File Title
1 Fracking 'exploitation' report dismissed by energy department
2 Battling the bacterial threat to modern medicine
3 Finland's native Sami adventures
4 Egypt crisis: Islamists rally for President Morsi
5 Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto set to be inaugurated
6 Rebels in DR Congo begin withdrawal from Goma
7 North Korea to launch long-range rocket in December
8 China home marooned in middle of road is bulldozed
9 Palestinians in West Bank react to UN success
10 Would you want Kevin Pietersen batting for your life?
11 Hillary Clinton warns Israel on settler homes
12 Norway's rakfisk: Is this the world's smelliest fish?
13 Abstract Christmas tree sparks protests in Brussels
14 Fears for Australia boy missing after crocodile attack
15 Ex-Coronation Street actor Andrew Lancel faces child sex charges
16 Suspect held after raid on Australia navy vessel
17 Stefan Glaenzer admits sex assault on London Underground
18 Obama warns of 'Scrooge Christmas' without fiscal deal
19 Yahoo 'ordered to pay $2.7bn' by Mexican court
20 Will we ever...have an HIV vaccine?
21 Tweets of the week: Movember, Morsi and Mitt
22 Australia smokers given plain packs
23 Bus hits Miami airport overpass
24 Austrian police raid privacy network over child porn
25 Anti-piracy group takes child's laptop in Finland
26 Partner treatment 'cuts HIV transmission'
27 Supreme Court to decide if genes can be patented
28 North star closer to Earth than previously thought
29 Google, Twitter restart speak2tweet in wake of Syria blackout
30 Water on Mercury bodes well for alien life search
31 Birth of planets spotted around distant star
32 Mars rover Curiosity continues drilling amid rumors
33 California braces for more stormy weather
34 Thousands march in Cairo in support of Morsi
35 Casper College Attack Update: Suspect, victims in Wyo. slayings had relationship, say police
36 Mother's forgiveness gives convict second chance
37 Iran: If attacked by Israel, we'll target U.S.
38 House plans only 109 workdays in 2012
39 Obama taking "fiscal cliff" fight to the public
40 The unserious posturing over the "fiscal cliff"
41 Will the Supreme Court weigh in on same-sex marriage?
42 Poll: 51% support same-sex marriage
43 Chef Thomas Keller: Local food is hard to define
44 Powerball winner possibly caught on tape
45 RG3 brings bipartisanship to D.C.
46 Obese kids more susceptible to food advertisements, brain scan study suggests
47 Calif. caregiver who served poisonous mushrooms banned for life from senior care
48 Kenya village Nyumbani pairs AIDS orphans, grandparents
49 Probe cites rampant sexual and physical abuse at Guatemala mental hospital
50 92-year-old has 57 maggots removed from ear, family sues nursing home
51 Ranbaxy stops generic Lipitor production amid recall for tiny glass particles
52 Why Women Worry About Retirement
53 Reference: Karnak: Temple Complex of Ancient Egypt
54 Hagfish Slime Makes Silken Threads
55 Zebrafish Change Color for Sex
56 Man-made Bacteria Fights Man-Made Chemical Mess
57 North Star Closer to Earth Than Thought
58 Prolonged Aromatherapy May Harm the Heart
59 New Eyeless, Scaleless Cave Fish Found
60 Canada's 1st Astronaut Launches Political Leadership Bid
61 Canadian Space Agency Needs a Plan, Experts Say
62 Does Viagra Improve Athletic Performance?
63 Why We're Mad for Mars
64 Boa Constrictors Invade Puerto Rico
65 Woman Charged: Sex with a Skeleton
66 Murder May Spread Like a Disease
67 How to Stop Viruses from Crashing Your Computer
68 DNA Directly Photographed for First Time
69 Mold Zapper Keeps Bread Fresh for 2 Months
70 Microbe Masses Under Seafloor Are Downsized
71 The 15 Most Overpriced Gadgets of All Time
72 Building Stonehenge: A New Timeline Revealed
73 Dispersant Makes Oil 52 Times More Toxic
74 'Friends with Benefits' Practice Safer Sex
75 Monkeys' Plant Food Makes Them Mean & Horny
76 Mercury's Water Ice Bodes Well for Alien Life Search
77 Supplements' Effectiveness Not a Concern for Many
78 Grave Robbers Feed Voodoo Rituals
79 Surprising Cause Found for Woman's Wonky Pupils
80 Why Parents Are Advising Kids to Hold Off on Marriage
81 Great Desert Garbage Patches
82 Where's My Flying Car? Science's Promises Broken
83 Fidgety Panda Cub Shows Off Belly
84 Help Scientists by Sending Them a Stool Sample
85 Lemur Love: How Daughters Avoid Mating With Dad
86 Global Warming Action Must Happen Soon: Scientist
87 No Earth-Shattering Mars Discovery by Curiosity Rover Yet: NASA
88 World's First Open-Ocean Farm An Unfettered Success
89 US Birth Rate Hits New Low
90 Spider Silk May Act as Pest Repellent
91 Leukemia-Killing Plasma Beam Could Offer New Cancer Treatments
92 Some Himalayan Glaciers Doomed to Shrink
93 Did Solar System's Planets Have Rings Before Moons?
94 Photo of Rare, Mysterious Cat Wins Competition
95 Odd Reason Some Guys Have Fewer Sex Partners
96 Bosses Look For Friends When Hiring
97 NASA's Phonesat Project Turns Smartphones Into Satellites
98 Underground Chain Reaction Triggered Iceland Eruption
99 It's Official! Water Ice Discovered on Mercury
100 NASA's Orion Space Capsule to Get European Boost
101 DNA 'LEGOs' Build a Mini Space Shuttle
102 Polar Ice Loss Accelerating, Study Finds
103 New Clues Emerge in Puzzle of Grand Canyon's Age
104 Artificial Brain Mimics Human Abilities and Flaws
105 Is Your Partner Sad? Body Language Speaks Volumes
106 Pollen 'Pills' Could Deliver Vaccines to Soldiers
107 Musicians' Brains Sync Up During Duet
108 Apple patents Siri microphone icon
109 Apple wins patent rights to OS X 'widgets' and dashboard
110 GM will be first automaker to use Apple's 'Eyes Free' Siri integration
111 OS X 10.8.3 beta supports AMD Radeon 7000 drivers, hinting at Apple's new Mac Pro
112 Apple's redesigned iMacs will go on sale this Friday
113 iPhone 5 doubles Apple's share of US smartphone sales to surpass Android
114 Amazon boasts about Kindle's strong Cyber Monday, still withholds sales figures
115 Apple fires iOS 6 Maps chief
116 iPhone and Android to surpass BlackBerry in enterprise for first time in 2012, study says
117 Apple and LG accused of infringing Alcatel-Lucent patents in U.S. trial
118 Rumor: Adobe to announce Retina display-ready Photoshop CS6 on Dec. 11
119 Apple's rumored chip switch from Samsung to TSMC may send shockwaves through industry
120 Apple wins ban on Samsung Galaxy devices in Netherlands
121 Apple exec Eddy Cue 'racing' to improve iOS Maps
122 B&H Photo cuts price of Apple's 2.6GHz MacBook Pro by $300 exclusively for AppleInsider readers
123 Apple's iPad dominates with 71% share of China's growing tablet market
124 Time Warner CEO 'hopes Apple makes a TV'
125 Microsoft's Ballmer admits drive to tablets was late, but lauds new Surface
126 WSJ: iTunes 11 to be released as soon as Thursday
127 Apple's new Santa Clara campus to accomodate over 1,200 employees
128 Tony Fadell: Recently ousted Forstall 'got what he deserved'
129 iPhone 5 supply stabilizes in the U.S. for first time since launch
130 iPhone 5 to see mid-December China debut after Apple's regulatory approval
131 Apple investigating 'realistic' wireless charging technology
132 Apple releases redesigned iTunes 11 with iCloud integration for Mac, Windows
133 First look: Apple's overhauled iTunes 11
134 Microsoft Surface Pro to start at $899 for 64GB model
135 ITC staff agrees with judge's finding of Samsung infringement of Apple patents
136 First new iMacs roll out to customers in Australia
137 Apple exec Bob Mansfield sells off $20.4M worth of company stock
138 Unlocked iPhone 5 now on sale through U.S. Online Apple Store
139 Redesigned iMac gets unboxed, torn down just hours after launch
140 Apple's 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs now available for order online
141 Complex chip shift from Samsung expected to take Apple 12-18 months
142 Apple announces December launches of iPhone 5, iPad mini in China
143 Apple's new 27" iMac boasts up to 54% performance improvement over predecessor
144 Estimated shipping times for 27" iMac quickly slip to 3-4 weeks
145 Apple requires its own tests to ensure carrier LTE networks are up to snuff
146 Review roundup: New iMac display and redesigned chassis shine, audio a step back
147 Tim Cook to be feature of NBC profile next week in 'first of its kind' interview