File Title
1 Cassini snaps change of Titan's seasons
2 Scientists crack difficult wheat genome
3 'Monster' quasar sheds light on galaxies
4 Giant black hole in tiny galaxy confounds astronomers
5 Rat eradication project on South Georgia set to resume
6 Fighting fish 'take a breather'
7 Energy Bill and plans to pay firms to cut energy use due
8 Wheat genome's key parts unlocked in new study
9 Grangemouth and Longannet lights help birds feed at night
10 Open Sesame: science surviving against all the odds
11 The Inuit sitting on billions of barrels of oil
12 How illegal logging in Brazil's Amazon turns 'legal'
13 Floods: how much can new barriers help?
14 Temple Grandin: Rethinking the way we think
15 Leveson report proposes tougher press self-regulation
16 US piracy crackdown delayed until 2013
17 US Powerball lottery: Two tickets share $550m jackpot
18 Venezuela President Chavez arrives in Cuba for treatment
19 Osama Bin Laden doctor Shakil Afridi 'not on hunger strike'
20 Sandy and the Jersey Shore: The struggles of Ortley Beach
21 Viewpoint: Do models need more rights?
22 New York City celebrates day without violent crime
23 Epic photographic odyssey that documented Native Americans
24 Animal welfare: Germany moves to ban bestiality
25 Dalai Lama's visa delay to South Africa 'unlawful'
26 Egypt assembly votes on constitution
27 The high cost of our throwaway culture
28 US growth rate revised up to 2.7%
29 3D printers could use Moon rocks, say scientists
30 Piracy site Newzbin2 gives up and closes 15 months after block
31 Bungie's Destiny video game details leak online
32 Lock firm Onity offering security fix
33 Tony Fadell: From iPod father to thermostat start-up
34 Concorde crash: Continental Airlines cleared by France court
35 Childhood obesity 'can be predicted by check at birth'
36 Highest-ever HIV diagnoses in gay men
37 'Unnecessary' high salt levels in cheese, health group warns
38 Concern at outsourced clinical trials in developing world
39 Russia reports 12% rise in HIV--200 new cases a day
40 Photosensitive epilepsy: Young people on how they cope
41 Viewpoint: Let's make malnutrition visible
42 Detained in Cameroon's hospitals
43 Apple's iTunes 11 may arrive today, report says
44 Microsoft focused on devices and services, CEO says
45 Facebook profile photo prank delights Reddit
46 Watch: Fiery lava spills into Pacific ocean
47 N.Y. man suing Facebook wants his lawyer to stay
48 White House #My2K Twitter hashtag enters "fiscal cliff" debate
49 North Korea may launch rocket soon, satellite photos show
50 What to do with former spy satellite telescopes?
51 U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency reports being hacked
52 Facebook may cause stress, study says
53 Chevrolet to feature Apple's Siri in Spark, Sonic
54 Amazon says Kindle sales double during holiday weekend
55 Long-lost moon rocks found in Minnesota
56 Ancient life found in buried Antarctic lake
57 Apple to start selling new iMacs on Friday
58 Powerball officials: Record jackpot has been won
59 Life after a Powerball win: What to expect if you strike it rich
60 Fugitive couple arrested at Universal Studios for allegedly beating, burning boy in N.H.
61 Egyptian Popeye denies his 31-inch arms are fueled by steroids
62 AP: Diagram suggests Iran working on nuclear bomb
63 Oprah Winfrey opens up on feud with David Letterman
64 Female cop's skimpy attire, gunfire online, earn leave from Dallas PD
65 Jersey Bridgeman murder suspect, Zachary Holly, attacked in jail
66 Bethany Deaton Death: Micah Moore, Missouri man, says prayer group leader told him to kill wife
67 Phila. woman shot dead in front of daughter and toddler, police say
68 Byron Smith Case: Slain Minn. teens had stolen items in car, police say
69 Maria Susana Flores Gamez, Mexican beauty queen, killed in shootout, official says
70 Mallory Owens, Ala. woman, denies being beaten because she's gay
71 Wedding day followed by day of domestic violence, say S.C. police
72 Study on safest hospitals shows some surprising results
73 Women undergoing foot surgery to fit into heels better
74 Harmful flame retardants found in 84% of Calif. couches
75 19 boy babies born in a row at Minnesota hospital
76 Drinking grapefruit juice with some medications can be deadly, study warns
77 Autism Risk May Be Revealed in Babies' Cries
78 Rethinking Earth's Most Massive Eruption
79 Using Fake Resume References? Be Careful
80 Would You Postpone Santa's Visit to Save Money?
81 19th-Century Shipwrecks Discovered Off Israel's Coast
82 400-Year-Old Playing Cards Reveal Royal Secret
83 Negative Portrayals of Muslims Get More Media Attention
84 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Rumors Have Dark Side, NASA Warns
85 Unraveling the Secrets of the Knuckleball
86 Caves Reveal Picture of Ancient Winters
87 Prehistoric Skeletons Reveal First Sicilians Avoided Seafood
88 Electrifying News: Lightning Deaths Decline
89 Monster Black Hole Is Biggest Ever Found
90 Solar Super-Flare Likely Sparked Ancient Tree Mystery
91 Mars Rover Curiosity Celebrates 1st Birthday Off Earth
92 Sea Levels Rising Faster Than Projected
93 Biggest Black Hole Blast Ever Could Solve Cosmological Mystery
94 How Should NASA Use Former Spy Satellite Telescopes?
95 Reference: Apatosaurus: Facts About the 'Deceptive Lizard'
96 Bizarre Insectlike Creatures Discovered in Spanish Cave
97 Killer Cave May Have Inspired Myth of Hades
98 Navy Drone Boards Aircraft Carrier for 1st Time
99 Fully 3D Printable Guns Waiting on Firearms License
100 Stop Touching Yourself, Flu Researchers Say
101 Why Impatience May Hurt Your Heart
102 North Korea May Launch Rocket Soon, Satellite Photo Shows
103 5 Things You Should Know About Gay Conversion Therapy
104 Why It Pays to Care for Nieces & Nephews
105 Ladies Prefer Thin Over Macho, Study Suggests
106 Blue Whales Pirouette Before Engulfing Prey
107 Fake Tsunami Tests Atlantic Warning Systems
108 Was Superstorm Sandy Costlier than Hurricane Katrina?
109 Cellphone Use Is Contagious, Study Finds
110 Reference: The Yeti: Asia's Abominable Snowman
111 Disgust May Contribute to Rare Sexual Disorder
112 Kids' Risk of Whooping Cough Rises After Final Shot
113 Beaches Back After Grand Canyon Flood
114 Yasir Arafat Poisoned? Testing Could Prove Tricky
115 YouTube Anaconda Vomited Goat, Not Cow
116 Atom Smasher Creates New Kind of Matter
117 Japan's Floating Maglev Train Glides toward Debut
118 Do Holiday Parties Make Workers 'Sick'?
119 Porn Stars Report Higher Self-Esteem, Spirituality
120 Major Earthquakes Can Trigger Faraway 'Slow' Quakes
121 Practice Makes the Perfect Liar
122 How a Medium's Brain Changes in a Trance
123 Leading Pediatricians' Group Recommends Parents Reduce Pesticides at Home
124 'Bouncy House' Injuries on the Rise