File Title
1 Digital Detectives Dig Through Data Deluge
2 Dolphins Reported Talking Whale in Their Sleep
3 What Earnings Reports Reveal About Entertainment
4 Rick Santorum Says Daughter Bella Has a 'Miraculous Turnaround'
5 Jury Finds Afghan Family Guilty in Honor Killings
6 Cause Sought for Deadly Fla. Highway Pileup
7 Extreme heat hurts wheat yields
8 Study puts the squeeze on vascular disease
9 No link between caesareans, weight: study
10 UN panel aims for 'a future worth choosing'
11 Frenetic pace of Ethiopia's khat boomtown
12 Blood pressure 'should be measured in both arms'
13 Testicular zap 'may stop sperm'
14 Male contraceptive '100% effective'
15 Scientists to test ultrasound as a male contraceptive
16 Male 'contraceptive jab' closer
17 Travelwise: What is the safest mode of travel?
18 Home comforts can be hard to find for the expat
19 Euro crisis hangs over latest Brussels EU summit
20 Syrian army returns to Damascus suburbs
21 Megaupload users face data deletion US prosecutors warn
22 Afghan woman is killed 'for giving birth to a girl'
23 Norway jails two for Danish newspaper terror plot
24 Apple and China--time for a new PR strategy?
25 Canada 'honour' killings: Shafia family found guilty
26 Spanair collapses, stranding 20,000 people
27 Japan population to shrink by one-third by 2060
28 Why do some people never get depressed?
29 Deaths in Ukraine and Poland in freezing Europe weather
30 Technology firms create DMarc to fight phishing
31 Facebook 'to go public with $10bn share offering'
32 BBC iPlayer to launch on Sky later this year
33 Royal Navy reveals new supersonic anti-missile system
34 Kelihos botnet suspect denies Microsoft accusations
35 Bacterial disguise evades vaccine
36 Google, Apple in anti-trust issue
37 Apple's iPad turns 2
38 Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke together again at SAG Awards
39 Scientists zap sperm counts with ultrasound: Next male birth control?
40 McDonald's scraps controversial beef process
41 Some call healthy L.A. school lunches inedible
42 Sweeten up your profits with the right hybrid
43 Mighty mesh
44 Patterns of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in Galapagos reptiles
45 Restored wetlands rarely equal condition of original wetlands
46 Turtles' mating habits protect against effects of climate change
47 Improving crops from the roots up
48 Wasp found in upstate New York shows up in Southern California
49 Fungi-filled forests are critical for endangered orchids
50 Life discovered on dead hydrothermal vents
51 Coastal storms have long-reaching effects, study says
52 Grafted watermelon plants take in more pesticides
53 Recent study by Mars, Incorporated and partners underscores importance of metabolism in understanding health benefits of cocoa flavanols
54 Attack or retreat? Circuit links hunger and pursuit in sea slug brain
55 Overgrazed grasslands tied to locust outbreaks
56 New biodiversity map of the Andes shows species in dire need of protection
57 Extreme droughts could increase by 15% in Spain by the middle of the century
58 Scientist: Temperate Freshwater Wetlands are 'Forgotten' Carbon Sinks
59 Viruses con bacteria into working for them
60 UMass Amherst Ecologists among the First to Record and Study Deep-sea Fish Noises
61 Living on the edge: An innovative model of mangrove-hammock boundaries in Florida
62 Detecting Detrimental Change in Coral Reefs
63 What do killer whales eat in the Arctic?
64 The good news about carbon storage in tropical vegetation
65 Warming in the Tasman Sea a global warming hot spot
66 A glass of milk a day could benefit your brain
67 Ancient dinosaur nursery--the oldest nesting site ever found
68 Waiting for Death Valley's Big Bang
69 Dog skull dates back 33,000 years
70 'Speed gene' in modern racehorses originated from British mare 300 years ago, scientists say
71 With a little help from our ancient friends
72 More than 7,500-year-old fish traps found in Russia
73 Following the first steps out of Africa
74 Following genetic footprints out of Africa
75 What really happened prior to 'Snowball Earth'?
76 Warning over cost of asthma caused by traffic-related air pollution
77 White roofs to make for cooler Melbourne buildings
78 Scientists Aboard Iberian Coast Ocean Drilling Expedition Report Early Findings
79 Injecting sulfate particles into stratosphere won't fully offset climate change
80 Asthma rate and costs from traffic-related air pollution are much higher than once believed
81 Tsunami debris survey launched northwest of Midway
82 Commentary in Nature: Can economy bear what oil prices have in store?
83 UCLA astronomers solve mystery of vanishing electrons
84 Biodiversity enhances ecosystems global drylands--Ben-Gurion U researchers
85 New CU-Boulder-led study may answer questions about enigmatic Little Ice Age
86 Immunological mechanisms of oncolytic adenoviral therapy
87 80% of 'irreplaceable' habitats in Andes unprotected
88 That which does not kill yeast makes it stronger
89 Body clock receptor linked to diabetes in new genetic study
90 Genetics study reveals how bacteria behind serious childhood disease evolve to evade vaccines
91 Stealthy leprosy pathogen evades critical vitamin D-dependent immune response
92 Sonicating sperm--the future of male contraception
93 Cancer sequencing initiative discovers mutations tied to aggressive childhood brain tumors
94 Genetic regulation of metabolomic biomarkers--paths to cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes
95 Sexual healing? Not likely
96 Ultrasound male contraceptive, overlooked for decades, confirmed to work
97 Detailed picture of how myoV 'walks' along actin tracks
98 UCSB researchers discover the processes leading to acute myeloid leukemia
99 Genetic breakthrough for brain cancer in children
100 Jak of all trades? Not of leukaemia therapy!
101 Development of the chimpanzee determined by the X factor
102 New guidelines to prevent infection in minor surgery
103 In lab, Pannexin1 restores tight binding of cells lost in cancer
104 Defects in the packaging of DNA in malignant brain tumors
105 Cutting off the oxygen supply to serious diseases
106 LED lights point shoppers in the right direction
107 Study reveals implications of the incentive to coordinate among bank lenders
108 UNH research: US hospitality industry often reluctant to hire people with disabilities
109 Exploring how a parent's education can affect the mental health of their offspring
110 Are you buying happiness? Research website helps you find out
111 ONline-learning must synch or sink, researcher says
112 Oxford, Harvard scientists lead data-sharing effort
113 Lifelong payoff for attentive kindergarten kids
114 Improving Medical Treatment Requires a Risk-based Approach to the Regulation of Clinical Trials
115 Rice professor's nanotube theory confirmed
116 Scientists map 1 of life's molecular mysteries
117 Berkeley Lab Researchers Discover a Rotational Motion of Cells that Plays a Critical Role in Their Normal Development
118 Scientists create new atomic X-ray laser
119 Rap music powers rhythmic action of medical sensor
120 How sea water could corrode nuclear fuel
121 Scientists reveal how cholera bacterium gains a foothold in the gut
122 Eureka! Kitchen Gadget Inspires Scientist to Make More Effective Plastic Electronics
123 BWH Researchers Develop New Drug Release Mechanism Utilizing 3D Superhydrophobic Materials
124 Research on vitamins could lead to the design of novel drugs to combat malaria
125 Making memories last
126 OHSU discovery may lead to new treatment for Rett Syndrome
127 The secret life of proteins
128 Space Weather Center to Add World's First 'Ensemble Forecasting' Capability
129 UT researchers' innovation addresses major challenge of drug delivery
130 Harnessing the predictive power of virtual communities
131 Oxygen molecule survives to enormously high pressures
132 New seismology research on Haiti, slow earthquakes and the southern San Andreas Fault
133 Jostling for position
134 Catalyzing new uses for diesel by-products
135 Does antimatter weigh more than matter?
136 Life beyond Earth? Underwater caves in Bahamas could give clues, says Texas A&M marine expert
137 Researchers Show How New Viruses Evolve, and in Some Cases, Become Deadly
138 Prenatal testosterone linked to increased risk of language delay for male infants, study shows
139 Young Americans recognize the impact of innovation on US economy according to survey
140 Study: Adolescents from unstable families lose ground in rigorous high schools
141 State of the Union speech: Promising outlook for research and innovation
142 High school whiz kids may face reading comprehension issues in university
143 Visual nudge improves accuracy of mammogram readings
144 The Evolution of Division of Labour
145 Mathematics confirm the chaos of the Spanish labor market
146 Aiding cancer therapy by mathematically modeling tumor-immune interactions
147 Notre Dame researchers publish new findings on aging pediatric bruises
148 Inquests more likely for younger people and deaths from medical care complications
149 U-M study urges parents to enforce booster seat use when carpooling
150 Lumbar disc degeneration more likely in overweight and obese adults
151 MS drug prevented fatal heart condition in lab study
152 Barrett's patients who smoke twice as likely to develop oesophageal cancer
153 Alcohol consumption and risk of colon cancer in people with a family history of such cancer
154 Early intervention may curb dangerous college drinking
155 Biological time-keeper linked to diabetes
156 Patterns of Chromosome Abnormality: The Key to Cancer?
157 Four-Week Vaccination Regimen Knocks Out Early Breast Cancer Tumors, Penn Researchers Report
158 Addicts' cravings have different roots in men and women
159 Dealing with stress: new research highlights the survival skills of disease-causing E. coli
160 Cancer Patients Pain Can Be Helped By Psychosocial Interventions, Say Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers
161 Music Training Has Biological Impact on Aging Process
162 Opportunities and challenges of palliative care in the ICU discussed in expert roundtable
163 ASH Policy Opposes Mandatory Sickle Cell Trait Screening for Athletic Participation, Recommends Universal Training Interventions & Additional Research
164 Physician's Weight May Influence Obesity Diagnosis and Care
165 President Obama calls for sustained investment in research
166 Believing the Impossible and Conspiracy Theories
167 Republicans and democrats less divided than commonly thought
168 Prejudices? Quite normal!
169 Brainiac babies
170 Are We Bad at Forecasting Our Emotions? It Depends on How You Measure Accuracy
171 Mind Over Matter: Patients' Perceptions of Illness Make a Difference
172 The Amygdala And Fear Are Not The Same Thing
173 The many unexpected sides of romantic love
174 Shakespeare's skill 'more in grammar than in words'
175 Divorce hurts health more at earlier ages
176 Alcohol and your heart: Friend or foe?
177 National Study Shows Majority of Self-Harming Adolescents Don't Receive a Mental Health Assessment During Emergency Room Visit
178 More efforts needed to address motor vehicle deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives
179 SwRI-led RAD measures radiation from solar storm
180 System to deliver organ transplant drug--without harmful side effects
181 Smart paint could revolutionize structural safety
182 Bright Lights of Purity: Berkeley Lab Researchers Discover Why Pure Quantum Dots and Nanorods Shine Brighter