File Title
1 Verizon to Set up Streaming Service With Redbox
2 Shares Tumble on 1Q Outlook
3 Google, Facebook Remove Content on India's Order
4 UK Supreme Court to Take up Tweeting
5 Abuse Landed 4,500 U.S. Children in Hospital, Killed 300
6 Alternative Therapies Offer Arthritis Pain Relief
7 Cutting Edge: Joint Injections Heal Baby Boomer Arthritis
8 Children Suffer Arthritis in Silence
9 Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Richard Rothman, 74, Replaces Joints to Keep People Working Longer
10 Stem Cells: Alternative to Knee Replacement?
11 Children Suffer Arthritis in Silence
12 Joe Montana Suffers Joint Pain after All-Star NFL Career
13 Bamboo Spine: Too Late for Dad, Not for Daughter
14 Glucosamine No Remedy for Lower Back Pain, Says Study
15 Why Do We Spend $34 Billion in Alternative Medicine?
16 Natural-Born Healers? The Top 10 Natural Products
17 Cellist-Doctor Uses Music to Fight Diseases
18 Laughter May Indeed Be the Best Medicine
19 Ha Ha! The Intriguing Origins of Laughter
20 'Laughing Colonel' Helps Troops Cope
21 Study: Tai Chi is Heart Healthy
22 Fat Weight Loss Experts Fight Misperceptions
23 Will Body Mass Index (BMI) Be Replaced by New Fat Test?
24 May the Best Calorie Lose
25 Trainer Aims for Celebri-teeny Bodies
26 Unfit to Be Tried: 7 Fitness Approaches to Avoid
27 Truth Squad: Feast-and-Famine Diet and Other Diet Trends
28 Higher Body Mass Index Linked to Greater Mortality Risk
29 Heavy Kids Become Teens With Heart Risks
30 Blood Pressure Treatment on Rise in Younger Adults, Says CDC Report
31 Nearly Half of Adults Have High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or Diabetes
32 Women's Heart Health: Learn Your Risks, Talk to Your Doctor and Take Action
33 Paper Clip-Sized Implant Could Reduce Hospitalizations, Change Cardiac Medicine, Study Says
34 Just Breathe? The Secret to Lowering Blood Pressure
35 Obesity in the Workplace Costs the U.S. Billions
36 Obesity Surgery for Weight Loss: A New Teenage Trend?
37 Weight Loss Surgery Best Option for Overweight Teens?
38 Obesity Continues to Rise in Most States
39 Fighting Obesity in High School
40 How to Keep a Successful Food Diary
41 Keeping Food Diary Doubles Weight Loss
42 Healing Meals: Foods That May Fight Pain
43 Can Your Diet Make You More Fertile?
44 Study Predicts Obesity Apocalypse by 2030
45 Health Experts Urge New Approach to Fight Obesity
46 Do Obese People Aggravate Global Warming?
47 Eating Healthy Might Prove Too Expensive for Poor
48 School Programs Trim Kids, but Gains Erased at Home
49 11 Medical Weight Loss Treatments Examined
50 Top 7 Calorie-Rich Foods for the Dollar
51 Who Should Pay for Obese Health Care?
52 Doctors Fight Labeling Obesity a Disability
53 Food Fight: Mom's Crusade Against Sweets in the Classroom
54 Fat Acceptance: 'Young, Fat and Fabulous' Say No to Yo-Yo Diets
55 'GMA' Exclusive: Georgia Davis Is No Longer 'Britain's Fattest Teen'
56 School Lunches Are a Threat to National Security, Retired Officials Say
57 Cube Your Appetite: Does 'Ice Cube Diet' Work?
58 Of Mice and Men on Diets
59 Sumo Size Me
60 Are Dance Critic's Remarks en Pointe?
61 Killer Jobs: 10 Painful Professions
62 Female Athletes Are Too Fit To Get Pregnant
63 Steps to Prevent Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
64 Should Runners Surrender Their Soles?
65 Arthritis Pain Relief With the Brain's and Body's Own Powers
66 25 Years in Arthritis: New Treatments, New Hope
67 Headache? Joint Pain? How to Choose the Right Over-the-Counter Painkiller
68 'Game-Changing' Arthritis Drug Blocks Pain Too Well in Some
69 Cymbalta Under FDA Review for Chronic Pain
70 Feel Better Faster
71 The Secrets of Never Getting Sick
72 Ah-Choo! Author Injects Herself With Cold Virus
73 Lindsay Lohan Habit Throws Kombucha Into Spotlight
74 Yogurt Found to Reduce Children's Infections
75 FDA Sets Limit on Acetaminophen in Combo Pain Meds
76 Some Popular Pain Pills Increase Heart Deaths
77 Botox and Other Off-Label Treatments for Migraines
78 Which Over-the-Counter Medication Is Right for You?
79 Life Without Vicodin Will Be OK, Doctors Say
80 Online Dating: Popular and Stigma Is Gone, but Don't Pay for It
81 Dating Site Serves People Who Can't Have Sex, But Want Love
82 Josh Powell Tragedy: Son Said Mom Was In Trunk of Car, Lawyer Claims
83 Apologies From NFL, NBA After M.I.A. Flips Bird
84 Missing Woman Susan Powell's Husband Kills Kids, Himself, in House Explosion
85 Sound of Dog's 'Laugh' Calms Other Pooches
86 People in 'Laughter Groups' Giggle and Guffaw for Better Health
87 25 Years in Peptic Ulcers: From Chronic to Curable
88 25 Years in Myopia: Surgical Advances Improve Vision
89 Can Zinc Kill the Common Cold? Doctors Skeptical
90 Flu Fiction: 15 Common Misperceptions About Seasonal Flu
91 Echinacea No Good for the Common Cold
92 5 Flu Fixes: Sex, Gentle Blowing, Massages and More
93 FDA Scrutinizes Acetaminophen's Liver Risk
94 Black Box, Mixed Message? FDA Panel Delivers Acetaminophen Recommendations
95 Post-Vaccine Tylenol May Harm Immune Response
96 Patients Flock to Fat-Freezing Procedure Cryolipolysis, Sans FDA Approval
97 Malaria toll far higher than thought
98 Tree rings show extreme weather on the rise
99 Green tea drinkers more agile
100 ExoMars cooperation between NASA and ESA near collapse
101 China 'bans' airlines from joining EU carbon scheme
102 Race to drill into Antarctic lake
103 Diabetes quadruples birth defects risk, say researchers
104 Transplant jaw made by 3D printer claimed as first
105 Alberto Contador handed two-year drugs ban
106 Clan chief speaks out in Barra conservation area row
107 Paris' independent jewellers
108 Syria crisis: Army steps up Homs shelling
109 Obama tightens US sanctions on Iran
110 Mahmoud Abbas to head interim Palestinian government
111 The moment a princess became a queen
112 Central Philippines earthquake 'kills at least seven'
113 Diamond Jubilee: Queen celebrating 60-year reign
114 Super Bowl: Madonna gives 'shot of brass'
115 JFK mistress Mimi Alford reveals new details in book
116 Deep freeze tightens grip across Europe
117 Spector victim's mother settles wrongful death case
118 American Airlines announces 13,000 job cuts
119 India picks French jet over Eurofighter in $10bn deal
120 A380 wings to be checked for cracks, EASA says
121 Rolls-Royce gears up for Singapore production
122 Qatar flexes its muscle in Airbus deal
123 Tales of woe from the roaming professionals
124 Growing the world's most expensive lemons
125 EU report calls for action against Israeli settlements
126 Bethlehem's shepherds a dying breed
127 Concerns over rising settler violence in the West Bank
128 Bedouin oppose Israeli plans to relocate communities
129 Hamas plays trump card to free prisoners from Israel
130 Fatah, Hamas agree to form unity government
131 Palestinian factions reach reconciliation deal
132 Ofcom proposes Openreach broadband and phone price cut
133 Prototype headphones detect which ear they are in
134 Facebook and Google remove 'offensive' India content
135 Welsh government targets smoking in cars when children present
136 Barack Obama: 'I deserve a second term'
137 Redbox, Verizon announces video service to compete with Netflix
138 Google Earth update erases undersea grid mistaken for "Atlantis"
139 Create your own ultimate TV room
140 Blue Marble' view of Earth's other side
141 Josh Powell, kids die in alleged murder-suicide
142 Hidden mortgage fee paying for payroll tax cut
143 Kelly Clarkson's national anthem: What did you think?
144 Green tea drinkers less frail, more independent in old age
145 Passive smoking too common among kids in cars, CDC says
146 Orgasm Just by Thinking: Is it Medically Possible?
147 Child abuse causes thousands of hospitalizations, deaths
148 Terminally ill prof teaches end-of-life lessons
149 Some former Susan G. Komen supporters won't forgive and forget
150 Gisele Bundchen blames receivers, not husband, for Patriots' loss
151 Questions hang over red-wine chemical
152 Researchers feel pressure to cite superfluous papers
153 Isotopes hint at North Korean nuclear test
154 Minnesota starts to destroy stored blood spots
155 Malaria death toll disputed
156 Fission power back on NASA's agenda
157 Victory for crowdsourced biomolecule design
158 Marine ecology: Attack of the blobs
159 Vaccine development: Man vs. MRSA