apple CEO Steve Jobs
59 Apple supplier Foxconn hit by hackers
60 Apple iPad 3 rumors: thicker, sharper, coming soon
61 iPhone 5 petitions demanding ethical work conditions headed to Apple stores
62 American Idol: Jim Carrey's daughter out, and then disaster
63 Dolan urges Obama to back down on birth control
64 jcpenney CEO on Ellen DeGeneres controversy
65 Bloodletting underway in Syria, as rebels falter
66 7-year-old fights off suspected Walmart kidnap
67 More than half of America's pets are obese, survey shows
68 Military food getting nutrition upgrade
69 Norovirus outbreak strikes Rider University in N.J., 40 hospitalized
70 Electric shocks to brain may boost memory: Study
71 Measles patient attended Super Bowl village, health officials warn
72 Could babies born today live to 150?
73 Is your doctor lying to you? New study says it's likely
74 Chinese mom gives birth to 15-pound baby
75 Drinking soda raises risk for asthma, COPD: Study
76 Maria Menounos strips down after losing Super Bowl bet
77 Liz Taylor's three art pieces snag nearly $22 million
78 Journalist on how handlers cheat in dog shows
79 Elderly drivers: When should they give up keys?
80 L.A. school in sex abuse scandal reopens
81 Nuclear regulators OK 1st new plant since '78
82 Tribe to sue beer companies for alcohol problems
83 Necklace returned months after accidental flush
84 Ala. man drowns trying to save girlfriend
85 Women to serve closer to combat under new rules
86 Deep vein thrombosis risk low on long flights, higher in window seats
87 1st Prize at Science Conference: Free Trip to the Edge of Space
88 Warming Raises Uncertainty about Crucial Ocean Microbes
89 Our Galaxy's Giant Black Hole May Munch on Asteroids
90 Woolly Mammoth Caught on Video?
91 Long La Nina Finally Winding Down
92 Breaking the Code: Why Yuor Barin Can Raed Tihs
93 Mystery of Britain's Largest Meteorite Solved
94 Who's Getting the Biggest Raises in 2012? Not Health Care Workers
95 Employees Would Give Up Showers and Spouses to Work from Home
96 How Earth's Next Supercontinent Will Form
97 Photographer Captures Worlds in a Drop of Water
98 Zebras' Stripes Tell Nasty Flies to Buzz Off
99 Sharks' Scales Create Tiny Whirlpools for Speedy
100 Where Did I Park? Brain Treatment May Enhance Spatial Memory
101 1 in 10 Doctors Admit Lying in the Past Year
102 Bacterial 'Glue' is One of Nature's Stickiest Substances
103 Teen Pregnancy Rate Hits 40-Year Low
104 Is It Possible to Reanimate the Dead?
105 Small Twisted Galaxy Warped by Galactic 'Stealth Merger'
106 Solar Telescope Instrument Gets Recycled for New Mission
107 Pakistan Whale Shark's Death a Mystery
108 Study: Schizophrenia's Hallucinated Voices Drown Out Real Ones
109 NASA Satellites Show How Our Icy World Is Melting
110 Want a Promotion? Change Your Name
111 Success! Russian Team Breaches Buried Antarctic Lake
112 Robo-Mule Hauls Military Gear & Follows Like a Dog
113 Stomach Acid Drugs Increase Risk of Bacterial Infections, FDA Warns
114 High-Priced CEO Salaries Unaffected by Public Outrage
115 Turtle Feeding Hotspots Found in the Gulf of Mexico
116 Healthy Local Economies Make Residents Healthy, Too
117 Diet Soda Linked to Heart Disease Risk
118 US Adults' Trans Fat Drops
119 Distraction Reduces Pain, Study Finds
120 World's Highest-Pitched Primate Calls Out Like a Bat
121 Why There Are So Few Fish in the Sea
122 Hear This: Ship Noise Stresses Whales
123 Fatal Shark Attacks See Spike in 2011
124 President Plays With Marshmallows at White House Science Fair
125 Americans Still Eat Too Much Salt, CDC Finds
126 Gay Marriage Decision Praised by Psychological Group
127 A Mild Winter's Surprising Downsides
128 Popular Opinion on Climate Change Traced to Political Elites
129 Signs of Ancient Ocean on Mars Spotted by European Spacecraft
130 Brightest Galaxy Ever Seen With Gravity Lens Shines in Hubble Photo
131 Long Commutes Burn Employees Out
132 Hidden Galaxies May Swarm Near Our Own Milky Way
133 Skydiver to Attempt Record-Breaking Supersonic Space Jump
134 Seal Mummies Reveal Surprising Rapid Antarctic Changes
135 Good Gossip: We May Spread Rumors to Protect Others
136 Urban Schools Offer Healthier Snacks than Suburban Schools
137 The Way to a Woman's Heart: Electronics
138 Down to $6 Per Hour, Gender Pay Gap Shrinks Faster Than Expected
139 Strange Life Found in Underwater Caves
140 Just Another Face: Brain Breakdown Hinders Recognition
141 New Alzheimer's Criteria Would Change Diagnosis for Millions
142 Sex Education Less Effective in Conservative States
143 New 'Doomsday Preppers' Show Highlights Extreme Survivalists
144 Mammogram Readers Could Take a Cue from Film-Making
145 Russian Team Has Reached Buried Antarctic Lake, Reports Say
146 Chimps Can Get Inside Others' Heads Just Like Humans
147 Beetle Sperm Teams Up To Navigate Females' Bodies
148 Spanking Linked to More Aggression in Kids
149 Facebook With Care: Social Networking Site Can Hurt Self-Esteem
150 Ancient Fortress Proof 'Hill of Jonah' Was Inhabited
151 Obese People Have More Pain, Study Finds
152 Giants Super Bowl Win Could Be Good News for Wall Street
153 Jupiter-Bound NASA Probe Adjusts Course Toward Giant Planet
154 Space Rock of Love: Asteroid Eros Attracts Skywatchers in Earth Flyby
155 Wanted: Mock Astronauts for Mission to Hawaii
156 Prejudice Reveals the Caveman in Us
157 How Dinosaurs Grew So Huge
158 A $122 Million Super Bowl Bet: Lucas Oil Stadium
159 2012 Mayan Doomsday Inspires Chevy Super Bowl Ad
160 Unique Andes Species Lack Protection, Study Finds