File Title
1 Australians 'lack fertility knowledge'
2 Study finds nano-zinc absorption 'very small'
3 Polar ice melt accelerating
4 Mercury's water ice at north pole finally proven
5 Sea-level rise from polar ice melt finally quantified
6 Stem cells being made from blood
7 Teaching evolution key to free school funding deal
8 Bread that lasts for 60 days could cut food waste
9 Energy Bill to create 'low carbon economy,' says Davey
10 Bloodhound diary: From every angle
11 Smaller, fewer, thinner--the future for American beef?
12 Energy Bill: Big polluters may be exempted
13 Apple harvest in the Himalayan foothills
14 Palestinian UN vote will hurt peace, says Israel's Regev
15 Eurozone unemployment rate hits new high in October
16 Canadian 'eco-terrorist' surrenders in US
17 US birth rate falls to record low
18 Who, What, Why: What happened to crime in New York City?
19 Christine Jorgensen: 60 years of sex change ops
20 Palestinians win upgraded UN status by wide margin
21 Bend me, shape me: Flexible phones 'out by 2013'
22 Fifty Shades of Grey porn 'rip-off' spurs legal action
23 Israel to build 3,000 settler homes after UN vote
24 iPhone apps: Therapists that are always on call
25 Strauss-Kahn 'settles' civil case with hotel maid
26 Facebook and Zynga to end close relationship
27 Austrian police raid privacy network over child porn
28 Syria: Internet and mobile communication 'cut off'
29 Facebook given 72 hours to remove paedophile monitoring page
30 Microsoft prices Surface with Windows Pro tablets
31 Will councils benefit from allowing staff to use their own laptops at work?
32 The poo powered robot invented by Bristol scientists
33 Nintendo launches Wii mini console in Canada
34 Cairo's Tahrir Square fills with anti-Morsi protesters
35 China 'sex slave' case: Li Hao sentenced to death
36 Flights to Damascus airport cancelled for second day
37 Sri Lanka draws up healthy menu for monks
38 Underground chain reaction led to Iceland eruption
39 Microsoft prices Pro version of Surface at $899
40 India court questions arrests for Facebook post
41 Paul Ceglia ordered to pay Facebook $90,000 in legal fees
42 NASA: Mercury, closest planet to sun, harbors ice
43 Google stresses free, open Internet as Syria goes offline
44 Dinosaurs may have roamed near Grand Canyon: Study
45 Mile-wide asteroid's many faces revealed in NASA photos
46 iPad mini cannibalizing sales of iPad, says analyst
47 Microsoft: Windows 8 selling well despite PC slump
48 Arctic sea ice larger than U.S. melted this year
49 Gilda's Club name change insult to late comedian?
50 Obama taking "fiscal cliff" fight to the public
51 NYPD officer says fame over act of kindness "surreal"
52 NYPD officer: Grandfather inspired act of kindness
53 GOP: White House "fiscal cliff" idea "a joke"
54 Video appears to show twins fighting for space in womb
55 Boehner: "no substantive progress" on "cliff" talks
56 Obama, Romney eat chili, talk leadership
57 Aspirin may reduce risks for liver cancer, dying from liver disease
58 New charges for New Hampshire lab tech accused of infecting 32 with hepatitis C
59 Adderall: NFL's popular new drug or easy alibi?
60 AIDS patients in China fight hospital rejections
61 Report: Hypothermia, carbon monoxide poisonings spike post-Sandy
62 Simple steps may ward off hospital infections
63 Clinton reveals roadmap to end AIDS worldwide
64 Obese men may be at higher risk for bone loss
65 FDA closure of peanut butter plant angers New Mexico town
66 Scientists discover water ice on Mercury
67 Frozen Water and Organic Material Discovered on Mercury
68 Antarctica, Greenland ice definitely melting into sea, and speeding up, experts warn
69 Grand Canyon May Have Existed When T-Rex Roamed the Earth
70 Age difference: Study says Grand Canyon much older, formed when dinosaurs lived; debate ensues
71 60-Million-Year Debate on Grand Canyon's Age
72 Scientists create functioning, virtual brain that can write, remember lists and even pass basic IQ test
73 Brain model may help build human-like robot
74 Simulated brain scores top test marks
75 NASA says don't believe the rumors, no signs of life on Mars yet
76 Undisclosed Finding by Mars Rover Fuels Intrigue
77 Lobster Age Shown By Counting Its Rings Like A Tree, Study Reveals
78 UN calls for urgency on climate, says Doha deal to delight no one
79 Is this the planet we want to leave behind?
80 Fiscal, climate cliffs lead to the same place
81 DNA 'LEGOs' Build a Mini Space Shuttle
82 Scientists build with DNA bricks
83 Monster Black Hole Is Biggest Ever Found
84 Gargantuan black hole baffles scientists
85 Are We Nearing a Tipping Point on Climate Change?
86 Is the apocalypse on the horizon? I think not
87 NASA says world won't end on December 21
88 How sensitive is the climate to added CO2?
89 US coastal cities in danger as sea levels rise faster than expected, study warns
90 How should leaders talk about climate change?
91 La Jolla Scientists To Send Fruit Flies Into Space
92 Bigfoot DNA? Not so fast, many say
93 Like OMG! Scientists have sequenced Bigfoot DNA !!!!!!
94 Eight UCSB Faculty Members Named AAAS Fellows
95 Spawned in the USA: new fish named after Barack Obama
96 Second PAC-MAN orbiting SATURN: Local absence of dots explained
97 Saturn Moon Titan's Atmosphere Shows Surprising Rise
98 Shrinking-Glacier Film Convinces Climate-Denying Bill O'Reilly Fan That Global Warming Is Real
99 Quasar sends energy blast 2 trillion times more powerful than sun
100 Biggest Black Hole Blast Ever Could Solve Cosmological Mystery
101 Drugmaker Ranbaxy halts generic Lipitor production
102 Maker of Generic Lipitor Halts Production
103 Health Buzz: Ranbaxy Halts Production of Generic Lipitor
104 HIV Stigma: Standing in the Way of an AIDS-Free Generation
105 AIDS: from death sentence to chronic disease
106 Among Black Americans, HIV Takes a Greater Toll
107 Immigrants lead plunge in U.S. birth rate
108 Aspirin Linked to Lower Risk of Liver Cancer
109 New 'obesity calculator' predicts child's likelihood of being overweight
110 10 ways falling off the fiscal cliff could hurt your health
111 Studies probe links between furniture, toxic FR chemicals
112 Fire-retardant law's back draft
113 To End AIDS Among Black Gay and Bi Men, There's a Need for Action
114 Australia's new plain packaging 'makes cigarettes taste worse'
115 Anti-tobacco movement welcomes plain packs
116 Australia's tobacco marketing laws give retailers a headache
117 Prime Healthcare Services fined $95,000 in privacy case
118 Are You Short? Would You Ever Get Leg Lengthening Surgery?
119 UCLA Medical Center gets failing grade on patient safety
120 Project shows simple steps reduce hospital infections
121 Botswana and the US: Working together for an AIDS-free generation
122 Ex-hospital worker indicted in hepatitis C infections
123 Latina Child with Leukemia Taken from Arizona Hospital
124 The Mammogram Mess: The Most Difficult Decision for Women in Their 40s
125 Ignoring the Science on Mammograms
126 The Mammography Muddle
127 Gilda's Club name change draws ire
128 Gilda's Club: The name on the door matters
129 Movember participants finally get a clean shave
130 Whooping cough vaccine raises no 'untoward safety' concerns in seniors
131 Pertussis Vaccine Effects May Fade Over Time