File Title
1 Men contribute more than sperm to pregnancy
2 Life under ice gives hope for other worlds
3 Study tests whether ants can take the heat
4 Ice Age warmth wiped out lemmings, study finds
5 Antarctic lake's clue to alien life
6 'Pac-Man' in Saturn moon Tethys is a repeat performance
7 Hinkley Point nuclear station: Licence granted for site
8 Ancient poo gives clues to human impact on environment
9 Large Hadron Collider: Atom-smasher recreated in Cardiff
10 Isabelle Dinoire: Life after the world's first face transplant
11 Understanding space suit technology
12 Is Israel's missile defense a conflict game-changer?
13 UK floods: How can you protect your home or business?
14 Yasser Arafat's remains exhumed in murder inquiry
15 Global recovery under threat, says OECD
16 Protesting farmers spray European Parliament with milk
17 Delta and KLM sued over 'too fat to fly' Vilma Soltesz
18 Tibetan students protest, as four more self-immolations reported
19 Yasser Arafat: 10 other people who have been exhumed
20 English or Hinglish--which will India choose?
21 Two and a Half Men 'filth,' says show star Angus Jones
22 Grapefruit and pills mix warning
23 UK education sixth in global ranking
24 Joseph Murray, US organ transplant pioneer, dies at 93
25 Autism: Traffic pollution linked, study suggests
26 Taking a walk in space
27 Indian businesses have patience tested over online ventures
28 Do flu vaccines give you flu?
29 Privacy groups call for Facebook changes U-turn
30 Android app reviews move to Google+ ID system
31 Hotel burglars suspected of exploiting lock security bug
32 Risk of robot uprising wiping out human race to be studied
33 Meow meow posted to users, BBC Wales inquiry shows
34 US 'sees biggest Cyber Monday sales'
35 Sex offender in Facebook court challenge
36 Anonymous, hacktivism and the rise of the cyber protester
37 Tablet computer: Aakash upgrade in India 'well received'
38 X-37B: Secrets of the US military spaceplane
39 Aneurysm--screenings linked to drop in death rate
40 Brad Pitt donates 700 pounds to Southampton baby unit
41 Nintendo says more than 400,000 Wii Us sold in U.S.
42 Universe grows like a giant brain
43 NASA--Space shuttle-carrying jet lands for good
44 U.S. defends "enormous" climate efforts at U.N. talks
45 Direction of time fuzzy for subatomic particles
46 Facebook posters push employees to switch to Android
47 Web access battles brew before U.N. conference
48 The "fiscal cliff" isn't a cliff at all
49 Susan Rice to meet with McCain on Benghazi
50 Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, says he was threatened before fight
51 Dannielynn Birkhead, Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, models for Guess
52 Casey Anthony detectives overlooked Google search for "fool-proof" suffocation methods, sheriff says
53 Israel, militants begin indirect talks on truce details
54 Buffett urges Congress to raise taxes on the rich
55 Consumer Reports sounds alarm on pork safety
56 Secondary infections plague meningitis outbreak patients
57 FDA halts operations at peanut butter plant linked to salmonella outbreak
58 Smoking tied to declines in memory, cognitive abilities
59 At least 13 dead in Pakistan from toxic cough syrup
60 Pediatrics group says morning-after pills should be prescribed in advance to teen girls
61 Simple surgery heals the blind in Indonesia
62 Bounce houses injure a U.S. child every 46 minutes, study finds
63 Granny pods: Inside housing alternative for aging loved ones
64 Fiscal cliff: Where things stand in D.C. dealing
65 Sen. Corker: "Rip the band-aid off" and solve the "fiscal cliff"
66 Sources: Office of the DNI cut "al Qaeda" reference from Benghazi talking points, and CIA, FBI signed off
67 Car Pollution Linked to Autism
68 Acne in Women Can Signal Hormone Problems
69 The Smells That Make Shoppers Spend More
70 'Bigfoot' Is Part Human, DNA Study Claims
71 Google's Phantom Island May Have 19th-Century Roots
72 Massive Marsupials Once Swung from Treetops Down Under
73 3D-Printing a Low-Cost Satellite
74 Eastern Wolves Deemed Separate Species
75 Pluto Atmosphere Larger Than Thought, Study Shows
76 US-Russian Crew Picked for One-Year Space Station Flight
77 Gold Rises With Molten Rock
78 Dark Matter Mystery May Soon Be Solved
79 Kites Could Take Electricity Production Sky-High
80 Nasty Wound Leads to Bacteria Discovery
81 Does 'LOL' Really Mean 'Lucifer Our Lord'?
82 Ancient Microbes Found in Buried Antarctic Lake
83 What Happens to the Brain in a Coma
84 Human Poop Helps Scientists Snoop on History
85 Fossil Fly's Camouflage Tricks Scientists
86 Research and Nature Not Just for the Birds
87 Drone Pilots May Need Distractions
88 Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain
89 Reference: Brachiosaurus: Facts about the Giraffe-like Dinosaur
90 Judge Orders Sex Plaintiffs to Hand Over Cellphones, Online Accounts
91 Security Experts Blast iPad Hacker's 'Chilling' Conviction
92 Mystery of Florida Keys Shipwreck Solved
93 The Case Against Robots With License to Kill
94 How Rare Black Dahlias Get Their Color
95 US Science Could Face Fiscal Cliff Doom
96 The Physics of the Ocean's Tiniest Critters
97 Hunt for life under Antarctic ice heats up
98 Lab astrophysics aims for the stars
99 Chemical biology: DNA's new alphabet
100 Autism symptoms reversed in mice
101 Bats adjust squeaks to focus sonar
102 Benefits of mammograms under fire
103 Revolution's aftershocks still rattling Egyptian universities
104 Single photon could detect quantum-scale black holes
105 Troubled ape facility reinstates controversial researcher
106 Europe sets modest goals for space
107 What's at stake in Doha climate talks
108 Chemical "soup" clouds connection between toxins and poor health
109 UNESCO head faces early leadership challenge
110 Life abounds in Antarctic lake sealed under ice
111 Brain's 'reading centres' are culturally universal
112 Daily dose of toxics to be tracked
113 Space budget blow to climate science
114 A bleak Horizon
115 Physics: Let US physics commit to collaboration
116 Roaming robot may explore mysterious Moon caverns
117 The science of cities: Life in the concrete jungle