File Title
1 Stunning Red Aurora Captured Near Melbourne, Australia
2 PIPA / SOPA and the Online Tsunami: A First Draft of the Future
3 Gets Hit by Mega Piracy Indictment; Hackers Attack Feds, Entertainment Industry
4 18-Mile Crack Seen by NASA in Antarctic Glacier
5 Teens Save Life Through Facebook
6 Meet the New Facebook Millionaires
7 Centenarian Keeps her Mind Sharp with Nintendo DS
8 APNewsBreak: Hackers Intercept FBI, UK Police Call
9 Motorola Makes Apple Pull iPhones in Germany
10 EU Probes New Google Privacy Policy
11 Raw Milk From Pa. Farm Sickens 35
12 Maine Girl Bouncing Back After 6-Organ Transplant
13 Malaria Deaths Twice As High As Previously Reported
14 Scientist: Malaria Rising as DDT Use Falls
15 Blood Test May Help Diagnose Depression
16 Online Singles Seek Parenthood but No Sex
17 Medical Blast From Past: Radium 'Time Capsules' Found
18 Death After Home Birth Raises Questions
19 Alec Baldwin Among 79 Million Pre-Diabetic Americans
20 Stolen Babies? Immigrant Mother Loses Four Kids
21 Court Okays Facebook Party Photos in Workers Comp Claim
22 Milking It: Ron Paul Wants Choice on Raw Milk
23 Food-Borne Illness Attorney: Top Foods to Avoid
24 Cargill's Salmonella Setback Shows Strength of Screening
25 Salmonella: Scientists Discover Drug-Resistant Strain of Bacteria
26 Polo Club Founder Adopts Girlfriend Amid Civil Suit Over DUI Death
27 Warming boosts some coral growth
28 Survey finds jellyfish takeover exaggerated
29 Fourth 'habitable' planet close to home
30 Hubble snaps stunning barred spiral galaxy image
31 Four telescope link-up creates world's largest mirror
32 Malaria deaths hugely underestimated--Lancet study
33 Olympics shoot for green medal
34 Philadelphia's musical roots
35 US economy creates 243,000 jobs in January
36 More Cairo clashes after Port Said football deaths
37 Anonymous 'intercept FBI and Scotland Yard phone call'
38 Cold weather death toll passes 100 in Ukraine
39 Motorola makes Apple pull iPads and iPhones in Germany
40 Can the US Army embrace atheists?
41 The harassment of BBC Persian journalists
42 Graffiti artist David Choe set for Facebook windfall
43 The dark web: Guns and drugs for sale on the internet's secret black market
44 Two US tourists 'kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai peninsula'
45 UN court rules against Italy over WWII compensation
46 Google: Mobile, social, cloud changing the way we work
47 Apple overturns Motorola's iPad and iPhone sales bans
48 Megaupload co-founder's bail appeal rejected by court
49 Kinect for Windows gesture sensor launched by Microsoft
50 Patients 'more likely to die' if admitted at weekends
51 Britons die after contracting Legionnaires' disease in Spain
52 Legal highs: Record number detected say doctors
53 Apple iPhone 5 rumors, reports say June release
54 Apple iPad 3 rumors resurface, sources say March release
55 Found: Potentially habitable alien planet
56 Possibly historic snowstorm hitting Denver
57 Bodies found bound, burned in Ariz. ID'd
58 Demi Moore visited by Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher: Report
59 Romney: I "misspoke" with comment about the poor
60 8 lessons from the Republican presidential race so far
61 Raw milk from Pa. farm causes 35 to fall ill
62 Susan G. Komen retracts decision, will fund Planned Parenthood
63 Living to 100 can be done, cancer expert says
64 Komen calls backlash "mischaracterization" as Planned Parenthood gains support
65 Scientists chart high-precision map of Milky Way's magnetic fields
66 Global extinction: Gradual doom is just as bad as abrupt
67 Surface of Mars an unlikely place for life after 600 million year drought, say scientists
68 Collective action: Occupied genetic switches hold clues to cells' history
69 Japanese entrepreneurs aim for Silicon Valley
70 Gene related to fat preferences in humans found
71 Renowned physicist invents microscope that can peer at living brain cells
72 Amazon fungi found that eat polyurethane, even without oxygen
73 New technology to tackle treatment-resistant cancers
74 Hackers intercept FBI, Scotland Yard call
75 EU probes new Google privacy policy
76 Coral growth in Western Australia found to be thriving in warmer water
77 Mission to land on a comet
78 Searching for a solid that flows like a liquid
79 Photovoltaic panels made from plant material could become a cheap alternative to traditional solar cells
80 New kind of high-temperature photonic crystal could someday power everything from smartphones to spacecraft
81 Genetic information migrates from plant to plant
82 NASA's Juno spacecraft refines its path to Jupiter
83 Dry conditions spurred advanced photosynthesis
84 Do black holes help stars form?
85 A new study shows how to boost the power of pain relief, without drugs
86 Scientists snare 'superprawn' off New Zealand
87 New procedure repairs severed nerves in minutes, restoring limb use in days or weeks
88 Classic portrait of a barred spiral galaxy
89 Researchers move graphene electronics into 3D
90 Hubble zooms in on a magnified galaxy
91 Stellar astrophysics explains the behavior of fast rotating neutron stars in binary systems
92 A battle of the vampires, 20 million years ago?
93 SpaceX flight to ISS could be late March: NASA
94 Facebook stocks up for Google fight
95 Engineers build first sub-10-nm carbon nanotube transistor
96 Nanoparticles used to increase thermal properties of transformer oil
97 Self-assembling nanorods: Researchers obtain 1-, 2- and 3-D nanorod arrays and networks
98 Physics team calculates that graphene disks could be complete optical absorbers
99 Researchers find molybdenite may be better suited for integrated logic circuits than graphene
100 Electronic salmon sandwich is paving the way towards cost-effective DNA memory device
101 Microscopy reveals 'atomic antenna' behavior in graphene
102 Ultra-fast photodetector and terahertz generator
103 Perfect nanotubes shine brightest
104 'Russian doll' polymer vesicles mimic cell structure
105 Under the microscope #4--Liquid crystals
106 Nanotube-based terahertz polarizer nears perfection
107 Nanotube growth theory experimentally confirmed
108 Optics get magnetic powers
109 Manipulating the texture of magnetism
110 Size matters--even for molecules
111 Physicists push for underground testing facility
112 Magnetic random-access memory based on new spin transfer technology achieves higher storage density
113 Want to understand the fluid dynamics of the oceans and atmosphere? UCLA's got the video
114 Researchers efficiently couple light from a plane wave into a surface plasmon mode
115 Repulsive gravity as an alternative to dark energy (Part 2: In the quantum vacuum)
116 Brain capacity limits exponential online data growth
117 Physicists create first 'frequency comb' to probe ultraviolet wavelengths
118 Building a better light bulb
119 Researchers at SLAC test collider closer to creating fully coherent X-rays
120 Sediments from the Enol lake reveal more than 13,500 years of environmental history
121 New study provides insight into Southern Ocean food web
122 Feb 13 set as new date for Europe's Vega rocket
123 Radio stars: Caltech's astronomy professor searches for cosmic radio waves
124 VIIRS eastern hemisphere image: Behind the scenes
125 Iran launches observation satellite: media
126 Studying butterfly flight to help build bug-size flying robots
127 Airborne robot swarms are making complex moves (w/ video)
128 Some HTC Android phones found vulnerable to WiFi password leak
129 The iPhone's Siri doesn't seem so smart in Scotland
130 Robot reconnoiters uncharted terrain
131 Congolese inventor puts African tablet on sale
132 Remote control pushed aside by gesture-sensitive devices
133 Poland freezes anti-piracy pact ratification
134 Jointly utilizing LTE networks
135 A 'natural' solution for transportation
136 Judder-free videos on the smartphone
137 ASU, Berkeley researchers find cost to park is more than we think
138 Google loses appeal in Taiwan over app refund
139 Facebook's popularity also brings lawsuits
140 Japan's Panasonic set for $10.2 billion loss
141 Gamers on 3-D mission to save world, just don't tell them they are learning cell biology
142 Pew study: Facebook users get more than they give
143 Megaupload boss' bail appeal 'rejected' in N.Z.
144 Zuckerberg has iron grip on Facebook
145 As strong as an insect's shell
146 Economizing chemistry, atom by atom
147 A zap of cold plasma reduces harmful bacteria on raw chicken
148 Plant power: The ultimate way to 'go green'?
149 Zinc-finger proteins act as site-specific adapters for DNA-origami structures
150 Mushroom amino acids revealed as cause of deaths in Yunnan province
151 Understanding properties of polyelectrolytes gives control over responsive polymer microstructures
152 Biofuel cell generates electricity when implanted in False Death's Head Cockroach
153 Protein structures give disease clues
154 New technology allows scientists to watch cancer cells in action at unprecedented resolution
155 Handheld device for doing blood tests moves closer to medical use
156 Forensic research extends detection of cyanide poisoning
157 New zeolite material may solve diesel shortage
158 New web-based tool details greenhouse gas emissions for 6,700 facilities nationwide
159 Study proves plausibility of new pathway to life's chemical building blocks
160 Discovery of extremely long-lived proteins may provide insight into cell aging
161 Parasites or not? Transposable elements in fruit flies
162 Making the worms turn
163 Big trees boost city life
164 Study of feeding behaviors points to challenges for native fish
165 Flower power: How to get ahead in advertising
166 UCI biologists turn up the heat on bacteria, discover mutation pattern
167 Roundworm research reviewed in Science publication
168 A novel hypothesis for beetle diversification--Loss of flight promotes beetle diversification
169 Soy isoflavone supplements did not provide breast cancer protections
170 What patients talk about when they talk about doctors
171 Diet high in processed meat linked to increased diabetes risk in populations with high diabetes rate
172 Malaria kills twice as many as previously thought: study
173 Scientists demonstrate effective new 'biopsy in a blood test' to detect cancer
174 Football findings suggest concussions caused by series of hits
175 High triglyceride levels found to predict stroke in older women
176 New research confirms need for lung cancer testing
177 Could brain size determine whether you are good at maintaining friendships?
178 Short-term memory is based on synchronized brain oscillations
179 Researchers: Societal control of sugar essential to ease public health burden
180 Facebook is not such a good thing for those with low self-esteem
181 Just another pretty face: Professor investigates neural basis of prosopagnosia
182 Researchers rewrite textbook on location of brain's speech processing center
183 Gene regulator in brain's executive hub tracked across lifespan
184 Got creative block? Get out of your office and go for a walk
185 Here is what real commitment to your marriage means
186 New study uncovers probable mechanism underlying resveratrol activity
187 Engineer builds robot based on crab to remove stomach cancers
188 New study confirms that mom's love good for child's brain
189 Early intervention may curb dangerous college drinking
190 Decoding brain waves to eavesdrop on what we hear
191 New evidence touch-sensing nerve cells may fuel 'ringing in the ears'
192 Identical twins reveal mechanisms behind aging
193 Untangling the mysteries of Alzheimer's
194 Firms' own social networks better for business than Facebook
195 Marriage therapist says high-conflict couples have work to do before saying 'I do'
196 Class size matters to those who struggle most
197 Scripps Research alumnus wins International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge
198 Archaeologists discover unique 'wing' shaped building
199 Coercive citation in academic publishing investigated
200 Scientists show positive effects of affirmative action policies promoting women
201 Roundabouts emerging as the ideal intersection between driver safety and efficiency
202 Hand counts of votes may cause errors, says new study
203 Do menu 'sweet spots' really exist? Study says 'no,' but finds 'sour spots'
204 Research shows we must pay now or we'll pay more later for youth crisis
205 In times of scandal, corporations are likely to use others' misconduct to justify their behavior
206 Understanding basic concepts in spatial measurement