File Title
1 Researchers ask 'Do aliens use hairspray?'
2 Parasites on reef fish can be a real drag
3 Influenza forecast: Cloudy with a chance of flu?
4 Skylon spaceplane engine concept achieves key milestone
5 Python skin trade worth a billion--and often illegal
6 Largest whale's acrobatic ambush
7 Amazon deforestation 'at record low'
8 Skin scanner warns people about tanning cancer risk
9 Animals that can count
10 Syria conflict: Twin bomb blasts shake Damascus suburb
11 Hobbit mania grips New Zealand as premiere held
12 Warren Buffett: Fiscal cliff talks could miss deadline
13 William Hague says UK may abstain in Palestinian UN vote
14 France's craze for British and American weddings
15 At the mercy of Afghanistan's warlords
16 Raising Israel's Altalena ship 'a lesson for the future'
17 Sleep: Weird things people do in their sleep
18 China paper carries Onion Kim Jong-un 'heart-throb' spoof
19 DR Congo: M23 rebels set conditions for Goma pullout
20 Animal welfare: Germany moves to ban bestiality
21 Two and a Half Men actor apologises for 'filth' claim
22 'Piracy' student Richard O'Dwyer avoids US extradition
23 Nokia seeks Blackberry sales bans after patent dispute
24 Five bodies found in boat off Japanese coast
25 Living in: Bali
26 X-37B: Secrets of the US military spaceplane
27 US military train in cyber-city to prepare hack defence
28 Facebook tackles groups membership glitch
29 Spam text message pair are fined 440,000 pounds
30 Pay TV channel Primetime says 'sorry' over Ricky Hatton fight
31 Are floating homes a solution to UK floods?
32 How MIDI changed the world of music
33 BP faces temporary ban from new US contracts
34 Powerball lottery prize at $500m before Wednesday draw
35 Concern at outsourced clinical trials in developing world
36 Reassurances over heart drug digoxin after death link
37 US court orders tobacco firms to admit lying
38 Increase in male breast reduction surgery
39 Minimum price plan to end cheap alcohol sales
40 Cycle and walking 'must be norm' for short journeys
41 Egypt state TV inconsistent in constitution decree row
42 New experiments challenge fundamental understanding of electromagnetism
43 Breakthrough offers new route to large-scale quantum computing
44 Synthetic fuels could eliminate entire US need for crude oil, create 'new economy'
45 Four is the 'magic' number for our mind coping with information
46 Regional dust storm dissipating
47 Scientists image the molecular structure of polymer blends
48 Researchers identify ways to exploit 'cloud browsers' for large-scale, anonymous computing
49 Fiat 500 adds electric and big versions to lineup
50 Researchers use 3-D printer to make parts from moon rock
51 The placebo effect goes beyond humans, researchers find
52 Japan's newest floating train is one blistering maglev
53 Study suggests immune system could play a central role in AMD
54 Jurassic insect that mimicked ginkgo leaves discovered
55 Biggest black hole blast discovered: New observations reveal most powerful quasar outflow ever found
56 Research: Sea-levels rising faster than IPCC projections
57 For some feathered dinosaurs, bigger not necessarily better
58 Researchers examine 'nestedness' of industrial ecosystems
59 Bigger fish to fry: Egg position affects size and behaviour of young trout
60 How infidelity helps nieces and nephews: Men may share more genes with sisters' kids than with cheating wife's kids
61 James' bond: A graphene / nanotube hybrid
62 The hungry caterpillar: Beware your enemy's enemy's enemy
63 Energy savings--easy as dirt, heat, pressure
64 Fast forward to the past: Technologists test 'game-changing' data-processing technology
65 Do missing Jupiters mean massive comet belts?
66 Windows 8 sales hit 40 million
67 Embracing data 'noise' brings Greenland's complex ice melt into focus
68 Scientists one step closer to creating youthful heart patches from old cells
69 Compound found in rosemary protects against macular degeneration in laboratory model
70 Researchers show possible trigger for MS nerve damage
71 Increasing drought stress challenges vulnerable hydraulic system of plants
72 Graphene switches: Team makes it to first base
73 Developing 'second skin' military fabric to repel chemical and biological agents
74 Bursting through the silicon barrier: Developing carbon-based nanoelectronics with graphene
75 Size matters when reducing NiO nanoparticles
76 Sieve holds nanoparticles and acts as solar absorber
77 Researchers make flexible, low-voltage circuits using nanocrystals
78 Electronics of nature's nano machines
79 Capturing living cells in micro pyramids
80 Transforming noise into mechanical energy at nano level
81 Ordered nanocrystal arrays may provide a new platform to study and tailor the light-emitting properties of silicon
82 Pyroelectric nanogenerator charges Li-ion battery with harvested energy
83 Researchers make 'nanospinning' practical
84 Researchers find rainbows on nanoscale: Big impact on solar cells, television screens
85 Tiny probes shine brightly to reveal the location of targeted tissues
86 Graphite experiment shines new light on giant planets, white dwarfs, laser-driven fusion
87 Unexpected data from the Large Hadron Collider suggest the collisions may be producing a new type of matter
88 Researchers show that relatively simple physical systems could yield powerful quantum computers
89 Tracking down smallest biomarkers
90 Mathematical methods help explain why liquid metals have wildly different breaking points
91 A new way of harnessing photons for electricity, potential for capturing a wider spectrum of solar energy
92 New device hides, on cue, from infrared cameras: Tunable material boasts nearly 100% absorption
93 New methods for ion cooling
94 Metamaterials and transformation optics control light on a microchip
95 Physicist proposes simple experiment to detect foam-like structure of the universe
96 'Super atoms': Rydberg excitations form ordered structures in a quantum gas due to long-range interactions
97 Record ionization: X-ray laser removes more than two shells from electron cloud surrounding noble gas atoms
98 New technique excites atoms and molecules using pulsed laser
99 BP banned from US government contracts
100 Study shows trends in public and private agricultural R&D
101 NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission turns 15
102 Incredible raw image of Saturn's swirling north pole
103 Innovative method inexpensively and energetically efficiently reduces CO2 emissions
104 Pollution-detecting aircraft hunts for gas leaks
105 Dust grains highlight the path to planet formation
106 J-2X: Back in the saddle again
107 S. Korea readies new bid to join global space club
108 Game-changing propellant tank arrives at Marshall
109 UN agency: 2012 warmer than normal despite La Nina
110 N/A
111 NASA seeks concepts for innovative uses of large space telescopes
112 University of Tennessee supercomputer sets world record for energy efficiency
113 IGZO: LCD monitor featuring the industry's thinnest design in a high-resolution 4K2K display
114 Upgrade to visualization and analysis system eases path for beginning supercomputer users
115 Amazon says Kindle sales doubled in key period
116 Apple to start selling new iMacs on Friday
117 Tiny robot swarm able to play tunes on a virtual piano (w/ video)
118 Raspberry Pi posts news about camera board and prize winner
119 Review: Nintendo Wii U enhances experience with GamePad
120 Aakash tablet not cheap Chinese import: DataWind
121 Review: Gift guide to full-size tablets
122 A guide to buying a TV for the holidays
123 Tech review: Gift ideas for the techie on your list
124 New TVs offer solid value, but few whiz-bang features
125 HEARBO robot can tell beeps, notes, and spoken word (w/ Video)
126 Samsung will open up on big.LITTLE processor at ISSCC
127 Microsoft's ads say Google a bad place to shop (Update)
128 US suspends embassy account on Vietnam website
129 Yahoo! chief bets on mobile future
130 Research helps businesses optimize benefits of crowdsourcing
131 New ground-based laser system tested against rockets and unmanned aerial system
132 Twitter fiction festival kicks off Wednesday
133 World record human-powered flight confirmed
134 Dutch gov't: suspects must decrypt computers
135 NIST publishes methods to manage risk in the federal ICT supply chain
136 Wired SKorea to stem digital addiction from age 3
137 Researchers synthesize a new kind of silk fiber (w/ video)
138 Hagfish slime as a model for tomorrow's natural fabrics
139 Scientists sniff out the substances behind the aroma in the 'king of fruits'
140 Pollen: Can humans' seasonal bane become a tool in the fight against disease?
141 Illuminating the no-man's land of waters' surface
142 Safer spinach? Scientist's technique dramatically reduces E. coli numbers
143 Cobalt discovery replaces precious metals as industrial catalyst
144 New imaging techniques track lithium-ion reactions in real-time, potential for more powerful, longer-lasting batteries
145 Novel sensors to detect molecules for medicine and agrifood
146 Model sheds light on the chemistry that sparked the origin of life
147 New sensor detects bombs on sea floor
148 Hope for effective new malaria treatment
149 Stopping mineral processing from turning to jelly
150 Big genomics data, big scientific impact: New challenges for further development of life science
151 EU rejects French report linking GM corn to cancer (Update 2)
152 Fish ear bones and their distinctive growth rings offer clues to the likely impacts of climate change in aquatic world
153 Name that ant! New online tool helps identify alien ant invaders
154 Ecologists shed new light on effects of light pollution on wildlife
155 Orsini's viper: Growth or reproduction?
156 Promising new research in the fight against ash dieback
157 Rhino killings for horns rapidly rise in S. Africa (Update)
158 A rather thin and long new snake crawls out of one of Earth's biodiversity hotspots
159 From Mediterranean coasts to Tatra Mountains and beyond: Plant chromosome number variation
160 Research shows lemmings were wiped out by Ice Age's climate change
161 Research criticizes young offenders' institution for gang-related violence
162 3Qs: The evolution of profanity
163 Florida's consumer confidence shows post-election decline, study finds
164 How to buy an ethical diamond
165 Scientists make virtual portrait of Fahrenheit
166 East Asia faces unique challenges, opportunities for stem cell innovation
167 How devout are we? Study shows evangelicals surge as Catholics wane
168 Ancient Iraq revealed: Harvard illuminates 'richest archaeological landscape in the Middle East'
169 A new study shows men who feel 'love' for their beer brand will purchase significantly more than a regular consumer
170 Housing recovery: Why certain states are getting out of the crisis faster
171 Corporate wrongdoers should stick to the facts in post-crisis message
172 Personalities influence workforce planning
173 Changes in nerve cells may contribute to the development of mental illness
174 Tight times may influence how we perceive others
175 Scientists uncover a novel cooperative effort to stop cancer spread
176 Family's economic situation influences brain function in children
177 Researchers show a better way for curbing TB where the disease is rampant
178 Child maltreatment linked to mental and physical health disorders in later life
179 New study: Many flame retardants in house dust--unsafe levels
180 Cell proliferation is a key factor in degenerative diseases and cancers
181 New review associates vitamin D with lower rates of tooth decay
182 Measles vaccine given with a microneedle patch could boost immunization programs
183 Four common antipsychotic drugs found to lack safety and effectiveness in older adults
184 Common heart failure drugs could benefit more patients
185 Study examines anticoagulation treatment following aortic valve replacement
186 Study finds common drug increases deaths in atrial fibrillation patients
187 Man's best friend: Common canine virus may lead to new vaccines for deadly human diseases
188 Gene linked to respiratory distress in babies
189 Research shows brain hub activity different in coma patients
190 Researchers find reading uses the same brain regions regardless of language
191 Study pinpoints brain area's role in learning
192 Researchers examine how we experience time
193 Neuroimaging study: Negative messages less effective on those who are substance dependent
194 Brief exercise immediately enhances memory, researchers find
195 Why older people struggle to read fine print
196 A soft drink a day raises prostate cancer risk, study finds